No, i cannot lose this im gon na lose this wait. Can you wait? The drone is is flashed. I should not have missed that spray got surprised. I have no attachments on my gun, so i i got surprised by the recoil. Well, i do have a flashlight all right, hes in the other smoke im, just gon na im, just gon na push this to the limit right now. All right so hes down here were just messing around here. Hes healing yeah lets go okay, so you see im just practicing more. Oh man, i think some oh over here come on right. There whoop wait what happened thats, not where i was pointing all right right there, okay, marcus location, and i just have to shoot at that mark and hes gon na die, yeah yeah right there in the bush right there right in that bush on. My mark must retrieve her joan. Oh, he shut it down. Oh hes, probably still hiding in that bush. My drone got shot lets see if hes still hiding there im just gon na go all in on this assumption. He was still on my mark. Ive got ta, wait for him to move and then ill stand up and shoot him. I guess i could try to nate him sure in that case ill just perfectly mark his location, alright Laughter, oh my god, Music Laughter, easy, okay, perfect! Thank you! Drone! You got my back Music, Music, so Music, Music, hey.

I thought it was to the right Music whats going on. We let him live a little bit longer than uh. I i figured it would be stupid to die there, but because you guys will be like the karma wagging karma, so i had to kill him hes your fault. Is it actually your fault hes dead right now, not mine, think about it. How can you live with that? How can you sleep at night um? This is extremely dangerous. I dont know where this guy is hes sitting still somewhere gon na peek me and kill me, maybe here he was sitting still in that corner. So if i, if i run close to that, he can just peek me here bam dead. I think that might have happened. Oh wait, hello! Im talking in the game, hello, whos up there attention! This is a message from supreme leader wacky, jackie 101. Do you have twitch prime uh, can you hear me hello, hey, hey, dont, be afraid. Where are you so uh heres, the thing um? Do you have that amazon, prime twitch prime you can subscribe to the twitch channel? Do you have that i dont have. Do you uh, do you have a youtube account yeah, do you mind going to wackyjackie101 on youtube and subscribing? Oh wait: wait uh hows the name wacky jackie one, zero one did you can, are you finding me yeah yeah make pubg videos and stuff. So if you do, you want to subscribe.

Yeah, hey thanks man. Well, i think i think um. I owe you something then so in in we were not allowed to team. So im thinking i just i just leave okay and then we might meet each other later. Okay um, like can you write my um and add me to friends or we can play or something like that uh? Well, i only play solo really so yeah, oh okay, thats, okay, yeah um, but yeah have a great day. Man, uh whats, your name. Oh! Thank you, uh giuliana, giuliano. Well, good luck! Juliano! Oh julian lets, lets hope we meet later. Uh were gon na shoot each other next, okay, yeah have a one, have a good one. Bye bye thanks for the sub nice one more subscriber in the back. Yeah were gon na fight later im gon na fight later we kind of negotiated uh here, uh hes subscribed to my channel. I dont kill him well. Is he following me? Well, i am going to kill him. If he follows me, we are not allowed to team in this game. Wait why? Why do you have to do that? Oh well, at least i got a subscriber thats nice man. I wish i had a drone right now. Thatll be fun all right, uh, i dont know: okay, im, not sure this guy hurt me cause. It is a suppressed ump. Of course, Applause. Applause, oh thats, his mountain bike, Applause, the amount of energy you spend just trying to see people is so high compared to what you need on other maps, exhausting okay, at least now.

We know where he is: okay did not did not uh and i actually uh feel prepared for that, but we got him. I found the strap these. I dont have a smoke gun anyway and get the grenade theres a drone. I have room for a drone thats. Just a bug now i have a drone. I should have had the entire game. Look at that we got 11 left and ive only been using. The ump lets have a look outside well just uh c4. Oh got a guy here right there, oh wow whats, going on over here its a huge fight, a guy in there, and we got a sniper over here. Okay, these guys have to move no, they dont they dont have to move so never mind. Now you cannot put the c4 on the drone im just chilling right now. Obviously we dont have to fly this drone around like this, but its kind of fun whered. This guy go okay, some people over here and guy over here first is this: guy is a guy crossing the water right now right, just checking for footsteps near me. Oh right, here, peekaboo! Oh a guy here whered! He go oh right here. Damn it! Oh im out of position right now. I spent a little too much time on this guy. Okay, im, not gon na try to win im gon na im, just gon na try to exploit the drone as hard as i can.

Okay, im just going to try to push this to the limit of what is possible with the drone as much drone cheese as i can. Okay, so im in that bush, okay, see whats going on here. I dont see that guy um, okay guy here right there. Okay, thats one of them and the other one is like down here ish, so we can definitely move. At least we should be able to move safely just a little bit. All right lets uh lets see again uh this guy, okay hes. Now that rock and the other guy is in the compound. So if i go around here, okay, i cant get shot from the compound right now. Okay, this is a major risk.