We got one of those uh, we flew it a ton yesterday, chris and i did with the mini uh the original mini uh, the mini 2, the evo 2 uh, the air 2s. We flew the bug 16 pro and even uh some interesting drone. We got from amazon, but uh yeah were gon na. Do that weve got uh darren a lot joining us from australia. He is an fpv guy, but hes got some pretty awesome stuff and uh. He was helping me uh. Getting some of my quads uh recently got into um some el rs stuff and its uh. Well, it could be really easy or if you know fpv, it can also be fairly complicated. Hes got a pretty awesome service, well help you get set up so well talk about that as well. Hell be joining us. I believe its lunchtime over there for him so uh some fun stuff today that uh weve got in store for you and we will be back very soon: Music, Music, Music, so Music, so Music, all right were back and weve got darren here. Uh joining us uh backstage well get him on uh in a second chris, how we doing good good doing all right tonight uh. We got a lot of little mini drones to talk about tonight. Right we do lots of lots of mini drones and actually mini drones. Are uh darrens, specialty uh? He plays a different kind of mini drone, though so lets uh lets get him on the stream here.

Hes uh hes, coming up from the other side of the world arent you darren, yeah, thanks for having me jack and chris im coming from sydney, australia and even though i do have the windows dark and it is bright and sunny and a lovely spring day outside Its lunch time right, youre on your lunch break, yeah pretty much 11 30 uh morning tea heading into lunch, so fantastic, so um. I i ran into to darren, actually um setting up um one of these guys. This is a beta fpv, its a you know, an fpb drone, but um it uses elrs, which is a long range protocol, and anybody thats got into fpv knows that it can be super complicated. So i was, of course using my resources went on to youtube uh and i stumbled across one of his videos, which was nice and short and sweet, and i followed it im like yeah. This should be working and it wasnt. So i i um did i message you on facebook or something and uh is that. Is that how we, i think you dropped a comment. I think you dropped a comment and then i said message me on facebook and well sort it out yeah there we go so yeah, so i dropped a comment on his video um message through facebook and your website actually has a spot. Where uh i booked an appointment, uh to work virtually with darren, and he kind of we did some troubleshooting and uh um.

I also i also darren ive also been talking with beta fpv. This thing is soft brick, so i do have to uh, basically solder and short it and all sorts of fun that i havent had a chance to do before i can pair this so um you. You were right on with with your advice and uh. I appreciate it, but i think its awesome, because chris uh, what what are your thoughts on on setting up fpv drones yeah? I never broke through the uh, the barrier that was there uh. You know its got. I think the barriers come down in a lot of ways. I think jacks bumping into a new new barrier here and challenges with this new protocol, but um yeah. I kind of rely on jack for all things. Fpv he hands me stuff, so i can fly it for the most part, hes trying to train me, but um im, almost untrainable yeah, which, which is which is crazy, because chris is like, like a super nerd, so he he should be able to do this stuff. Hes an engineer in all sorts of uh technical background and uh, you know im just a yahoo that that uh hammers things until they start working but uh well darren anyway, thanks for thanks for joining us, so youre youre into the the smaller drones right, so youre. Everything, micro fpv, why? Why micros so in in australia? We have very similar laws to united states and canada around the 250 gram limit.

Now my challenge is as much as id love to be able to go out and fly five inch, quads and you know rip rip around the parks id live inside the five kilometer zone of bankstown airport, which is a metropolitan airport, and then, if i move outside Of that five kilometers im suddenly in the major international sydney airport catchment, so youre really restricted in terms of what you can and cant fly, and people in australia arent as accustomed to drones, as well so being able to just fly. Micros then gives me the ability to go out quietly as well so five inches when youre ripping around a park. They scream like a banshee and make a lot of noise, whereas the micros are a lot softer and quieter, and the other aspect is, you know, sometimes being able to just go to a really small park and get your fpv fix in of three to four packs. A day just makes that a lot easier than trying to go out and set up race gates – and you know, find bandos and you know sydney, property prices, arent necessarily so cheap. So finding a bando is what theyre called in the fpv community. You know an abandoned building to to fly around, they dont exist, so you know, flying micros tends to be a lot easier and a lower barrier to entry yeah for sure, and they theyre not going to trap your fingers off. No, no, they they dont um.

So, thankfully, all 10, all 10 digits and im, not one of the ones who have posted my little war stories on facebook, saying oh, my drone cut me its like. Well, if you use the prop, if you had the props on on the table, its kind of your fault – yes, yes, so um, but you you know what your your your service right, that you you provide, i think thats its its actually pretty freaking awesome, and i I think that i may send chris to you absolutely um, to try and try and figure some stuff out but um. You know i i booked up a time and it was you know, super simple uh really easy to do. Let me just see: if theres is there a link on your yeah theres, a link here ill just ill pull it up, so people can see um but yeah you can you can book a you know a 15 minute 30 minute appointment um to get some fpv Help so if you know for those of you that have been uh thinking about getting into fpv and youre like i just i want someone to help me through this um. You know that this dare does right, so thats it and its its pretty awesome right so and its not just the the the help and troubleshooting that that we did together jack its also the advice and being able to just have someone to to converse with.

I see a lot of people post on facebook groups that oh, is this a good drone to buy or what about buying this, and sometimes they just need someone to speak to to be able to cut through all the difficulties and go no. This is actually what you want to do and then be able to simply say well. Why would i do that as opposed to this and have a conversation with someone, so you dont make the same mistakes i did, which cost a lot of money to make, because i bought the wrong gear um or i did it the wrong way or i tried To build something and didnt necessarily have the right parts or the right recipe to build it correctly. Yeah, no thats! It is awesome. Um, im im throwing a link to your website here in the chat. So if people want to want to jump on, there actually ill throw a link to your uh youtube channel um as well um theyre, also in the um in the video description people. So if youre watching this later on, um youve got access to that stuff there. But um very cool, so i you know, i i think its awesome. I i think you you need to be charging like four to five times what youre actually charging, because because i think you could um but uh anyway, so we we steady, yeah, yeah sure you know you know well get some people over your channel, that that would Be fun uh.

I see dougs dougs here in the chat. Ive ive uh ive worked with doug a little bit. Uh did a little little face time and a little uh uh facebook, uh messaging, helping helping doug out and its just. Oh. You know i i remember struggling learning this stuff and it doesnt seem to make sense initially like. Why is this so hard? Why do i need an advanced degree to get my drone to fly, but you know once youve done it. You make some sense. I dont want to show these ill show the questions to you so um we cant prep them. I got a question i dont have whats uh. Do you have a an alter ego that you do in the you know when you open up those shades, you working from home whats, going on um, no, not really like. If i open up the shades, weve got bright and sunny outside so itll actually stuff. The thing, but no i i dont fly with an alter ego um. Yes, i do um thats what youre getting it sorry, i thought youre getting it like a pilot name or something thats going on yeah, yeah. Well, ive just finished the ironman series because were as the avengers series because were back in lockdown, so a little bit of a tony stark in a sense um uh for for a day to day job. I work in a real estate, uh tech industry, so theres a company called domain in in australia and they do uh effectively.

You know theyre a listings, business or uh or a direct or a sort of a you know where you list your property for sale, but theyve also got a technology business that helps real estate agents with all the different software that they need to run an agency. So i work in in that part of the business and effectively an account manager and and work with agents to make sure that they can use our software effectively. So you know bringing that same sort of troubleshooting help to fpv is kind of second nature: cool gotcha. Okay, cool, should we start hammering some questions. Chris yeah well, thats, all right, one, there all right, rapid fire, quick answer! Yeah, so you just got ta you got. You got ta, give us a quick answer. First thing that comes to mind: uh! Well, start you off easy uh! Well, chris, you wan na well alternate ill start. So where are you from sydney australia done uh? If you could only have one drone to fly, what would it be? Oh, the upcoming diatom roma ff35 um its about to be released. I pre ordered it and its i reckon itll be the one sub 250 quad that everyone should have. Okay cool wow well have well have to check that out all right. Most overrated drone, uh, dji, fpv, combo, sorry guys that was thats. Okay, that was that was uh thats, a common answer. Actually, when peter mckinnon, all western, have ever flown um right now.

Id have to give that to the hx115lr, the one that ive been troubleshooting, you with um yeah, thats thats by far the worst ive flown. So far, so if i, if i dont get it up in the air, its not the end of the world, is what youre saying no its? Not not the end well swap out well help you swap out the flight controller and put some decent motors on it and youll enjoy it. A lot more makes makes some sense all right, uh best camera, oh best, camera would have to be the the original dji fpv camera that came on the system. Uh you just cant beat that for functionality and quality, because it also transmits 1080 to a dji air unit, so being able to natively record 1080 on the sd card on the air unit and the quad is hands down the the best fpv camera you cant get That anymore, but um, that is certainly if you can get one second hand, buy them up, theyll, be like um, nfts and pokemon cards. Okay, do you have a favorite uh drone channel on youtube other than yours other than mine, um nick burns uh? He hes also into the micros and hes. A good guy. Very personable, responds to a lot of comments and covers a lot of stuff. So hed have to be my my favorite channel yeah outside of my own hes. Like the american version of you, he only flies small stuff too yeah id like to think im.

The more the australian version of nick um, so hes got hes, certainly got some big shoes to fill and hes a good guy as well. Okay, how about um one person to fly with who would it be um? Oh its meant to be rapid fire isnt. It um, mr steele, like just being able to be in the jedi masters presence. It would be amazing, yeah for sure, okay, okay, uh one place, youd love to fly if youve never flown. Oh man, to be honest, id love to power, loot, the sydney hubba bridge like that being able to just take off in the sydney, harbour and power it to sydney hubba bridge. That would be the one place id id love to fly and if i could ever get that chance, i certainly would and youve been. Is it uh some airspace issues there? Oh airspace legal everything, um theres, no chance of ever being able to do that. Well, if youre really quick, maybe in and out maybe yeah potentially record the dvr and just drop it and drop it in and go yeah as they say. Oh i found an sd card. Lets see a lot of that um yeah go for it. Uh drone feature. You cant live without all right. That certainly have to be the binding phrase from express lrs. So what that is, is you basically, when you flash the firmware its like you hard code, a wi fi code onto both your transmitter and your receiver, and then you can just pick up any controller that you have or any drone turn it on and they fly And you can even swap the trip swap between controllers, so you can land while still completely armed turn off your controller, switch it out and then arm and then take off like thats the my best favorite and my absolute favorite feature.

I i am excited to get that started thats one of those things and express all arrests that that im actually really looking forward to plus theres. Some really awesome. Small receivers. Great range like for micros its its uh, its changing uh, its changing the game for sure all right. We got one more question: dont wait: chris yeah yeah, one more uh, strangest or scariest or most embarrassing, drone flying experience, um id say the most embarrassing would be. When i first started flying um. I had a tiny hawk 2 on the ready to fly kit. So dont buy ready to fly kits by the way um and then i was being fancy trying to show yeah thats that little one there ive lost five of them. So i got up a bit too high with um a bad controller and and bad goggles and lost it, and then i was driving around the neighborhood trying to find it and just couldnt. So most embarrassing was um pretty much day, one losing it. Jack used to be infamous for that, i spent hours looking for drones that hes lost ive done that too yeah chris is super. Careful and im, like ah lets, do this and its it. You know like before. I was good or better than i am now anyway. You know i i lost a couple. We found most of yeah the drones yeah. I think i lost one out in the western suburbs where i didnt realize i was flying over it at the time, but i flew near an rc airfield and got blasted out of the sky and then crashed into the bush, and i couldnt its ive got a Video of me actually going into the bush to find another drone that ive lost, um and ive also deliberately lost one with air tags, but this one i i got into the thick of the bush and im its like im, going through the middle of the jungle And i got to my quad, but it was stuck so far in this train.

This scrub – i just couldnt, get to it so thats kind of sucky that i couldnt get it, but i was so close yeah. We we we spent hours searching for a 15 20 drone. Remember that little green thing actually actually chris lost that drone, but it was eachine, h8 or x8 or something you could fly it uh inverted like if it crashed it would take off invert. It was super cool uh, it had no, it had no camera um, but it was one of the first ones we spent so long. Looking for an item yeah, it was literally 15 or 20 bucks, but it was fun and uh. Chris put it in in a tree or a pond or we dont know we lost one yeah theres a question from mac in the comments its. Why shouldnt you buy an rtf, and this is one i rant on facebook about um. So to answer answer that question mark and anyone else is considering rtf cards is basically you spend the money you get goggles and you get a controller but theyre absolute horrible and, like i did and like everyone else, whos ever bought an rtf within one to two Months you go and upgrade it anyway. So then, all of this supposed value that you get from the upfront purchase is wasted because theres no resale value on those really bad controllers and goggles, so its better off to buy a decent controller, buy decent goggles thatll maintain their resale value yeah.

I i do think that there are some better rtfs these days, but but youre right, like the super common ones, like the tiny hawks, those those the the remotes themselves are garbage. Uh eachine made a bunch of novices uh, the one, the two maybe like those those remotes were like almost unusable the goggles. I think in the third version. The fourth version is actually you get a jumper uh s, t8 or t12, or something that one thats. Actually a decent remote, but but thats also like four the dji fpv drone. I i think its like 2 grand to buy it here in australia, oh and yeah, so 2 000 aussie dollars. I dont necessarily want to spend my money on that um i mean the contr like the thing is id only fly it a few times and the controller itself that comes with it is not usable on any other of the dji fpv system. So it only works with the drone, so the controller is kind of useless to me for any other purpose and the goggles i keep, but the drone yeah. I think it breaks too easy and the stuff that im trying to do where i you know like to rip around trees and stuff id probably go through my dji refresh pretty quickly yeah yeah, the youre right like i was actually really disappointed because i was excited About that controller, because i, like the small form factor right like its basically its this size but youre right, it only works with that which is super disappointing, but but darren.

If you, if you find someone that has that the fpv feed on that thing is unbelievable. Like it is just like dji air unit is awesome, but the the actual dji fpv quad, the feed on that is next level awesome, comparatively its its unbelievable yeah 100 and like thats, the one thing that id buy it for, but all the other cons of you Know id have one great flight before id, you know have to send it back for refresh yeah its its actually great for like long range, cruising and stuff, like that, its not its, not a great acro ripper, but um you can. I mean its got enough power that you can do some stuff. You can power loop and do a little bit of that, but its certainly its certainly very capable um. You know, i think one thing dji have done really well with. That is the whole guided learning process that you can go through before they allow you to get on acro. The only thing that you know you cant working at a software company. We um we come through this. All we go through this all the time you you cant just prepare for people going on and stuff the learning curve im going to just go in and do it myself and you know inevitably that ends up. But if i was, you know going to be flying about 10 to 15 ks. I know its got a, i think, its a 13 and a half kilometer hard limit on it due to the packet rate and stuff.

But if i was going to be flying those kind of distances id certainly and wanting to do cinematic stuff and get better video wholeheartedly, itd be itd, be one in the toolkit, but its just, not the type of stuff. I do yeah how about uh, how about uh sub 250 drones that look like this. You fly any of these things over um, no, not really um. My first drone actually was similar to that, but not as good. It was a cheap. They call it um zero x force its its absolutely rubbish by the way, and i broke it on day one and then i bought a tiny hook um. No, i think i think those are certainly good in terms of being able to just pop up get photos and get some video, and you know you look at a lot of the b roll stuff in vlogs that are done with the types of mavics and they Certainly have their their place um i find theyre more of a, and this is, i guess, a bit of a generalization on my part, theyre, more of a photographers um drone or a videographers drone, as opposed to someone who wants to. I guess have a you know: sort of an acrobatic type flying, oh for sure, yeah yeah that thats absolutely what what these are um. You know you cant, you cant fly it with goggles um. There is an fpv mode, but that just kind of changes.

The way the gimbal works right, this is this – is good for uh, its good for photography chris and i um. You know this thats, the dji mini se, which we just got the other day um you know, and if you are looking for something to do some aerial b, roll its you know its three hundred dollars in the states here. I dont know what what what it costs you, or even, if its available, probably about five when it does come out here, yeah but uh its you know for the money it like it is. It is going to put um a lot of these inexpensive companies on notice. I think, because you know theyre, you know 200 300 for for a drone would get you some okay, stuff and now dji is putting out stuff that you could. You know you could do real estate photography with one of these. Oh absolutely and and the thing is you get the dji quality right its? I mean the reason why dji does so well. Is that apple of the drone worlds – and you know you get a certain standard when you get something from dji, so i mean i can see your video that came up um 11 hours ago when i was asleep while i was up watching the spurs game, but Um and so ill certainly be checking that out a bit later, but yeah. You know i might end up getting one theyll, probably work out to be about 500 bucks, aussie um, given the currency conversion.

So, potentially i could try and get some of that in my b roll when i go and fly as well. Yeah theres, a cool question from yellow rose jones in the chat um. I have the dji fpv drone, but im scared to fly it in manual mode. I would be too what other drone could i buy to practice with in manual mode that might be compatible with the v2 goggles, and so i guess, to sort of work back on that question. Any of the fpv drones that have a cadx air unit or cadets vista nebula, pro nebula, polar or even um, the dji air unit, theyre all going to work with the version 2 of the fpv goggles, and so in terms of what you should actually fly before You fly manual mode is actually fly a sim, so go grab a jump. Tea, light, radio, master, tx, 12 radio, master, tx16s um plug it into your computer and let it fly this in theres. Some great uh simulators out there like velocity and liftoff and even drl theyll. Take you through that guided learning and you can crash a million times. You dont have to charge batteries, and then you know the cool thing about the dji goggles is theyve got uh an input, so you can actually connect an analog receiver and plug those into your goggles. So youve got the best of both worlds. So you can play your micros with analog, but also then, when you want to fly, you know three and a half inch up.

Um id probably recommend something like you know when you want to go out and youve flown in the cm youre playing. I walk for a little bit and like the whoops id recommend is something like a modular six seven mob seven. But then, when you want to go out id probably say get something like a gap: rc smart 35, even the the beta fpv uh. This is the x935, the three and a half inch drones, theyre small sub 250 and theyre compatible with your dji fpv goggles. So i give those a go yeah for sure um. You know i. I grabbed a couple of uh dji whoops that uh that i like flying, um and theyre nice because they have enough power. You can fly them on two 3s batteries and you can whip around. You know the the getting in a simulator is a hundred percent. The way to do it, so i actually, i made a video with um with my son um here uh, not not too long ago, uh, where he and i we – we flew in a sim 30 days – hes, never really flown acro and uh man. He he is better than chris right now: well, mute it, but um yeah. We we just kind of every day, 10 15 minutes flying in the sim um, and then you know i could kind of help them with the progression um. And then we went out to the field.

Like a month later uh, we actually started with a with a four inch quad analog yeah. He did okay, he crashed a bunch, um um and then we he put on the dji goggles and it was like all of a sudden. He could just really fly. You know just getting rid of the interference. Uh made things a whole lot easier for him. Um. It was it was, i dont want to say it was night and day but um. Just the clarity that you get with those dji goggles is is well. He probably has never seen an analog tv before um, just judging by the my guesstimate of his age and hes, um hes probably used to fly playing video games and you said high resolution so being able to just see clearly hes like yep straight in there yeah For for sure, that was uh. That was the thing but um yeah getting getting into the sim is is the best way to learn how to fly fpv uh chris chris did it for a little bit, but yeah you know, life is life is hard. It gets in the way its hard to dedicate video game uh time and then drone time and all that you know yeah just didnt dedicate i mean, but but yeah i mean i flew it for a couple days and definitely i mean, makes a huge, huge uh Difference, i was it took me just an hour before i was, you know not constantly crashing or just a few minutes, even uh you can sort it out a little bit.

So yeah same is good and yeah i mean the quick answer. Is sim, then something small because they dont 100 and and the batteries are cheap as well right. So you know a 1s a one to two s: whoop your batteries are five dollars flying something. Four inches batteries get up to ten to fifteen dollars, flying a six inch, a six inch, five inch youre looking at 20 to 25. You know a battery and then batteries are only lasting like five to eight minutes on on the bigger stuff. So you know youre. Looking at two to three hundred dollars worth of batteries, just to have, you know a good one to two hours of flight time, so yeah yeah yeah well for sure. Well, awesome! Well, thanks for coming, we we uh every other, show we uh. We do a thing called turtle time where we, where chris flies a whoop around the basement and people guess how long hes gon na fly before he crashes, and then we send send the winners. T shirts were not were not gon na. Do that uh. This show, but well do it next show um. This show were actually gon na give away a couple of drones. Um we have a holy stone, um hs140, its actually kind of a its kind of a crappy drone. They sent me. They sent me two of them. Um, one of them were going to blast out of the sky um and the other one im going to give away um.

We we were giving it away to uh to somebody that that commented on it here. Let me see i had to uh. I had to pull up a youtube comment: r f game server. I dont think theyre on the stream but ill ill reach out to them. Um. It looks like theyre gon na give it to their son, so thats cool right, its its a decent drone. For a kid and were gon na give the bug 16 pro, which was um, was my favorite beginner uh, photography drone until the dji mini showed up, but uh were gon na. Give that away to a patreon. Well, actually do that uh! Well! Do that in a minute chris dont? Let me forget about that, but we wan na were gon na talk about non fpv stuff um, mostly the uh, the dji mini se. Here so um i dont know: do you got to get you got to get back to work? Is it? Is it the lunch break over yeah the lunch breaks almost over so but appreciate you guys having me on and um ill hop into the comments after the live streams, finish to try and answer as many questions as i possibly can a bit later tonight. As well that arent fpv related yeah well awesome. Well, everybody uh check out darrens channel everything micro, fpv uh, through a link in the chat. There are links uh in the video description and if uh youre looking for fpv help uh, he knows what hes talking about uh.

He helped me um for sure so uh, you know jump on that. Uh good stuff, good channel, uh, good dude, definitely gon na youre gon na want to check that out so darren thanks for uh joining us today, thanks jack thanks grace and thank you very much to everyone on the live stream and happy flying and, as i always Say dont forget to send it all right. Thank you, sir. All right take care so so jack. I i just tested a battery. I do have a charged battery here. It says its 4.3 lets lets just do it. Well, just do it next! Well, do it next show and then we can give away uh well give away a drone. Two drones today in the next show well give away a drone and uh t shirt. What do you think sure sure we had? We had someone uh someone asking for turtle time up there. I dont know who that was uh, so i was like all right. Maybe we can do it, but yeah. If were gon na, we we dont need to yeah. Well, do well do it next time we got ta, you know we got ta, we got ta have a hook. We got ta, get people coming back right, jakes drone life is uh every everybody loves turtle time next thing next time. Next time, yeah next time, oh or uh, next next sunday, chris or the sunday after, what do you think uh next sunday well be in weve, got that family thing yeah were gon na be down south somewhere or on our way home, so um yeah well uh! Well, get it going next time.

Well, let you know when the next one is ill, get a little practice round in my basement got destroyed. There was like a kids party down here, theres boxes everywhere, its uh, its not good right now, yeah, i i do. I do want to talk a little bit about this dji mini sc. We we flew some drones. Yesterday, didnt we chris yeah. We did. We flew essie, the original mini mini 2 evo ii, and a couple of bugs what else some other um had the sjrc f7. But it wasnt the sjrc version, it was the it was the b wine version b, 1 um b wine, so um you know it. It was uh that ones only 450 dollars. You guys cant. Let me tell you thats, gon na, be an interesting video, uh jakes, saying why cant i buy it from the dji store hes talking about the mini sc little secret here um. I keep coughing, sorry guys so uh! If you, if you dont, remember, i i had an appendicitis, i was in the in the hospital for like uh a week right because it burst and thats. You know: thats really bad um. You know, and that took me like six seven weeks to recover and then i was fine for like four days and then i got walking pneumonia, so i still have this stinking cough going on. So i apologize for the coughing. I you know its thats. What thats thats, just you know whatever that is: where can you buy this drone and i have a feeling the answer is probably different.

Depending on where you live and what country you live in, specifically for sure it is but uh. Let me just show you something you can get it on amazon, but you cant search for it on amazon, so um you have to go to the dji store on amazon or you can just go to our website and click the link there, because i already did The work for you but yeah, you can see its listed here on amazon, but if you search for dji mini sc, nothing comes up um, but then uh lets see. Do i want this mavic mini, which is a hundred dollars more and its actually an inferior drone. Um i go to the dji store. I want a mavic drone, so theyre trying to dump what they have and theyre gon na roll it out right that theyll delay the availability, so people in different parts of the world have to keep buying the original mini or whatever there. It is right, but dont do that, go to our website. Half chrome mini 2 right. Why not? Why not support us? But if youre going to buy one of these things, we would love for you to use our affiliate link on amazon yeah. Give us a few bucks. You have a friend who needs one of these things, obviously yeah um, but heres. The other thing jack, im curious. Now that thing has five reviews. Jack lets just read the reviews. It has two star reviews on amazon.

What are people saying about this thing not delivered or something its its freaking awesome? Theyre, i mean just click on the five click there, yeah doesnt slice deli meat. I try to use this as an automatic meat slicer and in my mind, these fast spinning props would cut my turkey salami pepperoni and, most importantly, my ham go to the other one star review transmission signal: first, loss, video transmission, uh from the drone connected to the Controllers, which is around 30 feet in the air, live video feeds. It freezes not a pleasant experience as the next one. It was way too spicy. For me, it gave me indigestion. Okay, all right well, heres the thing with it right. In our opinion, the three cameras, unless you want to record in 4k, are pretty equivalent uh. We couldnt really tell much of a difference. Um the options available again other than 4k very similar identical. You might say in terms of i mean transmission range, is, is a big deal, so the mini two clearly somehow they fit the ocusync whatever you want to call it in there and the thing flies forever. Um versus the other two just fly better than any toy drone in terms of range and um, but not as good as the other dji products, so i mean its it. You know theres. That issue is, is range, you know the 4k and then just but it has the upgraded. As far as we can tell its the upgraded hardware of the mini 2 from the battery the escs, the motors, so it we didnt, we flew it on a we havent.

We havent found a windy day yet, but theres a huge difference between the mini 2 and the mini, and this seems to perform like the mini 2 in terms of flight controller handling, the wind etc. You know if you go back, i agree with chris and i looked if you look at the video that i put out this morning, the video of the mavic mini um, the original you can see it actually does drift a little bit more and maybe thats partially. My piloting, but i didnt have the the uh sc and the mini two. Neither one of them looked like that um, so it it it does. You know i i felt like it just flew a little bit better um. You know, and i dont i dont know. If it was like just me thinking uh, it was flying better, but uh yeah. I think i think it makes a difference. I feel like it flies more like uh, you know the other, bigger drones, um, a little less wimpy um. So thats i mean thats great. Its its cheap, i mean, i mean heres the thing at 300 299. It has uh, you know just destroyed the toy market group that was trying to inch up towards dji um. You know there is no drone unless youre going to sell something under 200.. Right i mean we jack just got sent a 450 drone. That is, it is absolute garbage when you think, like its 150 more and it is way less capable its way less reliable, uh.

The camera is not as good like theres. You know when you people, people will say: oh youre, a dji fanboy. No, i im not, but they make really good drones. They make a really good experience when you fly a drone i so this is the bugs 16 pro, and i i made a video saying this was the best beginner drone out there, and it was until a couple of days ago. You know its got a three axis: gimbal its you know, fairly reliable um, but its not as good the cameras not as good. We brought this thing and i it took. I couldnt get it off the ground. I was having gimbal issues im like chris. You deal with this im gon na try and get another grown up and drone up in the air. Eventually it flew, but yeah yeah. You have a knack for fpv. I have a knack for uh mediocre, um toy drone – category stuff, the i so i got it up there, but then there wasnt a lot of interference around and um. Hardly you know im immediately losing connection with these drones versus the mini sc. I mean you flew that all the way to the bridge right, you know like a half mile or something whatever that was yeah and we werent at 300 feet right. So its sure itll itll go what two and a half miles. No, no, it wont really go that far, but itll do better than than the range we got.

We werent doing a range test: no, no and and yeah the in general. If youre flying near where you are, if youre flying a drone, this big um, you know because we have some comments here, saying yeah, you know the the se. The original mini goes far enough and i would say in general for sure, if you want to be able to see where your drone is, you cannot fly that drone very far anyway, its tiny but um. We definitely do notice a difference. I mean break up. Break up here and there with what they call their enhanced wi, fi versus the hockey sync and but youre right i mean its good. It is 90 of the time good enough for sure um better than like the um. I dont know we dont have one to compare, but i remember the phantom 3 standard was was wi fi. Remember that jacket that thing uh. That thing would lose transmission. Sometimes you just go around a house on the wrong side of a house, or something and – and so i would say it is usable for sure, where the phantom 3 standard was uh highly questionable, yeah this. This is a. This is probably my favorite shot uh that we got um with the with the se and its its chris. This is chris flying um. I said i i bet you cant fly through that bridge. Can you hear? Oh you got the original video up here.

Huh yeah check that out well go its like hell yeah i can and fly through it. Im gon na fly backwards too. That would be cooler if that was fpv. Huh, oh well! This is the part that looks cool just started with this. This is a cool spot. We found this bridge thats uh, no longer open or operational, obviously, but uh, but yeah. So this i mean its a its a great deal, um its a its a perfect starting place for anybody that wants to get into that kind of drone flying and photography and videography, but its hard to find yeah its weird um, dji kind of rolling it out. A little slowly available at walmart, hiding on amazon here and there you go, you can get it on. You can get it from best buy uh, which i hate best buy. I hate them um, but uh someone asked uh zephyrs world. What do you all think about getting the mini two today? Should i wait? Should i wait until the mini three im? Not it depends what you want to do. I would say i mean if you um, if you want them, if you want it today, you should get it today because um you know who knows if if and when this mini threes come and its i mean there will be a mini, three im sure could Be a year or two away, but if you think you could get away with the sc and you can buy it um its definitely something to consider if youre looking at upgrading later, it could be a launching point to save you: 150 bucks, but yeah.

I wouldnt hesitate to buy the mini 2 today yeah. So what what would the mini 3? Even? Why would why? Would you want it like the mini three? Yes, i mean. Hopefully they creep a couple extra flight modes. Couple extra features in there, youre not gon na – need more range out of it. You know um more flight time or you know, can we get prop guards on there at 249 grams bingo, that that is where its going right so youre going to get a my guess: youll get a an upgraded camera and youre gon na get a the option For a smaller battery that you can put prop guards in keep it under 250 with the prop guards which will satisfy the faas requirement to fly over people – and i just took the european test a few weeks ago, because i was over in croatia flying so. I decided to do you know the right thing. Um got my learning on and over there 250 grams. I can fly over anybody. I want to as long as theyre, not in a crowd like basically like a concert. You know people shoulder shoulder. I can fly over people in europe with a mini and i dont need a registration number on the drone. I dont need any formal training at all, which is a little goofy, but the only thing you need over there is it has to have um. You know the geo warnings built in you know.

If youre going to fly out there and in most situations in the open category, you got to have a drone that that tells you you shouldnt, be flying somewhere, you shouldnt be flying so, but other than that you can fly over people. No prop guard requirement. At 900 grams and under, which is what i was flying with the air 2 mavic air, two yeah mavic air, two, not the air 2s um. You could fly over people that are in your group, basically involved people. They call them so anyway, kind of interesting. The way they handle flying over people in europe, i would say far more reasonable if a mini lands on my head, i dont really care. If the props hit me theyre not going to hurt its going to be that 200 gram weight giving me a minor minor bump on my head um, so its kind of kind of silly but yeah yeah a couple of things: uh dougs, dougs, uh uh, stick to Somebody just ordered a battery for his bug 16 pro now, but the bug 16 pro isnt a bad drone i dont want to. I dont want you guys to think that it is you have this drone. I actually still really like it um, but dji just makes a better product um, the the bugs 16 pro. I think that eventually it hits the 199 dollar mark, and that makes it that makes it reasonable right, its a good 200 drone, but you know its 240 250 now youre getting so close that that mini sc price.

You know i would just save an extra 50 bucks and buy that, but you know not not to say like that. The bug 16 is still a decent beginner drone right its just, you know, djis got. We got the quality going um some other questions here. Um one about, are you getting geofence warnings from your evo2 pro um? I do know that their new um, the last update, actually added a bunch of features to this drone. Now i i actually ive been flying it more recently. Um i havent. The answer is no, but i dont fly near uh geofence ones, but you can still, it will tell you hey if youre in a restricted area will tell you, but you still have the ability to fly in that that area theyre not taking it away from you, Like dji does um, that said, i still like flying the air 2s more um. We had a. We had a situation. I actually almost crashed the evo ii yesterday, just because it it it flies so differently than some of those other drones um that i really wasnt hit that tree. I wasnt i didnt hit it. I did not for the record. I didnt hit any trees but um, but it it behaved so differently than what i was expecting because im so used to flying the air 2s. But whatever it was. It was my fault. It was pilot error. I did not hit a tree um im, just chris im, just im going to give it back to you so um, so that i dont um yeah, im im retiring the evo 2 pro for my fleet, its coming its going back to you im, not im, not Going to fly it ill, take it.

Oh you like it, you like it anyway. Did you? Yes, i did. I did turn the sensors off because um oh yeah, it was i yes. I turned them off because i was flying through some trees and i wanted a it was. It was a cool shot, um and then i got passed out of the trees and then i wanted to swoop back in over um over the dam and i kind of it kind of yeah. You know whatever, but uh yeah um nfcs are coming to a hotel. Yeah yeah, i think they are so yeah i mean in in europe theyre gon na brick. Drones, uh well theyre, not gon na brick them, but they youre supposed to not be able to fly them unless they have those features um starting in 2023, or something which is kind of crazy right. Um that you know you could have a one or two thousand three thousand, depending what you have inspire or something right: dollar investment um that could get bricked, i mean unless they roll out uh those kinds of features. Of course, that is very possible to add a lot of that after the fact. But yeah i mean i flew in controlled airspace uh with the lank authorization in north carolina didnt get any kind of warnings there um so yeah i dont. I dont it wasnt there as of a couple months ago: yeah. No, it it actually it uh the update got past its a recent update.

I forget when but yeah they added a few things panoramas and some good stuff, but also the uh, the uh geo fencing lets uh lets give away that bug. 16. Pro, like i said, still a good drone and especially for free um. So uh, like i said, were given. I did the youtube random picker for the the holy stone so thats going to rf game server. I got to make a note to do that to email this guy um, but the bug 16 pro is is going to a patreon uh chris uh, sir. I need you to pick a number or x men last series, how many we got between, because my spreadsheet, between three and twenty at la thats that do you have a do. You have a siri device. I have a siri here. Yes, three and twenty between a number between three and twenty yeah one. I always wonder if siri is inclusive or not, you know, will she pick a three or a twenty or well be between well find out? Oh, maybe we never will hey siri uh. Give me a number between three and twenty a random number between three and twenty is eight. There you go three, twenty is eight, so our patreon is uh jeff w um go through there. It is yeah, so uh jeff w is, is page round number eight were gon na, send you the uh i dont know if hes watching, i dont think he is on the stream tonight, but were gon na, send the bugs 16 pro uh his way.

So thats cool, i dont, think hes hes won a drone, yet so thats uh yeah congrats congrats. It will be good for you or as a gift for a friend, either way yeah. He looks excited ah hes here. Ah there you go look at that jeff. How about that hes got it so so you gon na keep this one jeff or is it uh? Is it gon na be a gift? Well see oh hes, looking at it from the reviews, all right, cool, all right, very cool, congrats, jeff, um alexa is serious. Oh but jack, you had another little mini drone. Are you ready to talk about that or not yet? Oh yeah yeah yeah. I can um it look. We should put them up and see if people can tell the difference. Look at this this this showed up in the mail today, this mini drone wow is that is that an sc? Does anyone know what this is throw another comma? What am i? What am i holding here is that uh mini ii. Does it have forward obstacle avoidance um, its got uh, you know here its not its, not a femi, se uh. That is right here i got one of those but thats, not this, so the oh, no, no! No! We got to go back legs. First, look at that legs dont fall like dji. No, i was. I was right. The first time i just didnt go forward enough.

There we go yep. All right b. Wayne is the man. This is the bugs 19., but look at that. Its its pretty darn, similar in terms of size, its a little bit larger isnt it. Actually you weigh it yet. I have not ive got a scale, its gon na be 262 grams, oh by the way the sc whatd. You weigh it at 235 or something yeah 237. wheres, my skin. So it says 249 on the side, but its lighter. It says it says less than im. Gon na im gon na make chris big chris, you dude no im gon na back away. Why me big well because im im gon na grab my scale and well weigh it? Okay? Is it gon na be as good as the uh, the xeno demo, where they had like an out of calibration scale? We cant hear you anymore, so hes got to go digging around his basement for a scale. Now his basement is getting destroyed, hes refinishing, it builds another room next to it. What else am i going to talk about so anyway yeah? So we got to fly that 19. We havent flown that yet um, but something tells me its not going to hold up to the se um. You know unless its a dji or an autel drone, probably not going to do it all right. Jack looks like hes back with the scale moment of truth. Here you can weigh the essie and the bugs 19.

whats. He doing there im, adding him im trying to im trying to get back on there. You are any guesses, all right! Oh, how do i i cant show my scale because my camera is looking at me. You just have to believe me: 246., oh, it works hold on battery and it does have a battery so and and then they um save some weight by removing uh three different uh camera gimbals from that drone right. Yes, so we we dont, have we dont? Have a we dont have a gimbal might be a problem, so it doesnt even look up and down um. It will rotate up and down. But i dont know that i want to call that a gimbal do you. I dont know that itll stabilize up and down will it remotely look up and down yeah yeah. We have a question from jake uh yall order, the mini xeno mini pro. Did we um you cant? You can pre order it, but you cant order it um. I was told that i guess it is um. It is august all right, so they they were gon na, maybe start having them available to ship in august, but um i havent heard anything. I ill actually ill ill reach out to our contact and see whats going on with that. But i i dont think that uh today were having an issue with the chip shortage um coupled with them crashing uh the only working one into uh into the wall in their live stream.

So um yeah, you, you cant, get that yet, but yeah 246. uh. For this ones this is this is my favorite. This is the uh, the uh femi checking in at 260, which is just mind boggling uh, the mini sc, which i did this already uh 2′. It says mini original mini 250. I waited earlier today was 251 and mini 2, its going to be the same as the sc, because ive already done this, but 2′ so 3′.