Nowadays, everyone and their dog has a drone and they seem to be a regular fixture in our skies. Whether people are filming their hometown or capturing mind. Blowing footage on vacation theres a whole world of incredible drone footage out there. However, not everyone loves being filmed by drones and sometimes their pilots capture things they were never supposed to see. Yeah turns out theres a dark side to drones from the haunting birds eye view of one of the most infamous and deadly ghost towns on the planet, to the extreme footage that gets closer to a raging tornado than anyone has ever seen. These are the drone captures. No one was supposed to see Music missing pensioner found by drone first up check out this amazing footage revealing the moment a british pensioner is found stuck in the marshes at brancaster beach, 75 year old, peter pugh was reported missing after becoming separated from his family and Friends during a hike and local people began searching for the lost man in the surrounding area. They searched all through the night, provoking serious concern for the elderly. Mans safety, a manhunt on foot, proved unsuccessful and the police sent out their drones to survey the marshes in the hope they could spot the senior citizen amongst the thick, reeds and vegetation. Luckily, for peter and his family, the state of the art drone located him stuck in the marsh saving his life and returning him home just in time for fathers day drones arent just for fun, they can save lives too.

Now lets get ready for todays, missing topic and now its time for our missing topic. We found this spooky drone capture online and the image has been haunting us ever since wading through a river in the forest. This pale white figure seems to sport a pair of pointy ears and freakishly long limbs, unfortunately, for paranormal investigators and web sleuths. This bizarre screenshot is too blurry to identify, and it seems as though this mysterious creature will remain a mystery for now. Do you guys have any idea what this ghostly white cryptid could be? You can join the conversation by using the hashtag missingtopic in the comment section below hey hey. Did you know that if you smash the like button subscribe and click, the notification bell youre more likely to win the lottery? So what are you waiting for Music spy drone footage? Could this be the future of policing? Astonishing footage shows the moment that a murder suspect is arrested in his apartment by none other than a drone yeah. This police drone was employed to apprehend a suspect in the murder of actor. Thomas jefferson, byrd and the released footage is totally shocking. Atlanta police used this advanced technology to seek justice for this murdered actor, who had starred in several spikey movies and uploaded the resulting footage to twitter. The drone flies into the suspects apartment after police blow the doors off and proceeds to hover through the house, hunting for the suspected murderer room by room, clearly freaked out by the noise of the device in his house.

The man in question emerges from his hiding place with his hands in the air surrendering to the mysterious drone above his head. So what do you guys think? Could this unusual tactic become the norm in years to come? Will drones be responsible for arresting some of societys? Most hardened criminals – let us know your opinion down in the comments. Music. Angry farmer, shoots, drone out of sky drone pilots! Beware! Disgruntled people on the ground below are fighting back against ufos unwanted flying objects, yet it seems, like some people have had enough of intrusive drones. Flying over their property and theyre willing to do whatever it takes to protect it lets face it. No one wants a drone filming them in the comfort of their own home. In this extraordinary footage, a state of the art dji inspired device is blown right out of the sky by an extremely furious farmer. As the drone flies closer and closer to his barn. The farmer emerges from the building visibly distressed by the flying robot in the airspace. Over his land rushing to grab his gun, the farmer stands his ground and decides to teach this pilot a lesson when it comes to trespassing, sick of the spying gadgets in the sky. He takes his firearm and shoots the drone, causing it to spin out of control and tumble to the ground when this startling footage was uploaded to youtube. Most commenters seem to take the side of the disgruntled farmer, commending him for his amazing marksmanship.

Well, if youre gon na fly close enough to someones property for them to shoot your drone youre kinda asking for it shark attacks, boat, whats, the most exciting thing you could capture on camera, well, its a shark attack. Of course. Dont worry, nobody was hurt, but we do get to witness the power and strength of a great white shark in high definition. This humongous 18 foot shark was swimming in the waters of port, lincoln australia when it decided to ambush an innocent crab boat in the ocean. Luckily, for us there was a drone in the sky filming the entire incident, its basically like a real life version of jaws. This particular area of australia is well known for its abundance of sharks and they even have a thriving cage, diving industry. However, it seems like this particular great white was fed up with tormenting tourists in cages and set his sights on a small fishing boat, thrashing against the sides of the vessel. The man on board desperately tries to scare away the sharks but only seems to spur it on. It begins to lunge at the boats motor pushing the boat with a huge amount of force. Yeah thats got ta be pretty terrifying, but thankfully the fishermen live to fish. Another day looks like its time to get a bigger boat Music worlds. First, drone base jump. Are you brave enough to complete this terrifying base? Jump air owns? A drone company in latvia has made history by performing the first ever drone base jump in human history.

Ingus broke the world record by becoming the first ever drone jumper on the planet, and his spectacular feat was recorded in full for everyone to see he was lifted to a whopping 1082 feet before free falling to the ground, releasing his parachute seconds into the heart, stopping Jump even though the breathtaking leap of faith took just a matter of seconds, the entire stunt took a whole six months to prepare to ensure that the drone jump was completed safely and nobody would get hurt. The drone itself could lift a staggering 440 pounds, which is around the same weight as a baby elephant. Pretty amazing right. It just goes to show when it comes to drones. The sky really is the limit biggest desert plantation, if youre gon na hide something strictly forbidden. Where better to do so in the middle of the desert, no one will find it there right uh wrong with the advancement in drone technology. Nowhere is safe yep when it comes to drones, you can run, but you cant, hide mexican soldiers discovered the biggest ever illicit plantation in the countrys history, concealed underneath a gigantic black cloth in the middle of nowhere. All thanks to their high tech flying drones. This 300 acre field was four times larger than any other plantation theyd ever found over 150 miles south of tijuana in the baja california desert. According to police reports, around 60 people were working there at the time when you hear that drone hovering overhead, you know that its game over troops reported that they would burn down the fields destroying millions of dollars worth of contraband in the process, and they would have Got away with it too, if it wasnt for those pesky drones, drone flies into crazy tornado.

Storm chasing has got to be one of the most extreme hobbies out there. These tornado, chasing adrenaline junkies have typically followed twisters across the us in their cars or trucks, but now theres a new mode of transport, allowing them to get even closer to those deadly weather systems. Yeah you guessed, it were talking about drones, of course, in this phenomenal footage. The drone pilot chases a gigantic tornado across a ranch in oklahoma, getting closer and closer to the terrifying twister with each second. Nobody has ever got this close to a tornado and lived to tell the tale recorded by wx chasing a crew of extreme weather enthusiasts. This shocking footage shows the massive storm destroying everything standing in its way, but thankfully, this tiny drone manages to avoid the tornados path of destruction. Wx uploaded their astonishing close up footage to facebook and the owner of the farmland commented on the video saying thanks for sharing. This was on our ranch. Amazing footage, so thankful, no damage yep. I think we all can agree that this is a much safer way of watching extreme weather in action, even if it is less exhilarating than experiencing the real thing. Chinas bike graveyards, what happens when supply overtakes demand? Well, this is what happens in china. Nearly every major city was once reported to have its own bicycle graveyard, basically, a place where perfectly good bikes go to die. These disused bicycles were sent to their very own cemeteries when the rental bike bubble burst, leaving millions of bicycles, abandoned bike.

Sharing. Businesses were once extremely popular in the country. However, it seems like way too many were pumped out in the cities leaving many unused. In fact, media outlets have reported that 10 million rental bikes would be thrown out by 2020 producing 150 000 tons of waste material. Its a shame that these bicycles didnt get to live their best life. Now drone pilots have been flying over chinas bike graveyards to try and raise awareness of the massive amount of bicycles going to waste anybody fancy a bike ride incredible pripyat drone footage. Pripyat is one of the most iconic ghost towns on the planet and one of the most deadly left totally abandoned in the wake of the catastrophic chernobyl disaster of 1986, this eerily silent city was once home to workers at the nearby power plant, but today its merely A shell of its former self, the explosion that destroyed chernobyls reactor number four exposed tens of thousands of people in the area to lethal amounts of radiation, and it was even fear that the radiated materials would spread across the entire continent. Now its deemed safe enough to visit for short periods of time, with many tourists traveling from all over the globe to visit pripyat and see the city that was frozen in time, but an even safer option to explore this ghostly metropolis exists. Drone pilots are now flying into the containment zone, capturing incredible footage of the abandoned apartments, schools, hospital and even a fairground, complete with a ferris wheel.

Once upon a time, 50 000 people would have lived here now, its spookily empty, with only a handful of tourists and drones daring to enter the city. We cant imagine a time when pripyat will ever not be totally creepy insane museum sinkhole. This unstoppable sinkhole swallowed over a million dollars worth of classic cars and unbelievable drone footage that captures the relentless sinkhole at work. We can actually see exactly what kind of damage this powerful force of nature can be. The national corvette museum in kentucky fell victim to this gigantic sinkhole in the middle of the night, completely engulfing eight vintage cars, but thankfully claiming no human lives. The kentucky fire department estimated that this particular hole was a whopping 40 feet across and 30 feet deep and its believed that it could have caused at least several million dollars in damage. The cars swallowed were a 1962 black corvette 1984 ppg pace. Car 1992 white 1. Millionth corvette 1993, ruby red 40th anniversary, corvette 2001 mallet hammer z06 corvette 2009 white 1.5 millionth corvette and two cars on loan from general motors 1993 zr1 spyder and a 2009 zr1 blue devil. The white millionth corvette alone was worth a staggering 750 thousand 000 ouch. The worst part of this story is that sinkholes are pretty common in kentucky due to the fact that the area is set directly on top of multiple underground caves and springs yeah. This devastating accident could totally happen again. Volcanoes ivanawatu, nobody would dare walk into the heart of a volcano, nobody that is except sam kausman, the filmmaker extraordinaire that ventured directly into the marham crater.

A live volcano located in vanuatu, oceana yeah, even with nerves of steel youd still melt in this deadly volcano merum, is so dangerous that more people have visited the moon that have dared step foot inside this crater. So what makes sam so special? Well, this adventurous explorer has a heat resistant suit that can withstand a whopping 3000 degrees, not only that, but he is a drone that follows his every move. This incredibly active volcano is full to the brim with lethal sulfuric, acid and insane temperatures, but this phenomenal footage actually shows the moment that one insanely brave man walked right inside without a care in the world. This drone footage really is one of a kind suddenly flying your drone over the local dog park. Doesnt, look so exciting. Does it the black eyed girl of canik chase? This drone footage is simply spine. Tingling in the natural beauty spot of canic chase england. There have been reports of a spooky entity living in the forest for decades, known only as the eyed child. This ghostly little girl is said to have cold black pits where her eyes should be and has been cited multiple times over the last 30 years. This ghoulish girl can be heard giggling deep in the woods and paranormal investigators in the area have claimed they believe shes a demon but ghosts and demons dont really exist right well. After viewing. This freaky footage were not so sure this drone operator was flying his device over canik chase when he spotted a strange figure lurking between the trees.

On closer inspection, the figure appears to be wearing a light, colored dress and, as the drone flies closer, it appears to raise its hands as if to cover its eyes uploading. The video online, the original poster, only realized they may have caught the black eyed child of canic chase after commenters raised the alarm and informed the drone operator of the haunting urban legend very creepy, indeed, crazy, abandoned coal factory fans of star wars will love this amazing Drone footage yeah we cant help but think that these exhilarating drone races might be the closest thing we get to real life pod racing, navigating their devices through abandoned buildings like this old crumbling coal factory in france, the drone pilot wears specially developed goggles connected to the Devices camera allowing them to feel as though theyre really zooming through the twists and turns of this enormous factory, because drone racing is purely a hobby. These awe inspiring drones, arent actually available in regular stores and theyre, usually built by the pilot themselves. This brand new sport is being held as the most thrilling way of experiencing urban architecture, allowing the pilot to race through the building and explore these hard to reach areas that youd never be able to access on foot. The only thing you need to worry about is crashing your painstakingly crafted drone. Those things are expensive: Music, tianjin blast site. This drone footage was filmed by a member of the public in tianjin china and reveals the dramatic aftermath of a giant blast that blew up a warehouse.

This massive explosion took place in the port of the city, where a vast industrial unit was believed to be storing dangerous chemicals. The two explosions happened just 30 seconds apart and the second eruption was even larger and more destructive than the previous one detonating. An estimated 800 tons of ammonium nitrate to make matters worse, firefighters on the scene, were powerless to the deadly fire ripping through the warehouse. Despite dousing the inferno with house pipes, the drone flew overhead capturing the devastation on camera and revealing the vast ashy wasteland left behind this shocking footage is just one example of how drone technology can show us things. We never would have previously seen Music bigfoot drone footage and now its time for our final drone capture that no one was supposed to see. This extraordinary footage was filmed in a forest in salt fork state park in ohio, and you wont believe what it captured on camera. Two friends were flying their drone through the u.s park when they spotted something very unusual. Indeed, a huge figure walking upright in the woods. This blurry footage doesnt, allow us to view the mysterious creature in detail, but theres no doubt that this tall figure is moving amongst the trees on two feet. So could this actually be real life? Proof of a bigfoot yeti fans certainly seem to think so. Alongside the strange footage, the drone operators describe hearing unsettling noises in the forest and believe that they may have caught the ohio grass man as hes known locally on camera, and they arent the only people to have witnessed this legendary cryptid in salt fork state park either There have been multiple sightings of this mysterious figure, and one area of the park is even named: bigfoot ridge in his honor, so hey bigfoot, if youre out there its only a matter of time before drone technology tracks you down when it comes to drones, weve only Just begun to unleash their true potential, who knows what phenomenal things they might capture in the future so which one of these incredible drone captures blows your mind, you can, let us know in the comment section below and dont forget to give us a big thumbs up.