One drone captures what no one was supposed to see part two im gon na look at the camera and not add it is that okay number 15 getting up close to fireworks, shot in the middle of a fireworks display. This video was captured with the dji phantom 2 quadcopter drone and, frankly, you wont see fireworks so up close without it ever wonder what it would look like to fly through the sky during a fireworks show a west palm beach. Man just did that with his drones, and the footage is absolutely epic. The results are so spectacular as giant flashes of light zing by the camera, its very much like a scene from star wars, and because of that, the video creation went viral and continues to astound viewers, including some who claim this is highly illegal. This person might still be subject to criminal or civil penalties. Road officials, the drone in this video made it safely through the fireworks. But if you put a few more drones in the air youre bound to have a mid air collision, the user also hasnt uploaded any other videos, though the gopro video was filmed in west palm beach in florida. When you hear the words drones and explosions in the same sentence, your first thought is probably not this, and even if it was illegal to fly a drone like this, you cant help but be blown away literally. The drone incredibly survived the journey. Now lets get ready for todays open discussion.

The ninja is described as a whale like creature, but has anatomical similarities to humans. The creature has a face and in some stories its said to have extremely large limbs, the pigmentation of the creature is said to be pale. White, could this be? What were looking at here is this drone footage of an engine? They say its an aquatic humanoid creature reported to inhabit the sub antarctic oceans. The word in japanese even means human, but that doesnt look like any human ive ever seen. The legend surrounding the ninja began on a forum post in japan, which claims that the members of a whale research ship witnessed the creature as it surfaced near the ship of the antarctic coast. Since then, there have been numerous sightings of the ninja. But what do you think did this drone footage capture the humanoid leave your ideas below with the hashtag opendiscussion. You want to know a little secret if you smash the like button subscribe and click. The notification bell. Youll have super powers for the rest of your life. So what are you waiting for time to fly? Number 14 grocery shopping in the bathtub. These creative brothers, philip and johannes, showed off their latest invention, taking the propeller powered bathtub from a driveway across fields and into the car park outside a favorite sandwich shop. And this is the surreal moment, pilot philip stunned villagers, as he decided to fly to the local bakery in a bathtub and while he was there, he picked up a sandwich at the bakery.

While onlookers took pictures of the insane contraption. The moment was captured in hertzberg north germany, after the two brothers had unveiled their unusual creation. The pilot gets trapped in before the propeller starts wearing, and the tub lifts off as the improvised plane gains ground. We see the bathtub rising over the german countryside. We also see pilot phillips point of view in the miniature aircraft. At one point, the bathtub comes close enough to the ground that it splashed by standing water in a field but then rises again with a shop in sight. Customers are seen filming the unusual moment on their phones before the drone descends and lands neatly in the car park. Is this the worlds first manned flying bathtub who doesnt dream of going shopping like this number 13. exploring haunted houses, drone racing with cameras showing the live stream is actually a competitive sport, the goal of which is to complete a set course as quickly as possible. As its origins go back to germany around 2011., its technically called first person view when the camera includes the watcher in the race, and it really gives you a front row seat to the race. As you watch this, it feels like the start of a horror movie. This footage was captured by a drone in poland, allegedly the factory in this video was notoriously haunted and within seconds of watching. You wont at all be surprised. This haunted factory comes complete with sound effects like mice, squeaking and children giggling.

The drone even floats through the bushes overtaking the interior. We also get to see some fantastic graffiti by some talented artists, which does bring the spooky factor down a notch, but the captain of this drone is doing a really good job moving through the entire space. The flying robot dips and dives going fast and slow, barely skimming the puddles on the factory floor, the drone soars through hallways and upstairs you really get a good idea about this haunted factory while simultaneously fueling the imagination. The pilot wears goggles that are connected to the drone, and this gives the pilot the real, authentic race experience. People are racing drones all over the world, but this race is a scary one indeed number 12, the giant qr code in the sky. So while we might not have the massive holographic advertisements of the blade runner film, yet we should expect to see companies employ drone tech to sell their products more in the future. Drones in china took to the skies recently to form the image of a qr code to promote a video game. The qr code is a type of matrix barcode, invented in 1994 by the japanese automotive company denso wave. A barcode is a machine, readable optical label that contains information about the item to which its attached 1500 drones flew over shanghai. To celebrate the first anniversary of the chinese release of the japanese video game, princess connect: this is a role playing game.

You play on your devices along with the qr code. The drones formed the image of several characters from the game. The light show was produced by a chinese video streaming platform. If you scan the qr code formed by the drones, it takes you to the home page of the princess connect, it sure is fun to watch and it must be fun to play. Drones have actually been used for advertising for years now. In fact, uber was employing drones to bother drivers with advertisements in mexico city. As far back as 2016., china has arguably been the biggest embracer of drone advertising. As you can see, number 11. walking into a volcano a window into hell is how a man who voluntarily jumped into this active volcano described. This experience wed have to agree. Epic adventurer sam kausman tackled the lava infused marum crater in vanuatu, the south pacific and, with the help of his videography team caught some steamy footage. The silver suited thrill seeker was filmed calmly ambling by the volcano, despite the intense heat from the lava which actually caused some of his garb to melt. Although images from the expedition were released in 2014, newly released drone footage brings a new angle to the trip the crew used a drone to map areas of the crater and used a 3d model to enable virtual field research with volcanologists during the 2014 project. This volcano was one of the most active volcanoes of the new hebrides volcanic arc.

The crater is the result of a huge plinian eruption which took place around 50 a.d. Its explosive force is rated six, the third highest explosions in recent geological history, kosman said the experience was terrifying. All fear was eclipsed by a surplus of adrenaline when dangling above the nearly unimaginable sight of a glowing fiery pit likened only to the surface of the sun. At close range number 10, gigantic manta ray in the clip a shark can be seen swimming alongside this huge ray, but it appears to be tiny in comparison. This is the largest type of ray with a wingspan of up to 30 feet. While we know sharks can reach grand sizes, they can look tiny in comparison to a ray fish like this. There are rays that can grow up to weigh as much as 6 000 pounds. This giant oceanic manta, ray fish was spotted in the ocean in trinidad. With this shark, but dont, they look right at home together, but rays are ocean, going species and spend most of their life far from land traveling with the currents and migrating to areas where upwellings of nutrient rich water increase. The availability of zooplankton, the giant oceanic manta ray, has a widespread distribution in tropical and temperate waters worldwide in the northern hemisphere, its been recorded as far north as california, in new jersey in the united states in the southern hemisphere. It occurs as far as south as peru, uruguay, south africa and new zealand, but seeing these two together is strange, even though theyre related about 27 percent of a rays, diet is based on filter, feeding, consuming large quantities of zooplankton in the form of shrimp, krill and Planktonic crabs, an individual manta may eat about 13 percent of its body weight each week, thats big number, nine back to the future.

Hoverboards hoverboards arent a new concept, but new breakthroughs in this tech have made a much more futuristic product possible. This company claims to have created the first flying hoverboard. Their website shows incredible videos like the ones in the video player above good news for adventure seekers. The boards will be made available to the public. Soon, officials were unable to confirm how many boards would be available during the initial release, but the company is currently expecting the hoverboards to retail for somewhere between 40 and 50, grand thats no cheap toy, but not just anyone can use it. There will be a weight limit of 200 pounds for the hoverboards and the heavier the weight. The shorter the flight time makes sense right. The idea for the hoverboards came from movies, like the epic 1980s flick back to the future and with progress in the physics and drone fields, as well as multicopters allowed the team at omni hoverboards to take their dreams and turn them into reality. As the field continues to evolve, thanks to research and development like this theyre confident, this will turn into a one of a kind vehicle, but it will cost you as for the laws that govern these vehicles. American regulations prevent the hoverboard from being flown in dense population. Centers number eight ghost girl. This is going to sound like a hollywood blockbuster or the beginnings of a famous urban myth, except this story has been talked about for decades: the black eyed girl of cannock chase in england.

If you love a good ghost story, youll love this. It involves a quadcopter, a camera, a field and a mysterious apparition on the edge of a forest. A psychic claimed to have come face to face with the black eyed child described here and revealed. The ghoul was most likely the victim of a diphtheria outbreak in the 1800s. The deadly plague in the victorian era was known for causing victims to suffer paralysis in their eyes, making their sockets appear sunken, but are these people alive or are we looking at a ghost theres, also the speculation that the black eyed girl is related to a series Of child killings in the 1960s and others claim that these black eyed people make appearances all over the world so theres, maybe more than one, which is just plain creepy. There are reports of them knocking on peoples, doors and taunting their victims. You can apparently hear them screaming in the distance, which is just plain scary, but not as much as this drone flying past. The ghost girl were quite certain whomever was piloting. This aircraft was not expecting this number seven alligators hate, drones, capturing photos and videos of wildlife. Often means walking a tightrope or getting close enough for a great shot without endangering the animal youre shooting. Unfortunately, every so often a photographer or influencer makes headlines for all the wrong reasons. A recent video posted on tick tock shows a travel influencer flying a drone so close to an alligator that it snatches it from the air causing the device to explode in its mouth lithium.

Ion batteries contain flammable electrolytes that can lead to explosions and fires when damaged the contents of the battery burn at a high temperature and also release toxic gas. This person who was visiting the everglades in florida was captured flying the drone less than two feet from the poor gator. It appears that the proximity of the drone aggravated the animal which leaps into the air and attacks. What else did you expect? A few seconds later? Puffs of smoke can be seen billowing from the alligators mouth most likely caused by the battery exploding. You really really dont want to be bitten by an alligator large individuals bite down with 2 960 pounds of force, one of the most powerful bites ever recorded for a living animal number, six chased by a flamethrower, its, not exactly the normal thing to do. When you connect with a buddy, this is what went down at the time these two blokes met, one was making drones and first person view frames turns out. He also had a flamethrower company, so they wanted to get together to film the flamethrower racing drones. Clearly, these flamethrowers deliver the power performance and safety to set even the biggest challenges up in smoke, unlock the true performance of a flame thrower with their fuel thickening flame juice, which is clearly the secret ingredient behind these powerful blasts. But the drone holds its own and it really piloted well to maximize the effects of this unusual footage.

The original flamethrower was capable of firing a jetta flame out to a distance of 20 yards and was designed to be carried and operated by a single soldier originally invented by a german engineer, richard fiedler in 1900, the flamethrower was accepted into service in 1911.. Now look how far weve come its short range and small amount of fuel. A single man could carry on his back when it had to be used sparingly. Good thing. These fellas have plenty of room to blow off some steam, so to speak, number five huge tire fire authorities say a fire where an estimated 100 000 tires were burning for nearly a week at an odessa. Disposal facility was finally extinguished. Odessa, texas has been featured in pop culture landmarks like movies, like no country for old men, as the quintessential middle of nowhere town, thats, no joke its so isolated that when these tires caught fire, the closest fire hydrant was about four miles away. However, there was plenty of time to shoot some jaw dropping drone footage. The fire reportedly started around 3 pm on sunday afternoon and raged throughout the night because of the lack of fire hydrants local firefighters found themselves in a losing cycle of bringing in fire trucks, spraying their water resources and going back for more when they returned the fire. Had just grown larger local residents were warned to stay indoors and keep their windows closed. Several roads were shut down, while black smoke billowed for miles first responders, eventually covered the flames with dirt.

At the 3 acre site, no injuries were reported and no structures were affected. These tires are being used for a land reclamation project when a pile of tires catch fire. In an aired climate such as this, the blaze will prove difficult to extinguish under the best of circumstances number four shark stalks boat. The footage was recorded near port lincoln in south australia. A fishermans terrifying encounter with a great white shark was caught on camera by a drone, hovering overhead. The 15 foot shark attacks the crab boat before its circling around under the water and thrashing at it. A second time the man on board the small twin engine boat, frantically rushes over to try and scare the animal away. But what do you do when youre faced with a great white shark? The area is popular with tourists wanting to try cage diving with huge animals with the australian shark tourism industry, bringing in millions of dollars a year. Port lincoln is australias top place to cage dive with great white sharks. Although back in august, strict new feeding habits have been put on to cage diving operators in the port, lincoln area. This shark wasnt going to wait and felt the need to let these fishermens know about it. Local press reported that the two operators were licensed to use teaser bait and if a shark grabs a teaser bait or crashes into an underwater viewing cage while trying to eat it, all teasing behavior activity must cease for 15 minutes, but this shark wanted none of that.

It ominously swam around the boat for 15 minutes with dramatic footage, even showing it ramming the vessel and biting the motor number three mysterious crop circles. Reports of mysterious patterns appearing in wheat, barley and cornfields in this area began to circulate in the 1970s, but it was late in the 80s that the phenomenon exploded circles began to appear more frequently and became far more ornate. Some resembled trippy fractals, others rune, like hieroglyphs others, stylized animals recalling those of the nazca lines in peru, the intricacy and size of the formations, coupled with the fact that they would appear overnight, seemingly out of nowhere baffles locals and farmers alike. In 1996, a crop circle appeared opposite stonehenge depicting a mathematical fractal called a julius set. A similar formation that emerged on milk hill in 2001 was one of the largest ever stretching 900 feet. A 2008 formation near the iron age hill, fort of barbary castle required decoding by an astrophysicist who concluded that it was a geometric representation of the first 10 digits of pi. The phenomenon peaked in the 1990s and early 2000s, but continues today an average of 30 crop circles appear each year in the uk, around 80 percent of them nearby. Here, although such formations have appeared worldwide southwest england, is the world capital of crop circles number two biggest traffic jam ever? This is what happened at the end of the national day golden week holiday. The golden week in china is the name given to three separate seven day or eight day national holidays, which were implemented in 2000, theyre, primarily intended to help expand the domestic tourism market and improve the national standard of living, as well as allowing people to make long Distance family visits with periods of greatly heightened travel activity, an astonishing 750 million people, half of chinas total population, went on holiday during golden week.

This route serves as the main route for cross country travelers in the populist eastern part of china, where most of the countrys population resides a new checkpoint on a motorway leading to beijing. Caused these huge cues as the week long holiday, drew to a close incredible footage captured by a drone, showed the sheer magnitude of the traffic chaos. As several hundred million people began, their journeys home aerial footage of the monster traffic jam that could be seen converging on toll booths on the 1412 mile expressway were widely shared online youve heard of the great wall of china, but how about the great crawl of china? This looks like the start of the end of a very forgettable day number one super yacht and narrow canal, the incredible sight of a brand new 310 foot, long, super yacht being very carefully transported through tiny quaint villages in holland before entering the north sea has been Captured in the mesmerizing footage, if youre a nervous driver, this might trigger you, but just imagine having to try and drive a boat. This big photographer and videographer tom van osanan followed the vessel called viva as she was guided for three days along narrow canals and rivers with her eye catching 88 foot high frame towering over houses, church spires and windmills viva spans 44 feet from port to starboard, and Some of the sections she squeezed through were only 46 feet wide, a very delicate operation. He explained that pontoons were attached to the front and the rear of the yacht to lift the boat out of the water slightly.

Otherwise she would have been too deep for the canals. Then two tugboats were attached to each of the pontoons to maneuver her pulling and pushing all the way from the shipyard to the north sea to capture the colossal vessel in action. They used a combination of techniques. He revealed some of the images i took using a drone, and i took others from buildings or from ground level to show the yacht from different perspectives, an absolute epic process at these heights and in these exotic locations.