If the old, smart controller would actually support the drone, the official statement from tgi, this is not going to be the case, but when i installed the smart controller updated it to 150 yesterday, i was actually notified that it would support the mavic 3 or with the Latest version, but the problem is, i dont have a mavic 3, so i could not verify if this was working or not reading around the web. It doesnt seem that nobody could provide a clear answer if this update would actually allow the smart controller to connect all if it simply doesnt work, and it was just a generic update of the android app. So if the mountain can come to muhammad muhammad would have to go to the mountain, so i decided to reach out to drona dk the danish dji distributor and ask if i could stop by and test out if this is actually working or not a lot of Us would be really really happy to find out if this works or not, especially if it works, even though it would be at a reduced range or with a reduced bandwidth. For those of you that have been following the channel would know that i have had all sorts of trouble with this smart controller and i even had it exchanged one time and if dji now decided that they are gon na cut the support for newer drones. This would actually piss me a little bit off lets head into the city and see if we can make it work.

No more copyright strikes on my channel im still on a private parking lot, so i can talk to the camera while im driving here, but i should make sure of course i dont need any of the cars now coverage copyright strike while were talking about that. I actually made a video based on this one of the early leaks of the mavic 3 and let me just hold in here before we continue and this video was doing fantastic, but it actually ended up being taken down, and i cashed in a copyright like of Using the material there that was super super scary, getting a copyright strike on your channel is not fun. If you get three in a row, you lose your channel, so i cant even imagine how bad that would be if i ended up in that situation and the reason why i got it was i used stills from that video and apparently youtube thought based on the Guy that made the video that i was not entitled to do that. I kind of disagree, because this was fair use. I wasnt using his audio track. I wasnt using his video. I was simply just transforming this into something else. Where i commented on the images used in this video, i would have to go against youtube and put my case forward and see where that would lead us all right. So lets continue this journey and i will shut off the camera. Ive arrived its always actually getting a parking spot here inside the copenhagen.

So now were here, lets get inside and see if we can get this man youre filming, not a car Laughter. Music, come on Music is oh didnt make the smart controller work so far, but theres a new update on the phone added d log, optimized image quality increase maximum speed for a pass foreign Music Music. Music 100 update firmware. So this was a final confirmation that right now, the dji mavic 3 and the old smart controller is not a match. Despite trying to update the firmware of the drone as well as running the 150, where we got the notification yesterday that it was supported, it does not work dji. You really need to fix this and you to fix it now. Otherwise, you will basically make a lot of your customers really mad. This is, of course, really really bad news for us that has purchased the old smart controller and planned to buy a dji mavic 3.. But as i was looking through the software, it seems pretty much that everything is half baked, so theres still a chance that we might get an update. That will fix this in the future. And now we know for sure and make sure to comment below the video. As i know, dji sometimes reads the comments to whatever videos that im putting out, so they need to know that this is actually mandatory that they fix this issue. I hope you like this video, if you did then feel free to give like if you did like it, feel free to press the dislike button twice.