You know what i mean, what i mean yeah, i know what you mean: okay, shut up, shut up, but strawberry squad. You guys know how i just dropped a video where we were on venice beach, guys. We saw clowns, skateboarding yeah, that was freaking. That was insane. You guys know that these clowns started in canada they’re, making their way south into the us. They’Ve recently been invading the west coast of the united states. About a year ago, we saw clowns at clown state beach; they made their way all the way up to venice, and it was in yesterday’s video guys that i remember saying what are we gon na see next clown surfing and we just got reports from the locals That the waves are extremely high today and if we were to see a clown surfing, that would be our best bet to do so so guys. Right now, we are actually parked just outside of clown state beach wait. This is guys i did one of my most viral videos here about nine months ago, where we actually found just a simple clown, walking down the beach guys and he ended up getting knocked out by somebody tanning on the beach. It was looking insane that’s crazy, i’ve. Never been here, but i know you told me about it: there’s, like a lot of clowns, yeah a lot of clowns, yeah dude. I definitely remember clown statements that was in the first video. Did you see just it was just one dude, but it was just a crazy one.

I mean yo it’s called clown state beach for a reason, there’s tons of clowns growing in numbers along this beach, and you guys know where there’s one clown there’s, always more. Some people are saying that they’re coming in on boats from the ocean and people with theories are saying that there’s an actual clown island. I don’t 100 know if it’s true, but then others are saying that the clowns are actually coming from the caves that run along the coastline. They’Re like big cliffs guys and the clowns wait until night time. You target people that are walking by themselves on the beach yo dude the island you’re. Talking about, i think, it’s, actually true, bro cause. You know people have been seeing clowns being transported on literal boats to that island. I think it’s, actually a clown island like i’m, not even kidding and dude we’ve, been to a clown island in toronto. Like do you not remember that wait, so that means that there’s, probably like multiple islands, they’re, definitely a thing i mean we were on one yeah. Dude that island is way bigger, maybe it’s like the most central one. You know yeah, maybe because guys we saw that there was a clown island right outside the city of toronto, which is where we originally came from, but as they were just saying right now there could be literal islands all over the world, like clowns, could have literal Bases everywhere, so that they can travel to and access countries all over the world guys.

This means, if this was true, it means that no matter which country you’re from you are at risk of these clowns coming in, we are trying to put an end to this freaking clown invasion, one video at a time by exposing their locations and reporting it to The authorities, the best thing that you guys, can do to help with this mission. Slash war against the clown, is to drop a like on this video guys and subscribe we’re all putting out videos in order to stop the clown war. So it’s important that you guys make sure you like and subscribe to not only my channel but everyone else’s as well. Andres, dk’s and yana link’s gon na be in the description guys with all that being said. Let’S take this drone up in the air and try to see if we can actually come across freaking clown, dude i’m actually nervous bro yo, because i’ve actually been to clown state beach with you and dude. It did not end well yeah, but i’m kind of excited. I’M, like excited to see what what other thing they can do like they’ve, been doing it all yeah, literally everything guys we’ve, seen them on everything and now potentially surfing i’m. Just glad that we’re doing this from the safety of the truck we don’t actually have to go out there and we’re gon na. Let the drone do all of the work for astronomy squad so without further ado.

Let’S get this thing up in the air. Okay, somebody’s gone, we got the drone, we got the controller and the freaking ocean guys where we’re gon na be flying the drone guys. The sun is making a smooth departure the hell out of this video. So we got to get this thing up. Quick donna’s going to help me with flying it and yo ready i’m going to take it off right now: okay, ready, okay, three two one and we are launching it right now, guys holy crap. This looks insane: okay, yo let’s, get back to the truck, get back hurry, hurry, okay, guys and we officially have liftoff on the freaking dude crazy, bro dude. I can’t believe you’re letting me fly again. Drone videos never get old, yeah wait. Why am i letting you i don’t know? I have no idea what caused me to let yana fly this, especially over the water, where there’s going to be big waves and stuff like if you crash it, there’s no recovering the drone like it’s going for a swim. Oh, my god, i don’t like this. You know the waves are the biggest like, like ever today, like they’re, huge yeah, it’s, all foggy and stuff, and it’s misty, like yeah it’s kind of setting the vibe for these clowns you’re already getting ready. I got through like okay. Let me fly this, no, no! No! No! I got it, i got it. I got it. Oh my gosh guys.

I can tell i’m gon na regret this, letting you hana fly this thing no don’t get too close to the water. Yeah. I’M, just trying to get you some good shots – oh my god! Oh my god, okay that’s as high as you’re, getting okay, all right, that’s, your limit all right. Oh my god, guys she’s, actually kind of getting good. With this thing, dude she’s getting nasty holy crap guys. This is freaking crazy. Oh look, there’s two cops there do you think they’ll be mad if they see us flying a drone around here yeah, but they can’t do anything. They don’t know where we are we’re like up on top of this cliff up here. What are they going to do? They’Re, never going to find us unless they could actually grab the drone and like track us, then yeah they were good. They were good, maybe they’re. Just there to patrol for any class – oh my god: okay, jana, okay, okay, loki, it’s kind of sick, though these shots low to the ground like this yo. What? If a freaking like, like i said in the other video, a whale came up and just grabbed the drone out of there, what about a dolphin? No, no! What about a shark, a great white yeah, maybe yeah yeah, they look insane yo, i don’t know huh. They’Ll! Do it on a clear day dude we could probably find sharks and stuff yeah like with the drone yeah.

That would be insane. Imagine we took like a boat out there and we saw sharks and like like big whales in the the ocean. What are you doing? You’Re getting so freaking close well you’re like beating the wave the wave, though look there’s like surfers. Oh there is surfers yo, so it’d be probably pretty dangerous for those surfers to be out there if they encountered a clown surfing, yeah dude. If they saw him by now, they would the water would be cleared like there’d, be nobody, but the clown in there. Yeah yeah they’d, probably all have to evacuate the beach right, because i heard that the clowns that go surfing out there they try to like push the other surfers off. Yeah yeah, like they’re, mean to them and stuff like they’re guys. I can’t believe that not only do we have to worry about these clowns on land, but we have to worry about them on water, too. Yeah yeah, maybe take it out to the pier, maybe we’ll, see like clowns jumping off the pier into the water. Oh, my god, dude on the pier and they’re definitely capable of it. They don’t they don’t care yeah. That would be insane look. There’S people walking around guys these freaking drone videos are sick. Oh you’re, going to go right over them. All these people can probably hear the drone going past them, like you know, probably oh dude she’s actually going to be nuts yo.

Imagine we had like a some sort of weapon mounted onto the drone and we could like shoot paintball guns. We could shoot paintballs at the clouds. That’D be sick. Dude, wait, look there’s like workers. On top imagine you saw like construction worker clowns like working on a house or something sick yeah. That would be insane so far. No sign of the clowns dude. It looks pretty clear too yeah yo, just take it all around the area and just try to see if we can like see anything vibrant. We know that clowns wear vibrant clothes. They could be anywhere. Do you think clowns even live in these like hotels or something? Oh it’s too much like among humans. I think yeah like there is a lot of humans in the area and clowns don’t want to mess with humans like that guys like they know that they’re outnumbered big time. Maybe wait hold on wait. What yo get down closer? Look right there crossing the street with like the red on you see that yeah yeah yeah. What the heck is that i see vibrant clothing. Yeah me too dude. You know. When we see vibrant clothing, it can only mean one thing kyle. I think this is wait. No – and it looks like they have a surfboard yeah okay hold on let’s, not get let’s, not get too excited. We got to get a closer view and try to see if it actually is what we’re thinking bro kyle.

This is literally look at it dude. Even the surfboard is bright: oh my god, zombie squad that’s a clown freaking clown right there, a surfboard and he has a red, vibrant, surfboard yeah, what the hell it matches his outfit and everything. Oh, my god look. It looks like he’s heading towards the ocean. Do you think he’s gon na go try to catch some waves, probably a hundred percent? Do you think this clown talks like this yo that’s, radical dude, dude, yeah, baby that’ll be weird one of those surfer, guys yeah? He looks like he’s like he’s ready, yeah he’s excited to go surfing in the beach holy crap what’s gon na happen, yo his whole outfit’s like this whole thing, is gon na get wet like what he’s wearing and stuff yeah i don’t know. Maybe he has like a surfer’s uh skin suit, underneath or something what suit there’s no way yeah wetsuit, no way dude what the hell yana yana don’t. Let the clown know that we’re following him, because maybe maybe he’s gon na use the surfboard, try to get the drone out of the air yeah to try to hit the drone out of the air or even to paddle, to like an island or something because we Know clowns are extremely strong guys and they have a lot of stamina. So you look at him. Maybe he has enough energy to actually swim really far out into the ocean to wherever the clowns are getting picked up from, or maybe like a clown yacht or clowns on boats will pick him up like out in the ocean.

You know what i’m saying yeah yeah. I know you look at him he’s like skipping and he was even saying hi to people. Oh my god. Where do you think these clowns? You think this clown is like welcomed here i have no idea but nobody’s really saying anything. Yeah like he looks like he’s. Just do you think it’s just this clown or do you think there’s more of them out there just has like a good reputation with humans. You know i have no idea. Maybe he doesn’t want to bother any human that’s. How they’re going to be around here know not to mess with the clowns because of how strong they are? Look at him. Oh, my god, his face looks so scary, strawberry squad how’s he doing he’s heading for like the rocks, maybe he’s going to the other side. It doesn’t really look like he’s, oh he’s, putting his surfboard down, maybe he’s waxing, oh he’s, taking his clothes off dude. This is getting insane dude yeah dude like at this point. Nothing is off the table. Like literally, we could see clowns doing anything now. Look he’s! Just walking into the water he’s going in how cold you think that water, oh freezing, probably super cold, but then again clowns don’t, really feel things like like humans do so maybe it’s warm for him. You know what i’m saying look at him. He’S going right in! Oh, my god, how far out do you think he’s going to go? I don’t know.

Oh look he’s like on the surfboard. Now what the hell jana do not crash the freaking. Try my best yeah just keep it high. Keep it high, like that. Oh my god. What’S the oakley, but the cops can’t do anything about it. Now, he’s already out in the water dude look see the oh yeah they’re leaving yeah. Maybe they lost him. Maybe they don’t know where he went. Oh, my god, yo yana. You should even see what the people on the pier are doing. Yeah you want to watch out don’t get too close to the water, because if a huge wave comes up, it could take out the drones yeah. I know i didn’t try my best to be careful but i’m trying to get a good shot. Oh my god, she’s surfing, yeah, he’s legitimately caught out into the ocean i’m surfing i’m kind of laughing right now, because dude this is actually like unbelievable. This is insane yeah. I never would have thought we would see this look at all the people they’re, probably looking down like. Oh my god, thank god, we’re up on this pier we don’t want to be in the water with these freaking clowns. Not only do you got to worry about sharks in the pacific ocean now there’s clowns, you got ta worry about clowns, guys, look. They were all looking at him. Oh my god. I just want to see him catching a wave like surfing if he actually should be surfing and catching huge waves.

That’Ll be crazy, but do you think clowns are even good at something i don’t know we’re about to find out? I don’t know they probably suck to be honest, but dude they’re paranormal clowns, like you know like they, have way stronger powers. You know what i’m saying yeah so maybe it’s like a lot easier for them. Look. It looks like he’s like he’s, really moving out there. Dude he’s gon na go far. How far out, do you think he’s gon na go he’s going this far out and with the waves today, he’s definitely very good at surfing, dude really yeah yeah, because guys the waves apparently are as high as they’ve ever gotten. Today, like today’s a really bad day for ocean waves – oh my god wait there’s other surfers out. There are those clowns too there’s a bunch. I don’t know i can’t, oh no! No! No! I don’t think so. Those are just peanut butters. Those are just humans, but you can tell by the boards too, not even just what they’re wearing the boards are like. What makes a difference, what the hell, the clown’s approaching the people, the humans on the surfboard he’s gon na attack or maybe he’s gon na – tell him to leave like he. This is clown territory, wait what the hell! Oh god, look he’s literally surfing catching the waves. Oh, my god, look at him go down. Follow him. Follow him. Yeah, look, look he’s the one he’s, the only one that lasted all the humans fell and the clown’s still surfing he’s.

So good! Oh, my god. Look at that! Do not forget. He fell yo out of all the humans. The clown was the one to like slash the longest. I know wow that sounds talented, that’s, freaking insane, no it’s dude. It just gets crazier by the way holy crap wait. Look, look he’s, paddling back now, look he’s! Looking at the drone, he just noticed us. He just noticed us. I think he knows that yo, maybe he’s gon na try to show off now, but look he’s. Definitely looking at us he’s flashing water at the drone, crap dude dude. Do you think he’s gon na get angry, try to go like to the other side of the pier because we don’t want. We want him to think that we left, so we can catch him doing anything, weird that he wouldn’t normally do. If he wasn’t being watched. You know what i’m saying yeah: okay yeah go to the other side of the pier. You still see him. Yep look see right there right right there holy crap. This is insane strawberry squad, he’s, trying to go catch, another wave he’s just having yo. Are you skilled enough to get through this? I don’t know i don’t. Do it yeah, try, try, try. Okay, yo do not crash, maybe it’s not worth it. Okay. I’M, not passing i’m, stressing i’m. Sorry, i’m doing it. Oh my god, crap yo that was so risky. Oh, my god, you’re moving in this drone.

You really don’t care. Do you i mean i do care. I don’t want to crash it, but i think i’m thinking yeah. If you didn’t want to crash you wouldn’t be moving like a maniac. You would definitely be pulled over for speeding right now. Oh my god! Oh my god look he’s! Still there look at him. Oh yeah, yeah, he’s paddling back out! Oh how? How far out do you think he’s going to go out this time? I don’t know man. Oh those waves, oh look, there’s a pearl, oh there’s, a human human, oh, my god! He might hit the cloud he might handle the clown. Wait! Where’S! He going! Oh, oh the cloud just ducked under. I thought the human was going to try to hit the clown. Look at that guy – oh my god! Oh that guy’s doing pretty good too holy. Oh, my god, okay y’all whoa dude! He almost did like a flip or something whoa. He just crashed that was freaking, crazy, where’s, the clown yeah. We don’t want to lose him. What? If he looked and he was gone like he went like to like an underground underwater like or something yeah, that would be freaking crazy. Did you just what the hell? I think he just tried to get out, but he couldn’t, okay, okay, i think he’s just waiting for like another week to ride in yeah, he’s, dude, he’s being crazy right now extremely squad. Look at this he’s like standing up now, yeah dude, what the hell! Oh! My god, strawberry squad drop a like down below and subscribe to the channel and everyone else’s channels guys for us actually finding a freaking clown surfing to provoke him.

Oh look, he’s! Definitely looking at us he’s looking at us, you see this what’s. He trying to say he’s saying something: what the hell maybe he’s talking to the other humans dude. This is nuts. This is freaking insane. I can’t believe what we’re seeing right now what’s he doing now. Look. It looks like he’s pedaling towards the drone – oh my god, towards us, maybe he’s, going to try to like throw the thing at us or something: oh, what the hell, maybe trying to throw the board yeah, maybe he’s, trying to get launch the board up at the Drone or something wait, look it looks like a huge wave is coming. Oh that’s, a big one. It looks like he’s getting ready. Oh he’s, definitely battering. Oh my god. Oh my god! Oh oh he gon na. Do it yeah. He got it. He got it! Oh! My god, oh look at this that’s crazy, oh my god, strawberry squad got it. Do not crash right now, yo he’s! Moving on this thing. How do you? How fast do you think he’s going? I don’t know i’m pretty freaking fast, dude, anything faster, the drone or him on the surface. Oh him on the surfboard for sure really. No, i don’t think so. Look at him! Oh my god, charlie squad look at his face and how scary he looks. Imagine what the people in the pier are thinking seeing a clown surfing like that. Oh, my god is he about to fall.

I don’t think he looks pretty confident. Oh, he just fell off. Oh he just fell. You didn’t even fall like that hell. That is absolutely insane that was actually nuts. I never thought i’d see this in my life. What the hell strumming squad this video is gon na literally go viral guys, a clown surfing, look he’s going back again. He just doesn’t get tired he’s, not getting sick of this look. Look at all the people watching everyone’s watching see all the people watching. Oh yeah, yeah, look! Look! Oh my god! They’Re all like fascinated by the fact that there’s a clown surfing in the ocean guys! Oh, my god, what the heck, crazy, well, look! They’Re! All waiting! Look at that guy! He doesn’t seem phased at all yeah he’s, not even noticing him are they waiting for a next big wave. I don’t know how much battery do we got on the drone? You know about 50 yeah, okay, okay, holy crap. Look at this freaking clown, guys you’re, just going in circles around him yeah i mean i don’t know what to do. He’S just chilling there. Oh, oh, no there’s another one! Another wave. Do you think he’s gon na get it? Oh, he got it. He got it! Wait! Oh yeah! Oh no, he’s, good, he’s, good, he’s good! Oh now he failed yeah yeah! Oh my god, yo! That was an epic fail. Stupid, freaking clown! Oh yeah! He missed that.

One, oh my gosh dude. Those waves look really powerful. I don’t even know. If i’d want to be out there, yeah yeah holy crap, oh he’s, going in again. Oh oh another one another one! Look at him! Go! Oh! Oh, my god! Yeah look! He’S moving he’s! Moving look at him holy holy crap strawberry squad. Look at this freaking clown, oh he’s, signaling! Up at us! Oh, oh! Look! He almost like fell what the heck. This is not oh, my god he fell. He fell. Oh, look at the surfboard you’re gon na lose his board. I don’t know i don’t know yeah kind of stay high. Well, that shot looks sick from high up like that whoa look. You can see the clown down there. He really stands out like in that blue water, with the red, surfboard and stuff perfectly doing that yeah. Oh my gosh zombie squad. This is freaking insane right now, he’s just waiting again wait: yeah there’s a boat out there. Oh look at that boat. Go to that boat could that be a clown boat? Maybe maybe he was gon na like surf out to that boat. Yo go up to the boat and just check to make sure that it’s not clowns on the boat. Okay, i’m going. We never know at this point so far, though, like what oh, my god, jana, do we have enough battery to do this. I think we’re still running out yeah. Barely we should.

We should wrap it up. God look we’re going right up to the boat yo. If this is clowns on here, i’m literally gon na freak out, does it look like it? It doesn’t look like vibrant clothing, no vibrant colors! Oh no! No! This is just people like just people yeah just people – oh my god. How do they feel knowing that they’re? In waters where tons of clowns are hanging out, i don’t know: oh my god: okay yeah bring it back. You don’t want to like risk like losing battery out there and then the drone – oh god, you’re getting so close to the water, but isn’t it a six shot. Come on yeah i mean yeah, but is it gon na be a six shot? If we don’t have the drone anymore, no it’s, okay, it’s, okay, i’m learning, i’m learning where’s the clown, though oh i think, he’s like all the way up there, yeah he’s. Still he has he’s about to catch a good wave. I think he is because look there’s a big one. Oh look look there. He is right there. Oh he’s, looking surprised! Oh my god, you see him. Oh my god. Oh he’s moving! Oh my god, look at him! That’S crazy, he’s, really moving out there. He must take talent yeah, oh my god, yeah you want to get a quick thumbnail like a thumbnail yeah. I will. I will. I will? Oh, my god, yeah yeah position it up holy crap, look he’s still going, he hasn’t fallen yet that’s wild.

That is mine. Okay, how much battery you got like 10 yeah? Okay, we got maybe another 30 seconds in the air. Just keep it on. Him is he’s. Coming in now, yeah, i think he’s, oh he’s riding this wave all the way into the shore. He might be done. Yeah yeah, but he only caught like five waves. I think, but there were big ones. Oh look he’s, like body surfing it in that’s kind of cool. Oh my god, sorry squad! This is absolutely insane he’s, a really cool clown yeah. I kind of want to make friends with this one. Maybe he can teach me how to surf or something wait. Look at him. He looks happy. Look at him. He looks so happy. He looks like he just had a great time now, he’s going to go back to imagine that’s dark, oh my god, he’s just like yeah he’s done yeah, he’s, sweating, he’s, jumping and stuff. Oh my gosh holy crap strawberry squad. This clown just had a freaking amazing time, and it doesn’t mean it. Doesn’T seem like anyone on the beach. Even cares. Yeah wait but where’s his outfit doesn’t even want to put that back on. Oh my god, don’t get that close. Oh, my god, we don’t want him to know that we were filming. I think he already knows, but oh yeah he’s. Looking at us. Oh oh he’s, happy! He just went radical dude holy crap. This is insane okay, jana yeah.

I think we’re gon na have to bring the drone yeah it’s getting really low on battery okay, okay, astronomy squad. That was absolutely insane. We just saw a freaking clown surfing guys, like there’s, actually just no way. I know that was insane. No, that was actually dude. I never thought i would see that in my entire life, probably one of the craziest things i’ve ever seen ever dude what the freaking hell strawberry squad. What is actually next we’re gon na see clowns like parasailing now like this is insane guys drop a like it. Doesn’T get any crazier than this. This has got to be the most savage crazy channel on youtube for seeing the most crazy stuff guys drop a like on this video. If you enjoyed it, if we had more drone battery, we would take the drone out and try to get some more shots but we’re out of battery for the day, so that’s going to wrap it up guys shout out to yana for flying the freaking, yay and Dk and andre for being in the back doing nothing doing nothing basically, but it’s, always better for me to have more people with me than to be alone, because flying these drones around these clowns, you risk the clown finding who’s flying it. I would not want to come face to face with an angry clown saying that i was spying on him and stuff. That would not be a good situation, but anyway, strawberry squad, the sun, is starting to go down.

I don’t want to be here at night when the clowns start roaming around. That is going to wrap it up, subscribe to everyone’s channels, and i will see you in the next one for another banger and as always, peace, Music, strawberry squad. Our prime capital team. Merch is available using the link in the description. Send us all your pictures wearing the new gear and we’ll reply back to you as much as possible. Also, if you guys want to get a shout out, all you have to do is like this video and subscribe to the strongbody channel, along with everyone on the prime capital team. All you have to do is head over to my main channel page. It looks like this on the side you’re going to see prime capital subscribe to everyone underneath that and type done in the comments for a shout out in the next video shout out to this person right here for subscribing to me and the entire team.