Pardon me for something that looks like it would be out on the road and, yes, I do have lights in there just a matter of turning them on and using them. Let'S try with all of the air out of the suspension such a choice, looking machine. This is why I love scale. Accessories is because when you have something super scale, then it just looks. You know like full size, okay, so no back, there's, there's no spring, almost nothing in the back I'm Robin people are actually always asking me where's your back wheel. Well, but this kit didn't come with one, even though they do offer it as an accessory. You can hear my digital servo chattering away. They'Re here, I'll put it in crawling gear first started back up again. I had actually turned my sound kit to turn off after five seconds, just cuz having all that battery power out on the trail being wasted for nothing. Here, we go that's a nice shot want that back tire off off the ramp, though that might be done. After maybe come on baby come on there, it is there. It is oh and I slipped off the top now good up on the ramp. How many of you at home have an articulation ramp, so you can test your suspensions. Look at that beautiful all of the tires are on the ground, except for the passenger tire and I've got no rubbing. Look at that. That is the way I love seeing a suspension setup for crawling, not too much flex in the front, because you don't want to fall down and flip you over into.

As you go over a hole, you want to make sure to be able to float that tire over a hole in the rocks or on the trail, look at that no rubbing on the back at maximum articulation that's the way it should be. My friends now is it going to roll over when I inflate the suspension, yeah and up you go beautiful, so that gives me a ton more room underneath a much higher center of gravity. Look at that it's way more aggressive. Looking is it going to roll let's, bring it in and check it out? Everyone always says I should make this my TTC truck or the tough truck competition truck, but this is part of the reason why I don't is all the limitations because of the water and the scale accessories. Look at that look at I'm floating that tire in the back I'm up on the ramp floating the tire in the back. I cannot get that tire on the ground because of the air in the suspension, but still not touching there tons of room right here and then, if I have the controller nearby, I can let out all the air at once. Yeah. Look at that beautiful such a choice, looking machine, so a viewer asked me the other day medic. What is your heaviest radio control 110 scale truck, and I had to consider that because my traxxas summit technically, even though I would argue it's an 8 scale, it is marked as a tenth scale, but still the capo JK max is actually one of the heaviest machines.

I have especially when I put in a larger battery. This thing at stock is just over 13 and a half pounds and of course I have the air ride suspension in there, which is here. Let me show you it's it's, actually up high right now, just let out the air in the front and back shocks. You remember when I installed that a few years ago you can see here this is the capo air inflation unit. This is the only problem that I find with having something like this is the limitation that it actually puts on my trail crawler, because, although I would say it is splash resistant, I definitely wouldn't want to take my JK here into the river and see if I Could you know, do it my best submarine impression which I'm the kind of like a Labrador Retriever? When I see a creek, I want to be in there splashing around as much as possible. So you know an all metal machine like this. Look at this on the inside. This even has its own little stand up rod. Therefore, the hood pretty insane this whole system in here has a brushed motor. It actually turns the pulley and the flywheel the belt actually moves, but I turned it to like just a specific Channel everyone's always like. Oh, you should hook it up to the throttle so it's always running and and that would actually burnout the very small single motor that's on the inside.

Instead of just having it on display putting the hood up and then as the machine is idling because I did put in a sound kit, love this thing, and I put in a turbo when this is idling and I'm able to turn this on. Just to have it spinning for everybody, it's, actually a pretty neat gimmick, I would say a scale accessory, but it's another one of those things that I truly don't need to have, and that kind of brings me to a question I have for the viewers. A lot of you, our scale crawlers, a lot of you guys, are all about the scale, accessories and scale realism right like this is one of the the most realistic JK's I have ever seen, even though you may not like the Angry Bird front. This is an aftermarket part for full sized vehicles right the angry angry eye I actually like it. It makes it a little bit more aggressive metal clamps on the front, so it clamps down your hood everything I needed. In fact, this even comes with a moving steering wheel that so I can have my hand on there and move the steering wheel, but this is something else I find I just have to buy another waterproof servo for it and put it in there. If I want to go splashing around or in the mud now, is that something that you guys actually care about? I remember years ago, when we're all talking about having moving gear shifters, having moving steering wheels like having our guys head, move, left and right to look back and forth.

That is pretty cool, but do you go the extra mile to get it? Let me know in the comment section down below I'll flip this over, so you can have a good look underneath. This is not the original JK truck that or Jeep. I should say that Kapil came out with they came out with a very complicated overcomplicated JK in the very beginning that was number one. The JK max was much improved version, as you can see here and I've got a ton of the upgrades on here. Of course, you can even see this from way back in the day when I was working with, Kapil I'm still am kind of from who, time to time. This is our fifth year anniversary. This was an option, part that came, and while obvious after you purchased this. If you wanted it, which is a remote locking, sway bar system which a lot of people are like, oh, why would you even have an electronic remote, locking, sway bar system, but the new jeeps actually have it? They have for a few years. So that's a neat option to have so, especially when you're trying to go fast and you don't want to have your your sway bars going back and forth. You can lock it up to make sure you have a little bit better center of gravity start it back up. Remember when Jim and I took this Jeep the first time all the way to Palm Springs for the for the unveiling video Music.

That was a great crawl. I remember now. This is with the suspension down low and it's in Top Gear. Of course you can see it live from that Music, but it sure does take the torque twist really well, it almost removes it. Okay, so it's leaning a little bit I'll just inflate it, you can see I'm actually lifting the truck right up and then, if we drive oh look, how high it is in the front of that truck, you can see that it's lifted the whole body right up. Music, okay, so I'll do a jump with this suspension lowered. Well, your buddy's ball to screw down. First, you guys can have a look at the body clearance, not bad Rob's a little bit and then down on the back. It'S come around again, so the jeep has a two stage: transmission of course, hi low and I actually find neutral to be a nice spot going down on a hill or something like that. We'Ll get a nice wide angle view here: cuz I'll take a run at it. Now, let's get this shot one two, three Music that's the way the wheels squeak, great suspension. Okay, so now I'm going to lift up the air suspension there's one slate front and back at the same time, well done now, we'll see if substantial difference in the way it performs much higher. Oh, I did it side by side in case. Have a side healing – and I wanted one side to be higher than the next, but I don't find it's very effective.

The way I wanted to do it you can raise the front or the back or side or side or all at once, either wait until gives you more clearance. I think, out of all the capital models. This one is my favorite. The ace one is cool. They Swan, which is right up there, that's cool as well, but I think just because this is a vehicle. I could normally see driving down the road it's, something that appeals to be more. Of course, the samurai six or one is also pretty sick and not bad whoa. Oh there I go well that's why you got a rollcage, a higher center gravity with that suspension all like that, but it makes it for a much plusher landing, Hey. Even on my tabletop. I love these tires so cool. I even get scale tire screeching sound. Well, there you go guys is this something that you would actually spend money on like this is a pretty expensive kit, but basically there's nothing to upgrade on it, except for the few option parts that capo gives you. I don't even I've, never seen a capo website that sells product. I know they do on their Facebook and I know that chaos or how high Oz. However, I pronounce it, they actually sell some capitalist stuff, but you have to send them an email through their website and then they get back to you. I'Ve got no affiliation to them other than I know that's how they sell some of their product.

But I got ta say it is always a pleasure to bring a capo to you guys to look at. This was a fantastic, build series.