I want to show you what i take on my adventures. Every time im on the seadoo and im doing all the recording that i do to put together a video. This are the two pieces that i bring with me, so i want to talk about nanic uh ive got two cases here from manic, ive got a 920 and a 915 case, so they offer 31 different sizes. I think i went through the website before i started this video, but they offer 31 different sizes. They have up to 10 different colors im, a huge fan of the colors actually because a lot of other people, i can just say, grab the blue case or grab the red one. I do get a little help on my videos, so it helps them that i have them. Color coded these cases are incredible. Im going to show you some footage here in a couple like a minute or so of what i what ive done with at least this case here this case usually just travels in uh the front of the sea doo or in the trunk this one here i Will carry, i will climb up and rock and throw throw down stuff and its been a fantastic case um with the cases here. Ill, just ill use this one here to show you a bit, but youve got a really nice construction. Youve got rounded corners, which is great youll notice that it stands. It stands on its own um.

That is to do the way theyve built us in here. They thought about that theyve added this extra section, so it can stand on its side. Super super awesome when youre trying to pack the car or impact the sea doo thats, just always upright with handle out the handle, does have a position where it will stay up like this as well, but it will click and stay down and then doesnt undo itself. So thats pretty cool from that. You also have these like power, claw latches thats, what they call them: power cloth so its a nice latching system that, when its closed it doesnt doesnt come open, which is really awesome. So you just got ta squeeze this down, lift that up and then its good, and it can click back down like that, so it just stays open. It wont accidentally close there when you do open the cases whats really cool about them. Is the lid, the lid? Actually will stay open, it doesnt have uh, it doesnt take too much effort to close or open, but it will stay open for you and then and then go back down and be closed. So with the case, i really like how they designed the lid theyve. Actually closed off the access to the side here, so you dont have a seam that you can see its been wrapped around and then you have basically stainless steel hardware, so shouldnt have any rusting or corrosion effects.

So from your hinge at the back here as well. The lid is not removable, so its not something you pop off uh yeah its, not something that you pop off there with the lid youve got this lip here that falls into this rubber gasket. This gives you your water, tight dust, proof seal, and on top of that, when it is sealed, though it does have this vent for atmospheric equalization, i guess i dont really fly but thats what thats, for so from there youve got a nice construction. This case here is the d: is the manic 915, with the dji mavic air 2 foam insert they they make that which is great, so youve got this egg. Shell up, i actually use that behind the store, my operations manual uh, which is nice and then youre. Actually able to lift out the foam insert and i carry my licensing on the bottom, so thats spectacular. This foam insert is really well designed im able to fit full four batteries between the drone and the cases here, and it comes with the spots for filters. Remote controller battery charging stuff everything that came with the fly more combo, so i do like that. They offer a slightly larger case for with the foam insert for the same drone that has some different cutout and you can put more stuff in im. Definitely considering the upgrade now that ive been doing it for a little while so yeah, but i love this guy.

This case has been great. This is the case. Youll see the footage with uh in a moment and its been through a lot. So a lot of people, you know they they dont like to scratch things up. I have no problems with scratching this up uh, depending on the machine there you might see. Ive got some scratches, definitely all around the case and uh its been tossed around a bit. So thats nanic 915, so from here i love this case. This case here is gon na, be my manic 920 and uh its its heavy. This one holds my it actually believe it or not holds my 16 inch macbook pro 2020 model, so its fairly thin uh, but it does fit in the lid construction, so same design here, youre gon na see with all the features i mentioned before, stainless steel hardware And i forgot to mention on all their models. I believe they even have this padlock area, where you can actually get a padlock through both corners, and you can lock this guy up, so they also sell lockable power, claws thats pretty cool, so you got like the tsa locks. I dont know what tsa stands for traffic safety, something so this guy here uh open that up this one. I actually have no foam insert, but i have a lid insert. This is a cool second feature to buy, and then this one just barely fits my lap. My macbook pro here i was real nervous about buying it originally and getting the lid insert and, and it not fitting it does fit, which is fantastic, um a little pop heavy though, if uh i dont keep the bottom store, i mean theres, nothing you can do About that, that was my fault, so this guy here i keep open because i just like to throw stuff in and out for the gopro and then i love the insert for holding the macbook pro and again.

This is nice and watertight. So ive had a lot of confidence. I have float tested these before they do float, which is wicked um and uh and theyre. I have had them underwater, so they are watertight and youll see the footage with that guy and uh thats fantastic. I like that, because the only reason i bought the cases is because i do a lot of water experiences, so i dont want anything sinking. I dont want uh anything getting damaged with water either. Anything like that. So these have just been spectacular. The lid insert as a self install, they sell it as a separate piece uh you might be able to order it with it. In i dont know uh. It was basically two screws, some sticky tape, i believe um. It is removable um, but that puts it on there and its been great and its been able to hold the weight of the macbook pro it doesnt come unglued or unstuck, or anything like that. Then hes got this ones got a couple of pockets. These pockets are of a rubber plastic material, so i believe they have some water resistance capability. It wouldnt be submersible, but itd be splash proof for sure. So i do like that. So im able to hold my gopro batteries and different cords and connections for laptop up here and all my growth pro accessories down in the bottom. So its been pretty good. Um ive got a couple notes here.

Let me just take a look at what ive got its, they call it. I dont know anything about resins in plastic, but its an nk 7 resin, so they offered a lifetime warranty on the construction and the resin, and they have impact resistance and such um stackable. That is something thats kind of unique. I guess uh if theyre the same size, theyre stackable, different sizes – i mean you can put them on, but theyre going to move around theyre going to slide, but the same size is stackable with these features here it will not move as easily so Music yeah. I actually think that covers everything. So thanks guys, if you have any questions, write them down in the comments and uh. I hope you guys try it out. Theyre honestly amazing, so served me well and will continue ill definitely buy more. I even carry some firearms sometimes, and they offer some cases of firearms and honestly they offer cases that fit a lot. Applause.