First of all, there was a tweet from the civil aviation authority in the uk on twitter. It was on the when was it 20 hours ago, whenever that was i dont know, it was recent, just just the other day yesterday, something like that, and they said. If you have been lucky enough to receive a drone for christmas this year, then please fly safely and remember to register and get a flyer id now here in new zealand i invited civil aviation new zealand to come online with me. Do a stream do a live thing and tell people what they should be doing with the new drones they may get for christmas, how to fly responsibly? What some of the key aspects of the rules are and cia new zealand declined? They said we we have nobody available. This is unusual because in previous years they have gone all out, theyve, put ads all over television and social media, saying you know giving people um an insight into the rules and saying be safe and you know be careful. This year nothing deathly silence from new zealands civil aviation authority, and i think that speaks to the fact that theyre probably becoming aware that well, actually, drones are not the risk to person and property that theyve been portrayed to be for many many years in the past. Nothing has been damaged, nobody has been killed, maybe its time to say. Well, okay were looking a bit silly here by claiming all this risk and danger and jeopardy so well, just take a step.

Back. Weve got more important things to focus on, perhaps cia new zealand. I think thats a very, very good perspective to have because the new head of cia one of those first announcements, was that they would be focusing on the real key issues around safety, not on the technical issues, and i think all this stuff regarding drones is pretty Much technical, as i said, we havent seen widespread property damage. Weve seen no deaths. I think cia, under their new management, are starting to get this right least in new zealand. But in the uk we had this. This tweet from the civil aviation authority and im just going to show you the the little cartoony video that they put up its quite funny. Actually, so here we go little girl, shes got it and, of course it looks like a girl. Does it yeah long hair, its a girl got ta, be remember, got ta, be woke, its a girl got a drone fantastic lets. Although i should imagine that the majority of children who get drones are probably gon na be boys, there will be girls, but you know: weve got to go with the minorities its the thing to do these days, especially on youtube. So here we go lets have a look at the video if youre lucky enough to get a drone from santa this year, woohoo good for you girl, um, then let me just carry on. Please fly it safely, not a problem! Good! On your cio uk.

You know thats thats, wise words, wise words and look here. Ah earprox airprox weve got santa coming in and theres a drone. My goodness is that a hundred feet of vertical separation i dont, know anyway lets see what else comes in this little cartoony videos. There we go flying around now, heres something interesting. Well, let me just go a little bit further. It says here and in most cases, youll need to register and get a flyer id from the caa in the uk, get the little card but heres where things go off the rails, a bit for caa in the uk. Now santa heres flying three drones, not one but three drones. Can he actually do that lets? Go back to my tweet, i tweeted a response to this cia. In the uk i said it is a single operator really allowed to fly multiple drones in the same at the same time in the uk, as illustrated in that cartoony video thats fantastic, i dont know of any other regulator that allows this. In fact, i dont i dont know of any other regulator anywhere in the world that allows people to fly multiple recreational drones at once. One person, multiple drones not allowed anywhere in the world that im aware of, and indeed sean from geeksvana, comes up and says. Point 16 of the uk drone code does state, do not fly more than one drone or model aircraft at a time as an example of ensuring that you are not distracted when flying a drone.

So here is the cia saying be safe and demonstrating how not to be safe. This is interesting because i think it proves the assertion ive made over a number of years now, where regulators theyre not the sharpest knives in the drawer, they really do not have a clue, though theyre preaching from behind wooden disks and ivory towers. They just dont understand whats going on in the hobby, but they know better than us about all these things that prepared to be hypocritical if it suits them and thats exactly what weve got here. Utter hypocrisy fly safely, but hey you know we can show santa flying. Multiple drones as a which is a breach of the drone code. No anyway, i got a chuckle out of that. I thought it was quite good im sure by the way cia uk did not respond to my challenge. I was not surprised. Sometimes it is better to remain silent and be thought to be foolish than to open ones mouth and remove all trace of doubt. Thats the motto at cia uk, i suspect, im going to upset a few people there arent, i never mind now something more sobering and from the world of real aviation real planes by that uh, wonderful tome, the daily mail, whose word cannot be doubted, um yeah, its A tabloid, but you know the facts – are probably going to be roughly right and theyre, claiming that a jet flying from gatwick to costa rica has had its windshields smashed by a block of ice.

Let me just read this from the start of the story. It says a british airways jet suffered a shattered windscreen when a block of ice fell from another plane flying 1 000 feet above causing misery for passengers. The boeing 777 was flying from london gatwick gatwick. That name rings a bell to costa rica at 35 000 feet when the ice struck its windshield a one in a million chance. Well, hang on a minute like theres a few things here: how do they know it was ice? How did they know? It was a block of ice that hit the windscreen lets, take a look at what it did to the windscreen its not shattered, but it is cracked. Okay, there was no intrusion, but it did crack. The outer light looks like just one outer layer of glass has been cracked by the impact. How do they know it was ice by the time they landed and checked? Thered be no trace of any ice, it would have melted. Surely so all you would know is something hit the windscreen knowing the daily mail im very surprised. They didnt say it was a drone or at least an ice drone, but no theyre saying its ice and what they say million to one chance that it was a you know. This was a one in a million chance. I think it would be a lot higher than that. What really are the odds of one aircraft flying at 36 000 feet dislodging a chunk of ice that then strikes another aircraft, a thousand feet below it hits it in the windscreen cracking the windscreen.

Ah theres a lot of long bows being drawn there and uh yeah, i i dont know but hey um its. It makes a really interesting point because, despite the fact, this could have been a kilogram of ice or something off the wing of a big passenger jet flying a thousand feet above falling a thousand feet straight into the windscreen of an airliner traveling. At several hundred miles. An hour and all it did was crack the outer layer right, no intrusion, no penetration, and it kind of proves that if we look at drones, take the for example. The latest mavic 3 cine its about 900 grams of very, very thin, flexible, fragile plastic. Is that really going to cause more damage than that big chunk of ice thats fallen a thousand feet? I dont think it is. I really dont think it is so weve been told for years that drones can go through the windscreens of passenger jets, disable the pilot and cause all on board to die in a fiery ball of flame, but its not the truth. This is untrue. Lets go down to the bottom of the story because some interesting stuff here it says cockpit windshields, are around two inches thick made from various layers of mineral glass and clear plastics laminated together now thats, how you make bulletproof glass, you get uh, polycarbonate and glass, and You you sandwich them, alternate them alternately from one to the other, so that when theres an impact it is distributed across a very large area of the glass.

The glass itself is quite strong, but its very brittle. So if you distribute the impact over a large area, you dissipate the energy quite quickly and therefore it becomes very hard to penetrate something like that thats why they made this way. It says the windshields are extremely heavy and made to withstand bird strikes as well as ice falling from the air. How often does ice fall from the air and hit an airline? It says a million to one chance, so why would you design it for something? Some million to one chance um, i dont know this – is the daily mail, theres, probably a lot of bs in here, but it just goes to show that if a big chunk of ice cant go through the windscreen of an airliner, what chance does a 900 gram Plastic drone have, i would say, a big fat zero and it says here they thats. The windscreens are comparable to bulletproof glass and indeed thats how bulletproof glasses, made layers of lexan or polycarb and glass. Alternating distributing the stress over white area makes penetration very, very difficult. So if our airliners have bulletproof glass, it really is a plastic drone going to penetrate. No, it is not. This is important because what were seeing now is the the stories the lies, the hyperbole, the that the media that regulators, that anti drone companies have been spreading about the risk associated with recreational drones and airliners. That fabric of lies is unravelling its its fraying its coming apart, because this kind of story proves that theres no no way on earth that a 900 gram plastic drone is going to go through the windscreen of an airline.

If a chunk of ice falling a thousand feet from an aircraft above is not going to do it a plastic drone and remember if youre going to hit a plastic drone youre going to be flying much lower. This was 35 000 feet with aircraft flight. Very high speeds you know, were looking at almost sonic speeds. You know 5 600 miles an hour. Once an aircraft comes down to drone height, which is typically, you know a few hundred few thousand feet its flying at less than a third that speed. Quite often, you know the third to not even half that speed, so the impact is going to be much much less. Energy, so were seeing the falling apart before our very eyes as stories like this just go to show how much misinformation weve been fed and ill get on to that a bit later on anyway. Another story – and this is a very serious one – a very sad one in texas, a cessna caravan, its quite a large single engine, ga aircraft collided with a paraglider or a paramotor. You know thats those little sort of um fabric wings with a motor on them and and people start them up and fly around and unfortunately, the pilot of the mid of the mandir craft or the cessna and the pilot of the paraglider both died now uh, blinkalina Or whatever his name is a fit name in the channel, but ill put a link to the an excellent video in the description of this video where you can go and get more information, because he does a great analysis of this particular incident.

What basically happened was there was someone in a paraglider flying at 4 800 feet and there was someone flying a cessna caravan at the same altitude and basically, they tried to occupy exactly the same piece of airspace at the same time with fatal consequences. Thats. What happens now the paraglider was flying legally, was legitimately allowed to float, was class e airspace and it was outside the control zone of an airport, so it was was quite able to fly without adsb without a radio without any of those things he could fly up To you know at 400 feet there was no law, stopping him, no rules, stopping. He was totally legal. Now the cisner caravan it was also flying legally, but under the regulations because it was a faster aircraft. It was supposed to yield right of way to the paraglider. Unfortunately, it just didnt see it. Obviously, he just didnt see it and the paraglider impacted the wing of the cisner caravan ripped part of the wing off, at which stage the cessna pilot had no control and the aircraft plummeted to the ground and just basically disintegrated. So both the paraglider – i should imagine that the paraglider or the paramotor pilot would have died instantly on impact when he hit the wing and the cessna pilot died on impact when the plane hit the ground. This raises some really interesting issues. Some issues ive been campaigning for a long time for awareness of this.

Now, if i build a if i lived in the usa and i built a ultralight aircraft, an ultra light aircraft, i could then fly that aircraft without any kind of registration without any kind of training, without any kind of license without a radio without any kind of Electronic conspicuity, such as adsb in class g airspace, i could fly that or class e air space. I could fly that no problems, no legal impediment to doing that. The fia really doesnt care leaves it up to the community, the paraglider community, to police themselves, theyre happy with that right, even though weve seen a number of instances where theres been some near misses with paragliders and manned aircraft. Now weve got a fatality and also paraglider. Pilots die regularly through accidents when they misjudge things or something fails. There is a death toll associated with these ultralights and paragliders right, so theyre not 100 safe, not like drones. Yet if i was to build a 251 gram, rc model of the very same ultralight that id built without any kind of regulation involved, i would have to register. I would have to sit the trust exam in the usa. I would soon have to fit remote id all three things: none of thats required for the actual aircraft, which is um. You know 250 kilos, i think, or something like that is the weight, but if its 251 grams, i have to do all those things. The regulations are disproportionate to the risk.

This is by big beef with all the regulators and the whole hobby of radio control models and drones. The regulations are totally disproportionate to the risk and that cannot be allowed to continue because we have manned aviation causing fatalities. Every day in the skies over our heads, there have been an enormous number of mid air collisions between manned aircraft in the north america alone. In the last two years, people have died because manned aircraft keep crashing into each other, yet were told we cannot fly if we cannot fly a 250 gram. Drone fpv without a spotter to make sure were not going to crash into a manned aircraft. Yet you can fly a one ton manned aircraft without a spotter in the passenger seat and crash into another, manned aircraft – thats, no thats. Okay. How does that work that does not work? There has never been one death evidenced anywhere on the planet of s. As a result of someone flying fpv without a spotter, yet we have seen an increasing number and the numbers going up all the time. Increasing number of manned aircraft crashing into other manned aircraft due to lack of situational awareness and theres, been no call for mandatory adsb. In all classes of airspace, but hey what are the regulators doing? They are not addressing the real problems, theyre too diverted by focusing on our hobby and trying to vilify us and trying to regulate us into tiny little grassy fields to realize that theres a much bigger problem costing lives every day and if they keep ignoring that big Problem more people will die now.

This is going to be the thrust of something im planning for the new year late this year or early next year, im going to announce my plan of attack for 2022, because i at one man crusade. I want this stuff fixed. I want this over regulation. Vanquished were not going to have it its not acceptable to our hobby; it will be the death of our hobby if we dont do something about it. Ive set myself a goal of having some of these ridiculous rules overturned before the 2022 ill need. Your help to do it ill explain how thats going to happen, but if we dont do it, we might as well just pack up and go home. Now i get emails every week from people saying: oh, the hobby is now too complicated, theres too much regulation, its too risky im hanging up my planes, no im, not having that weve been doing this safely for decades. We do not need to be told by a bunch of disc jockeys sitting in an ivory tower what were doing wrong, what were doing right while theyre allowing manned aviation to claim lives every single day of the week not having it on my watch so be careful. I set goals and i usually achieve them. I work very hard. I throw everything. Ive got at achieving my goals, all the time energy effort resources i have at my disposal are focused on solving these problems. Thats my goal for 2022.

ill tell you about that. In upcoming video, do you want to live stream, or shall i just do an edited video and present it to you or shall i premiere? I dont know you tell me um yeah anyway, so thats this bit of drone news for you. I hope youve enjoyed. That hope, its educated youve learned something who knows thank you to my patreon supporters. Youre going to you, make this all possible and in 2022 im going to be even more reliant on you because im going to be spending a lot of time behind the scenes talking to regulators negotiating with regulators, making offers to regulators coming up with ideas, because weve Been very much on the back foot weve just taken whatevers been thrown at us time to change that weve got to come forward and present. Our options to the regulators show them that we are proactive, that we are thinking about this and we can offer them solutions to problems that they dont even understand anyway. Watch for that video coming up so, in the meantime, im editing up footage flying footage from the weekend. Ive got reviews coming out my ears as youve, seen on rc model reviews, so im a busy guy. I love the summer lots of energy. I really love doing things in the summer. The days are longer its more comfortable, hey ho so anyway, um. Thank you for watching um. If you liked the video give it a thumbs up, if you dont like it, give it a thumbs down and nobody, but me will know because youtube is rooted anyway, thanks for watching guys bye.

For now over regulation is like a tumor, its killing a hobby.