So i hope you enjoyed that. Yes, ive got another drawer. This is the fifth one, but the last one. What do you say santa hopefully? But at the end of the day, so all right trying out all of it ive just said to have said. I saw it trying out all these um drones, cheaper drones, cheapest drones, but youve got a boy. You got ta buy a proper one, a good one. Invest in a good one and then to do everything you wanted to and yes that was a mavic, its a dji, mavic mini and um. I didnt buy brand new brought it second hand, but wow fantastic birthday present to me so ill get back to you and show you properly so hello, everybody, uh yeah, so its uh back home its evening now um just that uh tea and everything so just to Quickly show you uh what ive brought, as i said, its the dji mavic mini and its not mini 2, its its the original uh brought it second and um through ebay and uh. Lets show you. Yes, there we go here. We are what a beautiful these are for: the melbourne flower and and you plug it into whatever malabar flowering connection that you have, and then you put it into the back of this now. This opens up like this, and you put your phone in between here and that connection hooks up to a to there and uh yeah its uh.

Of course, not its, not the bits i find snazzy is theres, uh uh, the uh. What do you call them? The jockey sticks here and they fit in between there and you take them out. Can you twist them on the top just like that? Ive just took them off and put them on yes, Music. So lets go to the next thing, which is the drone itself. Well, this is how you open this up, all right top ones. First and then the bottom ones go dead. One nope and i got a little leg. Music extension legs super duper yeah in front of me kettle. Another thing it comes with is a battery pack. This has got three batteries in one two: three and uh yeah, its brilliant. You charge them all up. At the same time, youve got a button there to show uh whats powered up, and what is impaired lets just do that again uh. This is the one i was using earlier. Oh, this has gone down a little bit. I think i use that one middle one fully charged still, and then you, when you charge it back up um it just charges the one that is um that the mouse and then the fill that one then fill thats already filled mental fill this last this one Last but like its good, the way its charged up – and you can also charge your phone on this as well, so its a good another battery pack, which you know i, like your batteries, yeah its cool, really cool knowledge.

These day. Now you just clip out yeah yeah thats, the battery you see, and that goes in the back here like so awesome and then the way they start up, you press it once quickly and then yeah have it long press next uh geared up so there you go And exactly the same with this, you press it once quickly and then you press it slowly max up and then that connects to that look, its flashing and its uh its ready to go okay, so its just a quickie just to show you when i got back As i said, it seems dark now, um yeah, its the first one of of uh. Its just worked really really really well, i mean its showing me. It took four to ten. Well five attempts to get the drone. I really want and its compatible with everything, and it works with everything. The only thing if you do buy one of these is and youve got an android or all it might happen on an iphone is youve got a download the dji um app from the dji website, because it its the app the the app that you need. Wasnt on the in the android store, and i had problems downloading the app, but as soon as i source things on youtube, they did say the only way to solve. It is to actually go on the dji website itself and download the latest app for your android, and it worked perfectly after that, but yeah yeah, just um yeah.

I just thought id bring this video and show you uh what im up to mini um about a bit of a game with the um van again, i was messing about with a um uh, the use of the reversing sensors, because im playing, i dont to know Anymore about electrics its doing me adding so anyway, thanks for watching oh yeah and also where well, when we was out that earlier on um um, quite a few um people well uh, we saw two lads that was using the dr their drums. I was doing spectacular. Uh aerobatic sinking on their drones, good god it was amazing what they was doing with their drums. And then we saw a young couple, um smashing young couple, and – and i was talking to them and theyd for the first time this year they was using their brand new um mavic mini 2 yeah and uh, not a lot different. Really, you know its just a bit of upgrading here in there, but um yeah, thanks uh, if youre watching and uh they said there was gon na, give me a thumbs up and subscribe anyway.