Thank you for joining us on fandom entertainment, im here, im lon harris im here with roxy streier weve got ed greer down there at the end of the table. We are here to talk to you about doctor strange in the multiverse, not not, and the multiverse of madness, like you may have heard hes in a multiverse of madness. Weve all seen the film were going to. I got to warn you right: up top were going to spoil the heck out of this thing. Weve all seen the movie we cant roxy promises. She saw the movie before we all got together. I did theres. No, i dont want no ambiguity about this, so yeah were going to talk about everything that happens all the stuff you dont want to hear about if you havent seen the movie yet so please click off now. If you dont want to have doctor strange 2 entirely spoiled for you, okay, i think i think thats good, i think, were just about ready to get going. I got so much stuff. I want to talk about with this movie. I do want to say thank you for watching and be sure to click subscribe, uh to fandom entertainment and watch our videos every day and hit that bell. So you dont miss anything and now doctor strange 2, multiverse of madness just right off the top. What what did you guys think? How does this stack up to the other recent big mcu films, for you personally, ed lets jump in lets start with you, you dont want to start with me because i hate magic start with roxy.

Okay, roxy were going to start with you because you love max. I i do famously. I do love magic um and actually i pulled a quarter out of your look at that so magic, you cant even see it. No, i left it with eight rabbits. What is this for im gon na run around the studio away from her congratulations? Oh i i do like magic. Actually, unfortunately, i dont love doctor strange as a character, but i like magic and i love wanda, and so for me. I was really nervous going into this movie that i didnt think it would stack up to the other mcu movies, but hopeful that it would be better in my soul than doctor strange won, which was a really hard watch for me, wow, a really hard watch. For me uh and an even harder re watch, despite everybody saying, did you watch it twice, because if you watch it twice, you might actually like it spoiler alert. I didnt like it on the second time, and so this movie was better than doctor strange one, but still not a top tier mcu movie for me, got it ed im forcing you to talk now, no, no yeah uh. I think i might concur with roxy on that. I do believe this is so ambitious though, and it has such a voice thats outside of a little bit a little bit outside the people are overstating raymies impact on this. I know well talk about it later, but yeah.

I did feel him in certain areas of the movie its like thats raymie. Look at that close up when they just sort of smirk at the camera and spike the lens. You know there are nice little rainyisms, its interesting too im wondering how much of it is raymie personally saying. Hey lets shoot this this way because im sam raimi, and how much of it is his presence and him being a part of it, gives all the other creatives a little bit more to get creative and to bring those kinds of genre elements in because it does Feel on some level, like okay, sam raimis, directing were kind of saying. This is the horror movie take on the mcu, and so i feel like a lot of the creative decisions were informed by that – maybe not even necessarily sam raimi himself saying. Okay lets put blood. All over why his face because im saying rainy yeah, i agree with you, but i think that the sam raimi isms of it all. I like that by the way im gon na im gon na take the sam. I think that that was maybe some of the strongest stuff in the movie sure, or at least what im attributing to be sam raimis contribution, which i guess youre right. I dont know that he was like this is what were doing, but im gon na just assume the stuff that looks like sam raimi had his hands in the soup.

It was right yeah, and i think this is just as much as um ant man as a heist film, i mean lets, lets relax its not its, not oceans. 11.. You know as much as ant. Man is a heist film. This is a horror film right. I think theyre theyre always its like theyre blends. You know its never like sam raimis, coming into the mcu and now were going to get a true its going to be like drag you to hell, but superheroes like or that i dont think were ever even really expecting that its its a mix, its its chloe Zhao is going to come in and bring a bit of what she brings to her movies and that will combine with what marvel is doing and you get this kind of mashup of it. I think thats the sort of best case scenario and i do think thats thats what uh works best here and in a rare thing for a marvel panel. I like this movie, the best out of all of us, like i thought this was. This was my favorite of the recent, the reason i feel like it. It really goes for it. It feels more like those old school comic book movies, where they werent trying so much to be lets totally break down. What a comic book is and refashion it. As cinema and lets just like give in to these zany anything goes kitchen sink comic book, storytelling style, and i i really liked that it didnt it didnt all work.

No, i dont think everything well talk more about all the details, but overall i thought this was a lot of fun. I do want to dig into uh. You mentioned youre, not a big fan of benedict cumberbatchs doctor strange and the mcu take. I do want to dig into the the whys and specifically in this movie, what you thought of the character yeah, i its nothing. Actually, i dont want to blame it on benedict cumberbatch, because i dont know its hard to identify exactly where its not hitting. For me, i cant say: hes a very talented actor so its not that hes doing a poor job acting and some of the dialogue and some of the scripts have been good that hes been in, but the combination of all the things. This version of doctor strange, really irks me and and any time any film that hes in and every what, whether its a spiderman movie or an avengers, what no matter what it is when hes on screen. I have that feel and it it really when im watching him im like gosh. I just wish that i was watching a different mcu character. There are moments that i do like him, but then there are moments where hell do something thats so different than that and im like i dont, even feel like im watching the same character and then you know maybe im not. Maybe we wake up and decide that all of that was the multiverse and theyre all variants, and i thought i really thought that was gon na be a twist in no way home, because i feel like no way home was really a movie where i noticed in The movie like hes, not really acting like himself hes, got this kind of cavalier attitude.

This sort of jokiness that i didnt think so i sort of thought by the end of that movie we were gon na reveal he was a different wizard who was impersonating doctor strange or, like i dont, know a skrull or something but uh didnt. It didnt happen. I actually agree with you, i like him in this movie, but i do feel like, even after all these films, it it sort of feels like he doesnt, quite know what who dr strange is or like which mode he should be in, and it does feel kind Of inconsistent sometimes seem to seem like even how awkward he is with peter parker and his friends in no way home versus right away becoming a father figure quite easily to america, chavez right and similar age people. You would think that he would have a similar vibe. He doesnt have that awkwardness with her at all its like right away. Like call me steven, you know and like that was the whole thing uh you got anything to throw in anything. No, i mean i, i agree with you guys that it seems as though his characterization from movie to movie and second to second is but its just its its its like a its like. A combination of how like uh tchalla is way different in his movie than he was in civil war thats, true thats, one that i would notice, because i was so like, oh into black panther and im, just like black panther as a king who comes and says, I dont care ill beat you up.

I dont care. I have my own ends. I dont want to join your team, get away from me. You know what i mean that guy. I love that guy, this sort of hey. I want to go to heaven and and do all this stuff and hang out and and when they shoot at me, theres no danger because my suit is vulnerable: thats, sort of thats, a new guy thats, an invulnerable iron man and africa. Guy, where i wanted a king that beats everybodys ass and like likely and strange its like, sometimes hes, overly officious and curt with people and im a surgeon and sometimes hes like im everybodys dad im like a weird superman that like it is, he does have a Superman problem: i just want to end off my comments with this. He has a superman problem. He can literally do anything so thats off the table. You dont you dont, have to worry about him not being able to win or not being able to do some sim, sim sullivan to get out of it. You know you dont have to worry about that its gon na happen, so the story must be his emotionality. As he wins, and so its a superman problem, theres so much that has to be built around such an all powerful character that if its a little bit off, you start to feel like roxy or sometimes how i felt and and certain characterizations of them like.

If he has no limits and theres no consequences and then sometimes theres too much consequences, you know what i mean for what hes doing it just seems wildly inconsistent. I feel like they kind of try to get around this by sort of theyre, making him a doofus. Sometimes like in the spider man movie when spider man figures out like oh, i can just use math to escape your mirror world im going to trap you in here for half the movie its like with that hes supposed to be one of the hes in the Illuminati in the comics, like hes, one of the smartest characters in the marvel universe in the comics. I almost feel like this version conveniently sometimes becomes almost like too too easy to trick. I think that one of the ways this movie tried to combat. That, though, was that wanda has a little bit of a superman problem as well its different, its completely different, because she superman doesnt have that same kind of hurt, coming to uh the forefront where its driving everything that hes doing and isnt you know taken by the Dark hold and all of that stuff, but i do think that he, dr strange, has met his match a little bit here. It doesnt work for me, but at least we were giving a worthy opponent so that it wasnt just like oh doctor strange, could flick and this person would fly away. You know, i think you have led us into probably the most divisive element of this movie or the crux of what i think a lot of the discussion about the movie is going to turn on, which is the way that they use wanda, maximoff, aka whos.

Now fully the scarlet witch its a its a heel turn, and i mean i i really liked it. I thought its probably the it its probably the best heel turn in the entire mcu to date. I think and thats such an interesting fun thing for her to play. I feel like so many of these characters theyre great characters. We love these actors in these roles, but theyre theyre kind of theres, a sameness to it that sets in its like every movie. They kind of have the same role to play or thing to do like paul rudd as scott lang. It would be great to see him get to sort of stretch out a little bit and do something other than the paul rudd. We all know and love being. The same guy over and over again and uh, and i thought thats that was so cool – i really loved that and i thought elizabeth olsen totally nailed this its one of the maybe best performances in the recent mcu. I would say up. There is a villain turn with dafoe in the spider man movie, and it it feels very genre like that. I think a lot of the raininess of the movie comes out of the way he shoots her and he films her doing magic and her as this very powerful witch in this sort of demonic force. I really liked it, and i was sort of surprised after leaving the movie to see a lot of people felt very differently about her dark turn yeah.

I think i think they just wanted more plausible um deniability like when they introduced that thing of like the wanda is in there like slammed up under a bunch of rocks and stuff, and she cant like shes in a smashed bunker. Well, thats, the other. The other universes wanda is that i thought that was like a psycholo psychological thing to have a mind playing with uh. I think its, because no its wanda, the evil wanda from our universe is projecting her consciousness into the good wanda. In the other yeah, so the good one from the other universe is the one thats buried under the sokovian mental rubble right, yeah, okay! Well, i okay! I get that, but its still its its sort of the same thing, its trying to get at it. It totally is the same thing, and i want i want to dig into that, but continue it just gets it that theres a good person in there, which gives us plausible deniability, maybe for our universe, that our scarlet witch is acting like this does have her own Trapped wanda inside her thats a good person yeah, but then i think its like marvel marvels villain problem because they keep killing them and stuff and doing weird stuff. Their villain problem is weird because theyre they have to make their heroes into villains and then later when they want to use them as a hero. I just i murdered everybody, but now im lucky and i get to come back and do my soft shoe because people like me yeah, you start calling this the deckard shaw problem, um statham, uh issue in the fast movie you kill han but theyre like.

Ah, i enjoyed the tv. I think that visually. That was one of the coolest moments in the entire movie. But im with you guys for me – and i know not from you guys, im looking at you guys at home im about to get the heat, because the what im about to say is gon na bother some people out here. Here we go, and i know i already know but start making your clips right here, flip it out clip it out. This is for you guys i didnt think wandas turn was earned and im not buying that im, a woman im a mother. This is what it is to be a mother. I get theres precedent in the comics, but just because theres precedent in the comics doesnt mean the movies have earned this turn and moana is my favorite character in the mcu. I love her and in what weve seen from wanda, she can withhold a lot in this crazy woman turn really doesnt work for me, and i saw it coming because im a big marvel fan. So, of course, i knew it was coming, but what i didnt want to see was what they did, which was her just cat. She just kept saying im, not a cree im, a mother im, a mother and its like theres, a lot of mothers who dont go around mass, murdering other people, including kids. You know, like theres, a lot of mothers who dont do that so well.

The movie is making the case that that is self justification because its the dark hole, like we weve established in the film if you use the darkhold, even if your intentions are good, it it infects you, and so i i get. I get what youre saying, and it is a trope. It is the the crazed woman whos dealt with too much grief and now has lost her mind. That is a that is a trope that they are playing into im, not arguing that at all. I do feel like they put the darkhold stuff in there as best they could to offset the trope and make it more like no, no, its this dark magic has overtaken her and shes lost, control, and – and there are, there are the wandas in the multiverse who Have not experienced that same darkhold magic are still the wandas that we know its just im im tired of it im, tired of it weve seen it and its its fine. If i felt like we justified it because this was a slow burn, but it felt like one day: wanda was like all right: ive got it together and then wanda vision happened as a device to get to this, and it was like that is sweet. Just objectively. True right, youre correct were finally giving wanda a project and for the die hard wanda fans whove been waiting for it. Actually, it is just a precursor to doctor strange so that it makes a little more sense when she does really turn and start mass murdering, and i just wanted what you guys have built is my favorite hero.

You you built my favorite hero and then you decided actually shes a mother, and i guess my my view is just that that doesnt make her the like, not the best character like she. What if she was already your favorite character now shes got this huge, exciting thing that happened to her like shes, not real, so you can enjoy her being bad and you dont have to feel bad shes like just killing people, but its like its a fun movie. Like its a shes, the star of one of the most fun dark, weird, crazy movies that she gets to really use her powers in ways weve never seen before and like shes a super badass like i loved wanda in this movie, and i it wasnt like i Didnt like her before you thought she was a super badass in this movie. Yeah i mean shes the villain, but like killmonger is a badass like a lot of like thanos is a badass like that. Did you find her to be super badass? No, i i just think its funny that youre incredulous tone, you think shes a badass. Nobody really died like you can. You can have fun even as the entire camartage. It is, wiped right from the like anything but thats thats. The thing you know, even in life, yeah like it was just for fun like you – can just have fun watching it and dont you dont have to thats what the magic of movies most people feel.

The way you do im im the best. No, i dont, i dont know i dont actually know if thats true, i saw a lot of people who agreed with you on the internet last night, no way sending my way. I think there are a lot. There are a lot of people who were big wanda fans who do feel betrayed by the thats. Why i wanted to talk about it, who do feel betrayed by this heel turn im, not one of them, but that that is definitely out there in the world. Im. Not betrayed i dont feel like, but also it would have taken for me, maybe like an extra movie or tv show or two tv shows to get here. I know but thats another thing its like okay, in that they maintained that she was redeemable she didnt even have the dark hole at that time. She was just doing on her own recognizance, decided to make this town and torture these people, so shes already tortured innocent people to sort of do a heel turn, but then they got her out of it and then she goes and she starts flipping through the evil Book to get more evil like somehow the to combat me being evil of my own recognizance. I should get this outside force to make me more evil and last things last double down im being im gon na this is this is where you need to cut me out all right here, everybody look.

I would not risk the universe and kill everybody in commerce to hang out with those kids thats. What im saying i just definitely wouldnt. He was willing to risk the entire multiverse, so, like people wouldnt know peter parkers face like so peter parker doesnt have to like move to a different town. He was willing to mess with the multiplayer go to community college. How happy i was when i was sitting in the theater im sitting there and so far im like watching this movie with my breath, im holding my breath because im so nervous for whats gon na happen. Wanda then we see wanda with these beautiful trees and shes walking on through and im like. Oh, my god, shes, not the villain of this story. Shes gon na be the hero. Shes gon na help him and shes going to help america uh, not the country. The person and shes yeah shes going to help the country shes really going to do it, and then everything turns – and i was like you did to me, youre going to do this to me. You felt betrayed, i would say i felt bumped. I felt highly bumped in that moment i fell for it. I was just wanting it so bad and then i was like wow. This is really like. They knew the means of the earth were out there and they just they looked in the palm of my hand. They put something and then they said nope nope yeah and i felt bummed okay, but i do go ahead, go no.

I was just going to say uh. Can we talk? Okay, i want to. I want to switch gears, but i want you to finish off this time. No, no! Okay! Well on this topic, i was going to switch gears to just a little bit of okay. The story, i think part of what were bumping up against is how the story was actually told and how we got to her being so evil or whatever. But absolutely you know. I think that there was it was at such a breakneck speed that were supposed to accept so many things and im not willing to accept it yet, but were not willing to were supposed to accept shes. An utter villain were supposed to accept that america is. Is this new character? We got to care about for this whole movie. Obviously, people within the in the comic books know who she was im just saying the way it was told my girlfriend even said like it just i didnt get a chance to get used to anything. It just kind of kept bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, ba bad feel like this is a i i dont disagree with you on this movie. I feel like this has been a thing in a lot of marvel movies, its not that theyre short movies, theyre long movies, but they all do kind of move at this rushed pace like theyre, afraid youre gon na lose interest in them, and sometimes it would be Nice, like i agree on america chavez and her intro, i totally agree it would have been very and i like the way that we join her in the middle of her adventure and then backtrack.

I thought that was done. Well, i just. I would have liked a little bit more origin time, a little bit more background time, a little bit more about her and her parents and what her life his experiences have been. So far, did you also notice, michael waldron, who wrote this also wrote loki and americas backstory and sylvies backstory from loki are staggeringly similar. Were there these like orphaned girls, growing up alone, jumping from like universe and reality to reality becoming these, like you know, like independent, but also this driving need to like connect with people, but in all fairness, thats also the same as every princess thats ever existed, youre, Not allowed to have parents if youre a princess but like the fact that shes on this, like journey through different realities and like that has that has sculpted forged her personalities that shes always like hiding in these different universes that arent her own yeah. But yes, youre. Right, theyre theyre, all its all. I was really happy with how charismatic she was because otherwise we would have been screwed like yeah. This actress is really good, so i liked her almost immediately, and that was important because they actually gave me no reason to really like her other than i just did. I would really like to unpack the stars. Like america is her name and shes got an american flag on her jacket and her logo and everything having to do with her powers is stars, but apparently its just a coincidence that she comes from like star world, like you got to give me a line of Dialogue, oh the s, means hope on my world.

I need one of those. I need one of those, the star, the star beans, whats up. Oh, we also have an america on my planet. Good great, thank you! Okay. I think they sounded it out. Theyre, like you know what name america like you, got a flag and a stars on her. Well, no, i i also felt like uh. There was just something about um. How quickly were supposed to accept her and also how uh we just didnt. I think youre right that they wanted to move so fast. You didnt have time to question yes whats going on, and i think that was more apparent in this movie than any other marvel movie. That ive seen and i think thats. What took me out a little bit, i always knew that scarlet witch was going to be a villain, so i didnt feel betrayed my ex boyfriend. Betrayed me. This movies, not gon na, betray me okay, im not going to give it the satisfaction of betrayal. I will not not this time, you will not fool me again. Never betrayed well yeah. I. I definitely agree with you that there was just something that memory machine scene, bro yeah, thats thats thats top, but can everybody see and hear whats happening like if you just step there, though anybody will walk by yeah their business? Why are they giving it away for free thats the thing youre charging for theres, one line that talks about like for an upgraded version and like isnt that the whole version it would be like the guy, a guy standing outside haagen dazs like giving out vanilla cones, Like no, no, you got ta, we pay for that because i guess its called.

You know free sample of your own memory, and you know what your memories are yeah. But what happens when you go to yogurtland? You know what those flavors taste like and i still sample like 12 of them im getting a sample today and then i dont even sometimes get the froyo. That makes me a bad person. I know, but you know you sample enough and youre like yeah. I think you dont need that i think youre just stealing froyo. I think this just became a confession, but thats all right, yeah and yet i dont feel guilty yeah, just big pinkberry watching this just in shock stealing from me. I do want to switch gears because theres a big thing, theres a big thing. We havent talked about okay, which is the illuminati. We get some very big whats. We we get some cameos, we get some exciting faces from the past. We get some new faces. We got to talk about it, you dont think its big, its big, its okay. My i have a big question about about mr fantastic aka, uh jim from the office aka john krasinski. I got you yeah uh do do. We think this is definite confirmation, like hes our reed richards, or is this a one off joke ha ha. You fell for it hes an alternate reed ridge. I dont think its either. I think this is not definite confirmation and i dont think that this is a no.

I think this is uh. How did it work for you guys, testing the water? You guys said you wanted. This was your fan casting you all said. This is who you wanted me included here. We theres a little sliver and if it goes well and yall love him and he loves being here, then yeah well bring them on. But if not youre welcome, that was our little fans. Yeah theyve, given them theyve given themselves an hour absolutely, and it was really smartly done. I think i i dont i dont like he just hes, i dont know he feels a little old to be starting out like its our new reed richards. To me, wow super aegis, yeah, no thats. My take, i feel like you would start off that crew with a younger reed richards, maybe thats. Just me. Oh man, gosh. No, i i i agreed with. I agree with that sentiment when they started with an old batman and the snyder verse im like dude, you cant start with a 50. You cant youre starting a new universe. Stop it, but i dont come for my boy. This is a boston strong table. We do not well, we got a bunch of duncan batman runs on duncan, but no i i do i do feel like he was okay. I felt like he was okay. I felt like his age was appropriate because i like the fact that reed is the dad of the marvel universe.

I would like that more than im getting some chiseled jawed giga chad to be to be this sort of rubbery face scientist i dont know why we would need that. You know what i mean, so i like the direction of like handsome guy but sort of rounded. You know 1940s features just like hey im, a good guy. I just find him kind of boring. I dont, i guess reed richards is kind of boring, so it it all fits yeah to me im such a sucker that this entire scene i was like geeking out, losing my mind. It made me think i love this movie. Like marvel fans were very different. Oh yeah, like i this is, they were like. Oh fan, service roxy. This is for you because we messed you up this whole movie, but now were actually you know when you leave the movie youre gon na think i loved that movie because of this one scene. Its like wanda killing, all of them i liked way more than them being introduced and, like oh look, its the the the captain marvel is a different captain mark. It was cool that we knew that she could do that. I i like knowing that she is the most powerful in any way yeah i mean like thats what i mean when i say like this movie really lets her be a bad like yeah. This movie really lets her be like powerful and, like this huge threat, thats like a bigger threat than almost any other mcu villain, i could really think of and like i thought that was really cool.

I enjoyed it uh to me this one scene with all these reveals yeah, you got anson mount as black bolt is in there lashonda lynch says this universe is captain marvel which i thought was really cool and it does. It fits neatly with how theyve been doing it uh and then, of course, patrick stewart and charles xavier. He got a, he got a nice little chair upgrade and we get the the little animated theme and then, like you know, when we oh yeah, they got a little play on the animated things and were going through all the universes. Remember: theres a paint universe and theres an animated universe and its like. Oh my god, is that whats happening here like this is him from where, where were we pulling him from its so cool? I was sitting there and just thinking, please let this last forever like. Please i want two things to last forever. I want us to check out every single one of those universes we drop through and spend at least two hours in the paint universe, because i need to know more about that paint universe, and i wanted to spend more time with this council with the illuminati. I need to spend time with them like. I need to know, thats a shame because theyre all yeah. I understand that what i wanted from this movie is not what happened and i feel very bummed about it. Yes, you know what i i i did feel super fan service y, but, like i couldnt, feel as fan serviced as possible, because my girlfriend literally was elbowing me in the neck from like.

Ah so it was like she was so excited that i couldnt be excited. Yeah in you know what i mean in comparison, so i was like, oh god, my neck. I was trying to be excited, but i had been elbowed and it was just like shes like this with her own shoes, yeah shes, a high elbow okay, cadillac girls. No, it was, it was definitely a fun scene, but i i got ta say i got ta i enjoyed seeing miss fantastic, get twisted up like a twizzler and everybody just get murked. That was great because you feel like theyre, introducing such powerful characters and the fact that captain marvel was the only one that was able to stand against her for any length of time was pretty uh in canon justified made sense so that whole sequence, i got to Say that that sequence got me back in that world and even the christine of that world? If we could talk about that that that particular world was pretty great, it seemed to be the world where science won. You know what i mean because well its like the universe, where theres an illuminati and so theyve figured out a lot of that theyre cataloging, the other multiverse uh. You know the other universes in the multiverse and then yeah theyve got a lot of like high tech stuff that we dont have so yeah, and i liked her hair and then yeah theyve got it.

Theyve got their own rachel mcadams with her own aesthetic and sense of size. Equally as important to all the things you just said. I really liked her hair in this yeah. I thought that was cool and they gave what was the number of this planet that they gave us. Eight eight, seven, seven, eight, eight, six, eight something like that, something like that: six one six and then they do note. We get the first acknowledgement in the mcu that our universe is 616.. I thought that was really cool too, even to just like keep things straight for me like this. Is this planet this or this is this universe? This is this universe. Well, that does lead me into something that i really i felt like was a thing that is, is probably going to annoy people about this movie. That i really liked, which is i felt like this movie – is the first time in all these multiverses weve had a lot of multiverse mcu stuff. At this point, loki and uh, you know like uh just that you get what i mean no way homie. Thank you. I wanted to just let you suffer. Therefore, i couldnt, you know what i mean and its other things theres ant man coming. You got a lot of these, but anyway, but weve never really acknowledged the the sort of existential nightmare that that is of like never really knowing yourself, never really feeling like you own your identity, because theres an infinite number, its just like what we were talking about With wanda like is that another wanda in her mind from her own, is that part of her consciousness or is that a different one and like is there a difference if theres another lawn out there in a parallel universe, is his mind different from mine, or is It just like another aspect of my mind and its kind of the same stuff that severance the tv show is, is sort of touching on that show, and i felt like this movie for the first time in the mcu at least really kind of like engages with That, like that, is part of the nightmare that theyre all experiencing is like im feeling guilty for things.

Another version of me did or youre judging me, based on this person – whos, not me, but is me and, and it does kind of its its like in a weird way, this entire franchise thats built around us getting to know these characters really well and following them Across all these multiple adventures – and this is almost like – well, you cant really know any of them really youre only ever knowing one aspect of them. I am with you heres what worked really well for me about this. I love the whole premise that youre not actually dreaming. You are thinking about youre figuring out what you on another right in an alternate dimension. Every time i say parallel universe, i go into an entire red hot chili peppers like deep dive, so i just stopped yeah. So alternate parallel, whatever we want to call it uh. I love that because im somebody who totally geeks out on um on dreams and what does it mean – and you know ive spent a lot of time, analyzing my own dreams, and why the teenage mutant, ninja turtles, keep attacking me its like a weird recurrence. So in another reality you are this movie like really settled the score for me nightmare i dont dream, and so i have a lot of crazy nightmares and im like wow. Okay, it makes me actually feel better that this is the version of life that im living here, when the other meat are stuck forgetting their lines, every time they do anything or having raphael to attack us or whatever, and then the techno drone itself.

I thought that was cool because it it was clear, it was simple, it made sense to me it might not make scientific sense, but i was like oh this all checks out like thats, what were seeing when we and the fact that she doesnt dream that america Doesnt dream, and that was like such a gutting moment yeah, i really loved that part of the movie yeah. I mean as far as what what super worked for me. I like the way this movie looks for the most part. I think it varies a little bit from the marvel standard which every every dummy its probably said already. So beyond that point, i liked the the fact that um i i got to go back to something i didnt like i just wanted more than i got. I wanted more of the multiverse. I just felt like the way that they rendered the multiverses was great that weird coming apart dimension yeah, it was great. I felt like it owed a little bit to the the animated spider man into the spider. Verse, like that whole, that sequence of them jumping quickly through all the different layers of multiverse yeah. I would have liked for them to be stuck somewhere, maybe not the paint dimension, but just somewhere a f would have killed you to do like a four minute sequence. In that animated world, where its just like, are we gon na be and then something yanks you out of there like a little bit more of the quantum leap of like when we get someplace its all disorienting, we got to work it out and like america, i Love that scene of america kind of taking over and being like what food foods free in most universes nice little bit of social commentary, baby incredible, you know stuff, like i loved that, so much that when we didnt get more of it, i felt its absence because I felt like it wasnt delivering on the promise of the premise as it were.

I dont i dont want to correct you and make you feel bad, but its really more like sliders than quantum leap. Okay, fine, the jumping into the parallel universe, youre right, theyre, running from crow magnets uh, anything else, uh wrapping up before we get to some fan questions, because i do want to grab some fan questions. I i can talk about morgan, oh right, baron, baron mordo or carl uh. What what did? What did you guys think of the return of chuatel edufour as mordo? I thought it was. I thought fine. I said like not one way nor another. I liked that we didnt know what he was going to bring to the table, like you, dont know good, bad or other. So i thought that that worked well to keep us on our toes and keep you guessing. But i wasnt, like oh my god, clamoring for this moment. Like some people on the internet, were i mean my only thing was: okay look. He is hes, basically the doctor strange of this universe of that of that universe where dr strange died and he gets trapped in a hole and dr strange jackie, chans out of the hole and hes just there. Oh i got it. I got ta, let you go. I got trapped in a hole and this is a dream in a hole that was like so bad, but other than that. I i felt like i felt like if you start out with him being sort of mean, and he turns out to be good thatd, be better than starting out with him kind of good and turning out to be bad.

He cant be bad in every universe. You could you can hate stephen strange in every universe, but you cant be bad in every universe. I mean i agree. I actually like the dynamic of him coming out and us imagining. This is going to be a fight, and then him going my brother and like hugging him thats the beat like hold on that for the rest of the movie that theyre just in this one, random universe, mordo and stranger, good friends and, like i think, thats. I agree, i think, thats more interesting. I also think thats more interesting for him as an actor to play, because its sort of one note like hes, just always mordo, is one note in this entire franchise, and so i didnt, i didnt, think it was that because it boils his beef down to im Jealous of you, which why wouldnt he be im in the gym, shooting jump shots you come in off the lacrosse field, yeah and just throwing it over. Here i hate you im going to hate you and now youre the best of us. Why? Because you got your hands broke in a car accident, you caused why wheres the justice in this world yeah, you know what i mean so in that world he worked hard to be the source of supreme and he got it. Let him have it. You know what i mean yeah. I totally agree i its almost its a weird like kind of an afterthought because hes such a great actor and he was in the first movie and so thats one of those characters.

You would think we would be really excited to sort of come back and it does. It feels a little bit like a post group speaking of post scripts. One other thing i realized we forgot to talk about uh there is a there is a post credit, see. Theres two one of them is bruce campbell, uh, sam raimis, good friend goofing around. I love the pizza papa. I enjoyed that as an aside, but the one i got to talk about is clea. We we got charlize theron is introduced as uh clea aka clea strange. I believe in marvel comics, if you go back to certain eras uh. What did you think of this? Did you see this coming? Are you excited for her presuming? Presumably in doctor strange three charlize is my my favorite actress. We have a lot of favorites and just non favorites here, but i i was when i saw this. I was like ive got ta. Do my research. I got ta use this right now flashback to the arrow and those post credit scenes. I would always be like whos that big purple thumb guy, because i didnt understand, i think, to rewind for a second, though i really love that they utilize rachel mcadams more in this movie than they did in the first one shes so forgettable in that first movie. Shes so great here, my favorite moment in the whole movie was this one? Second, where dr strange says, i love you in any universe, and i am such a im, a lover of love, a shipper ships im such a sucker for that kind of thing.

I was like that was such a beautiful moment and now, presumably charlie cerrone and and dr strange are going to be together and i well were assuming youre based on the comics right, presumably im not saying for sure, but thats an assumption that a lot of people Are making and im not ready to let go of this other relationship that might cause worlds to collide with each other, but, like i know, most people dont watch these movies for the romance uh 50 of me really does like. I love these shits and so i i got when i started researching like who is she? What does she do? I got a little nervous because i dont i dont want that. Yet, coming from coming for christines man, yeah yeah yeah, i mean it is cool to see doctor strange jump into action. I still am curious about the third eye situation and what does that mean? I dont really love how that looks the way. Theyre animating very cartoony kind of yeah, it doesnt it doesnt. It could look like weirder. I think i guess yeah yeah. It could look more more magical, almost yeah right. It almost looks like theyre trying to make it look like cool and its like, not that the third eye is not cool its like youre a mystic it should. It should look like a different eye yeah. You know what i mean like they take his eye and they just push it its true right, thats, exactly what it looks like its too, like too digital or something um.

But okay wait a minute. What are we talking about? Charlies joining the franchise? I loved. Her look in there because they have to get across that as clia very quickly. You know they make her purple yeah, i still didnt know, but they they gave her the the halo weapon yeah yeah, so they have to get across that. For i mean i, i wasnt the biggest strange fan as a kid, but like the issues that michael golden drew were very instructive and they have cleanum a lot because at that time, uh she was his girlfriend in the comments she just got. Such an iconic look with her silver, hair and stuff like that, shes, like the silver saint cloud that look. You know what i mean just like this, like they give women iconic, looks in lieu of personality a lot but clear happens to have a personality as well and shes a magical youre, pretty you dont need a person, stop it so, but yeah clea has personality. Shes got powers and shes shes sort of uh the when wonder. Woman and superman were together, which is terrible and everybody hates it. But at least you know if im flying out to space, i got ta check a flat space with me: hes a magic guy. Hes got a chick that could do magic and go to different dimensions and hell see if he likes that if that type of companionship is best for him or if christines husband, messes up, you know what i mean, i hope he betrays her and then she leaves Yeah thats, what i hope so knowing clia do you feel like charlize, is the right choice to play clear.

I i like that shes, basically age, appropriate. They always kind of put these old dudes with these nymphs and stuff shes an age appropriate love interest that has radiates that sort of furiosa for lack of a better word power in her. You could see that shes, a fresh magical user and even if she didnt say something like challenging like she did, you would get her character by how she looks so i think, shes, a perfect choice for the way for clea. I think in the comic book shes a little bit more demure like oh, i have so much power, but you know, but i think youre gon na catch charlie, a warrior shes like a straight out magic warrior like making making swords – and you know uh, you know Pikes and stuff out of magic, so yeah yeah im always excited to see her show up shes a great. Obviously i feel like weve been waiting for like whats her mcu role going to be inevitably shes going to show up in here. I just hope i hope they come up with a better way to use her than fast appearance. I feel, like shes, been really wasted in the fast and furious movies, and i was so excited when she got cast in those. She seemed like such a good fit for that. Dude wait. A minute, youre gon na cast like one of the hottest best actresses in the world, has a personality also.

I said how this best, i know thats what im saying yeah you cant be good actors without being smart, but the bottom line is the hottest best actress and they put her ass in a bowl cut through that in the closet. The whole time shes shes. So amazing, you look like moe. I dont know its unfortunate because you dont have to do that with her hair, its not relevant to the story. Why do they continue to do it? Change it? Yeah change it! Hair grows. Okay. I do want to jump into some fan questions. First, one uh sky, the boss 96, has some alt doctor strange casting ideas for us, so i want to run some names by you would do you think these guys would do a better job than than benny cumberbatch jon hamm? Yes, ed. What do you think about? John, a john hamm string. I think he would be on him. I think he would be basically as good. I hes got a similar lack of range for this role. How dare you, but i dont know if its benedicts fault and he would have to have a new new dialogue – were still going to get through here because its the fair question, antonio banderas, would you would you like to see a banderas doctor, strange yeah? I feel like he could. Probably i dont know why uh just as a quick aside, i would love to see that and i dont know why we dont have different faces in different universes.

The fact that were the same person is kind of whack to me, the entire idea of a multiverse, where all the people who are alive in our version of the universe are also alive and theirs does not actually make any sense, because one difference like if 200 Years ago, like two people who hooked up hooked up with different people, like thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people today would be different because it would have cascading all those family trees are all different youre, not you. Everybody had different parents. So the idea that everything stayed enough, the same to where, like families, are intact, its just like, oh, but i have a cat in this universe, and i had a dog in that one, its like it wouldnt work that way. Yeah. If everybody has the ability to make choices on all of their planets, then maybe it would be the same, but if some planets dont allow people to make choices, then their children would be different. Yes, on republican world, everything is very consistent. I didnt say that i just had choices on planets Laughter uh, who havent i pissed off today, uh leonel jaramillo says tell roxy that shes right it wasnt earned, but the movie was still spectacular. Otherwise, do you think you would have liked it more if you were given more time to experience wandas transition to her well for me mo wanda mo betta like i want wanda and everything so, yes, i do think i would have liked it more uh and i Actually, despite the way it sounds, i did like a lot of this movie like the parts of this movie that i liked i agree.

They were really strong. Just in general, there were some wonky things that made me think this is not a top tier top class. Mcu movie for me yeah. I wanted more time with wanda as well, so i guess its just uh, like you said a lot. She had a whole television show, but she spent half of it doing old, howdy duty episodes or whatever you know so so its like. I felt like if we use, if we used that time to develop her character instead of her playing around then i would have felt okay, but i feel like they wasted half this literally half the series, not actually developing her character, just getting us more into her Psychosis, whereas i feel, like you know, or rather showing us our psychosis rather than sort of explaining it or having the world react to it. We also one division doing a lot because they also were laying a lot of groundwork for the marvels, like you, youre youre, following the entire monica rambo storyline through that as well. So really a lot of leg work being done in that that little not very long tv series. What about people who didnt watch wanda? Oh youre, screwing, youre screwed! If you can, i would think i think, thats the one thing if you havent seen it, it would really impact your enjoyment of this movie even more than doctor strange one i feel like this is really like the second half of wanda vision in some ways.

Yeah, more than more than on the spider man movie more than doctors, more than anything it just gets mentioned. Yeah it doesnt link up very much at all other than wang is the sorcerer supreme. Now they are really going out and saying, if you do not have disney plus, you are no longer able to enjoy these movies the way that people did at least in the same way yeah. Oh just last things last on that point. I think it would have made a nice you do this goofy ass, avengers movie, theyre about to do with like roadie and five kids or whatever and wanda right and at the end of it, theyve got the enemy, subdued and theyre gon na. Take him to the place and he breaks out one last moment and they like he gets lethal weaponed by by wanda. She just rips his whole face apart or destroys him its like wait. A minute like you were just good five minutes ago. Uh you needed to go peace. She just flies off its like oh man, this chicks, an just something to show that, like just a little bit more of that, i tried to be good, but you know what expediency and my dope magical powers say that im right. All the time right and just i just felt like that was just like that were supposed to accept that shes, like that, based on us, seeing her floating reading a book at the end of juan division.

So it was quite enough for you, it wasnt quite enough for me and she was betrayed. I was deeply betrayed one more well close on this one.