We are hey everyone and welcome to another interesting episode of ask a drone. You thanks again for joining us thanks for reviews and thank you to everyone who continues to support drone you through uh, through membership. We greatly appreciate it and we hope all of you are checking out those new classes that have been posted, theres, uh, theres, a lot that said uh. As always, my name is paul. Yes, and as always, my name is rob, maybe well change for a day at some point, so we cant say that, but very glad to be here and very appreciative of you being here. Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day with us. Looking forward to hanging out definitely look forward to answering an important question today about understanding the battery test. Todays show is brought to you by our props program. Many of you at droneu know that the reason so many drone pilots choose drone. U is not just because we can help you get your 107, but we have the most ways that you can turn your toy into a tool and create profitable revenue streams for your business. Well, if you want to fast track that you want a more organized and well chronological training to support either your drone business or to scale your drone business youve got to check out our props program. Our props program was built for teams for pilots and for programs not only that, but it was also built for drone manufacturers to help them scale their training and an online platform as well.

I recommend that you check out the props program. The pricing and everything is very different, because this is supposed to be the fastest scalable means of getting you where you need to be to lower that learning curve and provide you, the best information possible to be able to fly in numerous environments and do so effectively. Without crashing check it out, props.thedroneu.com or you can go to propsflightschool.com hi, my name is chris jerry jamressa part of a star unit. Dive rescue77.org is our address, just completed the star course and in it you discuss the battery load voltage test in your preflight check. How is the voltage determined or acceptable and unacceptable for the battery im asking? Because we operate several different types of drones and wed like to implement that as our all right, uh great question and great purpose behind the question its funny? Because my buddy greg, who you met, we had pizza together and you guys talked batteries and doggy, finders and so forth. We were talking about it this morning, after our run and uh the types of batteries hes trying to work with, and we talked about lipos. We talked about voltage and just as its bad, very interesting battery talk, so it kind of pours right into this, but um. I know this is really important, because a lot of people still use the percentages or the bars or whatever and thats just not going to be totally accurate all the time, no, no, no, its, not its kind of uh.

You know, as we have talked about on an you know, on an airplane. We have numerous ways of being able to tell how much fuel is really available like having a real gauge, not just a calculation, for how many miles are left to be flown and youre right rob i mean when it comes to really understanding if youre gon na Have a safe and healthy flight is by conducting the battery test every single time that you fly right and the reason that we do this is because over time our batteries start to fail. I mean they only last so long and depending on how you care for them is also going to be dependent on the endurance of the battery overall, now theres good news for our caller, and thank you again for sending in that question. We do greatly appreciate it. If you have a question go to askdroneyou.com, but when it comes to batteries, the good news is, most of them are actually pretty much uh built in the same manner and weve talked about in the way way way back beginnings of ask drone: u um! How uh battery uh, essentially the formula for how batteries are built? You know often times we hear oh its a 4s battery, oh its a 6s battery. Well thats, not always the full picture. Is it a 4s 1p? Is it a 4s2p? And essentially that means whether the cells are built in parallel or in serial typically 4s means 4 cells in serial.

Now, until some new battery technology comes out, the rule of thumb is pretty much the same, and the only batteries that i can think of that have a slightly different battery. Chemistry is the unique batteries which use that lie high style battery, which is just a little higher level of voltage, but outside of that pretty much every single battery is built in the same similar framework, i think, is the the right way to say it, and you Know when were doing that battery test, we are essentially ramming the elevation so that we maintain that that full amperage draw off the battery to better understand the true health of that battery and so, for example, in the battery test. And you would learn this. If you came to flight mastery or if you checked out our operations course, which is also in the props program, where we talk about how youve got to ram that elevation and if the voltage drops below 3.9 volts per cell, the typically the battery is, at its End of life, meaning youre, going to get 10 20 more cycles out of a battery. Does it matter in that test? If the battery is fully charged yeah it has yeah it has. This is fully charged. This is under the assumption that every single time they take off, they are taking off with a fully charged battery. We do not recommend taking off with a depleted battery whatsoever, as the propensity for problems can go up substantially, so got it now.

That said, whether youre flying uh, one of these fpv batteries or whether you are flying an inspire 2, whether youre flying an m 300, whether youre flying well, skydio doesnt, even show you the battery voltage, which, in my opinion, is a safety hazard but uh autel same Thing you can go and click the battery and you can see the individual cell voltage, and so when we talk about 3.6 volts, it should work for every single battery. So i talked about when you do the battery test, if youre below three nine then youre at the end of the life of the battery right. But if you rip below 3.6 volts that actually means that the battery is bad. You will not have a safe flight and i even remember when we were training an nypd officer. He had just bought three brand new aftermarket batteries and literally all of them failed because they had been sitting on the shelves too long, and so he successfully avoided a catastrophic accident by conducting that battery test right, so whether its a fpv battery um. As long as you are looking at individual voltage by cell and it doesnt drop below 3.6, you should have a safe flight. Now there are drones, like the m600 that give you essentially a uh, an aggregate number of voltage, meaning all the cells of all the batteries. Put together, i think it shows you like uh, i cant remember its like 25 volts, 27 volts and pretty much.

You are still using 3.6 as your formulaic system. So if you divide the number by how many batteries there are six, you should get an individual uh cell voltage. Now again it doesnt matter what type of battery it is. The lie. High batteries uh typically are a little higher voltage and even still that 3.6 number works. Although you should be even more careful at 3.6 volts, it really works across all batteries. Rob i mean its really not uh its not too difficult its just about understanding the calculation that is shown on screen right and so sometimes again, youre seeing all those batteries added up in voltage, and you see uh that aggregation rather than the per cell voltage. But it is so critical uh. You know we were doing a training for our public safety props program and talking about how on the mavic 2 enterprise dual, you cant see voltage on main screen either, but we teach them to have battery voltage on the c2 button. So essentially, as you take off right, public safety has to do really fast, take off and landings and essentially the one thing they should always do. No matter what is the battery test, but you can pop c2 up and then you see all the cells in the battery and you can see if anyone drops below 3.6 its time to fly home yeah. So i was going to ask you about that because if were talking about four cells, for example, you do have to pay attention to each one of the cells and it only takes one being bad thats correct to be a problem, so it really seems like when They add them all together, thats a problem in terms of really evaluating what your batteries are doing or what your batterys doing.

Yes, no a hundred percent, and i mean, if you remember too back in the day of the phantom 3, it was a 3s battery and it would just show you the overall voltage as well, but once that got down to 10.8 volts, you knew it was time To fly home, but you also knew, if you ripped 10.8 volts on a battery test, you got to bring the drone down immediately because its a bad battery, so right yeah, i mean thats, essentially 100 correct, rob, yeah and so most well. I dont know if i can say most uh. You just alluded to one that does not allow you to put the voltage on the main screen, but would you say most dji does most autel does um? Well, i would say most the consumer drones actually now do not like the all. The new mavic airs air 2s air 2 um yeah a lot of them dont, and i think that this is a crucial safety issue, and so i mean skydio even really confuses drone. Pilots, even more because normally the way that these battery percentages have always been built is that when your battery depletes to around 30 percent, you know your battery isnt gon na go all the way to zero and you can just magically fly home and everything is going To be okay, typically, these batteries cannot be depleted below, say 15 or 20 percent, which is why the battery safety warnings are set to come on at 30.

So that way, you have time to fly home right. So a lot of these new drones actually do not have the capability to see voltage on main screen and frankly, this is the ultimate indicator for a safe flight, its something that i think should be built in all drones, but it also means that uh, you know, Dji has had its tactics in getting people to buy more drones. I think this is just one more way to kind of muddy the waters so that way someone may or may not have a crash to buy a new aircraft. You know really i mean i wouldnt be surprised at all. I mean, if you think, about the language in the financial community. Not everyone can just turn on cnbc and understand whats going on right. There is a vernacular for finance which, in all honesty they could use regular terms, but its kind of like this all im in finance – and i know what im talking about and if you dont you shouldnt, be here well and every industry has that uh. Yes, it does doesnt mean its right, um, so um. That said, in an effort to try to you, know um in an effort to try to be fully transparent and honest with everyone that battery voltage is the only way to know if you are going to have a safe flight and especially as people buy a drone. They put on the shelf for a while its the only way that youre really going to be able to know, and you know, if you dont know the language you dont know how to do a battery test.

The chances of you having a catastrophic failure are high and the chances of you buying another drone are rather high as well. Although i will say, weve met some students who have had catastrophic failures and its scared them away from buying new drones. So is it a useful strategy and tactic uh thats all for debate? Indeed, as is whether or not it is a strategy agreed as well yeah who knows its fairly sinister, but actually nowadays it wouldnt. Surprise me: it would not surprise me but anyways. Hopefully that answers your question. Carceri did, i say your name right, its a very cool name, um unusual for sure, but uh. I i believe, weve answered your question. If not, please follow up wed love to dig in a little bit more. If there are more questions we can answer definitely and for all of you drone you members out there dont forget to check out some of the new classes that have gone up uh. You know that operations class was just updated. Weve got a bunch of new dont crash courses that are up as well and right now were working on the mavic 2 enterprise. Dual advanced dcc um. But look if you are ready to just streamline this process of turning your toy into a tool but a more effective tool, a scalable tool to allow you to build multiple streams of revenue that are scalable to build a lifelong business. You definitely want to check out that props program, because we took years to develop that to really empower not only pilots but teams and programs to make it much easier to really scale up a drone team and scale up drone pilots to give them exactly what they Need to know and nothing else, but also be able to face problems in numerous environments, because you know rob one of the things i i ive really never seen in other aspects of training before is talking about uh temperature dew point deviation and how that can affect Your flight – and so you know, with thousands of ways to crash it, seems like a no brainer to try to learn as many as possible so that you, the pilot, can gain that confidence to go out to any drone job and not be worried, not be.

Thinking about what, if im gon na, do this, what if i do that and we talk about you – know the ideology of pilots, and i think that thats, something that we really pride ourselves on, and you know a lot of people out there have these these faa Titles, but at the end of the day, if you dont have the experience in flying, you simply dont know, and it shows – and i mean i want to give people that knowledge – that information thats. Why every instructor here at drone? U is teaching from experience, because that is the only way we can give you the best information possible to avoid catastrophic failures, so uh on that yeah. On that note, uh thats gon na do it for us today. Thank you again for sending in the question. If you have one ask droneyou.com, also we have a new show coming out. I just wan na. Let everyone know last little tidbit. It is uh, well im not going to drop the name just yet because it hasnt been published, but uh weve got a great way for everyone to stay on top of their 107 stuff and it will be coming out soon so make sure you stay tuned. For that, thank you again. Everyone. My name is paul im rob this is ask drone.