.. yeah., But I tried with everything I had to just keep the car on the track and do it the right way. And yeah …. But anyway, we persevered as a team and Im grateful for everyones hard work.. They told me to give the position back so immediately when I heard that on the radio I just pulled off to the right, showing that I was going to move over and I braked downshifted and he just stayed behind me so Im just looking in the mirror And Im slowing down – and I think it was a bit of miscommunication where he then ran into the back of me.. It makes a difference to be fourth or third.. Obviously Esteban had a good race and they were actually surprisingly quick and it was not easy to get him, but I got him just at the end.. I just kept pushing and it was worth it today not to give up.. I was not fighting against Lewis and Max. I knew that., You know I let them go and they did their own race, but from that behind it was the aim to keep third place. And we did so until the end of the race.. So you know …. Next time., Potentially, I could have challenged Esteban at least a little more with the hard but in any case happy to get a top five. Yeah definitely. Its nice moving forward. So no complaints. Yeah, we finished in front of both Ferraris, so pretty incredible.

. It also means we achieved 100 points in a season on my side, which was the high target of the year. And Im really happy with that, and also for the team.. It was a good battle.. We enjoyed it. I think both of us. And yeah. The pace was strong, but I can only be disappointed. Looking at the first part of the race, we were very strong, so its a shame. We couldnt capitalise on that. Medium tyres, 37 laps to the end was just not possible.. I had really good pace with the medium until the medium came off five laps to the end., And I had to concede a position with Charles in the last few laps, but fast just a bit compromised there by strategy. Happy with P9 happy for myself as well.. I think I need it. Now theres one more to the end., But Im really happy for today., Even with like the crashes, the one with Perez. I was on the left and I got unlucky again because I couldnt go right and everyones like kamikaze and just crashing into each other.. I dont know., Just a long race. Just got one point, but better than nothing. Keeps me in the fight, so …, Brilliant day.. We were up to 10th and we had like a five second gap to Norris and he just closed up in two laps passed me and pulled an eight second gap.. So I dont think we had the pace to finish in the points today.

. Obviously we pitted before the red flag and then obviously we managed to make up a little bit with the accident, which was very close to being collected in it. But yeah. Unfortunately, we didnt have more pace., I mean I felt like I was giving it everything quite …, Not good as a result of it, but yeah it wasnt to be.. Maybe some points were available, but yeah the pace seems quite slow., So bad Sunday. Mistook the overtake and I had a collision with Vettel.. That was completely my fault., So I apologise to Sebastian.. I think I was not too bad, but obviously I took some damage … and obviously, when you lose a lot of positions here, its not that easy to overtake, so it is what it is. Obviously got kicked out by Yuki. After that, there was another incident with Kimi and it destroyed the race.. I thought Charles wasnt there, because there wasnt any more space at the time, but he was still there. So at that point I think he became a passenger and there was nothing he could do or I could do differently in that regard. And yeah we tangled. There was a car on the inside. He tried to avoid it for himself, but he wasnt the last car.. So he reacted lets say on a high side and I just couldnt avoid it, because the track is so narrow that … its like a traffic jam and going full speed inside it.

A lot to learn. I think from this weekend in terms of these circuits. Incredibly, exhilarating so fast, exciting to drive from a driving perspective. But lacking quite a lot from a safety perspective and a racing perspective. Yeah.