I havent been doing reviews for a while its been three weeks since i did my last one ive been mainly trying to stick to the edits because theyve been doing a great job on my channel so especially that new drift evolution edit its got almost 20 000 Views so far, i never thought id reach that. But today i want to be talking about siege, ironhide and im, just going to say earthrise dcs army drone, because theyre basically the same figure, but i bought this one because it aint broken. First, i want to talk about siege ironic, so lets get them up here. Cant really say much about the face call but um quality issues, its a baby, its a biggie. You definitely tell because of this the face just straight up: popped off im missing uh, the other panel that goes on his leg. His right arm is very floppy um. I dont cant, really say anything else about this quality control. Theres articulation obviously balls right at the head. You got these little in and out joints got rotation on the arm and right here you got a bin at the elbow. You do have the wrist swivel, but its super tight on mine, its oh jesus super tight and you got a waist swivel. He can. He can. His legs can go forward and back this far kind of pull really possible from that figure got a bend at the knee. You know up and down the ankle and but lets do some size comparisons with some other ironhide figures.

So let me just grab my ironhide figures that i have here: studio series, ironhide and heres masterpiece movie, series ironid, so yeah you can basically get an idea for his scaling surprising that this is almost the size of him, but yet hes a voyager im, not complaining. So lets get them out of the way. Transformation is its all right. So first, if you had this like this, you want to pop it out and just kind of fold it back to normal pop the head in uh pop this out. I dont really know what youd call those close the chest up: fold up the arms and tap them in this is where i really hate the transformation you untap you un, plug unpack these and rotate this around to where it and okay and pop in that front. Grill and just tab, this whole mess of the transformation in and if this popped off you tap it back in see, there is his vehicle mode and it doesnt look like anything really. It just looks like a brick on wheels, but hey thats. What its supposed to look like um, i cant, really say i dont, really. I cant really say much about the vehicle mode because its sort of basic, but i do like it – i find it enjoyable, but on to the dcs army drone now this figure is so much better. It fixes these little panel problems, especially on this one, and you can tell because its not because it aint spread out like these ones, its actually enclosed, so yeah um same articulation, but the detail is so much better.

I do prefer the black on ironhide, mainly because i grew up with the beavers. So but honestly, i think these two are very good figures. I bought this one yet again to replace this one because im not buying the original one of him because hes super expensive um but yeah. If you want to i dont, know why but heres the size comparison for dcs army drone theyre the same but yeah um. I remember when i, when i made my thrust review, i said id be reviewing dino next and yes, i am promising that he will be next and jesus hes, a hes, not a voyager hes, a deluxe theres, a deluxe. Oh super small nowadays super small all right.