If you are or aren’t aware, i just recently finished up reviewing the lennard 7 inch predator hunter series line that they just released earlier this year and in those videos i had mentioned. That leonard is also coming out with a new seven inch, alien line in conjunction to their three and three quarter, inch alien lines and lo and behold, if you follow my instagram, you saw that i found all three aliens at my local walmart uh. So the predator series is called the hunter series uh. I don’t know if this one is called the xenomorph series, but it is in uh the same size box as those predator ones were with different artwork, obviously leonard here at the top. Only at walmart right there in the corner, some nice artwork right here, xenomorph 7 inch collectible, fully posable alien uh. This one comes with the drone, alien or the big chap from alien one. It also comes with an egg and a face hugger on the side. You have some more xenomorph artwork special edition, alien posable, seven inch, uh the other two figures in the line warriors from aliens two or aliens uh, and that the runner from alien three on the back. You have some promotional shots of the figures. The drone alien that comes with and that the egg and facehugger i don’t know if this is a sign to come of. Maybe we’ll get some six inch colonial marines. I do hope so that would be nice to have in the collection the figures in this wave.

The continuing side artwork of the alien uh, not much at the top, even less at the bottom. So what do you say? We go ahead and crack this open and see how cool he actually is all right. So here we have the drone, alien or big chap out of packaging, and i must admit he is a lot heavier or beefier than i thought he was going to be. He definitely has some weight to him, but with that being said, after looking over him, he is basically just an upscale version of the three and three quarter inch line figures with uh. I believe three extra points of articulation but i’ll get into that once we start looking at the figure itself. So with that being said, what do you say? We jump into his accessories real quick because he only comes with two and they are basically the exact same uh figures or accessories that comes with the three and three quarter inch line figures. So it is the um. What is it the alien egg right here? The open version same details, same paint scheme as the ones that comes with the three and three quarter inch line, so that’s nothing new here it also comes with a face hugger, and it is basically the exact same face. Hugger, that comes with the three and three quarter inch one minus the paint detail, so this one’s painted in a more, i guess, realistic, uh, adult collector style, painting uh, so it’s not looking as plasticky or as kitty as these three and three quarter inch ones, but They’Re the exact same mold, so nothing new there, so a nice black wash over this would make it really pop overall still a very nice accessory to have, and that is basically it so let’s go ahead and get into the figure itself.

So, as far as the sculpting details, they are amazing uh. If you’re not aware these are a 10 actually a sub 10 line. They are 988 at my local walmart, so i mean even with tax. It barely just scratches. The 10 range same points of articulation just upscaled, but if you just look at the molding details on these figures, it’s, so so amazing uh, the sculpting of its rib, cage the detail on the tail uh the lines i i don’t know why they choose to go With like these uh odd colors, i mean granted, these are seem to be a little more toned down than their three and three quarter inch line uh, but still weird choices that they have yet to make like an official like black alien xenomorph it’s, always been like A white, a blue, a green like a very light brown, i think there’s, a yellow one. I don’t know weird choices, uh, but still very, very great detail. I mean look at this nice sculpting right here on the back. Some uh not sure what’s, going on with the paint marks right here, not sure what they were going for. But the detail on his head is very nice. They even have the um the inner jaw sculpted in there. Unfortunately, it doesn’t pop out um. It does look like it’s a separate piece, but it definitely does not come out there’s, no squeezing action. It just stays in there, but it’s still nice that it’s there.

The paint details on the teeth are nice hands. Some weird paint going on right here. If you notice, i changed my background to this black thing uh, because this is basically an all white figure and i don’t know how that would have popped out on camera. So yeah great figure, especially for being under ten dollars, uh. So what do you say? We go ahead and look at its articulation. So, as i said, it has the same basic points of articulation as a three and three quarter, inch ones, plus three more uh. So what do you start off with the head and that extra one? First one right? There is in the jaw itself. These have posable jaws, which i think is awesome uh, so you can get them any of this or this once again it would have been nice to have the removable inner jaw. But what are you gon na do uh same neck? Oh swivel. I guess, as the three and three quarter inch one, so you have no side to side uh, you have no up and down it’s, literally just left and right, and it only goes that far. It will not do 360 because of its little shoulder things right here and that you have ball jointed shoulders, which are the same, so it’ll go out about that far we’ll do a full 360. and then the other two points of articulation that this comes with is At the elbows, even though it’s not a double it’s, a single jointed elbow, it does rotate at the elbows and then wrist rotation, okay, and that you have a ball jointed uh diaphragm, which will go nice side to side full 360.

If need be, it does not. Look back or very well, but it does look down pretty good, then over here on the back. You have some tail rotation, so no forwards or backwards in and out just left and right full 360. Really then, you got some ball jointed hips that do not go out very far so that’s. Basically, all you’re going to get out of these uh doesn’t go forward very far either so pop that back in so it’ll go forward. If you kind of mess with it about that much go backwards, pretty far, don’t know why that’s a thing a single jointed knee don’t go about that far and then your ankle rockers, which come on guys ten dollar figure with ankle rockers it’s. Just really amazing. To me so yeah uh less articulation than the predator figure i feel like uh, but overall still a good amount. You could probably get these in some nice like menacing, poses right there, not super great. But what are you gon na do if you want those highly possible ones, i would suggest you go with neca so yeah. Well, what do you say we go ahead and get into some size comparisons all right. So what do you say we start off by comparing it to lennard’s three and three quarter inch line uh. This is basically the smaller version of the big chap. As you can see, it is just an upscaled version of this all the same articulation plus some on this all the details.

Are there um yeah upscaled version now i know a lot of adult collectors were turned off by this line right here, mainly due to their color choices. Uh being more kid kitty, i guess in a sense i always thought there was more towards along the lines of like a kenner style, uh theme personally uh, i picked up a few. I didn’t get all of them, but i did pick up a few uh. So, as you can see just an upscaled version, they don’t scale well. So if you plan on using maybe some background figures, i don’t know if you’re doing it into toy flattery, to give it that you know depth, look but overall, not too bad. Hopefully, what like these more uh adult geared figures in the seven inch line, they’ll draw in a little bit more attention, especially with their darker painting, still not a black alien, but is definitely much more darker than these uh campy color ones so yeah. That is that all right – and here we have it next to lennart’s inch predator line, they scale well together, i guess um. I do maybe kind of wish the alien was a tad bit taller, maybe like a seven and a half inch figure or an eight inch figure, but overall they work and just to show you what you can do with these predators. Here’S my custom figure uh that i’ll just show off real quickly uh, so a simple black wash and some painting on the outlines can really turn this figure into, like almost a neca grade style paint deco – and this was literally just 10 minutes of like a black Wash plus some like little detail linings on the uh, the fish net, all the molding is there for the fish net.

So all you got to do is take a gundam marker and literally just like that for like 10 minutes plus another 10 minutes for the black wash and there you have it like. Look at that. It doesn’t even look like a 10 figure and to close off the size comparison here. It is next to a couple of six inch, hasbro figures. Hopefully, if lennar does come out with some marine or colonial marine action figures, they are six inch scale and not seven inch scale. So they do like these would work perfectly together. So they’re about an inch taller – and you know the xenomorph and predator – are supposed to be taller so leonard. If you’re listening and you do come out with colonial marines, please please make them like six inches, all right guys. There you have it leonard’s new xenomorph series. I guess is what i’m going to be calling it uh from their alien collection line, uh great figure, especially for being only ten dollars. I mean you really can’t ask for more uh, simple paint. Apps uh are things you can do by yourself uh. I can leave links to the paint marker that i use to paint these. You can go to your local walmarts and get some acrylic black and add some water into a black wash i’m. Probably going to be doing the same to this uh yeah, i will leave links down in the description below to where you can get everything, including the xenomorph.

It is if it is up on the website, if not go ahead and go to your local walmarts and start hunting. These figures down. I believe it is just basically one per case uh.