, But this one student has become trouble for all the teachers., Its Don. He goes by that name in the college.. He has got the support of all the students in the college.. Now tell me whats your aim in life. I want to discover my talent and become a successful person in life.. Shall I become a scientist? Shall I become a poet Why dont I become a MEME creator, Its better, that I become a dancer.. What is your problem Feelings Since I met Don, I have a crush on him: Crush Yeah Crush as in A notch above friend., A step below lover. Thats. Awesome girl, You showed me what the last bench student could do. Now Ill show you what the last bench student could do, … if he becomes a principal.. Only education can fetch you success in life.. Everyone over here ends up living. Others lives … until they discover themselves. Once they discover themselves, they start living their lives.. What is the real problem, Sir Quickly? Look at him, Sir. He changed his reaction.. He changed it. He changed it. Sir, Shall I become a cricketer. I think I should become a gangster.. Why dont we step into politics, We may have to lie my friend..