They have these super powers that they’re able to shapeshift uh that’s. Weird wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait literally trying to open it guys. Oh my god, what’s going on. Have you heard of cartoon dog yeah it’s like cartoon cat’s like sibling or something? Oh, when the sun’s in the way? Okay? Well anyways, we might have a problem. So this morning i came out on the deck to have my morning, coffee, as i always do, and i heard some wrestling in the back corner of the fence. I haven’t ever heard it before so i got curious as i got closer and closer. I realized that the sound was getting louder and louder. It was very creepy, so i had a hard time looking through the fence and i i genuinely couldn’t see anything but then it’s actually a hole in the fence. So i took a look and you will not believe what i saw a random dog that i have never seen before. Now. You guys are probably thinking it’s, just a dog what’s. The problem it’s like in the forest it’s no big deal right. Well, there was no big deal until i saw it stand up on its two feet now i don’t know about you guys, but there is only one dog that i know about who can stand on its two feet and it’s cartoon dogs.

So what are we supposed to do about this thing? Well, i wasn’t able to get a great view of him so before doing anything drastic, i think we should probably go and uh fly a drone above the area that i saw him and see if we can find anything weird and unusual about it but dude. You know if this is either cartoon cat or cartoon dog like this is in your backyard. This is really really bad yeah. I guess that’s pretty true. The last few encounters i’ve had with them have probably not been the greatest. I know that they’re extremely dangerous, but i think we’ll be okay, all right since we’re going to be doing this with a drone. I think the viewers at home should know exactly what the heck we’re dealing with. So these things, these cartoon cat cartoon dog. All these things they have these super powers that they’re able to shape shift they’re, able to stretch their limbs across the room, they’re able to jump really really high and they have super strength. So we want to try to avoid these things as much as possible, and that is why we are using the drone with that being said: it’s still daytime now and they’re, probably at their weakest. At this point, so i think this is probably the most optimal time to uh set up this drone, so let’s go inside and uh set it up. I haven’t heard anything in like the last few hours, but there was a lot of sound coming there in the morning so i’m, hoping that it’s still there, whatever the heck it is well.

Where else would it go right? There’S like pretty much nothing there’s, nothing around. Here, besides that forest, but it’s, just weird that it’s picked specifically that one it’s almost like he knows that i’m like nearby or something, but we have the drone down, as you guys can see, i’m gon na start recording boom. Now you guys can see we are in the drone it’s facing away right now, so i’m gon na start up and let’s see if we don’t crash it. What do you, Music, all think, let’s, take a look wow! Look at that baby straight up, hey! Look at that we can say hi to it. Oh look at that. Well, hello, can you do it hi guys, okay, anyways let’s, get to this let’s get to this spot? I got to be very careful to look around, but you guys can see that once we get above my property area, there is literally nothing but fields so for cartoon dog or cartoon cat. If it is them to pick this area it’s a little odd. In my opinion, all right so there’s, the house there’s the yard, now let’s get around from this tree. So let’s start on the other edge of the forest i’m gon na show you guys that this is literally the only area you can enter this forest is from the front, so it likely came through this area, but i’ll show you guys um, probably an alternative way Too um, but from what i can see, that’s right, that’s it right there that’s the entrance of the forest, so i’m gon na follow it’s for its footsteps and assume that it decided to go all the way through all the way through and uh.

One thing i’m noticing is it’s extremely dense. I don’t know if that’s, good or bad, but there is an opening here. So, potentially i can get a little bit lower and see if maybe something’s down there um, but yeah i’ll show you guys the other angle of where this forest is and that there’s potentially no way for it to escape. Besides that, one entrance so there’s this area right here, like field, this is just fields and there’s, no way cartoon dog or cartoon cat roamed all these fields to get to my place. If, if it’s, just like a stray dog, possibly it came from a neighbor’s house, but it definitely looked like a dog that would walk on its two feet and i don’t think that’s a regular dog. Well, look around see if there’s like something like already in the fields, because, if there’s something it’d be easy to spot, yeah, yeah that’s, true yeah that’s, true! So, unless it’s like out there getting food or something it could potentially be out here, but um from what i can see, it’s pretty uh there’s, nothing pretty flat, yeah there’s there’s, definitely nothing but maybe i’m wrong. Here, maybe is there like water like a a little pond or something or something to drink water in the form there’s just this strip of forest, literally right in the middle and then maybe even closer? So i say we probably get in a little deeper. Maybe we’ll see some sort of water that it’s been feeding off of yeah, but it’s gon na be hard to get in there because you can see it’s pretty dense, but i’m gon na try i’m gon na risk.

The drone for this and i’m gon na see, if maybe i can see anything how many drone videos is gon na take for jesse to finally just crash the drone, never i’m, a professional drone, flyer and don’t. You forget it. Oh no just kidding. Imagine okay! Um! Wait i thought i saw something, but oh, that is nothing: okay, there’s a hole here: i’m gon na enter and let’s see if i can catch anything, oh dude, i i haven’t seen this thing so like if you could catch this on the drone. It’S gon na be pretty wild. Oh it’s lagging that’s, not good there’s, some sort of interference. Okay, uh that’s, weird wait, wait! Wait! What dude did you just see something it just walked. What something i don’t know what it was, but something just walked. No, what the heck, what did it look like? I couldn’t tell it was like some. Some like black brown object, just walked to the left. It looked like an animal, but i don’t know if it was specifically that, let me let me get closer, did it look anything like the thing you saw it didn’t, no, not from this angle. No, so i need to get. I need to get lower or something i need to find a different, oh, my god, i’m really uh close to crashing these trees, yeah and guys. The drone is literally like right over there, so whatever jesse’s seeing is like right next to us, okay, so yeah.

Let me see here, let me try to align the the the fence with the forest and i’ll go as find a hole where i last saw him okay. So let me see here: i’ll get up. Okay, so there’s the house that’s that’s us right there, so there’s. The tree there’s that giant tree the fence is right behind like that area right there. You guys can see that right down there, so it should be right directly over this tree and then i’ll drop down where this little area of dead trees are so yeah right. In this little hole – oh my god that is, are you gon na go in there? I don’t know but i’m gon na i’m gon na try right now, let’s go down! Oh god, i’m scared. Okay, come on come on, come on, come on, okay, come on, come on, get in there you’re, almost in there yeah, okay, okay we’re! Almost there oh we’re, almost there: okay, okay, okay, okay, so this looks familiar um let’s see i’m like really close to the ground, but there’s a lot of bush. So maybe i can get a little bit lower. Oh there’s, a tree there wow it’s extremely dense. Okay. Let me uh: maybe the noise will like attract it, maybe yeah. Let me let me get into an area where i can get closer down, because these trees are giving me a hard time here. Oh wait. I see some some grass there we go.

I thought you’re gon na say you saw it. No, no! Okay! Let me uh. Let me turn around there’s a hole right here. Maybe i’ll be able to see if it’s down here, okay yeah there that’s an opening. Okay! Do i see? Oh? Oh, oh, what happened it just got knocked down. Oh crap, i heard it like stop too shh it’s, literally just stuck there. Ah, okay, we’re gon na have to go and look for it. Oh no, okay, we got ta, be very careful right. Let’S go let’s go normally. I keep this locked from the animals and cartoon dog, so we’re gon na go through this way and we’re gon na pray that it’s not there and ready to attack us wow. That is a little spooky. I’M. Not gon na lie. No cartoon dog, no cartoons. Well didn’t. You say that something like pulled the drone down or did you did it, but i didn’t see anything pick it up afterwards. So why would somebody pull it down and not pick it up right, let’s, see. Okay, this is concerning what kind of fence is this i don’t know bro have you ever been out here on this side? I have never been because i’ve been terrified. Okay, all right! It’S not as bad let’s get through here and then we’ll go around to the part that we actually had. The area that i flew in is, i think, in this corner, so i’m gon na get high mike to stay out here and monitor the area.

Let me know if he sees anything crazy, but i’m gon na head in with the camera and we’re gon na see if we can get that drone back because, honestly, i don’t want it to end like this. I genuinely don’t. Let me just see if i can find any red things flying around on the floor. Maybe listen for some noise, but this is not ideal. Oh god. I hope i don’t see him anywhere. God look how tall this is guys. I’M literally waist deep in this place. Right now i don’t see anything, though did you see anything? Wait? Oh wait! Oh my god! There it is yo. I got a drone dude. I got it wait. What was that the hell was that yo hello? Is there anything over there? Oh, my god, go. Go! Go run, run, run, run, run, run holy run, run run. Oh my god dude i saw him. I literally saw him go come on come on. Come on, oh crap come on dude. I saw him it’s literally cartoon dog i’m, not even kidding you it’s. Actually, okay block that off holy moly. Okay, let me get the hell out of here. How do we open this? Oh that’s, not good! Okay! There we go okay, seal that freaking door, bro, okay, dude! I thought i heard a noise when i picked it up and i looked up and literally cartoon dog was right there. So we know that he’s there.

I think we should go, set it back up and go see exactly what he looks like okay guys. So we came inside the house, we noticed that he was outside right, so i’d, rather be inside than outside. With him and worse comes to worse, like we lose the drone which yeah it’s, not the end of the world sounds expendable. We are not so i’m gon na find the drone let’s. Do it right now and uh let’s go and see if we can find him again, okay, so now we know he’s in that little section of the forest. I want to show you guys exactly where we went over because honestly it’s so dense that i’m, not surprised that he probably often goes to my backyard and like looks through the fence like all the way around, because you can see that right here. Look! This is where i was walking in this super dense section, it’s, fully open for him to walk through all the way to my house so like clearly, he found his way around and i don’t know how he knows where i live, but this is like all types Of messed up like i’ve, never encountered cartoon dog like that, and all i know is that he’s in here and he’s like extremely dangerous. So i don’t know if he followed me where we were running away from him. But i want to get kind of close and you can see my house right there and i want to see if i can like find him again but closer this time, so he can really see his face like i want to make sure it’s him, but there’s.

No other dog that walks on two feet like that, so i just imagine that wait. Yo dude cause you see that he literally just walked in he’s heading towards my backyard, bro he’s literally heading towards it dude what the heck, oh, my god, okay! Well, that’s, not good um, how the hell am i supposed to get. I can’t get there with the drone, but i wonder if okay here, you know what i have an idea: i’m gon na fly the drone over back to the backyard and let’s see. If maybe he tries to open that gate, i don’t think he’s capable, but it’s, probably worth a shot to make sure that we’re fully secure in their own backyard right like i would rather be secure than not and uh. This is probably the first step. I need to do so. Let me get over. I need to make sure there okay there. Let me get down okay, let me get low low low. I i doubt that he’s able to open the fence, but just in case i’d rather be like 100 certain right. Okay, so there’s there’s, my backyard, you saw him enter that way towards it and now he would technically be behind this fence, but i don’t think like he’s gon na open it like there’s, no way he’s capable of opening it. It’S like this doesn’t make any sense. Okay, let me get closer. Do you guys see anything like i wait? Look i’m, pretty sure the door is swinging.

I think he’s literally trying to open it guys. Oh my gosh, oh crap! Oh, no! No! No! No! Oh! No! I just crashed it. Oh, it was right in the backyard okay, you know what no i keep saying cartoon camera. That was definitely cartoon dog right yeah. That was it. It didn’t look like a cat like at all. It looked like a dog, but it kind of reminded me. So much of cartoon cat, like they looked almost identical yeah, they almost look the same. Look. The door is literally open still what i wonder if he went back out dude, he could still be in the backyard i don’t know. If i want to go out there, man we got ta, get the drone back. He literally just where’s the drone. I don’t even see him anywhere dude if he left. He took the drone with him. Maybe cartoon dog, hello. I was backing up. I was trying to run away from him, but he got like way too fast, so i lost out of control and i cried. I wouldn’t think i crashed it near this tree. Do you see it anywhere? You could have gone is like through here and that’s. That’S close up there’s really nothing in there, so he must have either gone through there or just hopped the fence. Maybe do you hear uh wait hear that what was that you know what i’m just gon na? I think i’m gon na shut the door and the video, because honestly there’s literally nothing else, we can do if the drone’s gone it’s just gone, not really, oh, my god, how the hell did he get in here i don’t know doesn’t matter.

I guess let’s just let’s just end it here: okay, uh make sure this is left and uh yeah. If you guys enjoyed the video go down below and smash 25 000 likes. I don’t know what we should do with him, but if you guys have any clue comment down below, i would love any advice, because, honestly, this is not good. This is really not good. Having cartoon dog live beside my house, not a good idea.