Dobby — Smart Pocket Drone In-Depth Review [4K]

Zerotech’s Dobby is a $399 pocket drone that has options like monitoring, orbit, return residence, 1080p video and it’s surprisingly enjoyable! Hyperlinks to the product: Amazon: …


  1. Its strange because it looks like that i dont have the same apps because i dont have joystick but some Button to use the drone

  2. I can't find a WiFi on my phone for this drone

  3. Like…….. because for such small drone it's packed with a lot of higher priced drone feature and as you described some of these the Go pro and phantoms don't have and since I'm just starting out DOBBY take the cake hands down

  4. I've done a small tutorial tu use gamepads to control a drone like this, maybe can be useful https://youtu.be/6TpEh15qc-s

  5. OK. This one is a little too gimp and gimmick. What've you got for me in about this size, maybe a bit bigger that is money on the honey? Serious question; stick it to me and I'll sub.

  6. Now I just need to get some props on my Nexus 5s – GTG.

  7. Hi , thank you for the review , i would like to ask a question , i am dong a car filming not a moving car but a stand still car , would you recommend it to do an orbit video around the car ? is the video shoot steady and smooth ? Thank you

  8. Is there any stabilisation done in post?

  9. Hi, I'm interested in the dobby, but I wanted to know if the videos that reggistra are really so painful, or for family use like holidays, can vacations go well? I found the dobby at € 140 again, it is worth spending € 4/500 to get the spark, certainly better but more expensive? Or do you recommend another foldable and portable drone better than this, obviously under 300 grams?

  10. All these drones have the same thing in common that the Karma doesn't need. Your cell phone screen and downloaded app. I really think this option is a cop out by manufactures that sell u a drone at a very high price without getting involved with software and remote controlers. Gopro bad or good took on that challenge by providing the consumer with all those possible issues . I think it's a matter of time before Gopro and it's Karma drone comes out with something that will blow the socks off drone companies bidding for a position in this market. I don't use a cell phone and don't want the harmful radiation that comes with a screen needed to fly their drone. No thanks !!!!

  11. I appreciate your video tutorial. I notice, however, that the screens and functions your show don't seem to be available on my Dobby. Mine is 'Dobby-Obe4ca'. Wonder if this is a different version of the software, and whether it might be an older version than you have. Thanks for any pointers you may be able to give me.

  12. I was looking for the elf

  13. Your videos awesome better than most cost you legit try everything the drone has to offer and give your opinion on it not many do that, I really have been wanting one of these ever since I found the ad , I got a little elfie drone it’s similar but a lot cheaper for like $60 it’s ok but when I’ve got some spare money I really want the dobby drone

  14. Güzelmiş o paraya çok iyi iş çıkarmış

  15. the drone thinks you are wolverine

  16. I really appreciate your videos! They are most entertaining and at the same time very thorough. You are definitely one of the best tech references out there at the moment.

    Having said that there is still one point that I would like to adress – and that is the focal length and aperture number that you state at around 1:27 in the video ("28 mm at f/2.2").
    I know – this was just the data provided by the manufacturer. But is is still totally BS 😁.

    Not too many people seem to be aware that the opening of a lens (the diameter of the entrance pupil) can easily be calculated from focal length divided by the aperture number. In this case, 28/2.2=12.7 mm. Together with the field of view (FOV) the entrance pupil defines the amount of light gathered by the lens (aka its brightness).
    Especially on detachable lenses the entrance pupil can easily be seen simply by looking through the detached lens.

    But even a short look at Dobby's lens will tell you that its opening is much, much smaller than 12.7 mm. It is actually less than two millimeters, just like most smartphones.
    This is because the actual focal length is not 28 mm but instead it is 28 mm divided by the crop factor, which is 7.4 (for a 1/3.06" sensor), so 28/7.4=3.8 mm.

    Simply put:
    The Dobby has a 3.8 mm f/2.2 lens and a 1/3.06" sensor. This is optically equivalent to a full frame sensor with a 28 mm f/16 (!) lens. The two camera systems have the same FOV and the same opening (3.8/2.2=28/16=1.7 mm). Therefore, both will provide the same amount of light to the pixels of their respective sensors, have the same signal amplification, similar noise and dynamic range, same natural vigneting, same depth of field and the same diffraction blur.
    In NO WAY is the camera of the Dobby comparable to a 28 mm f/2.2 full frame system, as such a system would have a much, much larger opening (12.7 mm instead of 1.7 mm) and hence capture much more light (50 times more, to be precise!).

    Please excuse my lengthy explanation but I have seen so many people getting this wrong. Including practically all manufacturers of action cams and drones.

  17. That is so cuteeee 👍👍

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