Just came out. Everyone is going crazy about it. If you havent watched it, go and watch it right now. You will not be disappointed, but listen besides, that somebody actually said in my city that they received a random card just like the one from squid game. I didnt get one yet, but they also said that they spotted a squid game worker in my city, so im gon na be flying. My drone around were gon na see if we can catch a squid game worker. On my drone before i start this video, i want you guys to smash that, like button subscribe to my channel turn the post notification balance, i want to upload more videos about squid game. You dont miss out dragon army. If i find the squid game worker im going to do a bunch more videos on the subject, so you dont want to miss out lets: go Music Music dragon army. Welcome back to the drone adventure i wasnt kidding. People are saying that theres a squid game worker walking around in my city and is handing out those cards i got ta find out for myself. Is this true or is it a myth? Well, thats? Why i brought my drone, but listen. I need you guys to hit that like button one like equals: one prayer for your boy aldo. If you havent watched the whole show yet all eight episodes im not gon na spoil it for you, im, not gon na tell you what happens, but it is a good show.

If you have seen it comment down below everybody. Whos seen the show comment down below, and i want you to tell me, who is your favorite character from the whole show? Let me tell you something at first lets just say that the my favorite character used to be the old man, because hes so cute. You know hes like ah you look at him. You just want to give him a hug, you know and pinch his cheeks. He always has that next level smile on his face like ear to ear. He really makes me happy, but then towards that im, like you know, i kind of like this guy anymore, and he always has like some kind of thing up his sleeve. He always comes up with something uh. Who else? Also, one of my favorite characters is the guy with the long hair another one of the characters. I really like. His name is ali. I believe, thats. What his name is um. I think he was from pakistan that guy was one of my favorite characters too. Those three are probably my favorite characters. If i had to pick between all three of them, i dont know who i would pick and theres a lot of memes coming out: anyways. Okay, if i was a squid game worker, where would i be theres a lot of places for him to hide here, so we got ta watch every single spot. Oh yeah, like i said so comment down your favorite character.

What game do you think you would be best at if you were in that show? Do you think you would have won red light green light? Honestly, i dont remember the last time i played red light green light, but i think i would probably would have done pretty well, you know im not gon na lie. I think im pretty good at that game and stopping and a lot of them stopped way too long, and i was like bro hurry still running right now. Anyways lets see where would the scooter game character be? I dont know like they can literally be anywhere lets. Go lower, maybe if i go lower, i have a better chance of seeing things. Okay, i see a car right down there, but no science by the way that guy from backstage name was abdul ali thats. Probably one of my favorite characters: anyways no sign of the squid game characters or anything right now. Maybe my friend was just lying to me. Yo. I just saw oh my god. I just made a run for it yo. I just saw the squid game character. You just made a run, for you guys saw that, oh, my god, what the frig yo okay hold on, where did he go yo a cameraman just saw that i saw this good game character. Oh my god! Okay, why is the squid game character here? Do you guys think hes running around looking for people to give his his card? Oh my god, okay, here let me keep looking squid game characters where the freak did you guys go.

I dont see anything right now was that a wasp also guys wanted to get here. One of the other characters that im more afraid of than the squid game. Is that giant doll? Do you guys remember that giant doll from red light, green light, Music Applause? You guys have probably seen all over the memes. Even if you lets say you live under a rock if youve never seen the episode youve probably seen the giant doll that goes red eye light thats. What im actually afraid of? If i see that giant doll, im gon na freak out so right now, we just saw a worker running around im, not sure exactly where he went because theres a lot of places for him to be hiding right now. I dont know where the freaky went, but i did see the giant doll now. I wonder if the giant doll actually moves or not because in the in the show it just kind of turns its head. So if i see that doll im gon na freak out – oh what the was that yo just saw something you saw that something moved. It was like right down here what the heck thats weird, what the freak it was like inside, though you guys saw that i saw something inside. Let me go lower lets see. If i see anything i swear. I just saw something inside oh theres, just people walking guys. I dont know where that work went im gon na keep.

Looking, though, because right now we saw the worker once and then he disappeared. He went to like that building what building was it? He went to this building, so i got ta. Keep looking for him. Guys got ta keep my eyes peeled in case. I see him. I havent flown my drone in a while some kind of worried whered they go. He was just here. Oh, my god, where the frick did he go guys hold on. Let me try to get a better angle. I dont know where the heck the worker went. This is so weird. The work is not here. Like i dont see yo what the hell was that yo. Did you guys see something behind me? I could have sworn i felt like something was like watching me: okay, maybe its just my imagination, maybe im just freaking out i swear. I thought i saw something like i felt like i was being watched. You guys know that feeling when you feel like something is watching you, okay, that was really freaky guys. I thought i heard something like following me or something, but maybe im just tripping out. Maybe theres nothing here: okay, okay, im just tripping out; okay! So clearly something is going on in this area. If you guys want me to come back here and go searching for the giant doll and the squid game worker on foot, you guys need to hit that like button right now. Everyone comment part number two and make sure you subscribe.

So when i upload that video you dont miss out, but i need a lot of you guys to do it because im pretty much risking my life here. What if this worker comes out and hits me in the head with something and i wake up in the game? We dont want that to happen all right, so you need to hit the like button, because these are all possible. We saw the worker and im still looking for the giant doll. I dont know if were gon na see the giant doll, but i have a feeling its in the area as well and we need to keep our eyes peeled for that giant doll. Hey look theres! A random house down there well lets, go check it out. Thats. The thing with this area is theres, so many buildings and all these buildings are hundreds of hundreds of years old, so some of them might be abandoned and who knows whats going on in some of the building like there might be, and some of these might be A facility for squid game, so thats. Why? I need you guys to keep your eyes peeled, look theres some cards here, but we need to keep our eyes peeled for a squid game. Theres, like these little houses, everywhere theres the experimental farm down there as well, and we saw sean the sheep down there, its crazy how its all like right beside each other – oh whats, down there.

Oh my god, guys. Look. I also found something down here. Lets keep exploring what the freak guys like i said if you see anything that i dont notice, please comment down below the time. I see these random sketchy little houses right here, im gon na go down this way, see what this is. Oh, my god. What is this place its just like all these random houses? They dont have houses theyre like little shacks. Okay, well guys, im getting closer im, getting a lot closer, and my drone is starting to glitch. I dont know why my drone is starting to glitch. Usually that means im getting close to something very sketchy. So please keep your eyes peeled if you see anything all right, so that looks like theres a big pile of poop giant pile of poop over here. Something smells fishy lets just lets just say something smells a little bit off in this area. I dont know if its a giant, poop or something else guys. Maybe this is where all the poop and everyone from squid game goes. Maybe they they gather all their poop and put it right there and they sell their poop on the black market. I dont know im just a guy with a theory. You know what i mean if you guys have any crazy theories about the game comment down below. As well but dont ruin it for people but definitely comment down below. If you have any crazy theories hold on, we got ta go lower, so i can have a chance at least to see what the heck is going on.

Lets see lets go lower. Oh, my god, theres a tractor, oh yeah, what the hell my my jones transition – okay, hey guys, somethings still fishy here – were looking around. I dont really see anything right now. Okay, let me go lower. We got ta, keep our eyes peeled like yo. What text that sound? Oh, my god, look theres a tractor right. There theres lily a tractor, okay, so theres a tractor doing work here, but i i heard something else. Actually i dont know where the sounds coming from, but guys ive been looking for a while. I dont see a squid game worker or anything guys. Ive literally been looking for so long, no signs of a squid game worker, no signs of of anybody right now, ive literally been looking its so weird theres a car right there theres a car over there. Oh, my god, you guys see that car over there yeah, i see the car down. There guys see the car down there. I wonder whos in it maybe theres squid game workers. In there it looks like a sketchy car for sure, looks like a sketchy car holy freaking crap, no yo. Oh my god guys. I cant see anything holy freaking crap. I cant believe that should happen. Okay, guys im gon na get my drone back and ill check back you guys once i get. Oh, my god, i dont know if im gon na get my drone back.

Oh no, my drone, okay, my drones back guys my drones back, okay, yo. I think i just dodged a bullet right there. Im gon na call my drone back right now, because i dont wan na lose my drone. We have confirmed that the squid game is going on here. If you guys want me to come back here and actually walk around and explore, you know what to do. Destroy that like button right now, one like equals one prayer, we saw the squid game character and we saw the giant doll. Both are here so smash that, like button, if you want to see that video subscribe to my channel turn on the post notification bell.