If you look at our shelf right here, what we have is the first one is going to be the sonova holder right here, which is this beautiful thing right here. I have to say sonova im really impressed with their quality in general. This is built pretty strong. You can tell this is pretty solid where you hold it now. This sonova tablet holder is designed for this controller. Youve recognized it. This is a controller for the mini. The air 2, even the new mavic 3, has this controller as well. Dji had decided since the air 2 to start standardizing their controllers. So now you have it. You have a lot of accessories are going to be designed for this, so here were just basically going to slide this controller right in place its very nice and easy. Its got a bunch of holes for your lights, for everything and youre, going to slide it right behind the antenna right here and as we slide it behind the antenna, its going to come on, come in and clip just like that. You can hear the clip on one side and the clip on the other side, and there it is its holding right in place now. The cool thing with this is: we can actually use it with a bunch of different ipads. This is the only holder that we have thats going to hold this ipad right here, which is the traditional size ipad. I dont think an ipad mini is going to fit in here, maybe vertical.

Actually, but also this is going to be the only one that we have available thats going to fit the ipad pro, which is the large format you can push on it if youve ever had an inspire 2 holder, youre familiar with this, you can push on this Button, it slowly goes up its, i think, its spring loaded or whatever it is, and then, when you get in here, you can put the gigantic ipad right in here and then still be able to control it now, im going to say this: theres not a whole Lot of space behind the the controller, unless you bring it up like this, you can see that you can bring the camera the the screen up a little bit and go right here. The only downside with this controller right here is that you dont have the ability to attach anything in the front. Youre gon na have to attach something right here in the back of of this controller. Now, in terms of price, this is 40. ‘.99, its not cheap, but quite frankly, it is built pretty strong. You can see that all the arms are going to extend in all different directions right here, so i dont know if its worth it really the worth. It is up to you, you want to make sure that uh when you get this, you know that youre spending 40 bucks – this is uh. This is not a cheap accessory by any means right here now.

One of the downside with this is we wish that the rotation here would be locked to a 90 degree angle. You can see that you end up being at whatever angle when its in place its held by force theres no way to really screw this and tighten it in place its kind of uh well, its kind of interesting. Now you may be asking also, can you fit a phone in here? Yes, you can you just have to do these little tabs right here and lift them up and then now you can actually squeeze your phone in place in between the space thats right here. So thats uh thats a really nice holder, probably the best one we have, but also, quite frankly, the most expensive. In this case. The next holder that we have is going to be the xy phone right here, uh the uh, the yx, actually, the yx phone holder, which actually comes with a nice little strap right here. This is 24, and this is also going to fit this controller right here. That we just looked at you can lift this up its a really interesting design because its going to come around the antenna right here and clip you have to do it the right way. You have to go in this position right here and kind of put it in this open space and then clip it in place. Now im not going to lie. The clipping is a little bit interesting, its kind of scary.

It almost sounds like its uh. It breaks it doesnt, but then its kind of held nicely in place theres a button right here at the top that youre gon na push when you push that button, its gon na release this entire thing. Now what i dont really like about this is, when you attach this, strap it kind of gets in the way of your controllers right here. So if i put this on right here, then well its not necessarily the most comfortable for flying. I like to pinch especially right here, so its not horrible but ill. Let you judge on this. The cool thing about this one is that, as you can see right here, it has the ability to hold a phone on this side on the smaller side and on this side, an ipad or a larger format. Now the ipad pro is not going to fit right here, but at the bottom here, theres a screw that you can rotate and when you rotate the screw youll be able to take this off flip it and then lock it back in place. And so you can use either the phone side or the tablet size. This is pretty strong right here as im moving it so its held nicely in place. I can expect that you, if you have an ipad right in here its really going to hold it nicely and make sure that its nice and locked so this is it im going to take this off by just pushing right here and then, as you push, you Can take this whole thing off and were going to move on to the next one, which is the pgy tech holder, which is this thing right here now? This is the cheapest of the lot.

This is 1999 and im not going to say this is my favorite. Just because its kind of an awkward design it took me a while to actually figure out exactly how to use it in which direction to use it. I think you can use it in either direction quite frankly, but youre going to slide it youre going to slide it into the antenna just like this and then hold it in place. Just like this is like a phone, its acting kind of like a phone, and then this thing will come up and you can pinch in your phone in the vertical format like this and then slide it or you can put your ipad in here again: ipad mini The regular ipad size im going to call it and no size for the no room in here for the ipad pro. Only one of the controller holder that we have is going to be using the ipad pro its cheaper, its also cheaper built. I think its still nice and tight in here so its not going to be moving very easily and the cool thing about this one is: you can actually use it also with the older controller, if you have a mavic, 2 or mavic 2 pro or even the Original mavic pro then youre gon na be able to slide this in here as well and uh and and use it. You know, on top of your controller again, 1999, you make the decision.

These are the three different controllers that we have available in this series going along with the controller we have a hood and that controller hood is made by synova. Like i said, sonova makes really nice products, and this is the controller hood right here and im going to use an actual phone. This does not work with a an ipad. This has to work with the phone. So if you grab your phone, this is a pretty big phone. This is a iphone 13 plus, so the larger size iphone that you can find on the market at the moment, and this will fit obviously into this controller right here, and this is going to clip on the top of the antenna. Now you can see right here. Theres, a piece of plastic all right and its going to clip right onto the antenna. Now you may notice, as you look closer theres, a little hole, theres a little well, i dont know what you call it a little thingy in here thats, going to go and clip and on each side of the antenna, theres a little hole so thats going to Come and clip nicely into it. It takes a little practice to put it in place and make sure that its fully in place just like this and then youre, going to fold each side right here and then clip and then go on this side and clip. And then it keeps your phone nice and dark on this side.

This is nice. This does not work with a larger screen. So if you have an ipad, even an ipad mini, this is not going to work really well. This does not work. If you have an extender like the one, we just showed you, so this is cool. If you have a phone, your phone is not very bright or you you know fly maybe in phoenix like we do sometimes where its pretty hot. This is going to help. Definitely looking at the screen all right now. The next thing that i want to talk about is the neck strap and that neck strap. I attached it to a controller that has a hook and the only controller that we have really other than the inspire 2 in the studio is the fpv controller right here. This comes with two different attachments right here. So if you have a controller that has two different hooks, then you can plug that in the cool thing about this. So you know this only has one hook so im only attaching one of them and then attaching the other one to the hook. But this is nicely padded right here, its pretty thick. It fits around the neck, it is pretty comfortable and it doesnt really get in the way. So this is something that i i kind of enjoy. It rotates nicely around right here its designed to hold a transmitter right in front of you and uh yeah its a nice feeling.

This is eight dollars, so you know if youre looking for a nice neck strap. This is it right here for eight bucks. Now the next accessory is what my team has been calling the best money – the best bang for your money in here – and it is this box right here. This is also made by sonova, and this is the action cam or sport camera case, and if you have this case, we put, we have a bunch of action cam, as you can expect. We put our insta 360 in here. We have a go to right here from insta360. We have this 1r with several modules. We have the other 1r360 right in here, and then we have a little battery pack. That goes with it a little cleaning towel now. The cool thing is that this whole thing right here has compartments that you can personalize so depending on which way you want to have uh your box divided. Then you can do that theres, a nice little slot right here in the middle. You can put your sd cards in here. You can also right here put your cables if you had some cables that you wanted to put in theres a nice little sleeve right here, and we put our filters on this side right on the top. So this is cool its kind of a leather, fake leather kind of finish. This is really really nice and it comes with a little handle, so it looks and feels nice it just.

It just looks like they put some thought into this thing now this is made of a nice, looks like a faux leather or whatever its pretty nice, its called the nut series im, not sure why its called the nut series, but yeah this is uh. This is this is well designed. This is 20 again based on what weve looked at and based on what my team said. This is the best bang for your money that we have in the accessories now. The next thing i want to show you is not necessarily a drone equipment, but i know a lot of you create a lot of content, and this is what i call the inspector gadget tripod. Why? Because it extends, and the leg right here extends now. Is it made of plastic? Is it made of metal? Nobody knows, but it is pretty a pretty nice finish. It is pretty sturdy uh trying to bend this, and it will hold in your hand as an extender just like this, or you can make it nice and compact. It comes with this at the top, which is just a quarter 20 regular screw. This is for your gopro or any type of action cam you can put that in here or if you want to attach anything else, pretty standard screw right up here. So this is seven dollars nice to have in your back pocket or nice to have in your backpack, because its very lightweight and something thats pretty easy to utilize.

The next thing were going to look at is our landing pad from sunova and heres the landing pad right here. This is nice. When you first hold it, the the the finish is nice. I dont know if its leather, if its just a rubber kind of thing and its pretty heavy okay, uh ive, been using the traditional circle landing pad that youve seen probably in some of our videos before you probably have the same one. If you have some of these accessories, its got a nice little metal ring around it, but its pretty lightweight. Now this unfolds and instead of being a circle, this is kind of a square and its got two different colors its got the orange on one side and then the dark gray. On the other side, it smells like plastic, its not a terrible smell, but it folds nicely just like this and again like i said it fits nicely on the ground. It kind of hugs the ground very, very well and its not the same fabric, material, thin fabric that you see on the other ones now were going to put this to the test on the field right now, because well, we have a bunch of drones and one Of the downside, with this kind of equipment is that it tends to fly away so were going to test and see if this actually stays in place or if it actually flies away. When you start having some prop wash so lets get to it: Music, Music, Music, Music, all right, as you can see, this right here was a little bit superior to what we used to use.

This is just a little bit heavier so its going to stick to the ground a lot better. Obviously, the inspire 2 blew it out of the way, but that was kind of expected, its a big drone, its got a big surface area and also has quite a bit of force to pretty push everything around. I would still use this over any of the other landing pads that we have so highly recommended, and this is it thats all we have for you on this video thanks for watching. We have another couple videos coming on accessories.