Music is three and a half inches enough. What if it cant perform Applause, cheesy, Music, yo guys? What is up? Welcome back to the channel im excited to dive into this video. I just got this box in the mail today and i couldnt wait to get it out and fly. So i wanted to get this video out as quickly as possible. Today were going to be answering the age old question of does size matter, no im just playing, but we are going to be taking a look at something on the smaller side. Ive got with me the gep rc smart 35 hd freestyle quad, which is a three and a half inch freestyle drone made by get bar c. If you didnt already know the measurements of most fpv, drones are referencing the propeller diameters. So this drone, the propellers, are three and a half inches in diameter, where on most of the normal drones, that im flying around the diameter is five inches. So so without further ado, lets see whats in this small package, Music. So, im going to open it up here, for you guys this is the first non iflight bind and fly drone that i have purchased. My expectations of the unboxing experience are decently high iflights got a great presentation, so well see what weve got here. Oh, you cant see anything um lets lift this phone piece and heres our product, interesting theres, our drone, wrapped in plastic, wrap upside down just kind of floating in the box, set to the side and see what else weve got in here.

So weve got two bags. Some stickers and some paperwork weve got our props in one bag and then weve got a second bag. That looks like its the rest of our accessories. Youve got what looks like two battery straps a tpu gopro mount some extra screws, some foam landing pads looks like four carbon fiber, bracings and thats about it. You dont get any cables to plug in your vista or your flight controller, or anything like that. But assuming you have another quad or you have any other technology, you likely have those cables sitting around Music. This thing is really cool. Im really excited to get this out and just rip it around the whole point of these three and a half inch drones. In my eyes, is the ease of use and self like abilities that you have with it? You can fly these around in a tighter area without disturbing a ton of people. Theyre gon na be much quieter than a five inch. Drone theyre gon na do less damage. If you accidentally crash into something im, excited to be able to just take this out front, throw it on the ground and just start flying around ive been doing that with my cinelog 25 a little bit, but obviously this is a cinewoop meant for slow, steady, somewhat. Indoor flying, whereas this im hoping is gon na rip around like one of my five inch quads all right now lets take this protection off and take a closer look at this little guy.

So ive got a knife and were just gon na go right through it. Maybe not there we go hey, it came with snacks who snacks do not eat so here it is theres. Our drone well get some close up shots going here and well talk about some of the specs of this drone. So, as far as the frame goes, youve got a pretty simple design. Youve got a two millimeter thick top plate and a four millimeter thick bottom plate, which should give it plenty of durability in cases of crashes. Youve got six standoffs in here, and it looks like two carbon fiber side paneling to hold your camera in place. As far as the motors, this is rocking the gep rc 1404 3805 kv motors. The props are the emax avon 3.5. As far as our camera and air unit go, weve got the cadx vista with a polar pro camera up front. The cadx vista is mounted to the top plate, allowing for more room to fit the all in one flight, controller and esc. So down here on the bottom, weve got the gep f4 35 amp, all in one flight controller and esc, which also has a little capacitor here coming off the back. This quad weighs in at about 137.6 grams, giving you about 113 grams for a lipo and potentially an action camera. The recommended batteries from gap rc are an 850 milliamp hour to 1300 milliamp hour 4s lipos. I dont think youll be able to keep this under 250 grams.

If you go for the larger lipo, but but if you run a smaller battery, you should be okay, and here it is all assembled. I still need to put the prop screws in, but i need to plug it into the computer and just get everything checked out before we take it out and fly and unfortunately its a little late tonight. So im not going to fly it today, but im for sure going to get this thing out first thing in the morning all right: well, there are people watching me which is awkward but well do a first line of sight. Flight Music, im gon na do a little little hand launch here, not recommended, but oh well, Music, nice and smooth there. It is get it close. Were nice and quiet? Give a little punch out flies, really well bring it close see. If you guys can see it. Music, do a little roll nice do another roll Music. Do a back flip got ta practice. My line of sight flying. I cant turn the drone around at all, but i can flip. I can do all that i give another roll. Should we give it a power loop here, maybe and power loop Music? I feel like this can still do some damage, so i want to be more careful but bring it in for a little hand, catch very cool, very cool lets, get a different battery on and try it uh fpv. So ive got a 650 milliamp hour battery on here again ill, probably run 850.

But lets just do this, as is for now. We should have it in our goggles theres, our buzzer army Music. There, it is its flying really well. Take it a little low, faster on this field, its just weird hearing how quiet it is too little theres some people around in these cars, so another foot, but its fast got a lot of freestyle ability, bring it by the car Music, Music Applause, little power, loop Action, its pretty quick, i mean this thing is fun batteries at 15, too, doing great at about a minute: 10. Music. There are people talking around me out here, theyre laughing, he said its a barrel roll. Should we fire by him. I dont know if we can Music lets, see whos talking, Music plenty of power, plenty of power, punched right out: 14. 9. 15. 1 battery 2 minutes 17 seconds its just ripping around really well. This battery is actually not bad. Im surprised thats enough. I think guys. Didnt even know prop wash Music battery holds really well three minutes now. This fight Music, 14, 8 battery, so good, three, seven per cell Music checking it out now: yeah Applause, Music about four minutes flight time, not bad. So after flying this around for a few days, i can honestly say that out of the nine or ten drones that i have, this is by far one of my favorites to take out and fly just to fly. The small size and low weight of this quad.

Take away a lot of the stress of flying, i dont feel like i have to worry as much about breaking it or potentially crashing into something thats, not my property. This thing is just so easy to toss in a bag with your goggles controller and a few lipos, and take it anywhere. You feel like assuming youre, following all the laws and rules. In addition, this thing rips around very similar to a 5 inch drone. However, i did notice that it doesnt float or carry its weight, as well as a 5 inch drone does, which obviously makes a lot of sense regardless. This could be a great quad to learn how to freestyle before upgrading to a 5 inch drone and throwing an action camera on it. Technically, you could even throw a naked, gopro or insta360 go on top of this drone and get pretty similar footage to a five inch drone to answer the question we post at the beginning of the video, its not the size that matters as much but more about How you use it i mean fly. It was that too corny. That was definitely too corny thanks again for checking out the channel. I hope you enjoyed this video. We got a ton more of these videos coming out, so stay tuned for those videos got a new drone being delivered tomorrow. I got a drone over here in the box that you can kind of see and were gon na, get all those videos out for you guys, so you can enjoy some of these products as well.