Whats up robert welcome to the live stream. Can you hear us is our mics working were working on getting a group omnidirectional mic for the middle of the table so that we can have proper audio for everybody? Welcome back to the live stream. Hope everybodys been having a good holiday yeah. How are you guys doing you guys have any questions right away before we play the intro? Hopefully our intro is going to play this week. We just opened up obs on another screen. Audio is good. Awesome. Welcome. Isaac g2 robert weve got a few different things to drink tonight. Weve got some strong winter ale by terminal gravity brewing nick. Did you bring that yeah and we have some port and the winter ale that did not get drunk last week with a little bit of mushrooms in there so see? If anybody gets a a little bit wild and want some mushroom mail, whats up captain calgary welcome back welcome back luis. You guys do any flying today in the snow. Did you do any playing today? No, we did. We did some flying today. Actually yeah yeah yeah. I think i have some footage here, actually im gon na try to get that loaded up um that was from the yesterday from yesterdays footage yeah that that were going to show later is going to be from yesterday. Is that this footage, yeah yeah, so weve also been playing around with some fpv wings, and we also have that awesome flying fish here.

This is from skyzone and ishii, and working together, oh yeah, so its a little miniature twin and i believe its under 250 grams, which is cool. Now. There is a lot of stuff coming out this week and next week as well. So a ton of new stuff – and i want to copy and paste some of this stuff over. So you guys can see like whats, actually coming im going to try to add some sources in my obs for a browser because banggood iflight gap rc, all those guys are going off nice end of the year, nice yeah all right, all right, quite right, quite right. Okay, hopefully uh the intro plays well, try it again. This week last week we had some now it says: going live again: whats up with the interwebs dude, probably lines being affected by all the snow. Yeah weve been bumped off twice lets see maybe its uh streaming. Another window, no all right. The chat is still up that planes, a bi whats, the pronouns Music. My dudes are here: the dudes have arrived stream preview. What is going on yo? If you guys, can hear the chat right now. Uh drop me uh whats up jd uh, because it seems that our youtube preview has stopped, but i still see some chat happening on the right hand. Side of the screen weve had a lot of snow recently, so our internet might be wack a lot of snow for our area.

Yeah yeah, a lot of snow performances, chat loud and clear in the audio, the audios still here. What about the um video try to pop out the chat for the guys back there, so they can see if i can make this any bigger, because we do have your chat. Video is gucci. Wow youtube is dropping out on me yeah, so maybe maybe uh gucci reference, and is that mean good yeah, gucci yeah on the interwebs awesome all right. Everybody lets just continue on with the show. Um yeah youtube is not giving me any kind of stats or anything, and it just keeps saying just ignore that one just use the one thats uh right there, its saying going live so we know, were live and apparently were probably streaming through the obs. You can see us maskless its like its like im european looks like im naked or something im face naked. Okay, you guys you guys remember that last summer, when they like said like everybody, would take a mask off and then we were like covens over. Everybody covers over, everybody went out like going crazy. Like i went back to north carolina were at the beach no masks, and then i came back here. Everyone was wearing masks again. Covet came back for round two delta variant, everybody put your mask back on and then uh now the optimus prime is here yeah, so watch out for optimus, prime and the decepticons for round three Music; okay, hopefully that uh, hopefully that chats still on somebody drop something In the chat lets see, let us know were still alive and im gon na try to im gon na try to drop that new intro and say thanks to all the sponsors, we have like five sponsors now thats awesome, which is awesome because you know what i Just sent out a bunch of messages to all the top companies awesome.

If i wanted to sponsor a podcast and hopefully, as we get more technically savvy – and i get less stressed out about the technical side of things, we can start having some real fun. So all good good, xavier uh lets go ahead and uh were not running discord right now, but sometimes we do over my patreon. So if you guys want to drop the link down below the video uh, there is a link to my patreon. Sometimes we do it. There, but recently were moving a lot of it right over to this. So you guys can ask questions about your current bills during the podcast and well try to address those theres three heads here tonight. So three heads are better than one drop: the deuce adam nsfw. Here we go heres that new intro new intro, all right, guys welcome to episode number three, so oh whats up whats up its somatic new york. Let us know uh where you guys are from. We got some awesome new stuff here again tonight that came in this week that were going to show you, and i think we showed you something last week, thats not even out yet two things on the last podcast that arent even out yet so um its a Good thing that youre watching the podcast, you might see something that youre not supposed to see and if i show it, and they tell me not to show it sorry, nano xm took out start a crossfire.

Three beats when i hooked it up in betaflight. All i get is lights and beeps nick. Do you know how to make the chat bigger? Is it command plus, okay, just use the keyboard? Oh nicks got keyboard shortcuts. Well there it is. What did you just enter the matrix wow? Now we know how to make the chat bigger, so everybody can read now south korea whats up great bullets in california. Can you guys read that from back to yeah? Should i go bigger yeah? No, i can. I can rate it now. You read it from south wow i cant even back up now too theres only three beeps, then the handshake between your rx and your flight controller isnt, being complete im, not sure why you might check and make sure you have the right. The tx needs to go to the rx and the rx. The tx on the receiver needs to go to the rx, because youre transmitting you want to receive it on your flight controller and then same thing. You want to put the tx on the from the flight controller to the receiver. Part on your receiver, so make sure those are wired up right. If youre, not if youre only getting three beeps, you should be getting the five beeps if everythings talking properly um. I actually just had to go through that with uh. This wing build that diego and i have been working on um yeah thats, the eachine mobile, the mobile, the mobile delta, not happy model but eachine and skyzone otherwise, known as atom, rc delta wing, pretty cool little delta wing, elevons ive learned about elevons and how to Set that up on my controller elevons is a challenge: a little mixing involved, yeah a little mixing servo activation yeah and getting your crossfire to talk pwm, instead of the crossfire language, to tell your servos to work properly.

That was something that uh as well as getting the right voltage to your servos yeah. Oh yeah dont try to run your rx and your servos off v back because youll fry your servos and then you have to buy new servos um. Yes, yeah. They dont, like that b. Bat voltage, uh five volts, i think, is what theyre mostly maxed out at five volts on nine gram: servo yeah yeah, you flew airplanes for your whole life yeah. I know about those numbers yeah i just i dont know what i was saying its been so long. I like it was in the fpv zone and i didnt also i we were naive and we were like. Oh these crossfire receivers. They can handle b, bat right. No, they can only handle up to like 11 volts, so they can handle a bad on like a 3s, but, like you, want to put it on a back your receiver on the back, because youll fry it um, i got got smoked for the first time. Ive ive built so many quads and ive never used a smoke. Stopper ive never seen smoke before i fried a receiver this week and saw smoke for the first time lessons lessons have uh some port on tap tonight. This is some uh reserve port by croft. Do you guys drink port anybody, its uh, its interesting stuff, because, like back in the day when people were sailing like from one coast to the next like across the atlantic or the pacific, they a lot of times, they brought port with them instead of wine? Because wine would go bad on the ship, apparently and port would not or wouldnt so air can get to port and it still stays poured for forever and whiskey uh, whereas wine you have to drink it pretty fast before that alcohol is a little bit higher.

So it can its more sterile. Is that what yeah? It definitely has some. It almost smells like it almost smells like liquor. You want to oh yeah, its taste, no, but its got a little knit on this im just supposed to just nip it okay. This is more than just a nip. This is a daddy glass um tips for learning to fly, fpv download a sim cheers plug in your transmitter to a simulator whats up, uh theres one one question that guys um 3d crazy learning to fly fpv. I would download a sim get a sim yep thats. I spent a week on a sim before ever whats your favorite song. I mean ive been playing most recently uh, because ive seen people that have blown up. I went to race up in olympia this summer and the olympia people were putting. They were building the tracks on liftoff and then so you could download the track that you were gon na race that saturday so thats what ive been using most recently, i like i like liftoff um but yeah i mean theres theres, a number of them out there. I mean the physics have gotten really good on most of them. I think these days so, and i mean just just as a like start off just just – do some some sin: um thatll save you save you from disaster for sure. Is there another one called free rider? Is it yeah? I think bot grinder just recently did a thing on a bunch of uh simulators.

So really, okay go. Look his watch his video he released in the last couple weeks, which actually whats up. He gives up the top five uh simulators that he would recommend. So if you have any questions on sims, i would definitely go check out that video on his channel we need to uh. We need to have him come in yeah some night on the podcast were fans of bot over here yeah, because you know why. I i i i have to say the guy, like hes, honest with you, when hes trying to sell you something i mean hes. Also, honest overly honest about a lot of things like yeah whats, a hot all in one for a sub 250 build. You know i i i like that: um hgl, rc, uh, zeus, zeus, the new zeus: the brand new yeah, the new zoo stack, the 20 by 20 thats, a nice light stack and i think they were making them 45 amps uh nice. I think they updated. Some of them to 55 yeah, but the the 20 by 20s yeah, oh wow, theyre, pretty robust for a 250 build like today. I flew downtown well, not downtown. I i flew on the willamette river tonight on my ultralight this guy here and its got a zeus. Stack in it yeah its nice nice thing about the zeus is that its fc and escs all in one on one little tiny square, just a little bit wider than a standard.

I know i think its, i think its uh taller front to back. I know that um not wider, just longer iflight makes uh uh two all in one 20 by 20 as well. I forget what its called its a 60 amp. This podcast is sponsored by carls jr, i mean look, send me some free tea, carls yeah. I im pretty sure theyre rated up too yeah, so the success i flat makes a beast: f7, its a 55 amp all in one. I currently using that in this build right here, its not a sub 250, but you could put it in. You can definitely put it in an ultralight, crap mr camps. I like that and definitely get a sub 250 yeah. So i fly has some um options, and so does that hdl im sure everybody has some good options, but with drone camps in the house those have been my my options and go tos. Lately htlc has been reliable, yeah yeah so are yeah. We make uh lithium. No, i dont make lithium batteries um. 18. 650. Is that lithium jesus christmas polymer so 18650? I have made them in the past, but not recently booty crown last long time. Not since i havent made any packs since before kobit, a friend of mine has a spot welder. I did not have one. Oh nice, 21. 700 lion sounds nice im, not chilling very hard. Thank you. Angela. You wear. All these children see us wait till new years eve.

You guys should come here angel angela, im, sorry angel battery brand. My my favorite battery brand uh has to be the r lines. Tattoo r lines have done me the best and you guys have seen the way. I fly like my pants are on fire. I punish them. I i drop them down to the bottom of the line and they charge back up and i really havent had any of them swell nothing like what hobby game stuff does. Like you know, ive been shocked. I havent had any batteries popping gears back in the day hobby king were notorious for just ballooning up like if you wanted to like get a battery stuck in your rig. Leave it in there overnight, try and pull it out of your rc car or whatever itd be swollen up holy yeah. I mean the only i see like 1s batteries in them, but those those just a terrible quality. Anyway, you cant like no. No one less battery is a very good good quality battery, but yeah uh whats up michael welcome to the stream. We have a zorro on the way so were gon na check that out. We also have a commando on the way and we have new jumper t pro. Do you want to show this guy so uh? We also have before anybody else made in the house. One of these im gon na show the box first and then well show the radio its the light radio 3.

um. Let us know down in the chat, if any of you guys are toying around with elrs, because here is beta, fpvs single, tiny, little controller like game style controller with the lrs built right into it, and it has a module bay in the back. So not only can you run elrs native on this one, you can also plug in your tbs crossfire light in the back wow, so um thats kind of cool for you guys – and this is what it looks like the whole thing. Yeah, the whole thing is really nice and uh soft on the outside. It feels nice and, like i dont, know what that is, what kind of material it is um, rubber, rubberized plastic. I mean yeah its weird its like its not quite right. Its got a real nice grippy yeah. It feels nice feel to it. The whole thing is coated in something it doesnt feel like real, cheap plastic either. No, it doesnt feel like the jumper tea light, where its like yeah just hard abs. The gimbals dont feel that great but im sure you could probably upgrade those yeah youre invested in tbs. You know me too um so are a lot of us over here. For years now i have. Most of my planes have tbs thats. All i run is tvs. Yeah its pretty all i run that elrs 2.0 is looking, looks pretty exciting over modeling over molding over molding. Thank you.

Adrian thanks lets see if we can turn it on, did you got any batteries for it? Oh turned off battery. So how do you select the external module with that, since it doesnt have a screen or anything you just have to do it all through the computer um. It has a button on the bottom that says: setup, oh yeah, so apparently theres going to be something that goes along with this. We dont know yet what thats going to be? If anybody in the chat does 9 15 yeah 915 for elrs looks nice. This one happens to be a two point. Four, i keep getting two point four once i wish theyd sent me some nine fifteen cause. The 915 is the longer, is gon na, be the longer range right, yeah, so um for guys that are just coming in the chat like if you want to have a more long range version and get the 915 megahertz. If you want the shorter range get the 2.4, if you get the 2.4 youre, probably going to have more quads available if youre buying vinyl flies, because a lot of them are coming with the lrs 2.4. So if you want more availability go with the 2 4 9 15 is starting to creep out, though so now im starting to see a lot more being released. All those tiny whips and stuff with the flight controllers with the built in are mostly 2.4 yeah. Those are mostly 2.

4 and these are the uh buttons here we have a. We have momentary buttons here, two of those, and we have two three position switches here. So then you get your four different modes: your 915 megahertz micro module and then youve got both its pretty cool built in specs yeah theres, your specs on the box. Weve got a built in 2 000 milliamp battery in here. Usb charging configuration support so its going to have a beta, fpva configurator. To answer your question so yeah um external rf, tx module support, which we talked about first 2.4 yeah, but not the penetration weve, been asked to hide that wow, adam safe, safe book is trying to censor you adam because you put in penetration. How immature is that were just gon na show that im gon na show the penetration were gon na show the penetration uh, but were not gon na get too wild in here, because uh, my kids are in the other room watching a cartoon, so Music um. I dont know how much this will be yeah i dont remember i uh, i wonder what the price you they dont give you that kind of information. No, i havent got any information on it, yet um, but its called the light radio times it comes with a nice little case, though this is nice case that comes along with it fits in nicely. It looks like it has a spot for maybe some type of and uh Music super nice, silicone guards or the gimbals.

I had a guy tell me these werent gimbals one time on the channel. I get some funny comments every once in a while. This guy says uh types in i mean he spent like an hour typing this, like three paragraph monologue about theyre, not called gimbals. Theyre choices were serious about penetration over here, adam yeah, so gimbals would be like a camera gimbal. He was thinking that i was talking about like a dji camera, gimbal yeah a little this little do him know that weve always called him gimbals yeah. Ever since the 80s, i mean uh 70s. Since people were flying like futaba back, then you call them gimbals. All right looks like michael did, some research for us, uh, facts, gimbals beta, says uh 59.99 thats, not a bad price for us, oh beta fpv. I know for some of those younger fpv pilots, its always nice, to find something within a budget. This is nice, though. Compact yeah looks like a cute little thats, a nice little case. Honestly, one thing thats one thing i like about beta fpv is they always have those personal at the little zipper. Kate, like the little metros, come with this little zipper case like they have a lot of fancy zipper cases uh. That comes oh sure, like to send everything in for sure. It makes it nice for just throwing your backpack, and you know you make sure it stays organized and safe, and this is affectionately called the storage case for light radio live radio, 3.

, very simple storage cases. We also have some other schwag from beta fpv. Here i dont know what this is. I can open this one. What is that is that bag looks like it might be, like a grocery bag, a grocery getter, a chinese grocery bag. I dont know: oh yes, oh its a what the wow thats really nice, its for carrying around your lps. You know when youre, taking its a shoulder, be your own creation. Mastery should put gucci on there gucci. So, thanks to beta fpv, for also sponsoring you guys are awesome, were kissing. Your butt, too, were talking about all your new gear, um high flight gap, rc banggood, who else radio master. I know im forgetting one all your sponsors yeah, all the sponsors you dont have them listed yeah. If you guys, like the tip tonight, it goes toward our beer fund or portfolio. Well, that was cool, so we have a light. Radio 3 thats coming out that we just showed you guys um. We also have something new from turbo racing and i dont know if you guys are into rc cars or not, but uh. Maybe like a month ago, a little over a month ago me and my girlfriend played with this little rc car. It was a 176 scale race, car and when i first got it in, i thought it was kind of like kind of ridiculous. It was probably going to be too fast, maybe just fly off the table and we built a little race course like on her kitchen table, and it was actually really addicting and slow enough that you could go around the table um this one lets set it up.

This one came out uh yeah about about a month ago. I guess the tc01 and its like a its like a little baja car like this thing gets it see its jumping. It comes with four jump ramps in this box. Oh damn, yeah comes with four jump. Ramps uh, so we can play around with this a little bit. Im gon na do a full review on this one. Just for funsies it has a removable chassis or it has a removable body on it. Hr curve upgrade simulated paint usbc several playing methods whatever. That means, i think we need batteries, but just to show you guys how small these things are: theyre, crazy, small and they have proportional steering. Is it charged as well? It is charged. We need triple a batteries we need aaa. Batteries. Lets need a little matchbox. Car. Look at that remote control, super tiny, its just is its wild to me that it has left and right steering to a it usb port on the very bottom for charging it up, and i think this thing charges in probably like 10 15 minutes right. You just put it in the controller and it charges up yeah what could go wrong? Yeah. You can uh booze and micro rc cars heres the uh. What could go wrong its like being at a fly in at night yeah when they tell you youre not allowed to fly anything rc in the air right now, but back in the day we used to have challenges night challenges that the ama meets and one night I was hanging out with tons of people at joan all and this guy who were flying these little slow planes.

I forgot they were called slow, stick or something like that, and there was a someone flew under a fence through a gap and made it out the other side with lights on it, and so all the guys had lights on their slow sticks. So one guy says im gon na go get some gear from my trailer comes back with like a whole arm load of slow, stick props and drops them on a picnic table and says the first guy who makes it through the fence gets to have all these Props, so everybody with a slow stick starts flying at this fence and theres like just they said you know. If you break a prop, you can grab another one off the table and eventually somebody made it through and got all the props, but it was a lot of drinks that night yeah. We have three ramps adrian. We have three ramps. Four, oh four ramps. We can make a half fight. Did you find some triple as, of course not batterys, not included? Look at this rig, you know when it. When it comes with ramps, i mean thats all you want when youre a little kid right. You just want the ramps. I think thats how it goes um, so it does have a charge base on it. If we can find some triple – as which i believe i do have somewhere in here, um this little guy pops up from the bottom, we need to start working on our pre production.

We didnt bring our batteries lets see that the battery no. But this thing pops up like this and you have a little charger right on the base, so you set the car right on top of there and it charges oh wow wow, but i do have some triple as family. I had a whole bunch of them, so i think these things are like 75 bucks or 65 bucks, or something like that, but im stoked that one came with jump ramps, the other ones, batteries, no batteries, no, no triple a lets. Go. Look. These guys will keep you entertained for a minute yo. We need four triple as all right im gon na take over for a moment. Three voices in one mind lets see all right. Whos got questions. It does look like a hot wheel, thats what thats, what ive been ive been thinking about its like it could fit. I think the wheels are the wheels are a little wide. I dont think it could fit in the house. Lets. Take a look at that fired up, but that other one that that other car he had that he did the review on. I think it could fit in the hot wheel track. It was pretty narrow this little crawler with this thing in the water yeah, its got headlamps lights that flash oh yeah, that i dont know yeah. I dont know what to tell you motors on beta flight. Like are you? Can you spin them up and down on beta flight? Maybe maybe try that i dont know thats thats a little beyond me, thats normal adam? What happened air mode? It sounds about right, yeah, that kind of sounds.

I havent done many tests without motors, on or without props on anybody. Um have any sweet fights this week, you got any um things you guys want to share with us this week at all. You want to talk about your uh about our wing experience this week. Yeah we got this mind you. This is our first wings that weve ever built. All we know is about quads. I fly, i flew in planes back in the day, but it was back when i was younger and it was like on crystal radios back when wed have to go like check in at the flying field and pull your pull your channel down so that nobody else Got on your channel so its been a long time. So these things first off, you know we build, we build quads a lot and theyve got flight controllers, and so you hook your receiver to the flight controller. The flight controller can tell the esc what to do. Yeah, so these dont have a flight controller, youre, just hooking batteries straight to your esc and then theres, your esc theres, a couple of five volts out: yeah, well, theres theres, a five volt out and then theres another thing that says c for cur c: u r Current and then has signal c r s and ground, which we assume was what you needed to hook your receiver to the beginning, because we figured you get current signal and ground from the three wires that need to go to your receiver.

We tried that we put and then theres theres a five volt theres a 3m, a 3 amp back built into it. So we assumed that was what we needed to took our vtx and our camera and everything to soldered everything out built it all out plugged. Everything in no soup well, first off we yeah no soup, nothing worked so then we were like wait. Why is our rx wasnt getting any power? Coming from that, so we decided to oh well if our rx isnt getting power from that, maybe the 5 volt converter isnt working so lets just run it off vbac. These are tbs, crossfire receivers, yeah were using, they could run so we cooked everything we cooked everything. We cooked the servos, we cooked the receiver. So then i was like all right. We need to go off this five volt deck, that weve soldered the vtx to lets just run the rx and the vtx off this. So we soldered everything up, but we didnt actually plug in the vtx and everything worked. Uh the rx got power uh the new servos were working um. Everything was working, so i was like all right lets. Go do this. Lets fly this, so i plugged in the vtx bam next time i powered it on. I was only getting three chimes. I wasnt getting the five chimes um right in the middle, so eventually i turned to all right. Boys were gon na launch this get out Laughter that was underwhelming, okay, okay, okay, let me see lets lets lets lets climb.

We got ta wow, look at the leds on this thing, though, seriously check im showing you take that thing out and drive it at night. Oh, we should scale it throw a camera on it, thats pretty cool. There should be like two speed modes on this thing. Oh two speed mode nice go rip. Your meteor 75. We got ta. Send this thing. Heck yeah got ta, get it to jump without falling over. I got light control on this baby. Look at that! Oh really! Oh wow control the lights independently, yeah thats impressive, that is wild on off. Okay turn on the boost. You can also turn off boost. Thats. Awesome that is pretty sweet. All right, im gon na try to dude you need to build. Maybe yeah get off the table ill catch it all right here we go send it all right. I think i need, like more jump rings, all right instead of turtle mode. Dude we need turtle motors here, so uh guess who has one of these cars come in? That is, typically, it has reversed too thats. Pretty awesome. Um typically makes fpv. Drones is someones, one of the one of the manufacturers is coming out with their little fpv 176 scale. Car diatom really dietones, making one of these without fpv did you ever drive the eachine fpv racing or the no way? I know the thing did you: did you ever drive that emacs uh one more jump, the e max uh, the e max fpv card that they made, i dont think they ever sent me yeah.

They did make one. I dont think they ever sent me that yeah it was a piece of was it. I remember it kind of looked like not one of the sponsors are they. I dont know if im good, you know, vanga may or may not be uh. I dont think so. So yeah a little bit of alcohol, some rc cars and everybodys happy tabletop, rc car whats up welcome to chat gap. It here we go full speed, got a little too true. I cant drive very straight drunk driving. Oh man. They cant see yeah its all right. You didnt make it guys. Okay, here we go straight shot straight shot, hes, an rc car guy, two more yeah. That was awesome. That was the gap we made everybody look at that cat thats a finger gap, its a finger gap boy. I dont think that thing was going to make it that was set. Oh dude, we could make it. Oh you definitely could do that. You got a downside right here. Oh yeah, perfect, oh dude, you can make a you, can make two gaps in a row. Try to make two gaps in a row set up two other ramps that hes gon na go straight. Take some practice. They may need some like throttle. Try some uh steering through nice, nice yeah set up another uh. There you go lets, go, go uh, two double rampant: oh, we got a double gap. Going double gap.

Now lets go six nice days of thunder here, cheers to guys that are just coming into the live chat. Hopefully, the the nos go was still fine, even though the box dude, this things got some horsepower a kinder egg yeah the diatone rc car looks a little stripped down comparatively to turbo racing. They wanted to keep it simple. I think they should make some little tiny lambos like super cars velocidrone. We need velcro for these last rounds. Oh yeah thats, some tape taking down you guys lost the ramp over here rolling it. These ramps have been wider, so i was out today flying in 32 degrees. I dont know what that is in uh celsius, but its pretty cold. My hands are frozen. I flew for 30 minutes on one battery 32 is freezing and thats zero at celsius um, so steering on this is bad. I have um a new 4k drone here that they send me for a new me for review yeah new femi uh x8se. This is the 2022 model nice, so this one went up today: 30 35 minute flight time, battery wow um its flying on 2.4 and 5 5.8, its 5 8 wi fi, of course, but the transmission is actually pretty good on this guy. It is over 250 grams, but a lot of times i tell people to buy these versus buying the dji minis because they can handle more wins out of the coast. The minis are just like a little too small.

In my opinion, they get a lot of gimbal shapes, look at the charging port on this thing boom there you go its charging right on it. So three axis gimbal the new 2022 version, dang yeah, that things beast. We used to sit the mavics like this, like a little bot yeah like two of the arms, so you got ta put the arms out, and this one has a 3s 4500 milliamp battery in here. So i think the original fema they did like 30 minutes of flight time um last year in 2019 version, so yeah this one. This is a large battery yeah, this one. I guess they charge up in about 20 minutes or so nice lets see last one uh. No, it has a little charger over here, um it charges at 2, amp and tomorrows video tomorrows review im going to show you guys this one um. The title of the video is something like best drone under 500 bucks for 2022 um, because in my opinion i mean theres not a whole lot out there under five hundred dollars right really that great um and this ones 450 dollars. So i mean itll: do 11 yeah theres that size and like being able to handle wind and stuff its big, its its as big as a mavic, 3 uh, but a mavic 3 costs 21.99 right? Does it have uh active? What kind of does that actually follow? Uh, i think it has active track like active track, but really honestly, i never use that.

I just put it up and fly around yeah. The props go on and off easy without having to use tools. Ive never really used place it here. Yeah. We could see your chat, we see it welcome to the chat and the transmitter is cool because its it feels good in your hands its its big enough that its expandable for tablet size. It has two antennas off the front and it has removable sticks, which is nice for travel. One of the big things about some of the original versions of this did not come with removable sticks. So now you guys get removable sticks which is cool. I dont know if anybody out there in the live chat does 4k recording or cinema film video thats, pretty cool yeah. I, like the your phone tablet, sits like in the middle i mean i like the best i thinks up top, but i i dont like how much the djis are like below below the controls kind of switched over to the top now well, yeah, those that yeah, The fancy ones, but i still have an old mavic mini too and its its controller holds it down yeah now maybe mavic mini 2 is like 30 years old, though no its actually, it hasnt even been replaced. Yet its still the yeah theres, no mini three out and uh just for fun, guys im gon na throw up some of that footage. You guys can check out some of that footage from the femi x8se im gon na bring down that volume just a little bit for you guys, so you guys can hear us still in the chat.

So this is the footage from today, and i felt like today was the perfect day in the last week to fly, because weve had snow and kind of sleep every single day. So today was the first day of real sunshine. Look at that stationary shot super super stationary and pretty controllable yeah, because we had, i mean it wasnt on the pan super still today, so theres a little bit of wind out there, thats yeah, i mean so thats, pretty yeah, where, where i was playing, it was Actually, blowing into my mic quite a bit: yeah no nd filter used on this one. This is just straight stock 4k at 30 frames per second, so i mean in years past thats, comparable with the mavic 2. nice definition and and where you can really tell how good a sensor in a 4k camera is look in the horizon line and look at The gradation from the beginning of the horizon, up to the top of the clouds, you can see the definition in the clouds way off in the distance there. Oh yeah, whereas a lot of i mean even some of the early mavics you, it would blow out the sky and the trees would look okay, but you couldnt tell any cloud definition. Oh you guys dont. So you should see some footage by now. Isaac isaiah happy birthday dan yeah, the whites were all blurred out and now we have really nice sensors. This is a actually a one: half sony cmos sensor in this camera.

Let me know if you guys, oh you guys dont see any footy. You guys just see me drinking theres, two streams going. Is there two streams going? No, that means that uh no footy, damn, i guess the obs is not working guys. It should be working. Yeah, theres, two streams. I told you theres two streams. Youtube is just really screwing me over tonight. I dont know why theres two streams – okay, one stream – is not enough. One stream is never enough. All right so may my i might have ended the other stream blame it. Oh dude, its totally youtubes fault, its always youtubes fault, come on guys, dont cross the streets exactly so the pro the problem we had earlier was um. Actually, our internet was like going in and out and then we had to start the stream again, and so we might have doubled up yeah. It looks like a while thats awesome. We couldve had three streams going yeah, not for each of us. Okay, yeah episode. One had footage: obs is working uh for some reason. Obs is not working exactly well, it was working on one stream and it wasnt working on the other yeah, maybe its, maybe its working on the second one. The second stream you guys are starting watching. We are streaming all over everyone, yeah, just one gets uh videos and the other one doesnt yeah well just have to delete the one that didnt have uh video ill go back and look now and ill just leave them both up for now.

You guys want to get really crazy. You could have both streams up. At the same time, hey cliff. We had some some problems with this episode with our wi fi, not working correctly, and then uh youtube decided to double up on us. For some reason it may be the software you know, hopefully, by episode 10 well, have some of this figured out yeah by episode 15 or so, when it worked out im not too worried about it right now, 22., its all about helping you guys hanging out and Making you feel like youre part of the community, also just to let you guys, know whats coming up um. I want you to know theres a new pavo coming out from eric yo whats up beta fpv has a new pavo coming out and thats going to be a 360 pavo, so um. The 361 is also going to carry the new smo camera so theres, a new 360 smo coming out from beta fpd and insta360, cheers to that its going to be a 400 camera and it will go in a little tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny version of this guy. Remember this one remember this mine didnt fly by the crap and i never reviewed it. They sent me two of them so now theres a new one, coming out 168 millimeter analog version 319. and lets see the new one or the hd one is going to be 469. thats kind of steep without the smo.

The smo itself costs 400 dollars. Yes, im on 360., but its going to be like this big, its a 360 camera yeah, its basically yeah. It says, with a its going to come with the polar camera, so thats, pretty cool. My in my favorite indoor center whoop um carry a full size. Gopro um this one uh, the diatone, take cam c3. The brand new one go back and check out the review on this one. Its got leds full size, gopro mount fits on here on here, um or the gap rc crown either one of these two, this ones a little more efficient motors. They redesign yeah full size like three three and a half inch props, at least yeah or the uh protac 35 from iflight, which is also a great one. So theres i mean the protect, i wouldnt say the protac 35 is really an indoor santa woo right i mean i honestly. I dont know that youre going to carry anything a gopro 10 or a full size gopro with anything that you really want to be flying indoors. Thats thats just a lot of a lot of weight. I mean yeah, but if you already want to go big, get yourself, the uh protec 60. protec 60 is the new giant six inch cinewoop that can carry anything from a black magic pocket cam to a dslr. You can carry uh my sony zv1, which im talking to ifly right now, hopefully fingers crossed iflight, will send us a protect 60 for some ultimate cinema.

I mean a six inch cinewoop and that that quad comes in buying a fly and its its pissing people off. That um – and i could say this because i ive seen it its pissing guys off that ifly is creating cinnalifters that are buying to fly because the some of the super pro professional hollywood guys are building them themselves and theyre a little bit. Butt hurt right. So i mean good for you iflight for making it happen for guys who just want to go out and shoot some epics. I mean you could literally chase motorcycles with that protect 60. dji. You can get it. It will carry a cinema, red camera or z, cam tbs crossfire its gon na pretty much do anything and x. Games is using similar rigs jet and those guys have been flying very similar rigs, but theyve been doing that for well over a year, probably a little little bit larger ones, actually yeah jets building his own hes way more expensive jets are nicer than these, but its Cool that is an option now and theres, also the ifly taurus x8 hd, which is a huge, eight motor one, seventeen hundred dollars michael jones uh. Last week i showed i have a alpha 75 whoop that is, is hd. It works with my dji goggles get the engine around get the a5, though yeah, but i get the eight five its. I get. The hd whats up nasty, welcome to the chat dude i fight alpha 85 or even the alpha c85, its an inverted um ducted.

It might be a good option, i think, for dji. If you wanted in something that but theres theyre still theyre like theyre 3s, they theyre really loud. If you want to fly like indoors, i think of one ass, tiny loop is and like youre, not gon na get dji like youre, not gon na get hd, but i think that an analog one has tiny whoop for indoor flying is still the best. The best experience, in my opinion, uh that the elf, like those anything with dji its gon na, have to have so much lift its just gon na, be its gon na have to be something like like something 2s yeah at least 2s, if not 3s, and its Just the the cave, the motors, like the the kv of those motors theyre, just theyre, just super loud and its not a very stable flight. I id go for. I id stick to like a 1s analog, something or other uh. North 49 rc yeah dude, set up a 1.3 ground station. That would be nice. 1.3 is great, still works for me, been using it for 10 years. Im trying to do this live chat here, but its not oh, on your phone yeah im trying to watch the live chat over my phone, but its not keeping up very well uh theres about a 30 second delay to the to the uh. 1.3 interfere with crossfire and gps. Uh no 1.3 does not interfere with crossfire and gps.

Just need to separate it from your own. You have different spectrums: uh were not as high tech as some channels get tend to be. Yeah were not professionals here and we dont claim to be anything special either we do if youre, expecting some kind of professionality here go somewhere else. Im really hard on stuff, though honestly, like um, all seriousness, im pretty hard on stuff. I wont give anything up like this thing took us like two weeks and just like hours and hours and hours of me like thinking like what. What am i doing wrong here, what oh and then oh, i need to run. I need to run the vtx off. Do that i needed to run the rx off the five volt bag, so everything, finally, all clicked like in the last week, so yeah. So next weekend, im gon na let nick fly my uh gladiator xl, its a 60 inch 12 inch prop with 1.3 and uh. I think theres some uh easy uhf on there. Oh remember easy, uhf, oh yeah, easy uhf was um what people that flew long range before crossfire um. So we were, you were sending it off the mountain back. Then you were using easy uhf, but there were. There were tons of other systems out there like drag, link um, but look up uh crash test hobby wings, theyre some of the cheapest fpv wings out there and theyre some of the most durable like you can literally crash them into a brick wall.

Yeah thats thats sweet, but launching it is kind of a handful. It runs two 4s 5000 packs side by side like this on the front so its heavy. When you launch it, you just do this big side toss, throw it back out in the process. Yeah yeah! I know ive almost fallen down like trying to launch this thing, but like it kind of takes off out of your hands yeah like its kind of crazy, like i like people that launch it over their face. No way am i launching a nylon 12 inch prop over my face. No thank you, oh and i probably have 1300 bucks into that wing, probably wow and its analog video on that one yeah its not even like dji right. They do have a maytag wing flight controller that will do supports dual cameras stream, so you can have a camera redundancy. So if one camera goes out, you can flip a switch on your transmitter and go to the secondary camera. So if youre out 10 miles out, you have your video system on one side go out and flip over to the other, so you have her done at vtxs. Damn you can also do do redundant gps, so you can have dualing gpss. So if one gps fails on an rtl, the other one kicks in and takes over and brings it back, you have a bungee launcher. It shoots the printed planes into the ground. We had some uh episodes of what we call this week.

Definitely im gon na make that a sound effect on the channel um. I had some um about a month ago with the airstrike. I think it was called the airstrike from zod for some reason, a torque rolled right into the ground, but i was flying at pure manual and i dont know. I thought i had enough expo, but i was flying spectrum, so just probably fail safe right as soon as you left my hand, yeah its like radio interference, yeah best three seconds of your life, thats right, hoping and praying so. Do you isaiah? Do you 3d print? Your planes and then try to launch them. The ebx i dont know um crazy sketchy hand launch from a 20 000 wing, wow 20 grand their wing. I mean i, i know theres some rc jets out there that have fuel that are 20 grand. I saw one of those crash at joe and all and and somebodys wife goes. There goes 20 grand, like literally a giant fireball across the field like boom. Looked like a scud missile really going in like um. Apparently the manufacturer had a defect on the elevator on one of the back elevators. He was doing a like fly by past the crowd about 400 miles an hour and the back elevator one. The right back. Elevator came off when that happened, the other one flapped and it just caused the the jet to go straight into the runway, um right in front of the flight line um.

I was next to flight test. That year i had a drone camps, booth, josh and the indian guy. I cant remember his name, um peter peter peters. Awesome um were all standing there and i think they were flying a microwave. That year was popping popcorn. It was popping popcorn while flying and they were getting set up to do that, and then here comes this jet like right in front of the electric field boom. Just if it had been like another 100 foot. This way it would have been on top of us yeah and we would have been on fire yikes. It was nice to see that it was out a couple hundred feet yeah, but it was and we could hear the announcer downfield like on the main field going. Oh, my god. Oh my god. Oh my god, we got a big ball of flames. Somebodys got a fire truck nice. Someone already got their quad good job all right. Well, our job is done. We can go home nice. Has it been an hour. We helped one guy out or somebody help somebody out its an enterprise wing that is fully autonomous, nice. You know i always wanted one of those um. This might be kind of nerdy of me, but um. I always wanted one of those uh, the wings that were in best buy what were they called the um, the parrot wing? Oh yeah, Music um. I met a guy in vancouver a while back at the church and this dude.

Like said, he had one in his car and id never seen him before. So i was like oh man, id love to see that thing fly and he like whips out his phone like hook, ups and controller like does this like hes, like you know, just like i now you like, shake it and then the motor arms, and then you Throw it – and this thing auto launches – i mean perfectly right and it gets up and then yeah the perfect, auto launch, like weve done, that with inab and had failures, um, but most of the time on app will auto launch right most of the time. But that thing was nice, it was kind of it was. It was almost too nice, though it was kind of it kind of made it kind of boring a little bit right, too refined. It was just too it was kind of like flying. Dji um. You just knew what it was gon na do and once it was up it had stability, so it was just kind of just pushing the stick forward and going around yeah. I got to take my institution. I know i was going to say. Is this where youre missing? This is my backup one but um beta fpv kind of owes me a new one, because um that thing crashed like three times and then it flew into the pavement and scratched my against the 360 1r lens yeah. I mean because when this thing hits the ground uh theres, just one, the lens is right on the bottom lens.

Is your skid pad thats your skid pad right there, so the new pavo um it has that new smo 360 right in the center and and its half the size of this 1r. The thing about the 1r is it was kind of big and heavy, but it shoots epic 360 video. I need to get that back out on the airplane. I dont know if itll fit on that uh flying fish, probably not, but that was funny if you guys watched the airplane review from a couple days ago, i uh i tried to launch like a little dks gopro on the sparrow from east guy, oh yeah, and Then things like going like this, it actually has brushed motors on it, so it has twin brush motors, and this thing was just happened. I mean it was only an extra 30 grams on there and it wouldnt take off yeah, like you hit a tree thats right. Adrian you get, you get a prize dude, but the epp foam is, is nice, it just bounced and yeah. Whenever this plane, like nose, is in normally, you have the prop right on the front of the airplane, so the prop breaks instantly and little chintzy props, and but these are up on the wing. So when it tipped over, the propeller is not right in the ground. Yeah flying fish is kind of that same way, its kind of nice, so we may we may have like uh.

We may have dueling chats going since we have two streams going, so we may be missing some of the some of the chat, probably got half you guys on one stream. Half on the other nice.