Yes, we do. I hope, so the bot grinder is supposed to show up super entertaining guy, yes, uh. If youre not familiar with his uh, his videos, youre gon na, want to check them out uh. He brings a whole another level to the fpv hobby, so uh waiting for him to jump on so well get started here in a second um. Yeah should be a fun one, seeing two Music Music Music, so Music, so Music, all right, so uh were waiting for the bot grinder. I just sent a text message. Hopefully well hell be joining us soon, but uh you havent seen his lovely face. It looks something like that: yes, he he has more entertaining to look at than we are thats for sure. So hopefully hell uh hell be with us shortly, but uh here heres the plant today right we got some bok grinder were gon na. Do some turtle time. Uh, chris, you got some batteries charged up. Yes, i do. Where are they? I do? Have ive got one pre loaded here. All right so well go well. Do a turtle time well give away a t, shirt uh! There uh were gon na give away another drone to another lucky patreon, um and uh weve got some some other content in the works, so we can kind of. We can kind of talk about uh about some of that stuff uh starting with well lets start with the uh mini se.

Weve done a little bit of content on this and weve got a little bit more coming right. So um you saw a video uh. Actually, right before the last live stream, we did one comparing this to uh the mini one and the mini two um just released a video comparing it to a couple of drones, uh in in the similar price range like uh like this, the sjrc f7 right. This actually the video on this coming out tomorrow, i think, um, you remember this thing. Remember flying this thing: uh vaguely it kind of blends in with flying a lot of other things. Well like uh, when, when i say uh 200 drone what uh? What do you all describe any basic 200 drone and youre describing this? So what would uh? What would a basic 200 drone uh? What what could you expect out of something like this uh strange frame rate somewhere around 20 frames? A second theres one, this ones only 15, which is 15.. Yes, you speed it up and youre 30. double it yeah um. What else is there? Maybe a uh servo motor for a gimbal? Well, this one. You know what theyre theyre, starting to put in real uh real brushless motors, so this ones got a legit legit gimbal. How about a 50 foot range? If you look at it wrong accurate, i mean the remote will work for unknown distances, but the camera camera feed will will not make it yeah yeah, so um yeah, i got two of them actually were gon na give one of these away.

Today. Yeah spot shows up were gon na, definitely offer one to him and see what kind of trouble he can get in with it. Yeah so weve got uh. This is a b whine f7, and this is the sjrc f7 yeah um a classic uh rebranding going on here, um, so the sjrc f7. I think you can get for like 230 with one battery, i think its 255 with two. What might you pay for this? Any guesses over four ‘9. beautiful for only ‘9. You can have this uh, it is a gps drone, it does a 4k camera. I mean the the mini. Sc is only a 2.7 k camera, so i mean its big right. I mean you get more for your money. It weighs more yeah for sure so that that video will come out uh tomorrow on this b1 f7 only ‘9, just a hundred dollars more than the uh, the mini sc um, also been doing some flying with this guy uh. This is the recon um recon five and its a its an interesting design, designed by dave c hes kind of the long range guru guy uh, mostly working three and four inch drones. Now we got five and of course, seven inch drones, but uh this one. The difference being its a five inch, so you can carry you know a full size. Gopro right, if you wanted to now, is that the one that youre having some issues with last week, that was uh? Actually this one, i didnt um another long range, quad, just a 1s long range flyer, this one from beta fpv.

My flight controller is soft bricked and i just havent had time to you, know kind of take things apart and uh do a little bit of do a little bit of fun soldering because who doesnt want to have to take their drone apart and solder wires to It and uh reset their flight controller in order to fly it kind of a bummer sounds like a good time id rather be flying. Yes, i would too so thats why um Music, that one is has yet to be flown, and i i also have the bugs 19 uh still have not gotten that thing up in the air because, well, you know im working again and uh that takes up a Whole lot more time, yeah um, you know great uh comment here. Your show high end uh toy grade. Drone makers must be wet in their pants now yeah they they have to be. They got a couple months to find ways of lowering their prices or something but um unless it says 199 its going to be hard to sell anything. Now i mean the drones going to be a little slow to roll out the sc. I feel like around the world its got the weird roll out here in the u.s so and itll be more expensive, probably an extra 50 bucks. You know ish, i imagine other places but still yeah um hold on here: tm uh tmc 3d uh. He had a similar issue with recovered in dfu mode.

I guess i didnt try that um. I just read that i needed to to uh to short something to get it ill. Well, see you know, um its a good tip. Try give it a shot for sure. So i mean you got me uh, i ive been flying much here. You got me reviewing another gimbal here, which isnt i mean its almost its the same amount of work. I mean learning. How to get these things to work is maybe ill. Send you the maybe ill, send you the bugs 19.. You want that one Music ill pass ill pass. I guess send me something i can fly around. My basement weve been using this thing. Since the beginning and uh it wont die, it will not die. So getting a text message there im sending him another one ill see if hes still still making it um. Interestingly enough uh. So chris does turtle. You know the turtle time. I got another one of those um dealies to connect to the computer im going to do turtle time at school tomorrow in in the classroom. So im bringing mine um were good. Okay, uh were gon na, were gon na whoop it up um for the students uh. As we we know, were gon na were gon na talk a little bit of fpp tomorrow in class, so that should be fun start feeding me some uh, some whoops, though i think thats what i need. I i havent gotten any new whoops, so i dont have anything new to feed petey.

Your way we just got ta reach out to your contacts. Yes, i havent seen anything new um new enough to get excited for a while yeah. So when i do ill ill pick pick something up a nice way is that i dont know doug doug is asking is: does the bugs 19 suck um? You know its likely that it its likely but um we havent flown it. You know there. It doesnt have image stabilization, they are making, so we we have a contact. I i asked over at mjx theyre making one with electronic image stabilization and that one wont suck um, but you know without electronic image stabilization its you know, youre gon na have the jittery picture and whats really whats the whats. The point, i guess its 150 bucks. It wont suck right right. I mean its a good place to start its less than 250 grams. You dont have to register it, so you know theres something something all right. Um so lets. Uh lets talk about some of the other stuff that uh weve got weve got going on um. We are going to give away one of these f7s right um. You know that its not all bad right, but you know its a great starter drone. I think um yeah, the gimbal, is a real actual working 3 axis gimbal. You know the frame rate is 15, which is disappointing. Uh the write, speed, uh 15 megabytes per second, which isnt you know, thats, not fantastic either, but look at this its its a different sort of folding drone.

You can see that coming huh. Look at that. I got the the mavic style uh up and under down in the front. Okay, yes totally, not necessary because it could just you know, pivot backwards, but you know mavics fold up and under so its like a mavic yeah. Basically, this is a mavic. It does have follow me which the mini doesnt, but anyway, you know, like i said its a great beginner drone, give it to a kid. You know: um shoot it out of the sky with a paintball gun, shotgun whatever it is. You want to do. I i dont know um that might be illegal. I dont know no, no, no, no, not sure we can endorse that. No, we dont, i meant paintball gun um, looks like pat picked himself up a mini se. Um yeah. You know what i think youre gon na. I think youre going to be happy. It really is. It really is a nice little drone right, its a great beginner, yeah, uh camera drone for sure um. You know i want to talk about. You know these two things you see here right so were gon na give away um. You know this. This sjrc, you guys, can do what what you want um, but were also uh doing a review, and we have a, i think, what is it? Uh 12 off code for for this guy, the recon ill probably have a review on this ive flown it.

A couple of times got again a few more flights. Uh, probably next weekend ill be able to get a review up on this. But you know a five inch long range, uh kind of cool uh, some nice things. I like the i like the frame um. I like the bigger motors that allow you to carry a real gopro if you want to um ive, been flying it with um. With this guy the uh, the smo 4k, which why is it called smo 4k, i have no freaking idea but slow smo, smo smo. Does that make sense smo? Do you think that that might stand for something chris? I dont know all right, but tell me you know: gps um. This is uh, actually an r9 receiver, which i havent used in a while. So i had to bust out my my x light, which i forgot how sticky my throttle was so that that was disappointing. Remembering that i really wanted to like this controller, but the throttle just its either too loose or too sticky theres no in between um, but in the upper right hand corner. This is something different. What do you guys think so? We we got one of these from from banggood to review. Um and ive been playing this with my kid. It is actually a blast um, so its like a an arcade panel, and then you hook it up to the tv via an hdmi, and you have like thousands of games uh like the old school, like ninja turtles um.

What have you been playing on there? Yeah? Mostly old school ninja turtles um, the the simpsons game, where, like uh marge, has the vacuum: cleaner um, my daughter likes pac man uh, but this thing is has been a lot of fun. So what do you guys think about this? You want to see a review on this on the channel. What do you guys think whats uh? How much does it cost again? It is 2. 30. 2. 30. yeah i mean yeah. We got some nintendo games on there right jack um, nintendo 64. um played around a little bit. No, its, not gon na, be exactly the same for some of the fancier stuff um. The controls arent. Quite the same, all that jazz but um yeah id say its probably better for the old school stuff but ill say having set up like a raspberry pi to do all this emulator stuff. This is a lot cleaner. It doesnt crash on you and the games all work and everything so yeah. I can actually upload roms to this also, so we have some um rats. You know some games on the raspberry pi uh. We can upload them yeah, so it is 2 30. It is a little expensive. I think we have 14 off of that, so you know get it closer to uh closer to 200 bucks. There yeah. I love it. Look at this world nerds on this bus, thats kind of what i was banking on right.

You know hopefully uh. Hopefully we are, but not gon na be honing your fpv skills on there, though. Oh, look at that: hey kens on uh, thanks for showing up ken uh ken, were were waiting on bot grinder um yeah, which i i just texted him and uh hes hes not showing up yeah. We we had that we had that uh um. That happened once before to a guest that we had chris. Do you remember who that guest was oh jeez? Finally, i could remember i cant remember how that guy was this guy on the bottom of the screen. I dont know i dont know for it now: hes a good dude uh. He he just had that. You just had that uh that drone thing um out by him, oh yeah, didnt, get to hear him lying at the uh. I think that just happened right. That was that was i dont know that was awesome so anyway, thanks again for the five bucks hopefully well get uh. I dont know what bot grinder sleeping or what hes doing but uh sad sad, all right minefield, thats thats, the name thats. What i was looking for, so i i imagine, therell, be some content on the minefield coming out soon, so love to love, to see. Some of that is that, like that big structure thing, you guys all got to right: yeah yeah yeah that looked kind of cool for sure got some other minefield.

Attenders there yeah, awesome, thats, super cool! Would love to have uh been able to get out, yeah yeah for sure so chris? Why dont you um? Let me set up for turtle time well, well, rock some some turtle time and then, after eternal time, well give away a drone and hopefully mock grinder will return a text message and jump on the screen here. You know if anybody knows his like, you know breakthrough. If you call him like twice, will his phone ring or something i dont know i mean i could call him i do have his number might as well, give it a shot sure. Well, chris, you uh do that lets lets call them the turtle time rules for those who dont know. I mean turtle time. We skipped last time and i feel like there was almost a revolt um. It seems to be a popular aspect of the show um. I guess well start taking times if you want to guess its the same drone weve, always flown flown same batteries. I got four packs batteries. Four cells in the air today so im a little warmer than usual, but i dont know that that means much um and uh yeah. If the drone lands upside down turtled, the flight is over. If it gets stuck, the flight is over. Otherwise you keep flying yeah. You could win a beautiful t, shirt much like uh. We see here or uh im, also sporting, a uh, a half chrome t shirt, im gon na im, gon na jump off chris.

You talk, you keep on jibber, jabbing, im gon na call the bot all right were getting some times up there. So yeah go ahead enter your times. I forget uh, whos, historically um. You know the time that wins yeah. It seems to be. You know somewhere in the two minute range where i fall to pieces, or occasionally the battery does go dead. Uh so well see how were doing here – Music, all right, hopefully jacks back soon hes. My announcer lets get the camera switched over here. All right were in business, so bot grinder did not have a voicemail box set up, so i was not able to leave him a voice message. So all right so chris chris is getting ready here hold on lets. Lets make lets get this out of there lets hold on lets. No, i dont wan na. I want him to be big, all right, uh, good uh. Have we made the edge tx leap not yet uh, mostly because i havent had time uh. We got lots of hold on you, we got uh man, everybody is just got supreme confidence uh. You know these guesses in the two minutes and up range for look at this, like all of the confidence that they have in you chris. I am im. You know its a lot of pressure see. It is a lot of pressure, so uh chris is uh. You ready im kind of glad bots not here, because i feel like hed make me laugh but yeah and he could he could definitely fly forever all right.

Let me im gon na get a backup timer going just in case ready when you are all right lets. Do this all right, chris, its been a while since weve done done the turtle time. Um! Oh, wait! London, 193 seconds. Of course, stinking seconds make us convert all right doing all right here. Oh i, like the. I, like the bypass, oh bouncing off the desk solid around the around that beautiful orange couch, hitting the picture frame dodging the rings. Getting a little wonky ooh bouncing off the floor. There we go all right, it seems you seem to have recovered doing. Okay here, im, not sure where youre going looks like youre a little. I feel like youre a little out of control. Oh my goodness! You still! You still kicking, oh, were still up youre still going you still going. Okay, all right. I got ta get back in the zone here, yeah you youre getting. Oh, i saw the gimbal on uh on the uh ping pong table there. Do it do a little orbit around that the gimbals there show people what we got uh, what youre working on put them there yeah dude? Do it look, do a little orbit? Oh i dont know there. They are. Oh you cant orbit. We dude im barely hanging together here. Oh oh, i saw that crash coming, oh hitting the rc cars you dead. Why wont it arm there we go so that was 2 59.

were still our three minutes. Yeah youre still going. Okay, well keep going Music, its all wonky. Now does it i dont know it seems like its okay, oh goofy, is it creepy 3 30 im calling it at 3 30.. All right, oh youre, still going still going. Okay, it is ugly, it is ugly fly. I want to see those gimbals how different are they chris theyre, pretty similar? Okay, oh picking up some speed there, you guys getting my gosh. Yes, im getting sick watching this nice yeah, it could be some bet. Props, thats thats. Definitely a possibility all right. How about hit the hit the uh little rings there see if you cant, do some rings. Can you oh theres the picture frame im in speed mode right now? Man learn to slow down youre at like four and a half minutes right now still alive lets see whos got the hes got the top top time. Nobody that looks like socal rf signal no rf signal low. There you go got it: oh theres theres, the gimbal im stuck under the gimbal, all right, almost five minutes holy cow. That was a lot of bumping and grinding. If you will oh ben and grinding bumping and grinding error, i think this is our winner right here. Its the only time ive seen over four minutes – oh fly zones – uh drones – was close. We got to get you on. The show man is it.

Is that mike there drone shots all right lets go yeah. It looks like southern illinois. Crop dustin, gable, awesome, good stuff. Maybe i shouldnt have a uh two beers before i i forgot to disclose the beer count, but it seems to not affect the time all right. Yeah dustin were going to hook you up with a t, shirt, um, yeah, nothing wrong a little bump and grind um. So uh yeah well hook you up with a t shirt. We got to know uh what color you want and what size you want. Um so well follow up with an email, um good stuff, for you all right, cool all right. That was fun. We got to give away a drone. Yeah were gon na give away. One of these um f sevens hold on. Let me pull up my list, so we can do a random number, all right, random number, one to one to twenty. Two to twenty. Two to twenty. You want you want me to ask hold on, should we should we take out people that have already won? I dont know late in the game for that no, its just give us who won last week, oh its jeff jeff, i havent. If jeff is here, i have not sent anything i figured id when i go to the post office ill ill mail. This drone, his drone ive, got a drone from a video ive got to mail, three drones, okay, so all right that was fun yeah.

That was impressive. Uh, hey siri, give us a number between two and twenty dont even see. Can we see that i see nothing yeah? What do you got? It says its 17, but i dont know why she didnt show a picture of your family um. So yes for our uh, patreon giveaway right, jack yeah, it said 17. 17 is okay, hey, if you guys have any uh recommended guests or if you want to be a guest, throw something up there in the comments. Uh shoot us an email jack make our email. All right yeah, do you know how to do that exactly so, congrats michael um, michael usey, uh patreon winner, well, send you the f7. I know i have your email address, so i will follow up with you. I dont know if hes here i havent seen him or have i Music yeah hes. He was he was on here. I think um yeah, oh yeah, chris youre figuring it out im proud to go. I got it up so im guessing well get bach grinder on next time. We should probably take him off the title for this live stream. Um uh. You know its happened before, like you said, yeah yeah, so you know who who knows yeah um x. I have not asked ive asked on nick burns um. He would be a good, he would be a good guest for sure, um yeah. Let us know, fly zone drones. We get you on here.

Definitely well, maybe a short one. Today, huh yeah, you questions uh, you guys have drone questions. You got those of you that are here what uh? What do you guys want to know about it? You know any of the content. Weve been producing some of the drones that we have um. You know what what do you want to see what questions might you have im working on a video comparing the comparing the uh, the se, to the uh, the air 2s, as well as the evo 2 pro? I think those be interesting comparisons yeah. You know. First, 2, 000 yeah yeah, 300 versus 3, 000, so um. You know that would that would be a good one for sure so, um those are on the way um jack were going to uh jack and i are going on a little weekend. Family vacation this weekend with uh mayan laws, his parents, bunch of other people. What drone are you going to bring there to us guarantee? That is my drone like i, after you know, ive been flying the evo 2 a little bit and uh. I just the way that it reacts and without having to deal with messing with the sticks and stuff. I just love the air 2s because i know how it performs. I know how its going to react and how its going to fly yeah so im going to do that. Uh lon asks. Have you watched the xenomini pro videos, um ive, seen that they have some content out? I just havent havent bothered.

Did it crash? I i havent i havent. I havent sat down to take the time to look at them. Um, you know yeah, i will um. I just dont see how it its gon na be more expensive, um it just its still a hubsan product. At the end of the day, like even if its great um its gon na, be a hubs and drone and im not going to trust it so um all right, yeah um, i mean hubsan whos left in the game. At this point i mean unique isnt doing anything its just autel, so if anybodys – but i dont know that it makes sense for anybody to try to compete with dji at 300 bucks its going to be tough yeah. So do we think the high bit rate of the xeno mini pro will lead to its downfall? They turn it down, as in like you, dont think the processor can handle the high bit rate uh. You know what is it 100? If i remember oh looks like were having thermal management so yeah, i guess that it probably you know the the uh mavic 2 pro had issues similar issues where they just slow it down. They did so um. I forget what they actually called it. Um thermal management. Sure um well see so i was hoping youd say something a little more exciting jack youre going to bring uh youre going to bring uh a mavic. What about something we could have some fun with? I could bring uh my this long range and do some um.

You want to do some fpv, yeah and jackson too, his uh. How old is jackson, jacksons, justin, 12., 12., 12 year old? I would fly me any day. Yeah. We should bring something fun. Should i bring the fpv drone thats its up to you. I guess ill. Be flying it well, but you know what we got that insurance. We could always test it. You know why not! I love the picture coming out of that thing. It is freaking awesome i mean yeah its, not the worlds greatest fpv drone, but uh. It is pretty awesome, yeah a unique typhoon. H. We had a unique typhoon, not the h, plus um yeah, but we had the h, um but and thats fun fly because its huge um, but it uh it wasnt. I mean it just wasnt as stable as a mini. I mean youre scared flying it um. It was a little scary but im sure theyve gone a little better, but still i mean they seem to. You know not really be keeping up with autel as the second player. These are some good, so good suggestions, uh mad tech, andy rc hes over in england, uh, so wed have some time change. John e5 would be good train man is entertaining uh, justin davis. I asked him a while back. He was busy, i do love gemindovi, he does some great tutorial stuff he might be. He might be a good one too, to bring on uh ken kudzumoto might be a good good guy to bring on also hes the uh hes kind of a camera guy uh hes in japan.

We just did a video on his channel um talking about our camera gear. I made a little short um, but hed be fun. We again wed have to figure out some of that uh that time different stuff, yeah just get them in the morning. Its all good yeah dietone lots of people are excited about the diatone paintless 360.. He would be a fun one x jet. I have not reached out. I think hes overseas too um, but thatd be good. Gab 707, another fpv guy, all right! So lots of good stuff how about the die tone? Roma f5. V2 – that does look like a good drone for sure um yeah we uh might have to pick one of those up. I you know, i honestly im just kind of trying to get through some of the reviews of these drones that ive got laying around here, just because when you start turning away the uh 400 bricks yeah, you know i dont get getting back in the the swing Of things uh with work, makes uh makes uh making videos more of a challenge but uh. You know ex jets. Uh in new zealand we see new zealand, so he has opportunities to fly in places where we likely never will um, i mean new zealand. I dont think anybodys visited new zealand in like two years. That place is like awesome. Well, it gets a coveted case and they lock down the entire country um thats, where they film, lord of the rings, so thats, some good stuff id love to dive.

Some of those mountains yeah then cool yeah um. I saw it interesting, so reptilian research got a paired, anafi im, just curious. Where did you get it? Where did you get that enough from um theyre still selling those i mean you, can you can get one on uh on amazon, oh chris, i i flew the anafi thermal on friday in class. I was talking to the kids about uh the students, not kids, the students about some of the different. You know drones and uses and use cases and jobs and whatnot were talking about inspections or whatever so im like oh lets bust this one out and firmware update and uh. It was super accurate in terms of like temperature right so like i, you know you get a little readout on the screen and theres like a little dot. You can move around. You know you put it on the little kids forehead and its like 97 degrees. Im, like i dont, remember it being that accurate before i dont, remember, testing it, but we couldnt find your children in the woods. I knew that yeah yeah yeah, no nerk would be another good one um for sure he does. Great content can charge three bad. I dont think we could charge one battery in an hour with the yanafi but thats cool. Oh, you actually have a nice charger for it. Now. Jack youve got some crazy, usb hub thing that came with yes, yes, yeah, the the anafi initially was brutality to charge.

It took forever like this thing that that were were sending to uh to mike um right. It was mike that won. I think. Uh takes six hours to charge one of these batteries, so uh you know set aside somethings hours. Oh my gosh thats, like my first, like radio, shack, rc car, you got to drive it for five minutes and then charge it overnight. Um. You know the anafi jack. We were just out the other day and we actually said we wish. We had an anafi right now because we were gon na fly down through something and then wanted to fly back up. But im like i im, not gon na fly up without being able to check that. I have a hole to fly through and uh yeah thats, where we needed the anafi for sure um looks like fly zone. Drones has got nerc coming on their show next week, so thats cool definitely youre going to want to check that out. Um. What day of the week is that is that the what day of the week fly zone, let us know albert kim would be a fun one. I havent asked him um yeah. We got lots of good good suggestions here. Go through this feed later and yeah. Captain jerome doesnt do live streams. He did tell us that we reached out to to steve quadcopter 101 might be kind of fun. I love that guy old guy in his fun shirts hed be a good one.

Yeah i dont know. Does he do appearances? I dont know i dont know he should yeah hes got a recipe that im jealous of you know he goes out, he does yep, then he just throws it all. He does limited editing, um and uh yeah friday, the 27th so friday you want to you, want to check a fly zone and see nerc on their show. Bardwell would be fun. I have not asked bardwell um hes, like my fpv hero. I said that albert kim sure we could talk to him, curry kitten, yeah, its blunty yeah lots of good suggestions, yeah race day, quads get fpv yo. Those are good good suggestions, so lots of oh jesse perkins, mr tiny whoop thats, a great suggestion. Actually id love to to pick jesse. We should send him one of those uh. He should turtle time. We need to send him one of the dongles get him set up. Im sure hes got one there. You go yeah my on high shes german yeah. I think shes over in europe somewhere awesome good stuff, uh kind of a bummer um. We didnt get the bot the notorious b.o.t uh, with with the no show uh but hey. You know what who knows uh it happens. It happens from time to time. People uh. You know life happens, so um yep yep well talk to him again, im sure so, um jack im, counting on you bring something fun uh this weekend.

All right, i will bring the dji fpv drone. I think. Okay, i dont know maybe ill bring the recon, maybe ill bring like three drones, maybe ill try to get bring something small that i wont kill somebody with like this. If i can get this going, maybe this is a good idea, its the ajax, something like that. Um yeah all right. Well, i will uh ill follow with the with the bot grinder see if we cant get them back. Sometime, um yeah were out next week for sure well, probably follow up in september. Well, we will well be on back in september, so yeah were bummed about yeah doug. I hear you were bummed about the the bot too, but uh hey, you know what happens it does so anyway. Uh you guys, thanks for for coming on. We appreciate it. Weve got a video dropping tomorrow, um and uh 808 state lots of good suggestions. So thanks guys for that well, uh well, keep rolling so guys all right. Take care and uh well get those drones out to you guys.