I finally got my clouds um, you know with the drone, so i was thinking about all the things ive been able to do with the little checklist some i didnt want to, but i got to do them and you know they were good. So were not good. You know i crashed my drone and it survived. So i was happy about that. I thought the gimbal was messed up but uh. You know you just kind of shake it around a little on it. It goes back to adjusting itself as long as you dont hit it too hard uh, the propellers got a little scratched, but they work. You know once the one of the proprietors even folded on itself, so that kept it from breaking. I used to find my drone that worked perfect uh. It might have had the distance, but i couldnt see it on the screen, so i had to go just by you know good old ears and uh. I found it right here in it lucky. I was in the mountains, its quiet, so i heard the little beep you know, so i got close enough to you know to know where it was at exactly again and that was it uh what else? What else? So i did the clouds i havent landed on the water yet or nothing like that um. So i dont know how how that goes. Yet i saw some videos about how it senses the water and and uh so its better to shut off that.

I still have to try the tracking i havent tried the tracking the distance. Ive only got enough to 3333 meters um. It ended up being um 2.07 miles, so you know thats a good distance two miles. I dont think the new mini se. I think thats what its called right, the new one i dont think it even flies that far or maybe maybe its at two miles or something im, not sure um. What else? What else i havent passed? The 120 meter altitude. I usually just leave that in because it says um, you know it says thats as high as youre allowed to fly, so i dont try to go crazy with that uh. What else i mean just one place, there was an airport but uh, so it was giving me warnings and it even gave me. Are you willing to take the responsibility, and i was just flying in with that indian land sign, so it wasnt. You know i dont. Even think i went 30 meters high, so i said yes and i just did it real quick, and that was it, but i didnt say i wasnt allowed to fly just said: hey, are you sure? If something happens, you go too high theres a risk here, and i think that was it. What else have i tried? I dont know so its a great drone. As of now, i guess thats. My whole point to this is that i think the dji mini is amazing.

For my first drone um, you know its its taking a pounding. You know with the tree with the stone mountain wall. You know scratching up against the mountain yeah uh when i had a crash land over there for the you know critical battery low, at least it warns you so thats the amazing thing too. It warrants you alarm every time its gone too far. The the return to home is amazing. It works really good, so thats always been good. The return to home has helped the one lesson i learned was when you barely started. Wait until it says the home point has been uh has been updated, because when i started flying that one time and the whole point was like way out there uh and then i had to climb down and get it that was uh. You know that wasnt. That was no fun um, so always thats. My only advice always wait when you, when you lift it up from the ground, wait till it says the home point has been updated and then start flying whatever you do. Dont fly until it says that you know, and if it updates it somewhere else, you better return it and get it updated where youre at, because when you need to return home or something thats going to be critical right, so i think thats it. Oh. I just wanted to talk about that. You know i have some time. I got ta hike back to my car, but um um, im, probably like a mile away.

I went all that just to catch the clouds i was like now or never, because i kept missing them. So finally got me some cloud footage and thats it um yeah. All right hope. You all are hope. You are all well peace, Music.