Well, you guys might be wondering what unboxing video am i doing well. This is a very big unboxing. Video so be to stay tuned for the whole video watch, the whole video to the end like and subscribe and share everything. So this can go very vibrant. Today we are going to be reviewing pretty big. This is the navigator 2.4 ghd six channel, rc six asus gyro quadcopter. It is a drone. I said that easily okay and its uh recommended for ages, 14 and plus, and its about 178 ringgit. If you buy it on the store ill, give you a link on a description for you guys to buy this on another platform, which is online and by the way, if you guys are wondering why the camera is here, because this is included with the camera. And you can also buy it without a camera, its actually separated, okay, thats, actually unbox it. Okay, okay and dont. Ask me: what are you doing here? Kids, jesus cause: this is my sisters, foreign okay, this usually jumps off and boom, and not nothing else. In the box perfect and now for the big boy, the drone we are going to review about that later. It gives us instruction manual for your relay structure. Okay, and this is a place where to put your phone on the camera uh on the joystick controller. Just like this just like that – and this is the controller just like this – and you can on it with the battery thats battery behind lets – go this battery is behind the screw, so it gets more protected.

This is the up or down button. This is the button where determines where you go in the direction, and this is a 360 dotting right. Okay and this button above here, you can do a brick, flick or speed mode. Okay, guys back to the video, my camera, which im very very and so the joystick talking about the speed mode – and this is the speedboat. This is the flip mode and these buttons are for videos and pictures because you know phone controller. Okay. Now it includes with the camera, and this wire is to connect the drone and the cameras, and it gives two legs for the propellers to stand, hopefully to help the cover the cameras to stand and not to actually break the camera while landing, and it includes the Battery but i use batteries so yeah, and this is the charger for the battery of the drone. It looks like this and its a double fast, usb charger, guys and now lets get to the big boys and, and it comes with two extra propellers in case we broke another one. It gives four extra screwdrivers just for the legs and actually a screwdriver which looks like this pretty detailed and kind of cool. Looking screwdriver. Okay now actually lets fix the legs. You should just take out the drone and the batteries in here. By the way the battery is in here, as you guys can see and now lets fix the legs guys just like this.

The first one goes over here, just like so, and you could actually use the screw to screw it stop low just like so – and this is just one you got three more to go. Lets go its gon na, be so fun and epic, oh my god, so hard, oh good guys! This is like so like, okay! Finally, finally done now, the next thing to do is fix the camera. Just like this. I think so now, where does this go? Actually? Not like this, so i think if it goes like that it should be coming in like this Music, we go to camera sticks now, shes got it instant and the hardest thing you have to do is literally insert the perfect line there. We go its fixed, its supposed to look like this, and you can move the camera up or down to up around or in the actual, like straight middle, looks pretty sick in it. Now just you could just do like determination. You put on it its going to make some lights just like, so you can. You could just on it like this press this button, so its supposed to blink like this, you are just supposed to propeller that drives it up and down. It should be like permanently staying now. Lets move it up. Let it be steady, ah, perfect, landing. Okay now lets bring this to the park to play with it. Lets go to the park. Lets go hey guys and were back at the park now were gon na on it and actually see how the p oh hello, pov of the camera, looks like we got a dollar the ffyd day to actually connect it and actually connect the wi fi to it.

You got ta search its wifi there, you go y d, u f, o s f whatever, and you got ta just go to fire the app and just play it hello. Can you see the pew? What okay wait? This is my problem here: okay, guys perfect, the pov is actually over here. Just like so, okay looks like its on here and i moved the drone its actually now we dont actually need the pov. To be honest, no, the slides Music, a bit higher. That was perfect cake flip guys, oh wow, thats, pretty simple more! If you ask me, lets erase it wow that was a pretty rough landing, guys thats, really not running okay, okay, guys, okay, guys! Thank you for watching this video dont forget to like and subscribe. If you want to get this, the link will be in the description share it area, so everyone can get this and thank you guys.