There is so much to go through today, guys were going to try and keep it short, sweet, concise, which is exactly why ive brought stu hall and came on today. How are we both after after yesterdays victory? Was it still recovering? Still the perfect answer see? This is the difference between stu and i at the moment, youre professionals im, always a professional. The traditional fan, fantasque yeah throughout the month for january kims professional weights, all fit theres gon na be some boozy recordings um before we get cracking into the game uh because, as i said, theres so many kind of key highlights parts about the game: um theres, the First time was played at printfuls new stadium stu. You were there. What did you think? Because it seems im gon na go for quirky um yeah break us through. How is the away day for you the place i mean weve, been to griffith park a lot of times. There may be three or four times so we knew its only 15 minutes away, so the area is still the same. You really dont know its there at all its so hidden between them train tracks, and i mean its pretty up there. We, we went to aucks bridge, so we didnt drink in the many um pubs that billy recommended on the preview show. Last week, oh theyre, actually like a lot of pubs around there like around the ground, theres loads, theres, absolutely loads.

I mean theres, like you said that in different directions you can you can walk five minutes and then theres like a cluster about four or five, and then you move a bit further out within, say: half hours walking distance. There probably is about 25 pubs, all together. Wow but we went to um, we went to august bridge and we we uh clocked in at 10 to 10, as you do so we had um so back on. The back of the bus are off one, so theres a steady, seven points in there all right, and so by the time we got to the ground, it was thought well lets see what its all about, and we got. We parked up and its a bit like, hey wembley. Is there where you got all these massive tower blocks and everything you dont know anythings there until you walk down the road and then theres this, like you, walk down these steps, and this has stayed in there. How how have they ever managed to get it in this small tiny area? And then you look at it from the outside and it looks okay, it looks fine its like a big look. You know um at the new cardiff grind its got that kind of gray cladding outside and it looks a bit terrible its like that, but not as bad, but it doesnt look like a ground and then you walk in and the stairs going up to different places And nothings its not very well signed posted really but say its quirky is a massive understatement.

Its the weirdest place ive ever been to in my entire life. No, no! No! No screen screens as well like on your photo like i didnt, get what those screens were for in the ground yeah. Basically for some mad reason, theyve got their big screens on the halfway line above the stand. So if you look at it opposite, the opposite, the camera theres a big screen on the top of the roof, not in the corners or behind the goal, like normal places, its on top of the roof on the halfway line and its the same for the main Stand where the cameras are so, if youre up towards the back of the stands behind the goal, you cant see them because the standover hangs so theyve got these little tellys across, like across the top its a its a genius solution. Really because i mean the screen, dont put the screens where the main screen is where they did, but you know yeah well, they could do that, but because you had now some sun beaming down on the screen – and it was literally just in front of you. It was so much easier like when anything happened, just look up rather than like, looking far away or trying to squint, because youre too pissed. It was a really really clever idea. I dont know, i think i know that i actually have done it like for their screens beyond the goal. Theres, a smaller screen on the back of that one um and a few places have done it like that.

But individual teles along the back of the away end, and i think it looked like it was for their end as well, really clever and all the quirky bits where the stand is all like chopped in half and the corners are all strange as theres like gull Wings kind of holding it all together when you actually look from outside. You realize why its like that, its, not because theyve got no space and their view tool, is absolutely every inch possible and fair play to him. But it is still weird i mean to get to move on on the upper tier, so row 26 or whatever it was, and to get there. We have to go up some steps, but its all metal stairs as well, so its all banging and you can make a proper racket in there. But if you go the one way, then you come to the the opera con course. If you go down another one, another vomit tree lets get it right. If you go there another one of them, you end up back downstairs again, even though youve just gone there, it doesnt make any sense, but it was really really well laid out for what it was and and how it the leather roof was and because they had All the all the beams and everything underneath, rather than top, you made a proper racket in there, and i presume you could hear us all on the on through the tele anyway yeah.

No it it yeah. I mean you usually do pick up the away fans more in in fairness, but you could probably hear the wolves fans on saturday um say: go to the starting lineup bit of a surprise, considering i dont think weve heard much about uh himalayas being injured. So silva starts up top with podents midfield three of donk nevers moutinho, and then you know same as it was against um southampton the week before kim. What did you think of the initial line? Up, i mean you know say sort of past. I guess the surprise around um him and as being uh out yeah. Obviously, as you said, it was. It was a shock because it hadnt been publicized anywhere and initially i thought oh, maybe its covered and then um. I think, on twitter. I saw that it was reported. He was um well was injured um. But honestly, i quite i felt quite positive generally because i think we got overrun um in the first fixture didnt we against brentford in center midfield. So it kind of made sense to put an extra body in there anyway and then obviously with pudence and silver playing up top. I was quite encouraged basically because how well they played in the cup against sheffield united, they linked it really well um, so yeah i was. I dont think you you, you couldnt have asked for a different team than that. You know. Croy was never going to start with all of the rumors with against with tottenham, and i dont think trincal really has done enough to to warrant a start so yeah all in all.

I couldnt see any any problems with the lineup and i was glad to see. Obviously, gomez as well start again so yeah no complaints from me yeah same stew. I think it felt very much kim said. Like lessons learned from the first time, we played them with the midfield three yeah like she said we were thats where we would well and truly in that first game. So it was and then dunker does do that job well and obviously get into it. But i thought he did. He played really well as well. You know we weve criticized you more than anyone else on it. I think me and cube so far. He came and did the job that he was meant to do. He did it really well, but yeah though the real thing was weird, because i mean you, you always hear rumors and the little uh little tinkerings on twitter come through. Oh somethings happened to him, theres been a fight or whatever, but there was nothing at all until the team came out. So you know hopefully its not nothing, serious and no ones really said anything about it, which is weird but yeah. Like you said, pedence deserves his start now and hes kind of cemented himself in the team. I was i mean i was confident anyway after last week and got into this and hey brentford and thomas wank has been on about it all week. Oh poor us against man, united, then well hes clearly got a screw loose anyway.

So if we put a bit of pressure on him theyre gon na fold – and he did at the end again snapped well, i was going to say that, but we we have got so much to build up that crescendo of this podcast. Ladies and gentlemen, um, the first half wasnt massively great – i mean that those two big stoppages that didnt help i mean, but the one that i made while i was watching the game, um was, i i think i described on twitter as remember being a bit stoked Like in terms of how direct they were the the focus on these uh big, throw ins, obviously they playing red and white stripes. That was my cue, but they i kind of moved away from that and thought theyre a bit more like huddersfield when they came up, and i think it might just be because david wagner reminds me a bit of thomas franks, but that there was something like yeah. Just i know something quite its going to sound, really dick edition its not meant to, and almost elitist theres, always something quite unpremier league about that in terms of that style of play, because at molyneux they werent that direct. Surely but then i think i look remember the goals and actually they did kind of go quite high and fast with it, but especially the throwings that was. That was another level right. I think at molineux, though didnt they. I think they have got a fair few injuries, which has meant that i think a lot of their pla.

They lost a lot of quality in their in their first level but, as you said, watching the game back and ive had to just breathe, even though i wasnt at the game. So i did watch it yesterday, but just sort of sitting back and what just re watching its interesting now to just focus on how how direct they actually were. Every time they got the ball. It was to be fair, a positive pass forward, but a lot of those those balls were like long hopeful balls like and even in the first half, although we didnt play as well as the second half, we never looked in real danger. They were literally just any at the only danger was obviously their long throws where any team can almost look in trouble, but with the keeper that weve got, you always felt that we werent gon na and the defense. Obviously, werent gon na concede a soft goal, but yeah i do agree. I think they are pretty anti football. They are. I mean its. It is no surprise because theyre watching them in the championship, they did play like that. A lot of the times, its very functional, its very its not like that. Much though, like im sure they literally used to pass the ball a little bit more like oh, no, this is this is what im saying they they know when to mix it up. Theyre not like they were under dean smith when he was there and it was all on the butt on the floor and pass it away.

And all nice triangles theyve got a bit of both about them and i think, like you said, because of the injuries theyve kind of had to play to the strength of the players that theyve got on the pitch and thats meant that theyve gone a bit more Direct than they probably want to do so yeah it was um it wasnt pretty to watch, though, and the that collision was bad. It was yeah, i mean you heard it again and it after what happened with raoul, whos ill know, yeah, and i think its interesting, because it came from like a bit of a succession of pressure that they had and started it a couple of times that game And we shared a great clip of him, like barging plus players, to get to the edge of the box as quickly as possible, but that the incident came from him breaking to the edge of a box. And you know um getting it long, because weve had a break about a couple minutes before with smedo bursting through but yeah as soon as it. It sounds awful. Is it because when youre watching it, you can see whats going to happen and theres nothing, you theres! Nothing, anyone in the state you can do about it, and you know it caused a big delay and both players had to get sort of subbed off over um through concussion protocols um, which knows, however, dismissive we are of renford um and things like that.

Actually, its still not its still, not particularly great to watch, but then theres a second stoppage of play about five ten minutes later, the attacker for drone stew excellent work. Thank you. Thank you. Um yeah, i mean again. Apparently, those premier league regulations now for all players have to leave for pitch um, which im sure stew no knows for all inside and out yeah yeah. Now i dont think ive seen anything like that. Um a walls game before, where its had to be paused, um right, ive got two questions for you. Just im, gon na do one for kim and one for stew, so stew, what can conspiracy theory? Why was the drone over there ive seen no idea? Even even me and luke, and me maybe was trying to vaccinate people who knows um. Oh no, not this one again. It was just bizarre and its not people said its a premie illegal, its not its a fifa rule its its just its there in the rules of the game um. So its happened twice that i can that i know after that i found out later i couldnt. Remember any other time ever through happening before, but to be fair lets get the um. The pa announcer was superb at brentford. He said after the um after the two players went off and he said that hes a con that hes two concussion injuries, two concussion substitutes. I thought: okay, that wasnt a noise to know um and then, as soon as the the ref took the players off, he said there is an illegal drone overhead.

The players have gone in for safety reasons: okay, no, no confusion, no pissing about like we would have. Inevitably havent molly, you um, he would have all gone tits up and everyone were mad with each other and people were started arguing, but now that he he come out clear his day, exactly what was happening. And then everyone was kind of just standing around looking at each other. I think well, what does he do the same thing? What is he doing here? Why is it here? Why is it at brentford and not moving, and then he would then he disappeared yeah because, like i mean ive seen, weve seen it with like planes going overhead and stuff like that with banners, and i can sort of i can see that but weve drawn it. Just to one drone, so my question to you kim is lets be honest: drones arent inexpensive, but you cant, but we can all carve. I say we can all buy one, but you know that very accessible right, which walls player do you think is the best drone pilot and which is you do you think, is the worst um see ive already. I knew that this question was going to come up. Weirdly so ive had a little bit of a thing. I think. Obviously the obvious answer would be neves wouldnt it because youd want someone whos got that like pinpoint accuracy yeah that needs to, but then i think its got to be like the worst.

One would be like troy, surely yeah. I think he could be a bit wayward in his yeah. I think soul would be a menace. He would be too heavy handed sorry is flying hes like really close. Like uh. You know about fridges above like the canal. I dont know im just like bombing it and just seeing what happens yeah, you know that now weve got two weeks off hes going to have one after hes after his wife did you see his instagram post, yeah yeah, a drone, not god, if he, if his Wife can buy him a karaoke machine and then that be a thing lets all put pressure on her to buy him a drone next and see what happens see. He was at the training ground, taking photos in them in gemmas video on friday. So hes already got an interesting technology lets. Make it happen. Come on josh get done im on board. I am on board um. Do you know why? I read, though, that the drone it was obviously could be a security risk, but its near heathrow isnt it the ground yeah. So they were. I did read something about thats. What it could be to do with. I dont really know: well it its. It could have anything it could be a bomb he could have gas in there. He could have guns on it, you could have it or he could be illegally streaming, premier league roger, which is probably more likely lesbians thats why they were so keen to stop yeah.

Rather than the bond yeah they dont want, they dont want people sharing, fan, driven content. Thats all im saying you know 110k views that rail video, 110. 000. anyway um yeah, so first off apart from those two guys instance, was a bit much from much of a muchness for me like so we had a couple of good breaks. Fails we um and volley from silver as well um, which thought was a lovely bit of work um from him. Second, half rolls in uh playing overhead uh and, and we score um and i think very close into a stock. Second half 48 minute, just just beautiful honestly, its like his foot, transformed into a paintbrush. He just stroked it in uh ive lost words for how how brilliant moutinho has been the last few weeks. I couldnt tell you how many times ive rewatched that goal, like honestly, its just so good, so like even not just the finish, but the amount. How many passes was it? Was it like six 11.? No, it was more than that. Oh the first one yeah um yeah. It was thats the thing i mean the um. The coach put the second one up knee as well. I think that was 16 or 17 as well. It is its its. The bruno ball effect where and the more interesting thing is that the fans have completely bought into it all and theres no ill get it forward and they might be at home games where they they walk among us, but especially uh at united and yesterday there was No kind of okay lets lets scream and moan a bit.

The most basic things it was okay lets be patient. Lets keep the ball. Lets make create the space if there aint none, go back and try again everyones on board with it, and it makes a massive difference because it well. You can see on the picture because theyre playing without any pressure whatsoever and it shows yeah – i mean i mean the movements like lately – has been the passing of movement – has been top draw and i can really feel now, like you know how obviously weve been great Defensively, but going forward were really really improving like going by game, and i dont feel like now like, oh god, were gon na have to try and nick a goal. What are we gon na score because i feel like at least now the goals are coming from. Almost could come from anywhere on the pitch as opposed to before, where were like god rally to get shooting boots on because were just screwed. If he doesnt score, it doesnt feel like that kind of vibe anymore yeah. I i i completely agree kimmy. It almost feels like uh when not if now, where its like you know, oh well, we cant really hope we get lucky from a corner and say snods, one in whereas actually you say, the defense is playing well theyre getting on the scoresheet. Our midfielders are contributing. Now, which weve never had consistently and the attackers seem to be chipping in a bit more than they have done, and the wingbacks have been unreal.

Even my mate samado was unreal. Yesterday, yeah ill say it it was. It was unreal. I was going to say the thing i loved one of the things i liked most about the um. The moutinho goal is that its got upon two in it come on you dont see enough of them like it was a proper classic one, two wasnt it. It was a passive mover and the way i see it is thats like the first like move and probably only move like a lot of people, learn on a football mitch pictures and in terms of creating space, because, like things like old passing in triangles and things Like thats like a little bit more advanced but anyones played sunday league football or youth football growing up, we all do it where, like youre warming up before a game – and you have someone like you – pass the ball into the coach and he knocks it back and You do about one two: do you do it in the game? Never, but actually but thats it in the game situation and you had donk creating the movement further down to like stretch the plane. He knocks it back to some major, ah, just just fantastic, fantastic um. You know hit him and never yesterday again and and donk as well. I think you know, although you know he kind of quietly just got on with his job and lab nevis in moutinho, just yeah. I think he made at least he actually made like some forward, runs and actually contributed something, whereas i think the last few games its like what has he actually done, but at least in the build up to the goals he was making.

Those forward runs and at least contributing something whereas, but the thing is neveres and matinia were the ones that absolutely run the game and won the game for us yeah. I think i saw something um saying how like fewer touches. Hes had this season compared to last season, and i think i sort of initially framed it as thats a bad thing and then can i go actually no its just because hes got more confidence and that touches that a little bit more special in kind of creating The space at the moment – and you know just everything about his game at the moment from the midfield – want to be very highlighted on match for day, which i was a bit annoyed with. But im going to be honest because for a game with so much particularly second half, you know start about. Fourth, in the running order: hows man, united, getting first joke, theres, an actual joke and then the only the only bit of highlighting they do is on the nervous goal. Dont mention it for trial ray one. You know anything like that: no no, barely even whisked on moutinhos, but um. Can we um, you know thatll, be the mainstream media for you. Lets uh speculate on something stupid from the bbc. Well yeah! Well, defund, jonathan pierce, because unless fabio silvas run over his wife, then ive never heard a bloke attack a young child as much since the royal fairys got sent down um, but he was absolutely.

Why was he having a goat in four? What was the rock? What was wrong with it? It felt borderline personal, but it won just that. Have you watched the sky sports highlights yeah and i dont even know who the commentator is its like. It was a cockney guy and he was just like whats fabio still like he was like attacking fabio silva. It was like, and everyone has to bring up that price tag, and it does my head in. He did well silver again yesterday, really well really well. Yeah held the ball up really really well and had a couple of. There was one, obviously the chance where it just went past the post, and it was our side, but there was also when we just scored the first and then we went down. We went down on the attack again and hed um. He laid the ball off and i cant remember to who now, but then he nearly had it back and then the defender just took it off his toe because he was about to put in yeah absolutely theres. No chance that he hasnt improved, he is hes looking good and i think that he does need a few more starts and he will put put the ball in the net. Like i thought yesterday, it was just a solid game like it was a shame. Didnt get on the scoresheet and things like that. We didnt create like lots and lots of chances for him um, but he, you know didnt sort of stand out as a poor performance by any stretch of your imagination, um, which i say sort of, i think its.

It might just be a case of peter peoples, external expectation rather than even our own. At this point, i think all wall sounds are pretty much on his side. At this point i understand hes still improving, but conceiva. You know from a year on hes improved and if i, if thats for you know, weve, wanted to pay seeing week and week out – and you know yes well, i think its like 40 appearances, four goals or something. But you know id love to see a minutes to game ratio yeah because i dont think its going to be anywhere near as poor as 1 in 10. But no that comment that i would tomato didnt pass to him because hes got no confidence in him. When does he kill anyone else comment and hes made 50 appearances theyre set, i think, on on those highlights, but how many, how many of those has hes actually started because aint a high number or how many of those did he start last season when hes thrown In the deep end in a not particularly productive side – and i do think it helps him having potency next to him and it helps having that midfield three who are pushing as well, because hes got bodies around him, and i dont quite know at this point. How well silver would function if you had two players like two wingers next to him. Um, i think, having potent sort of nipping in around him is really helpful for his overall game as well.

Um but yeah, just just for silver slanders, not on not having it. Not not having it at all um next little incident, um stu, were you sweating. When you saw the red card come out for uh for totty, or did you think, did you have your convictions um secure involved because i watched it live ive watched it back its just its just a solid, yellow right yeah i mean everyone was just looking a Minute everyones just looking running, absolutely disbelief and what the hell is he going on with it i mean: how is that a red card, and it wasnt like a case of okay, its its one of them, maybe weve, said something afterwards or whatever, but as soon as It got the longer it took and i think okay, this is clearly going to get reviewed now and its going to be rescinded. Anything and then obviously the youre not fit to referee its never been more apt because it was a ridiculous decision. It wasnt even like it looked bad because he didnt look bad the worst thing about the whole thing. Was he stopped a perfectly good brenford move to send him off when he could have played an advantage for them and wed have been in a ton of trouble. So from from a brentford point of view, i mean i talked to a grant twitter this morning about this. From their point of view, he ruined a good move, i mean yeah, this they could have, they could have scored and he could have gone back and done it later, but he didnt know he just, and he said he said well.

Weve had things with peter banks before, but how ridiculous he is and never lets things go. It just seemed like. Oh, this is an opportunity im going to send him off. You could see couldnt you from the well when i was when i was watching it as well. Theres, no way his leg wasnt high dangerous at all. You could see it was almost on the floor and i was literally screaming at the tv at the time. Like. Oh, my god that has to be rescinded like and i wasnt 100 sure it was going to be, but like theres, no way in what earth that that was a red card, and i dont understand how what how the ref would think that is a red light. What went through his mind to think you know it was a reckless see what i dont like around var um with stuff like this is yeah its a foul dont get me wrong its a clear yellow. In my opinion, if a refs got any doubts, i dont quite understand why he cant either wait for further instruction or if he feels that she doesnt need to pause the game, because a serious foul has been committed, just say, serious, fails being committed and and then Asked for it rather than this whole rigmarole right red and then oh, i need to kind of put my tail between my legs now that ive actually realized ive made a mistake and eat a bit of humble pie and i think the whole car strucks you around.

You know we have it for penalties, dont, we we let it we let it play on. We have the same crosstalk you let it play on, and you know, as you know, penalties is a better example because you dont have for you for scoring a goal like try away, but like you, let it play on just in case, and then you can refer Back to it, where its like just do it for this as well, it doesnt make that much of a difference. Apart from you, lose a level of credibility, whereas youd gain more, you just sort of said, i was. We need a checklist just in case, but thats. The thing he could have done that he could, he could have done it and if the, if the move would pay to out that as soon as the ball is dead, it would have been they are checking professional fell thats what it would have been because hed Already played the advantage anyway and then realized that he had to send him off, but it was just he bought. He, he just lost his head completely lost his head, made the wrong decision and cocked it up. Yeah of the irony of it. It actually benefited brentford. In the long run uh because i i im right im thinking that they did score from the free kick in my head, it feels like it should be sort of two separate things, but i think, because of the weight i think the the sending off was in The 68th minute and then tony scored in the 71st so like i saw three minutes late to kind of get it all going.

I mean its a bit frustrating because wolves have been so strong from free kicks, but, as weve already talked about brent for being a bit direct and knowing kind of what theyre doing you know whats weird, do you know what is weird i want to know. There was two got two blokes unmarked from that free kick and because you know its going in, i was watching those two when i was just re watching the game – and i did wonder, was that tactically what we were meant to be doing or have they just Lost two men, because it was clear that there was two men overrun and all be it. But i dont im not sure if we were just gambling on the fact that well thats a tight angle, youre not going to score from there or i think it was. Was it dunk who was just lost it? Yeah dunk was the nearest one, whether it was his man or not. I think early vel yeah that was disappointing wasnt. It really, but a good finish. That was my first thought. I thought what the hell, what is he doing? As you can see here, you can see tony peeling him off what is he doing there and then, by the time hes realized hes? Why its too late, i mean more weird, was the fact that, oh until his hairs gone oh yeah, i didnt know that how about that surprised me um yeah, i wasnt quite ready for that.

It was still there against man united in the week so yeah, so it was it that took a bit of getting used. I thought who is that and then you try and see the numbers which is half impossible when, after so many beverages, but you kind of guessed it and its always hard to see it on stripes. Oh, you know yeah, we should. We should have a shield again or a patch bring that back. If you want to wear stripes, then its your own fault, yeah, your first troops or hots um hoops or stripes out of qrc. I dont know why im like going off on a massive tangent when theres still like four things. I want to talk about stripes more remind me of west brom, so ill go hoops. I mean hoops hes like tilting. I was going to say hoops served us well before we left um. No, we used to uh in our uh pe shirt at school. It used to be it was. It was navy blue and he had a big band, a big striper in the middle which was bright orange, so it was reversible um. I presume they still do that. I mean they probably dont know, but so its for that reason alone: stripes, no hoops, not stripes hips, not stripes, good, to know um. I was gon na say dragging it back um to a point, but i so lovingly pulled us off it. It did sort of feel like when i kind of saw it going.

You know i mean i cant initially sort of thought. Oh, there must be sort of some blocking or whatever, because its come a long way for him to volley it as well. I think hes, like he just had that amount. He had so much time didnt. He, though yeah like its its not like hes like peeled off whatever hes hes kind of stayed on the back post. All the time. For you know their most prominent goal. Scorer seems a bit bonkers, so i dont quite know what went on there unless they didnt want to lose a bit of defensive line, and i, i guess, balance of play over 70 minutes. You could argue, you know what one wants: a relatively fair score um, but you know balls are better and we went ahead. Uh thanks to ruben, nevers and again weve already talked about how good his performance was, and i dont think this goals got enough credit. Even though how you know how much of wax lewis lyrical about petinios goal again, the passing the build up for patience and then va the work that nevis did, you know taking back taking the touch, creating that little extra space for himself and not you know, rushing The finish as well im talking about that ball from pedence as well, yeah that underrated pass and then to just literally pass it around our own box and then nevis. To put it in like that, the only thing that i would say is, i think the goal is got to be disappointed a little bit.

I think, if you like, jose sarah had conceded that you know, i think he was a bit slow and going down. I dont know what stu thinks it seemed to take an age to go in it. It was almost like in slow motion um, i dont know if he was on the side. I know what you mean, because it didnt seem that hardest shot to save it was just press it wasnt. Precisely in the corner, though wasnt it yes, and when you look at it from from beyond it does bend outside the post first, so yeah yeah. It is relative as well yeah yeah, like i wouldnt, call it howler, but its savable isnt it youd, be. I think, yeah id be disappointed. If wolves had conceded it i mean thomas franks was he made. It seem like he was very um praiseworthy because moutinhos goal, although he didnt think it was a big chance which i thought was interesting. You know did that man he used duluth didnt. He honestly, i i didnt want to listen to the post match stuff, but i thought you know what i feel like getting wound up um. So i did listen to him yeah. He said. Oh, we should have done a lot better, but i think the thing that i i enjoyed was like lets say how we moved it across the edge of their box until we found the space because, like if we, you know it comes to eight nori, and then It goes to moutinho and on a different day.

Maybe lets say if rauls, playing or huangs playing, for example, he might just you, know, dummy and play like a little sidewall pass and just open up it open at that point, but it goes on to never again. He might have just got, you know gone for a pass instead on a different day and it kind of felt just you know what thats just pressure building and it it felt like it was intense it wasnt. You know if thats 10 15 yards further back its a bit more methodical, but to have our two center midfielders on the edge of the opposition box dunks already pushed forward as well. I think dunks, basically on the right wing at this point, you know, were camped in this box, um so great great all round, and what we thought would be the icing on the cake, another trailer goal um, but it kind of turned out it wasnt because he Was a half foot offside or something ridiculous, um stu, i i know youre not troys biggest fan, but the scenes after he scored in terms of everyone, hugging him and the fact he ran straight to bruno as well. All right. You know that gets to me. You know theres no, like you know, smashing recorder flag. I did find that a little bit touching and its like. No, no, no, not today satan yeah, i mean hes, obvious hes, obviously well liked and which makes the whole thing.

Why wont commit even more weird but thats lets not get into that again. Weve ive been kind of accustomed noted when its when its close to not celebrate, because you dont want egg on your face. It didnt even look close it didnt. He didnt like when he said they are checking off side. He was like for who yeah it was im convinced hes on he was saying how hes not on its a millisecond yeah, and he worked hard to stay inside thats. What i really liked about it, it wasnt that he just it was almost like a few random chances. You could see him holding his run to keep trying to keep in line and all right. You know what it happens whatever, but it always draws back for me. The old that the rules arent kind of fit for purpose on it like that, like thats thats, not what offside was designed to prevent – and i know its binary – i know i know and im the biggest believer in actually you know what look if youre outside your Offside, it is kind of one or the other, but its still like a bit crushing um when it does happen to you um its particularly when, like you know, hes someone who does wear his heart just leave a bit and you can see her confidence and i Just thought you know what he gets the goal there thats another 2 million on the price tag, but uh it was a great finish as well wasnt it like you could read.

He wouldnt have put that in a few weeks ago, but since he got his goal last was it. Last week yeah was mastermind um yeah. Last week you know his confidence must have gone sky high again. So its quite disappointing and i feel like he was quite emotional, which means i feel like hes like played his last game for us yeah, but did you feel like it was hugs goodbye rather than you know? Congratulations i mean one thing weve, not we. We talked a little about about the start, guys um, but walls with a bit of a darker arts, a bit of housery to throughout the game. It wasnt, just in the final final throws of it, irmas brentford bombarded on it not gon na. I know that a lot of fans, particularly when we play away also we go down easily and stuff like that, but we we we played for our own game. Yesterday, stu didnt, we it was glorious. You know i hate it. I dont like it whatsoever, but against them after what they did, and the hypocrisy coming out of just franks got dude hes, just an lets. Just get it right. Hes, just a complete hes hes got no class hes its not just against us its been every time. Theyve lost this season. Hes been like this against everyone, and you think why did just shut up just shut up youre lucky to have a job in the premier league anyway, you wouldnt have got one if you even got promoted so thats a bit of classic just be keep quiet because Hes not helping anyone just making yourself look like a fool i mean mourinho could get away with it because he was willing all the time him.

No, so when we were playing them at their own game, winding them up, they were falling for it. They were getting wound up and it was brilliant and jose saw. I thought he was going to get sent off towards the end and i was like please just kick the ball like you know. When he got booked for time waste and and then he continued to be really slow and i was getting a bit like – oh my god, just kick the ball joe saying because he was getting a bit wound up himself wasnt. He could tell hes an absolute heel and i love it um i mean yeah seize at the end from this all right. Some of the players are kind of giving each other a bit of an argument. Seeing jamaiti know like just trying scrolling up to a big center half like um pontiff johnson, i i i approve of him sort of giving it but then franks comes over and you know i i stand by it over why nevis gets involved because he starts mocking His celebration right, we cant show the video on youtube um for anyone whos watching it on there um, for you know, copyright reasons whatever, but you see him turn around sort of having a bit of an argument with moutinho and then franks. You can see him going like his finger to his head and never see that no yeah yeah and then never sort of storms around and starts having a go and you can see never go.

That was me. That was me and then him turn around like two seconds later. You go takes a deep breath and goes but looks at me away from this goes come on. I was like yes nervous. Yes have my heart, sir, have my heart. I agree with stu so much on this, though i hate it when our players like go down like what who was it, who went down space when he got poked in the eye, and i was like yeah and i was like dont know. I hate this, but against brentford. Honestly, i was all for it. I was literally yeah. I even tweeted it. I was like inject this into me. I absolutely love it. So no problems yesterday with me. Just i was just like stay down just keep staying down. I mean i was gon na say my my my thing with franks is that its your first season in premier league and its sometimes its not just the battles you have on the pitches, but the battles you have on the pitch with the media and a few Times this season right, yeah, theres, winding up away fans and things like that and the opposition, but things like at the end of the game yesterday, if you cant throw your toys out with pram, people will start to remember that and the narratives change around newly promoted Teams and benfield got a lot of praise first off this season, and rightly so, whatever theyre not like theyre, not obnoxious position, for example, but the tidal turn.

If you keep doing stuff like that in the media and thats, when you start to lose your job and thats when youve resolved the plucky defeats, you have against man united, they dont feel so plucky anymore. Because of how you act. And if you compare that to someone like nuno who for free season, the premier league was smiley charismatic with everybody and arguably shouldnt have been considered for a job at the likes of spurs, gets it and even to a degree, left spurs on good enough terms liking. The grand scheme of things – and i think that thats that thats, a that stuck thats going to stick with me around franks, is that i dont know how long you can act at this level like that, unless youre winning stuff like likes of klopp, for example. Well, his actions against man. You know hes already been picked up by the ramble and totally football chef so and before any anyone, pedantically attacks you for it its frank, not franks. Ah sorry so hungry, like the wolf im getting in there before you do this week, its like its like the whole chris wood or chris woods, yeah yeah. I cannot stand it when people say that that would i mean people call me richard hobb. Often enough was it knob ive got a little bit of self deprecating you havent yeah, but um yeah gone stew, your point um. I hate that excited um, no hes, yeah youre right it.

I think the the whole brentford loving is kind of coming to the fore now where people are seen through it all and its not actually the whole. I think, with leeds kind of got away with it to the extent because of the elsa and now maddie is and how theyre still still continue to play the same way every week, despite having no players, and they still do it all the time first fair. But i think they kind of got away with it to an extent. Brentford are pushing it a bit now and hes got a really in. I mean im guessing thats, a one game totally banned now when things when we come back, so he just needs to grow up. You know what its an agenda, its gary neville and jamie carragher and sky sport who literally they love the friday night brentford, show dont. They, you know the amount of games brentford have been on a friday night, like with the crowd in the background and like its like its their cup final, every single friday and theyre, just stoked its, not my furious on this. In terms of why this you say its true, why it seems to start its starting to turn a little bit and why fans like us are saying theyre a bit but were not theyre, not our sort of uh football team um, because weve all played them once Weve passed halfway through the season, so weve all kind of you.

You build a picture dont you and we watch enough like either fan content. Um, like this or more more kind of whole league coverage um to pick up on sort of stuff like that, but yeah wasnt, it wasnt wasnt great and they say if you dont have the personality like yeah. You can only get away with stuff like that on two fronts: one if you win stuff two, if youve got a bit of personality, so like im thinking like neil warnock, for example, who and because the scenes are sort of slightly reminiscent of you know when we Beat cardiff in terms of um warnock on the pitch and stuff like that, but actually, if you yeah, if you dont, if you dont, have a little bit of personality about you, which i dont really see from franks anyway, yeah going to be interesting but um a Lot of the team did play very well on on saturday um. Yet again i mean in terms of manifold match and who did well. I mean ive picked out four, who i thought was standouts, which was basically you know most of our across the middle matino nevers. Eight norwich tomato anyone else stand out for yourselves, so ive written down here, the obvious uh, obviously moutinho never has run in the game and essentially won the game for us. However, i have written down samado honestly. I know those werent like hes, actually is actually getting really good at making dangerous runs now, instead of just like hugging, the touchside and just being in the way, um and also totty gomez, and honestly, he was a brick wall.

He nearly made it into my uh love, lovely man of match, graphic um, but out of laziness and me not having the photo in time i didnt but yeah. I thought again. Apart from the you know, it wasnt his fault. He nearly got sent off in a way but yeah it didnt put foot wrong yet again. No, no! He was insane, i think, thats that goes for killman and codys. Well, they didnt do anything wrong. They just did their jobs properly and they were just solid and steady, which is what you just expect it to be now, and i mean i really do hope that we do see. Wolf tick tock account with the um jazzy side rugby trial um in the morning, because if anything needs to be used its that against them, because that was that deserves praise itself, because i havent seen that for since jens layman for arsenal that could have been sanity. It it was like a bit bonkers and again fully on board with it um, so im gon na actually post a drill down then who are gon na, give him man for match too moutinho im going to go nervous, but i say yeah again, i mean just Time and time again, this season, its so lovely isnt it um like its been such a hard choice. Um right guys were going to take a short break. Um were going to chat a bit about transfers, um a bit about bruno a bit about troy.

Of course, we always have to and a bit of twitter corner. We will be back right after the short break Music, its richard from wolfs fancast here, just interrupting todays show before we get back to some questionable opinions and opinionated questions. To talk to you a little bit about our sponsors, pixel yeti, media, available design agency, that put you and your business first from web design, logo and brand new design and marketing. If you have any marketing needs, get in touch with them to find out how they can help you get it right. They are over at Now lets get back to a show where we can give you some really false, wordplay niche cultural references and maybe even a bit of football, talk hello and welcome back everybody. So the first thing i wanted to talk about – and it came to me about this time yesterday, um after the game and yeah i said, were halfway through the season now and wolves in a very good position in the league and a thought occurred to me and Before it is bruno lars from manager of the season, you know what im all in guys so ive put in my three points of why he i think he should be manager for season, so, firstly, hes defined expectations. I dont think a lot of people necessarily thought that balls would do well this season um. You know, i think, nationally anyway, considering the um love noon.

I had and people surprised that we let him go at the end of last season, despite what we all thought. Um in this room anyway, and even a lot of fans, um questioned his arrival and i think probably a lot of people probably had us now to finish around what 12 would that be? Would that be a fair assessment to say that we were probably looking as top of the bottom half also, i think that was sort of the expectation of a lot of people nationally yeah mid table and i think most wars funds would probably yeah well. I said i said 16th yeah, i said id take 16th purely on the fact that the defense is not good enough. Yeah wow, yeah thats, my exact words yeah so like, i think, a lot of people sort of thinking. To be honest, we might even finish like the same position. We were last season, but potentially play better football and well all okay, that as a building block, so the fact were in the position were in with games in hand like you look at the table now and theres like briefing space between the teams behind us, we Talked a couple of weeks ago about how condensed and compact is weve got a bit of breathing room. All of a sudden. I know weve got a tough fab, but you know in those games today with leicester, drawing arsenal drawing obviously chelsea beating tottenham like its getting a bit like.

Oh, my god, is this actually gon na happen, yeah good, rich to your point now on bruno for manager of the season im, not sure we can answer this right now can we were wearing it all the way through im, putting my ballot im putting in my Ballot now and my no whats a bit before we put it in the ballot im like starting the campaign now and getting in early just before anyone else gets on the hype train so that you can be like at the end of the season. I called it. We were saying third of jan exactly you know we were trendsetters here. I like to think and im not even look. You know im a trendsetter because im not even wearing a jumper. Today, stew, it still looks like a woodland t shirt though it does have a bit of texture on it and yes, i might have been wearing a jumper earlier today, but did get sick on it about an hour before recording. But you know thats, not the point. Im still a trendsetter um anyway. Back to my point about bruno yes, its early were halfway through a season, but i think, even if you went on the first 20 games, i think you could put in a really good case for him, because but we know where the likes of guardiola sitting. You know in football, but look at the managers who are kind of defying what theyre doing and we sort of pushing forward.

You know my two other points is improving players again, and these were players which we forward hit a ceiling, the likes of cody nevis. To a degree, samado looks a different player, eight nori. He has really lit a fire under him and really pushed one, and you know last but not least, max killman. You know if hes knocking on door of the england squad now and i dont know what it would have been like under another season of nuno, for example.