This one comes in around the 300 to 350 mark, which is not bad for something that you just buy and add your own service versus some of those that you would um get as part of a service plan. So then well talk about the pros and the cons of this phone who it might be for and who it probably isnt going to be for, but you know first lets talk about what get in the box. Obviously you get the phone, you get a wall charger here, 33 watts of fast usbc charging a usbc charging cable also works for data. You do get your documentation and this one does come with an extra screen protector, and while this does have corning gorilla glass for the main display, you can see theres a screen protector, pre installed on here and im, not sure if its some sort of a glass Screen protector or not, but it doesnt seem like it is um plastic, but it does. It probably might be plastic. I guess the quality of the screen protector is pretty good. I didnt get any scratches on it and it feels really nice in terms of the screen protector. It feels like glass, it doesnt affect the brightness of the screen at all um, but yeah lets take a look around the phone here, so this is uh. I guess what you would call a rugged phone um dont mistake this to be indestructible: it does have a ip68 waterproof rating and a water resistance rating and ip69 drop ratings, so i think it can be dropped, uh or waterproof up to one and a half meters.

For about 30 minutes – and i think it can be dropped from a certain distance ill put up on the screen here. A lot of specs here ill cover all that but yeah i wouldnt um categorize this as indestructible. I think that, because its got such a large screen, the 6.3 inch display uh. You hit this hard enough drop it from far enough high enough. It will break. But you know this is you know theyre marketing this as a rugged phone for probably some of those environments where its going to maybe take a little bit more abuse than a traditional phone, and you want something thats going to last and also not cost cost you A ton of money uh in case it does get destroyed, but i think in terms of getting dropped because of the way this phone is constructed. Um theres, like a lot of plastic here in the corners. This is where typically, the display is breaking stays. Kind of rounded off a little bit here and so then, when you do drop it on the corner. Typically, this corner gets shattered, but with extra you know plastic here to protect it, it should survive as the the drop rating does indicate. The frame itself is aluminum. This middle part here um on the sides, so they got basically aluminum on each side. You got your um on off button right there, your volume, rocker here and your fingerprint reader here and then on this side.

You have a custom button. You program to whatever you want. You got your um sim card tray and this actually is a dual sim card tray. So you can have two different um cell services on here. Having you can switch, if you want um, the the sd card can go up to 512 gigabytes. The internal ram in here memory is eight gigabytes and the onboard storage is 256 gigabytes, so very uh, good storage, very good speed. The uh cpu on here is the mediatek helio g96, with the mali g57 gpu pretty decent specs in terms of like its not like a snapdragon or any of the mainstream socs out there. But when comparing the benchmarks of this uh, the antutu benchmark. To like, say, my daily driver here is my samsung note: 20 ultra this phone costs uh quite a bit more well over a thousand dollars, and this ones about 300 to 350.. But just comparing the raw benchmark, scores um. The dougie is around a 340 and antutu, and the note 20 ultra is about a 667, so its not quite up there in terms of raw speed, but in terms of you know your daily um, you know using it for daily uh productivity, web browsing email. That kind of stuff, no problem, if youre using it for a little bit of like gaming, uh pretty decent graphics, i mean i, i was able to play some some games on here. No problem, i think, on some higher end games.

You might have some issues but for most light gaming, its going to be totally fine and uh. The display is a 6.3 inch, diagonal display 1080 by uh, two two 2 340 tall and its got one of these uh. If you look its gon na be hard to see but bring down the display here, its got like this little area for the front camera and its probably gon na show up better in like the browser. Here we go. So if you bring up the browser, you can see how the display yeah the actual display there just kind of curves around that front camera, which is uh by the way i think its a 16 megapixel front camera on the back here. Uh, you have a bunch of other cameras, you have a 64 megapixel main camera, a 20 megapixel night camera, and then you also have a wide angle camera here. So you have three cameras here on the back thats your flashlight here and then this little display here. It looks like a watch display if you double tap on that it actually does bring up a watch. You cant actually use this for executable display things like your calls, and also you can use this for media playback like, for example, if youre playing back some audio. You know fast forward track back, etc, and this is adjustable in your settings. If you want to change the look of the display but yeah its kind of nice, you know um, you know this uh in terms of it being durable here like this.

This part here around the whole camera is a metal as well, so you you might get scratched if youre um, you know, hitting something hard because it is metal, but then the rest of the stuff is all plastic here. You can see on the bottom here. Youve got your usb c port, so it is waterproof, of course, so theres a little gasket there around the port cover, so you can use that for charging. That does have wireless charging as well. So if you have one of those um wireless fast chargers, they can charge up to 15 watts uh using the wireless charger, which is what i typically charged with. You know, take a little cover off the bottom here. But if you want a fast charge via the usbc, it does have 33 watt uh usbc fast charging, so this thing can charge up very fast, even though, like the battery is really huge and this ones a six thousand milliamp hour battery, i think its like three Times larger than my other phone uh, so you get several days of power on time on this one um for sure. So you know again. This is like you know, i think, a specialty type of phone for certain situations, not something you might want to use all the time, because with a huge battery and the big display and the all the metal and the plastic on here to protect everything, it is Fairly uh on the heavy side, so uh – probably not the best for something if you want to use it as a daily driver where its going to be kind of light.

Audio in here is so so because theres only one speaker here and of course they have it kind of waterproofed as well, so that water cant get in so the audio isnt the best okay. So now, in terms of the quality of the display, its quite bright and quite visible outdoors, its high enough resolution, its not super high resolution, but its totally fine for watching videos and uh. Obviously, obviously, things like browsing the web and a little bit of like game playing theres, really no issues. I have really no issues with the display compared to some of the displays on these uh budget phones. From a few years ago, its uh actually quite remarkable that theres a display of this quality and, at this price point im, actually pretty surprised that the displays are as good as they are were just looking at something like a chrome browser. You know you can see how easily things scroll, speed and responsiveness is pretty decent on this one really no issues on the responsiveness of the screen and also how fast things update and display okay. So those are some of the good things lets talk about. Some of the negative things about this one, so the internal radio, and this one and the networks i can communicate on are fairly limited compared to a lot of other phones that are sold in the us. It works fine with my t, mobile service, but it on the basically on the product.

Spec page, it says its not compatible with any of the cdma type services like verizon or sprint are some of the examples that they noted so be aware that if you are looking at this phone, if youre using any of those services that are basically listed as Incompatible, it wont work with those those services. The other downside with this phone is while it does have all of these nice cameras on here. You know 20, megapixels, 64, megapixels, etc. Uh. The quality of the images on here are just sort of average. At best. I would say compared to a lot of um phones out there. I think thats, where the they are basically saving some money here in terms of the cost uh no 4k, video which is kind of surprising in this day and age uh. But i found that a lot of the budget phones dont have that anymore, which is strange. I guess it has decent 1440p video, so it does up to 2.5 k video 1440p on the main camera um, which is okay, video, its not the best dynamic range. You know again im you know, considering the cost compared to my main driver, uh phone, which costs four times as much uh, of course, that the camera is much much better but yeah if youre looking for a phone that has a high quality, video or camera system Photos and videos – this is definitely not going to be your top choice.

The photos and videos are passable if youre just sharing things on instagram or facebook, theyre, okay, but anything you know if you want anything a bit nicer: 4k video high bitrate, this phone definitely wouldnt qualify in that category anyway. In my opinion, this phone is going to be really for those guys that are looking for a phone that has a long battery life decent performance all around a decent display, but not looking for the best camera or cameras and also something thats going to survive. Maybe a little bit more abuse than your typical phone um. This is probably going to be a pretty good price point for you around 300 350, maybe as a phone for like uh, you know maybe like a teenager, someone thats uh, you know not not necessarily needing the top end phone, but just need something a little bit More rugged – something maybe you know, even for like kids, just uh temporarily, you know you know in case you uh worried that they might drop your phone. This is not bad for playing like you know, games and stuff, like that. This is going to be totally fine with that and it can handle a little bit more abuse from like a kid. So you know thats, probably what im thinking this is probably going to be best for, but if youre looking for a main phone for your everyday use, uh its going to have the top end cameras and that kind of stuff youre going to still have to look At some of those, you know more expensive flagship phones, theyre going to be costing quite a bit more than this one at least probably double the cost and if youre looking especially for like you know, for the for the cameras are sort of in the top end.

Anyway, thats my opinion on this one, you know check it out. You know the price varies depending where you get it. I think aliexpress and amazon are typically around the same price. Sometimes they have coupons, sometimes they dont there might be a discount code in the video description, depending on which store you buy. That ill put this down in the video description at some point um. It may not be there now, but it could be there later and yeah its. You know for the price 300 350 and if youre, okay, with some of the limitations, its not a bad price for this phone, i thought the quality of it. All around was pretty decent and i havent had any problems with it. Ive actually been using it as my daily driver temporarily for the past week, hasnt had any weird like reboots or crashes, its been actually pretty solid. All around and ive been able to do. Most of the stuff that i normally do with my phone, except for things like you, know, shooting pictures and and videos which is the biggest downside again, as i mentioned earlier anyway, thats gon na do it for this video.