Dromida Vista UAV Drone RTF Quadcopter Unboxing, Review, and Maiden Flight

This video is my Dromida Vista UAV Drone RTF Quadcopter Unboxing, Overview, and Maiden Flight. I unbox it, fly it, and evaluate it, so you possibly can see if this …


  1. Check out this link to some newer and better RC Tech: https://goo.gl/V62bam

  2. My first drone was the dromida ominus

  3. What do you do if the charge usb is not flashing red

  4. Great video. I'll be making my first video today, so check out my channel, and subscribe to Colton's Epic Adventures.

  5. I actually just got this drone for Christmas as my first drone and for me it was really easy and simple to fly and take videos with

  6. are there pros and cons about having gear driven props to direct drive props? sounded really loud

  7. It was my first drone and it was easy for me it is just that you are on normal. Just saying

  8. How did you watch the cam on your phone

  9. Can you please tell me what the buttons on the corners do? The ones to the left of the left stick and the right of the right stick – The triangular buttons on the corners? I AM DYING TO KNOW what they do!! How does the manual not have a simple button to what it does instructions??

  10. I lost my remote can I buy a new one and sync ti to my drone?

  11. I have the Dromida. It flies really awesome. Only thing I wish it had was a switch to turn off the lights in daytime flight to preserve battery. Even tho it flies for abo 10 minutes with the lights, you might get 13 minutes maybe 14 without the lights!

  12. I just bought one 10 minutes ago

  13. wow, no chinglish! good review. Remember, always be honest with your reviews, dont be afraid to tell us if you discover a problem. Overall, your review is good. clearly explained instructions from you. no music to drive us nuts. I think the company should include your video in their adverisements. Of course they should pay you too. lol. maby with free stuff huh? I always review before buying a product. thankyou. great job.

  14. one has to ask himself I wonder how long it would take Dromida Ominus to send me a new motor under warranty if in fact they would warranty it apparently the life spand on these motors are only 6 hours if you get 10 minutes out of each flight you will only get 60 flights out of one motor I think they should be governed more by the law to make better parts for these drones because they know it's going to break down and they will double triple or even quadruple their profits I would like to get your feedback on what you think of that I welcome anyone to join me in this conversation thank you in advance Paul

  15. hey can someone plz message me i need help im stuck on the remote and set up i feel like it flys funny

  16. it's fully charged but it's still not powering up

  17. sure did mate just not powering the drone up its full charged

  18. the radio control turns on just not the quad copter

  19. would recommend putting a 808 camera on something like this? thanks!

  20. Dude, this video ROCKED. I found it so helpful, thank u for the quad videos

  21. Mine won't power up any tips and tricks?

  22. Did you break in the motors first? And what is the range?

  23. guys get the green and black onw because it look so cool but it need to come with 2 batterys

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