I mean not like see you in a second so here’s this photo. I got this for christmas from my friend isaac um. This channel is um zap, one dude five so make sure to check out his channel. He does some gaming and um yeah. He has some posts in a little bit but make sure you subscribe to him so um. So when you get this um it’s a hoverball that’s, what i think i forgot what it’s called but yeah, i think it’s a hoverboard. So there is so you get this cord. It has a usb end in it. So make sure you have a usb um block charger charger for for the wall. So when you plug this in so you put it in here so it’s right by the on switch. So right there you plug it in um, do not use this outside. This is an indoor toy only even though it looks like it’s an outdoor toy it’s. Only indoor you don’t want to lose your drone, so just use it in a house um make sure you have no breakables near around it or anything and um i’ll kind of recommend some like safe safety, grasses um, something to cover your hair, so it doesn’t get Tangled in your hair, like any type of protection, because it could hurt your hand so yeah and when you get more and more like like gets easier to control use, then you can start taking off your gear.

So now i’m going to be doing some action so make sure when you turn it on you keep it level like this in your with your and hold it with your fingers like this turn on it like that. So just let it turn on like that then you’re going to sleep a bit, so this has a center underneath it like here. This is defensive, doesn’t sense there, but once you get under this sensor here so make sure that’s always clean. When you turn this thing on, so you have a good one and it won’t just always be on full power, because this has two modes see when i want to center something underneath it goes faster. It sends the table there so there’s little weights up here. If i turn this off there’s weights here, these balance it so if they do goes like this, they’ll go full, be prepared to move out away and let it turn off, because whenever it taps something on the sensor, it turns off. When the sensor feels something it will turn off and automatically stop spinning, the lights will still be on that’s, okay, it’s, not broken. You can turn off, then turn it back on and go back at. It then make sure that this is always level when you, when it’s well, not when it’s on, but when it’s on make sure. If you tilt down like this, you can see it. So you can see if it’s level or not so make sure.

Both of these things are level. With my experience, um yesterday, um um, i was just flying around sometimes to hit the ceiling. I tried to try to tax that so yeah be careful that’s. Why i’m, using this area here this quite big area of only breakables up there, but it’s not going to go up there? These? This is fine because i’m in the middle of the room, whenever it goes sidetrack, you can grab it grab it by the side. So when it’s coming down, you can grab how i’m holding it and it won’t go back up because it doesn’t sense things under that sensor there. So i just grab it hit it back in the middle of the room, sometimes for fun. I wet it um. Just for fun, just let it go see touch the sensor turned off that’s fine! You just turn it off turn it back on, but, as you just saw, if it so when it goes down to the ground senses the ground goes back up. But if it’s fully charged, it will go back up and back down, but this has a little draw out of it already, because i already used it before making this video. So yeah goes back down. Centers the ground goes back up so yeah it doesn’t do, but it does hurt if it hits your hand not that much it’s not like gon na draw blood or something like that, but it’s, not gon na hurt you it’s, just gon na lose probably well, not Even blues, i already hit my hand like there right here.