Now ive had this idea for quite a while, like last year, actually theres a gentleman in our community that has a business and i follow him on instagram. He follows me as well and he basically sells used auto parts for like vintage cars, antique cars. He also sells the cars themselves and he has a really good instagram following he does a good job of promoting like what he has to offer. But i thought it would be cool to create like a 30 second video that he can post on his instagram. To maybe draw in some more you know, customers and so im going to give him a call today and see if he wants me to come out there with my drones im going to take the mini 3 pro because it shoots vertically – and this is going to Be a you know, social media, video and then also im going to take the um dji air 2s, along with the insta360 sphere camera, because i have an idea that i want to get with my air 2s. I dont know if im going to be able to do it. I dont have the balls of an fpv pilot but im going to try to do it with the air 2s and the sphere and see if i can make it look like an fpv. You know video, just one little section is what i want to do so: im not going to charge him for this project because number one this is sponsored by insta360.

So thank you to them for doing that, and then also you know, he just seems like a really nice guy and i think he could use just a little bit of more traffic to you know to kind of drive his business, and so one other thing that I should mention, if you are going to do this, you are in the united states, have to have your faa part 107, a remote pilot certificate, and i know a lot of businesses do it without having that part 107. But i have to advise you if you are going to help a business in any way with a drone. You have to have your part 107., so lets get things packed up im going to give him a call and see if hes there, and if he wants to do something today and if he is then hopefully we can make something cool hello, angry, auto group, hey Walt how are you doing good good, good, hey? This is russ calling from 51 drones uh. We follow each other on instagram, yep yep and i was calling to see ive been wanting to do this for a while, but uh. But you got a pretty good following there on instagram and i was thinking you could maybe use a little more marketing with something with a little pizzazz. I could yeah so yeah, so you know what i do obviously, and what i was thinking is. I could bring one of my drones out or maybe a couple drones and just get some footage of your property and kind of just find out exactly what you do and then maybe make just like a short promotional type thing for social media.

What do you think thatd be pretty awesome? I think yeah awesome um are you in the shop today? I am all right, a great day, cool um, maybe about 15 minutes ill run out there awesome thatd be excellent. Yes, all right cool so well see you in a bit all right all right, yep, thanks all right, so hes game, so um, like ive, seen the area ive driven by his property and ive seen hes got a lot of cars like a lot of classic cars. Most of them are torn apart, and so you know he parts them out sells the parts, but hes got some pretty cool. Looking antique cars there as well so uh so were gon na put the drones up and see if we can make him a little video. All right lets head out. Okay, so first i want to show you this and yes, this is me crashing yet another drone now ill explain how that happened here in just a minute, but as i drove into walts area into a shop here, i realized this. Guy has a ton of vehicles, hes got about 20 acres of stuff parts and vehicles that are titled and just a lot of different things that people all over the world are looking for. So its a pretty cool place, so we visited for a while. We kind of talked about what you know kind of what he expected and what i expected. And basically i just told him.

I wanted to start off with just a really quick social media, video, something that he could post on social media and get out there and just see if it got any more clicks for his business. So so then i showed him my drones. I showed him the mini 3 pro and that i was going to be using that primarily because it shoots vertical and its great drone shoots great video, and then i also talked about the air 2s and how i was going to use the insta360 sphere camera because I had a great idea: i wanted to fly this thing through some windows of a vehicle or through the windshield and then out the back window and – and i told them that theres a pretty good chance that i was going to crash it. And and as you just saw, i did crash it and uh, and then we just talked about some more areas that i could fly and get some interesting footage. Hes got a lot of great vehicles that a lot of people are looking for, but they just dont know that its out there. So so i showed him what the mini three pro looked. Like i flew around. I got as many different clips as i could. You know different perspectives and different moves. I wanted to have a lot of footage to draw from to make this final project. Then he showed me a few more areas that i could go.

We could walk down to and told me about this chevy truck that i could fly through with the air 2s. So i hooked up the insta360 sphere. Okay, so now im going to use the air 2s with the insta360 sphere camera and i have a couple ideas im going to try flying through a vehicle, and i think that footage is going to look pretty cool. And if you dont know what the sphere is. Basically, it removes the drone. I can capture everything around above and below the drone and record that and then, after the fact, were gon na head in to the computer and were gon na edit. The footage to make it look like whatever we want so were gon na be able to just fly im just going to try to fly through a vehicle, and hopefully i can edit that to make it look like its fpv footage um. But the sphere is pretty cool. This works with the air 2 and the air 2s, and if you havent seen my tutorial or my initial review on it ill put it right up here. If you want to click on that and the video description, so you can kind of see what this is about. So im going to see how skilled of a pilot i am here without obstacle avoidance, if youve been with my channel for any amount of time. You know that that obstacle avoidance uh saves me a lot so well see how this goes.

We went down there and i give it a try. I went straight through that windshield and as soon as i got into the vehicle the drone just lifted up and i think it has to do with the air. Maybe the air pushed it up a little bit and it went right into that back window and i crashed it. So it didnt hurt the drone, but it did put a scratch a couple of scratches on the insta 360 sphere camera. So i gave up – and i put it away and i was like you know what im gon na: try it one more time, but this time im gon na, do it a little bit differently, all right. So this is what i learned. If you dont get it the first time you keep trying until you get it and you cant go slow, you have to go balls to the wall, so i went back down there and i decided try. It again put it in sport mode and then you just right through the window and no problem. So i did it a couple times so. Im gon na head home now, im gon na put all this together. Im gon na put together a little little promotional piece for walt here and uh, see if we can put something together that kind of gets people pumped up about what you do here right all right. So thanks a lot walt thanks, appreciate it. Thank you and uh.

Hopefully, we can work together, some more in the future. Yeah awesome all right, thanks man, okay, so im gon na show you how i edit this clip in the insta360 studio app. This is from the sphere on the air 2s, and the first thing we need to do is we need to make this vertical uh right now, its 16 by nine, so were just gon na click right here make it a nine by sixteen and there we go Next thing we need to do is get rid of the shadow of the drone and then also we need to get rid of these marks from when i hit the truck the first time and scratch the glass. So we need to just change the perspective here. A little bit so the first thing is to click on this little plus here, thats, going to add a keyframe and then were going to adjust the distortion control all the way down to zero, because we want this to look as natural as possible. We dont want that fisheye effect, and so there we got rid of the shadow and we got rid of those marks now were going to try to keep the truck in the middle of the frame as we fly through here and then. What im going to do is im just going to scroll ahead and as it gets to the truck here, you see a little bit of shadow still of the drone right there on the hood.

So what im going to do is im going to drag this down and get that out of the frame and kind of looks like the cameras pointing up a little bit so im going to add a keyframe right there and then were gon na go ahead and Go through the truck and well go to about. I think right here and then what im gon na do is im gon na drag. This around were gon na face the back of the truck that we just came through and im gon na add a keyframe there and then were going to go off to the side. Here a little bit were going to keep that truck in the center were going to keyframe it and then well go all the way to the end, move it over a little more and keyframe it. So lets go back to the beginning and hit the play button. So we go through there and we whip around and come around like that. I think that looks pretty good. Its a little bit jerky a little bit grainy, but we can take care of that when we export it now. What im going to do is im going to export this im just going to click on that were going to name it were going to export it and were going to export it as prores 422. Remove the grain ill, give it a name and then what im going to do is when i put it into the project im actually going to reverse it.

So im going to look like were coming in from the back window and then flip around and show the front of the chevy. So, as you can see its really not that hard to edit this, you do have to do it a few times, but editing 360 footage is really easy, using the insta360 studio app. So, as far as editing the rest of the project, all i did was kind of cut up. The clips that i took. I took some birdseye. I took some, you know parallel shots. I took all kinds of different shots and i just cut them together and i put it to some classic rock music because thats what he likes – and i did nothing fancy with this project and at the end here im going to show you what you know. The project is so far im still waiting on a voice voiceover from him im, not sure if were going to add a voiceover or not im, still waiting on some text to put on top of this. But you guys will get the general idea of it so kind of sad that i wrecked my sphere, because i was really starting to have a lot of fun with that camera. So but thank you to insta360 for sponsoring this video that really helps out really helps out walt and his business. Hopefully, hopefully he drives some more traffic to that, and hopefully you guys can kind of get inspired now to like hey.

You know what theres this business down the road and i really like their products. I really like what they do lets give them a call lets see if we can make something for them, or you know maybe theres something else in your community that you can help promote. You know maybe theres a non profit that you can help promote or whatever. So you know, if you have any ideas, put them down in the comments and lets share those things, because maybe some people will get some ideas from your comments and from your ideas because thats what i like to do on this channel, i, like all of us To share with each other so put that down in the comments it looks like its snowing doesnt it its stupid, elm tree seeds, dont ever plant elm trees, you guys so, but hopefully this helps walt out, and hopefully it helps you guys out as well. If you got anything of value out of this, click on that thumbs, up button im going to put a link for insta360 down in the description as well check them out. They have some awesome products, not just the sphere but all kinds of 360 cameras and accessories for that also im going to put a link to walts instagram. So if you want to see the final project once we get it posted, you can watch that as well.