. I want to do a state of the hobby. Address lets talk about the hobby, whats happening to it and where is it going in 2022, because in recent years we have seen some dramatic changes to the hobby as we have known it, and not all of them are for good and im talking about rules and Regulations, of course, because things are getting tougher and tougher, there are age limits being put on the hobby, for example, if youre in the usa, you have to be 13 years old to register you cant register, if youre under 13.. So if youre a uh a 12 year old kid that saved your pocket money to buy a 251 gram model airplane and mum and dad maybe you dont – have a dead. Maybe youve got a mum and moms not interested or she doesnt have a credit card and theres no other adult there to help you im sorry youre out of bounds. You cant fly your plane. The hobby is out of bounds and thats, unreasonable, thats, unreasonable in australia. 16 years old, if youre under 16, you really could have an adult involved as well, which is crazy, because when i was a kid i got involved in this hobby when i was seven or eight years old, and i did most things on my own. My parents werent interested in helping me they were all too busy. They were busy doing other things. So if id been reliant on them, i would never have enjoyed the hobby ive, never gotten into the hobby, and you might think.

Well, you know 13 16. Who cares? Well, i think we know that once you hit puberty model aircraft tend to get put on the back burner, girls or boys, whichever your uh preferences, they become far more important. So, unless you capture children, when theyre young, when theyre in that you know seven eight nine year old age group and get the passion for model aviation in them, then they may never get it. They may choose something else and thats going to be a a huge loss to the model community and to the aviation community. The manned aviation community, because manned aviation gets its new talent, many of them from the hobby pool. They know that the group of keen and avid modelers who have have got involved at a young age and then after theyve settled down and got back into the hobby and built model aircraft. Those people are learning because they enjoy its not like going to school or university, just to learn a subject so that you can get a degree and get a job. When you learn something because its your passion, you learn far more quickly, far more easily and far more effectively, i think so. We by locking children out of the hobby, we are doing everybody at a service and, of course, were told. Oh, this has to be done. This has to be done, and the regulators have popped up. Two main reasons why we need all this extra regulation.

We need registration, we need remote id. The two things are safety and security. So in this video im going to examine both of those claims and see how much truth there is and whats being offered to us in terms of explanations lets, look at safety first were told that drones and model aircraft pose a danger to people a threat to People human lives, aircraft manned aviation, but that doesnt tally with the data and lets look at recreational multi, rotor drone use, for example. Well, these have been a thing for over 10 years and there has not been one death attributed to the recreational use of multi rotor drones. So how are we going to reduce that figure? Do we need to reduce that figure now? We all know that that we cant eliminate risk. We can only manage risk and thats what the job of a good regulator has to do: thats their job thats, their role to manage risk to an acceptable limit. And if we can accept in the usa, 30 000 deaths a year on the road as an acceptable level – and you know hundreds of people dying in recreational aviation incidents every year is an acceptable level. Then why isnt zero an acceptable level for drone use? It makes no sense to me and obviously, vehicle deaths and manned aviation deaths are acceptable or thered, be a lot more effort going into regulating and controlling and restricting those activities to reduce the death toll.

But it does not so they are acknowledging by not doing anything. Governments are saying yeah, these are acceptable levels. We were not happy about it, but well live with them, because that level of risk is acceptable. Yet we have no deaths as a result of the recreational use of multirotor drones and thats not acceptable, because they keep winding up the screws, tightening the screws, reducing our freedoms, removing our freedoms and restricting what we can do. So the safety thing doesnt really ring. True. The evidence, the the undeniable evidence is that this is the safest branch of aviation there has ever been, and it will always be the safest branch of aviation. If you dont, hoist someones little backside up into the air youre a lot safer and even when it comes to endangering manned aviation, we were told for ages that if a drone hits a helicopter, the helicopter will crash and people will die and theres been only a Few evidenced instances where helicopters have hit drones. In two cases it was police drones, but recreational drones hitting manned aircraft have produced no injuries, no deaths, no major property damage that weve been lied to about the severity of the risk involved. The risk is very small and the the time has proven this to be the case. So when the regulators come to us and say you must have remote id because safety or you must register because safety and you we must restrict the age limit to 13 or 16, because safety, i dont, believe them.

I dont think you should either, for example, how many 13 year old or how many sub 13 year old children have been involved in any of the things that they say. Drones are doing that are bad, like delivering drugs to prison, which may have happened on occasion or flying near airports and endangering air traffic. I dont see a bunch of under 13 year olds doing that, so why are they banned from the hobby unless theyve got an adult whos willing to use their credit card and to basically register on their behalf? Why it makes no sense. It is just now that second reason is security. Apparently, drones are a big threat to security and one of the reasons being that a bad actor could fly a drone in an area where theyre not supposed to and gets access to some sensitive information by the cameras. Looking down at a maybe a military base or a power plant or some other important piece of infrastructure – and i dont believe this either – i dont believe it for a number of reasons. First of all, every bad state that might pose a threat to the usa or the uk or australia has spy satellites. They already have spy satellites. Have you seen the quality of images you can get from a spy satellite? Well, here are a few here. Look at this, this is taken from a spy satellite thats as good, if not better than you would get from a drone flying in the same area.

So why would people? Why would bad actors or bad states? Why would they go to all the risks of actually flying a drone when they can get all the pictures they want without the the country, even knowing about it from the safety of space? It doesnt make any sense to me and even in you might think what about the small states like north korea, it may not have suitably capable spy satellites. Well guess what cameras cameras. Now i use a cheap sixteen hundred dollar consumer camcorder, and this is what my camcorder will do. If i want it to look how far i can zoom – and this is only 24 times zoom, but look how far i can zoom in on this aircraft. That is amazing and mine is, at the bottom end for less money. You can get cameras that will zoom in 75 times its three times as many times as my camcorder or you can go to any again another cheapish camera, which will give you 125 times zoom. So you can be standing miles away miles away from a sensitive piece of infrastructure and you can film it and you risk nothing because its not like its a drone that can be detected no youre too far away to be detected. Nobody knows youre filming it. So this claim that all these drones are going to spy on sensitive infrastructure. Absolute. Why, if that is the case, are not cameras with the zoom of more than say five times.

Why do they not require registration? Why do they not require remote id so that the the security forces know when theyre, entering or even within five miles of a of a important piece of infrastructure? If it is about security? That would be youd think that would be the thing that they would do, but they dont. I dont know why. That is also thinking of security. You know remember: a drone was found in the grounds of the white house some time ago and all there was all sorts of kerfuffle about that and all things had to change – and this is one of the justifications given for having to have registration on drones that We can track these people down and tougher rules and regulations. Well, in 2015, a gentleman by the name of doug hughes landed his ultralight, auto gyro on the lawns, the lawn of the white house. He wanted to deliver a couple of bags of mail to the politicians, so he landed his auto gyro on the lawn of the white house. So why is it then that, after a tiny drone is found having blown away and landed in the white house, we get all this registration tests remote id imposed upon our community? Yet the ultralight community can still fly without registration without having to set any exams without remote id or even a radio, but weve got two exactly the same situations, but in our case we have to endure massive amounts of over regulation.

The ultralight community are still out there doing whatever they want virtually unregulated, so this doesnt make sense either theres no consistency in this and again i claim therefore that were talking there is no security implication from our drones, and even so, how has a small foam model Might be flown by a 12 year old kid in a park? How is that a threat to security? How was i flew models in school grounds? When i was a kid, i didnt pose a threat to security. We dont see 12 year old, 12 year old, north korean agents, flying foam models of piper cubs to get pictures of a nuclear power plant. Do we this whole thing is a fabrication on the part of governments directing regulators to make these crazy crazy rules. Youve got to wonder why. Well, i think we know why this is now its often not the regulators that make these rules. It is governments, its politicians that make these rules. For example, in the usa, the faa didnt just wake up one day and say: oh lets introduce remote id. What a good idea thatd be. No, they were directed to do this by congress. They were directed by the politicians to do this. They said you must implement remote id and, for example, here in new zealand we were the local regulator mulled over the concept of registration for drones and they decided no. There was no value to it. There was, it was going to be too expensive and theres.

No real benefit to it. Thats smart people at cia – some of them were quite smart. They said no, not worth it. So what happened? The new zealand government said we want registration were going to give this to another agency to make the rules cia youll just be enforcing them, but youre not going to make the rules were going to give it to a different agency that we have more control over, Because its the politicians driving these rules, this regulatory overage, and why would they do that? Why would politicians have even care that a 13 year old kid flies a phone model in the park? Well, the reality is that the politicians – and this is my honest opinion – i believe the politicians are getting a lot of backhanders from a dr from the drone industry, an industry that is flush with venture capital. So many companies have gone out and said were going to deliver. Drones were going to deliver pizzas and coffee and defibrillators and medical supplies by drone, but we need this airspace clear. So we can do that and theyve said to the politicians, make it happen and by the way, would you like to have a holiday in in hawaii on us. This is the way things goes, this real world. This does happen its been proven to happen before and i honestly believe its still happening now in respect to drones. So when youve got politicians who are really looking out for themselves rather than anyone else, they take the money and then they make the rules to suit the people who pay them, and this is whats going on so its dishonest and its corrupt and as a community.

We are suffering because largely weve just stood around and said. Okay, we were not cohesive, were not unified, were we dont? Really care were too laid back, were a bunch of sissies were a giant bunch of sissies and this year its going to change? This is why im making this video, because im laying out the path to what i plan to do this year, i plan to get some of these rules thrown out thrown out because in the court of public opinion they dont hold any water like, as ive just Explained now that the rationale for these re, these overreaching rules have no basis in fact, im going to prove it im going to prove it over and over again were going to embarrass the politicians and make them explain. No good chasing the regulators down theyre only doing what theyre told by politicians its time to take the battle to the politicians. The people whove actually made the decision based on fattening their own wallet. I honestly believe so we will embarrass them in the court of public opinion. We also need to educate the public. Let them know that they have also been deceived by politicians and media and others that these drones are so dangerous, so dangerous yeah and they they dont understand they dont understand. So i have some plans afoot and ill be telling you what those are in the upcoming weeks, but i wanted to let you know that, as you can see, this is an unacceptable state of affairs were borrowing children from the hobby.

We are unreasonably vilifying the hobby when it is one of the safest activities on the planet, and we are unreasonably making um claims that the hobby is a breached is a threat to national security when its no more of a threat to national security than camera. Phones, camcorders dslr, cameras, spy satellites. All those things are doing a much better job at what they claim our drones will do and if its down to delivering drugs to prisons, well, prison guards are a much better vector for delivering drugs than drones, and the evidence again has proven that drugs in prisons And other contraband are many, many times more likely to be delivered by a member of the prison staff than by a drone there. You go anyway so go to the comments. Now. Am i on the right track? Are you going to support me in doing this because i will need some support? I cant do it all on my own, i will be taking the initiative, but id like some backup from people. So go down there to the comments and tell me what you think and if youve got ideas about the best way to do. This, then tell me too, but on my watch were not barring children from this hobby im not having it. I just am not having it. This hobby has given me a great deal over the decades and id like it to give a great deal to other future generations to come, but the way were here its not going to happen its just not going to happen anyway.

Thanks for watching, thanks to my patreon supporters, you are pivotal on this. I could not do any of this without your support, and so you guys are saving the hobby. I hope anyway, thats it videos to edit get on with the fun stuff thats. What youre here for dont want to watch this boring talking here, never mind: okay, thanks for watching guys, bye. For now over regulation is like a tumor, its killing a hobby.