I don’t know it’s gon na just take off fly out of space. Bear with me here. Okay – and here it is reminds me of uh batteries, not included, apparently it’s motion sensitive, where it detects people or hands around it, and then it does evasive, maneuvers or something. Whenever you turn it on, you just drop it, and then it does its own thing. So here we go all right, it’s gone. It is officially wait ain’t that far away get back here. I guess i got ta chase it forget about his gang. I think when the it’s cold, the air is thinner and then okay yeah all right, try it again: Music i’m, here by the railroad, embankment yeah it’s, probably a pretty crappy video, but okay it’s officially over the railroad tracks into the cemetery, but hey it’s, the best. I could do with a iphone all right, it’s in the trees now in the cemetery, and if i try going down this embankment, i will definitely fall in my ass all right. It crashed it’s back up again, oh well! If i fall, my ass it’s snow, all right, it’s, it’s, gone it’s, it’s doing its own thing, all right, let’s head for the cemetery, the old cemetery, all right! This is about enough of this, get back here, Music, all right well about as much fun as you can have for 15. I would say: it’s worth it. I think it’s pretty cool, so yeah you just drop it.