As you can see here, we have three types of drones and a little unknown, something here, but well talk about that in a second with drones, though they introduce a whole bevy of benefits and also some things that people need to be aware of. However, im not going to go through everything because theres tons of literature out there tons of videos to talk about. You know how to use drones and when you should and when shouldnt im going to. I simply want to talk about how why you would want to get a drone if youre interested right first off without saying drones are just cool right. I mean if youre growing up and you play with rc remote control, stuff cars and and just a remote control. Quad helicopter in the air that you can control and do things thats pretty amazing right and then, on top of that you have a camera. Now that you can basically fly around and video and take pictures and just from a perspective that typically was only available to if you could rent like a helicopter right drones for me as a filmmaker has opened up. So many possibilities that just financially – and it was not possible right to get some of the shots. Ive done for my movies, like my star wars, stuff, my commercial stuff, its just, it would be unrealistic right, but drones have made it so easy now, where you can just substitute drones for an overhead helicopter shout out or use it for like a boom or jib.

That type of thing and get that similar movement in in your shots, which is amazing outside of cinematography and photography, which is primarily what people have used drones for whether for recreation or professionally. The other aspect is just simply the flying experience. Getting that feeling as like a bird right initially when we came out with drones or companies, came out with drones. You you had these like the mavic series that were stabilized platforms and – and you got this buttery smooth, uh images and video. However, some people wanted more of an exhilarating experience right almost like you were flying and so thats where the fpv comes in, like the fpv crown and this one here. The dji fpv, which you can roll duck, turn dive and go up to almost 90 plus miles. An hour this gives you all that exhilaration, so you want to get that feeling of just going down to the shoreline and coming up on a cliff and then and then diving back down and doing a barrel roll. This is going to get you there so thats. The other aspect of drones, that is, that is useful and people will find it very enjoyable to do. This is the mini right here. Ill simply have this here, just to show you how small these have come now uh when the mavic 2 first came out. This was supposed to be the portable version right alternative to the phantom series, which just seems to have disappeared right ever since the phantom before theres.

No talk of anything after that, and then now we have the um map, the mini two right. This one, i primarily use for vacations, so this is another area that i would mention that is useful for drones. If you like it, you go on vacations youre, taking like these beautiful landscapes, and you know typically youre on the ground. You cant see how grand you are so imagine, youre on a mountain side or a waterfall, but being able to take glimpses of these things to get more of a feel of your environment and see it its just a breathtaking thing and thats something that drones even To these small sizes, the mini 2, which capture images up to 4k um, is wonderful. However, drones arent for everybody um when i was flying around, i bumped in somebody who was flying drones as well and it seemed like he had run out of places to fly right and thats the thing about drones. You kind of have to have the purpose. Why you? Why youre flying while youre doing stuff, because in the end, if you dont, have a purpose while youre doing things like for myself, i do it for commercial work. I do it for the my movies and videos so thats. Why? I use the drones, but if youre not doing any of those things and honestly youre going to buy these things and its going to sit on your shelf and youll be like.

Ah, i dont even fly dont even do anything. Why do i need to buy this right? I feel, like some people just buy these things because theyre you know the newest tech and dji releases, something else. If youre unsure find a friend right, im theres a lot of people out there who have them. I had a friend contact me at one point that say: hey im, not sure. If i like drones or not, can you help me to teach me to learn how to fly and and see if i actually like it before, i invest hundreds of dollars into even something like the mini 2, which costs about you know 400. 500 thats a significant investment, if youre, not sure, thats something you want to do so thats my suggestion for you guys that are on the fence about getting a drone myself at 10, 15. 2 days. I recognize i am blessed. God has given me an immense ability not just to take care of my family, but others and just all the blessings i give. I give glory to god because were relatively small channel things, and so we have to get something to entice people, but at the same time i want something to be able to like worthwhile to subscribers out there who supported our channel and and like the work. We do so with that being said, we are doing a giveaway right, so this is the mavic mini right, the the precursor to the mini 2.

. It has similar features to the uh mini 2 uh. It doesnt do 4k 2.7k im not going to go to all the details about it because i already did a review on the channel. So if you want to know about the mavic mini, i will include it link somewhere on the screen here or also in the description section below, so that you can learn all that. You want to know about this drone. We will be doing a random giveaway. The same rules apply to any other giveaway that weve done in the past. Please subscribe to the channel leave a like for this video and then also leave a comment below something encouraging would be nice or anything of that nature right. Just nothing negative theres plenty of negativity around the world. I would say so that that would be all the rules and, at the end, id say, im not sure the actual date, but you will see it somewhere on the uh. The screen here or in the description of this video will show the actual date that well do the drawing for this mavic mini. The only thing that this doesnt include is the um, the cage right or the prop protectors in this sense um. This we unfortunately have are not included in this package, but it includes everything else that is part of the standard. Mavic mini fly more combo except the prop protector thats it so with that being said, i hope you guys enjoy this channel and the things that were producing.

We have some other exciting things coming along the way. So, in the meantime, take care.