Just welcome back welcome back so yes here, i am another test outside field test with the dji mavic mini. After all, the updates – and this is going to be my short review under 10 minutes in 2021 edition uh – is it worth buying ninjas, where this video till the end, because i’m gon na answer uh the most important things about this medic mavic mini uh in comparison To the mavic mini 2, what the mavic mini two, what kind of stuff we have in the box or what kind of uh hardware physically we have all around around the dji mini mavic mini. I just want to quickly show you a lot of footages, which i done with the mavic mini and share with you, my own experience. Why i’m telling you immediately right now skip the manic mini and just buy yourself, the mavic mini 2 guys. Why i’ll give you my let’s say three biggest reasons to buy the mavic mini 2. uh? One of them is obviously ninjas here very important, very important. That is the enhanced transmission stability with the mavic mini 2. ocusync 2.0 versus wi fi with the mavic mini trust. Me in urban areas, you’re going to have a lot of a lot of interruptions, so basically i can barely sometimes i can even barely get one kilometer or something like this seriously, even even around 500 meters, i’m getting and getting interruptions. So this ocusync 2.0, the dji mavic mini 2 – is a must have because it can go up to 10 kilometers, while on spec sheet the dj mavic mini with the wi fi can go up to four kilometers guys, but yet again uh you will have to buy Yourself, uh antenna boosters the signal boosters uh for both of these ones, but specifically for the mavic mini trust me anyway, so built in aqua.

Sync 2.0 allows the dji mini 2 to adjust automatically between the two frequencies, which extends mini 2’s max transmission distance to 10. Kilometer, for even more flexibility worry, free fight has never been easy. The second thing we can, which i can tell you about the dji mavic mini – is the controller itself guys all together. If you want to have more additional batteries, you probably have a fly more combo, which has three batteries already, but if you’re gon na get yourself, maybe two three batteries more and you somehow you’re gon na go somewhere like a long trip or something like this. A long journey – and you want to like you know, get as much as you can with five six batteries, guys you’re, not gon na, be able to do that. Maybe additional one battery maximum four battery stops because the controller of the dji mavic mini the one addition there can basically can give you maximum. Probably four batteries it can give you six seven batteries. So that is the problem with the mavic mini 2 and all together. I think i think that the mini 2 here also regarding the controller, will give you more, of course, the most important thing for people who want to have higher resolution. Not that big important. But what i can tell you that the dji mavic mini 2 has a 4k resolution. 30 fps, while the mavic mini with the latest update, has a 2.7 k, 30 fps.

But what i love about the dji mini 2. It is, it has a four times: digital digital zoom, mavic mini doesn’t. Have this option guys, so this is again for a lot of people. There’S gon na be a huge, huge gogo to buy instead of the mavic mini, and i even saw the price on the banggood mavic mini one is more pricey than the mavic mini 2.. So just get yourself the mavic mini 2. anyway. I know that the mavic mini one. It is guys it does have that really compact controller, which you can just fit in the pocket, easily easy without any hassle anyway. Uh, the mavic mini 2 also supports raw photo format, while the mavic mini only gpa, gpeg or jpeg jpeg. How would they call that in english i forgot nevertheless, let’s continue. Next, we talked about the distance. We told you about transmission. We talked about the camera itself, safer flight performance. Remember that the mini 2. It does have a faster flight speed at 60 miles per second, while the mavic mini has 30 miles per second, and wind resistance is a bit better with the mavic mini level 5, while the mavic mini has level 4.. All together remember regarding the intelligent functions with the mavic mini. You do have a mavic mini 2. You have a boomerang option while with the mavic mini you don’t have. But again, maybe this is also unlockable. The future update uh what mavic mini doesn’t have also to the mavic mini 2 is the sphere 180 degrees and wide angle panorama support plus.

It also has an enhanced photo editing system and also it has a type c, usb port, plus a quick transfer and trimmed download mavic mini one doesn’t have these options so many many things guys many many things all together, i’m telling you skip the mavic mini one. I don’t know why people are like just trying to uh get views to say, like uh don’t buy the mavic 2 don’t upgrade blah blah blah blah terrible reviewers, terrible youtubers trust me guys you’re going to be disappointed, you’re going to be disappointed by the uh. Obviously, stability of the frequency of the signal of the mavic mini one with this wi fi frequency, especially if you are in urban areas. Obviously you’re going to see so many different videos of people outside of the city somewhere, where it’s just a field open field. Of course, they can get a lot of longer a longer distance. There uh further distance, but in urban areas is gon na. Be really really bad. Trust me just just at 500 meters. I had a lot of interruptions, so yes, mavic mini 2 for longer flight time. 4K, camera support longer flight range, new, remote controller, higher flight speed, upgraded one wind resistance, usb for data transfer and charging plus major software features, which has the quick shots like boomerang. Obviously, uh, plus the panorama option with the mavic mini 2. anyway. So thus remember that it does have also quick transfer and trimmed download, and yes, remember, that the 4k 30 fps up to 100 megabits per megabit uh megabits.

So yes, yes, yes, yes, don’t! Listen to anybody! Uh! If you are already watching my youtube. If you know about me, my tech youtube youtube channel. You know that guys, i’m, always uh giving advice is what to buy for the best for the price for the money just get yourself. The ma, mavic mini 2. I didn’t know any just yes in my country it’s a little bit more pricey around two around maybe 100 dollars, but what i saw it to order it on banggood.com. Is this almost the same price ninjas, just maybe uh, because it’s on the flashlight promotion, but the regular price it’s just around eighty dollars price tag, difference guys just save it save eighty dollars and buy yourself the mavic mini to the fly combo option. Thank you for watching uh enjoying the rest of the clips with this small uh soundtrack acapella.