com now i recently posted a first flight video of this right here, the autel nano plus and actually put it head to head with this one right here, which is the dji mini 2.. In my opinion, i think this is kind of where these two sit. As far as the category goes, i know a lot of people have been talking about. You should compare it more to the air 2s because it does have a little bit bigger of a sensor and a camera than the mini 2, and it probably sits best in between this right here in between the mini two and the air 2s. So they want to show you guys a little side by side of these two drones right here as well as talk to you a little bit more about the nano plus some of my thoughts after flying it for the past couple weeks and if youre new to My channel, my name, is aldrin estasio. I do a lot of drone tech tips, tutorials and product reviews right here on this channel. So if thats, something that interests you please consider, subscribing and also hitting that bell to be notified when i post new videos, so first things first, let me just show you a quick little side by side comparison of these two drones right here, shot at my local Park, Music, Music, Applause, Music – and there is this little side by side of these two drones. Let me know your thoughts on the quality of the video coming out of these drones.

Let me know in the comments section down below now: the one thing i did notice with the nano plus, even when i was putting it up against the mini 2. It definitely has a lot more. I would say in camera, sharpening than the mini 2 does, and some people will interpret that as just higher or better quality, but it doesnt always mean that mainly because of the fact that when you also bring it into post production, sometimes that over sharpening is not Exactly what you want, you can actually sometimes add a little sharpening in post, so thats. The reason why some people do like the mini too so well start off with the remote control, and this is the same remote control that you would get. If you have the auto light plus, so if you saw my comments on that exact same here, of course, we dont have any areas to put the sticks, the cord, you need to update that to a 90 degree cord, so it doesnt kink when youre closing this Up – and the one thing here too, is if youre used to the mini or the mavic lineup, where you do have the switch to go from cinematic, normal and sport mode. We dont have a switch here, but you can change the speed and program it here on that function. Button highly recommend doing that for me right now. I have a single tab: well switch it from the speeds, so itll go from smooth to normal to sport, and then my double tap for me is changing the camera degree 90 degrees.

Now, once again, this is not a full review, because, just like the autel light plus, we are still missing some features on here. We do not have dynamic track, which is that ability to have that follow me function. We do have obstacle avoidance, which i havent done. A full obstacle avoidance test it does work and just for as far as just having basic obstacle avoidance, mainly because i do want to wait until the dynamic track is installed. The firmware is updated before i test out that, as well as the optical avoidance. Next. Well, talk about the build quality of these drones right here now, coming in at 200 or under 250 grams. This one as far as ill tell does have that more, i would say, plasticky feel and sound to it, compared to the mini. Also, when were looking at the gimbal, the gimbal kind of sits out there and it feels just doesnt feel as like solid as the gimbal thats on the mini, mainly because everything is exposed. You see like the wires, you see the dampeners and the you know really thin brackets. So when you look at the gimbal it just kind of feels like its hanging out there a little bit more than some of the other drones. One thing i didnt notice too, is the battery compartment. It does not go in as smooth as youd like it to so. Every time i would go out there and try to swap out the batteries really quick itll always get stopped right there.

As you can see, it stops and its not really the battery what it is its. The top of the drone is so thin that it doesnt slide in perfectly itll stop. So you kind of have to like give the body a little bit of a squeeze to open up that. You know that gap right here and then itll slide in a little bit better. And the next thing i talked about in my previous video on the light plus we have the same thing here when you do a firmware update on this drone. It does take some time so the main firmware, update or download it ended up. Taking me about 30 to 35 40 minutes to do, and then the one thing here is that you actually have to do that firmware update on each battery. So each battery takes another 15 20 minutes or so so when there is a firmware update, just know that its not as quick as some of the dji ones, where you would normally do one big update and then you would do a couple small ones. It might be the remote control or the battery, but theyre normally really quick here. You actually have to do a almost a full update on each battery now, as far as flight characteristics and im going to compare this more to the evo 2. Definitely a big jump on the light plus and the nano is a lot more responsive to what youre doing in the air, and i think just overall.

It just has a lot better feel when flying this drone before even on the evo 2. Even its going in straight lines sometimes were a little more difficult but definitely has been. You know, refined a little bit more with the light and the nano so theres. Definitely a plus side on that. However, the one thing i did notice on both drones, especially with the nano, though, is theres some issues going on with the speed of the drone, now its hard to explain really because of the fact that i think, if youve ever flown, like a dji drone, it Has the cine it has a normal, has a sport and theres three separate categories, and whenever you switch over to those categories, you really feel the difference. You can feel the difference in the city, its nice and slow and smooth normal, its still kind of punchy, and then sport. Of course, you can whip it around on the autel when youre in the smooth mode, its almost going like way too slow, and then you jump up to the normal and even though it seems like youre going fast, its not really that fast and then sport mode. Actually, isnt that much faster than normal mode and it is kind of a tricky thing to explain, but if youve ever phoned a dji drone. Like i mentioned, i hate comparing the two, but you kind of have to is that when you do switch it to cine and normal and sport, you know, and you feel those three separate speeds where here youre youre punching it in normal and youre like.

Why are you not moving it, its showing me speeds and then its fluctuating a little bit more and then i put it to smooth and its just like way too slow, so theres definitely uh. You know some things going on there that they need to uh, define the speeds a little bit more on these drills, actually on both drones and, of course, another big positive of the autel drones is that geofence are gon na lack their geo fencing. So if you are in a area that might be regulated or youre not able to get the drone up in the air if youre flying a dji ones, ideally with the geofencing on the autel drones, youre still able to at least put it up in the air. Youll get warnings and things like that, but i believe, as of right now, you can still fly in some of these areas. So, of course, if youre worried about the restrictions or restricted areas of flying, autel will still have that feature above dji for the price of this drone is almost twice the price of the mini 2. If its, that marginal difference as far as video quality goes but youre, sacrificing things like the speed or not having dynamic tracker, not having the features there yet and also ive talked about this on the autel light. Some of the quick shots just not refined yet – and i always feel like im saying this when i talk about the evo stuff – is that i feel like were right there like its a firmware two away from being like really really really solid.

However, if they can get these firmware, updates out and push and fix these little things, then itll be a lot better going towards the nano and justifying that price difference. So hopefully, autel can get some of these things updated as quick as possible, because i know a lot of people are starting to receive their nano pluses and, of course, dynamic track is something that were going to want to see and test out. Hopefully, theyll be able to push that out sooner than later because, as we start getting later into the year and the summer, ideally theres going to be more and more drones coming out. And it would be a shame not to see the full potential of the nano plus im still going to be testing this out a lot more and giving you guys my feedback on it. As i fly, of course, if you guys havent seen my video on the light plus as well make sure you guys check that out, i definitely want to wait till dynamic track kicks in, so that we could do a lot more robust testing. As far as the follow me functions and the obstacle avoidance, you guys will see more videos on all these drones right here. I have a bunch of links down below in the video description. As always, if you guys got some value from this one, a big like would be much appreciated. This is aldrin stasio with Well, see you guys.