We got him. Look at all that i know look how crazy that is: bro ew, what the i was like! Oh my god! What? Where am? I is this my backyard whats going on wait. Am i im sonic wait? Do you have a tail? I have a tail. This is amazing. Wait. This can only mean one thing, maybe im fast whoa jesus. Did anybody see that, oh, my god, im so fast? Let me try again whoa whoa whoa. Where am i going? Where am i go? Whoa wait nice skipping to nighttime. Where am i, this is crazy. Wait! What? Where am i now? What is this place? I dont know, but where i am, but this is amazing. Im literally sonic wake up were going to mcdonalds sonic dude. What are you talking about? Sonic, wake up man, we got it, you told me were going getting mcdonalds hello, what the is the matter with you. Why are you waking me up like that? What the bro are you kidding me right now? Did you just wake me up? I was literally in the best room i could ever possibly be. I was sonic bro bro were trying to go to mcdonalds. You told me to come here for mcdonalds and youre sleeping on the couch youre, not even ready. You have a bathrobe on. I was so fast man you should have seen me. I was zooming dude. You want to be zooming so badly.

You want to be sonic so badly. How about i put my foot up your butt and ill. Make you become sonic by going to mcdonalds. Is that does that make sense? Um okay lets go to mcdonalds, okay, guys so were at mcdonalds, as you maybe tell right there, and we got something amazing. Going on mcdonalds re released their collaboration with the sonic universe, meaning they brought back some iconic toys. Ive done tails ive done sonic. The only people left that i have yet to do is knuckles metal, sonic super sonic, amy rose and shadow. The hedgehog, oh so theres that many yum. How about i handle the ordering this time? Uh? Are you sure yeah? Oh okay, lets: do it there, it is bro lets see it man. Can you actually order properly? All right go for it. Hi uh. Could i get five happy meals, please the sonic ones, yeah. Those are the ones uh and i dont want sonic or tails yeah. All the toys – please yep, oh my god, okay, all hamburgers and uh chocolate, milk, oh okay, all right! Well, thanks man thanks a lot yup dude! What is this line? Man? The real question is: why did you get five of them? Are you everyone, crazy dude? You were sleeping the time i got home and ive been waiting for so long to get this mcdonalds youre that hungry yeah im just fricking, starving, okay. Well, the problem is were opening this up during the devils hour.

Dude look its literally 3 17 in the morning. Oh well, it doesnt matter man. I just want the food youre asking were gon na deal with the toys later all right. All right lets just cut the camera. Until we get there guys, look at all the chocolate milks they just gave me bro way. Dude. I cant wait. The hot meals are up next bro. I cant wait. Thank you mcdonalds dude man. We got them. Look at all that i know look how crazy that is. Bro holy, i got ta be careful driving with all this on me, its like im carrying little babies. This is weve got the metal sonic. We got amy shadow, look at that. We got bulls and super sonic bro, okay bro. That was one i know its insane. Well, just head to the house and well open them up, because i got ta put these somewhere man. This is crazy man. Oh man did we ever hit a golden ticket here. This is like the best thing ever. You know what i thought it was an awful idea, but five happy meals, no ones ever done this. This is the best idea i think ive ever had. I agree and we are loaded with burgers for days. I would say chocolate milk, but we might have drank every single one of them in the car, but it doesnt matter its okay, because we have all this food right. This is whats important.

We want sonic characters, yeah, so im gon na start off with one of my favorite super sonic im genuinely curious, because these are new releases. You guys can see like the boxes are completely different than normal and im very curious. So lets pop her open and lets see whats inside oh man, what you want to move these over because we got a long session ahead of us yes, starting off with oh what um a lot of yellow, oh ew. What is that? Oh, my god, look at the fries. What is that its like a like a liquid mustard or i dont know i dont, know um, but that does not look right like look at this packaging, its like greased up with like some sort of yellow look at the fries, the fries are literally yellow. It smells like some kind of like sour, like oh dude, i dare you to try one of these. Try one of these yeah try that and how about the burger? No, what about the bird im? Never doing that again! Oh my god! Look at all this sauce brother holy moly. We got sauce for days – oh, oh, my god. Thats way. Oh my god. Sonic is obsessed with the color yellow man bro. He loves mustard thats for sure. Why would they put so much? I dont know man like ugh. Okay, it has it has to do with this box right, like you, know, whats super soft, it doesnt matter, because we got the toy oh wow, dude, that is sick, thats, really good.

He looks so cool. Look at his spikes! Oh, my god is that cute little tail see that right there, this tail, but look at his nose. Look how long his nose is pinocchio 2.0 over here his nose as long as his tail. His nose is as long as my nose this ones yours we got knuckles is that your favorite uh, no actually its uh jim carrey, ah thats right, yeah, eggman, yep, okay, dude. What what knuckles is red right yeah? Is it all red? Let me see dude, i dont know if thats what i think it is, it looks like blood theres. No chance we got the burger. Oh look at that, oh, like whose blood is that like? Why is that in a happy meal? What is that? It kind of looks like it: oh, my god, sauce boss, 2.0, look at all this dude. Why is it obsessed with putting you know what? If the the employee at mcdonalds is just trolling us and just decided to put you think so, because we werent all five yeah, i think so i dont know man because the chances is normal bro. Nobody gets this much ketchup yeah, but what dude? How do they do this? They like put blood in there too. Are the fries like that too lets see? Oh, my god dude it smells like blood. It literally does now. Are you going to eat that the other one yeah ill definitely eat it? Lets just show the toy, then we can move on yeah.

Okay, so we got here. He is knuckles, very, very cool, look at his hands bro there. He got knuckles, wow, very cool wheres, the other guy uh. I ate him. Compare the two: oh very cool. Okay, a good addition: mcdonalds im impressed im, genuinely impressed my toys, better im, just well im, saying man: okay, yeah well: youre, lying thats, looking like uh that aint looking right, somethings wrong here, whats this! Oh my god, look at my hands! Bro, im scared! Im! Im scared: this is amy rose. Oh, do you think everythings gon na be pink? Oh, my god. I wonder, lets find out. Oh oh, is it um you tell me, is that pink? Oh, it kind of does look pink yeah. What the hell is that i dont know. What do you think lets see? Oh whoa, what is that? Okay? Oh, what the hell is that ew, what the it smells like its rotting? Why is there bro its literally mold? Look at it? Oh, my god. Why is the bird wait the burgers inside out look? Is it back like that too? Oh, my god, i cant even grab it bro ew. Why would they do that? Look at the pink look at the pink dude thats! Oh thats, one of the grossest burgers. I ever seen that is awful. That is awful. What is the matter with them? Who amy rose whats, the matter with you? Why you be eating these things? What else anything else um the same treatment for the fries? I guess is that blood the same thing yeah? What the hells a matter with them? Okay, something somethings up the toy better, be worth it and i think it is oh hello: amy rose wow, oh bad, it looks pretty cool comment down below who your favorite character is here, im genuinely curious.

Okay, all right guys! We got metal sonic, one of the coolest characters, hands down. Ooh im excited for this boy, hes staring at the camera like hes about to eat it smell test um. I see something see a little bit of blue that doesnt smell very good. What is that? Okay? Were gon na try sauce, okay were gon na close our eyes together and youre gon na surprise us all right: okay, three two one! Oh my god! Oh my god. What the hell is that man, you know what give me that you want me to try. One of these okay ill try one dude. These are blue fries. How are you trying blue fries? Oh my god, dude that, oh, oh, you could actually die from that like what are you putting in your mouth? Those are amazing. Are you serious, bro, blueberry blueberry blueberry horrible? What do you mean its not bad its better than that yeah? I guess so yeah! Okay! Next up, we have the burger. We got a lot of blue im thinking a blueberry burger. Okay, what what happened? What happened? Um is it like a that doesnt look right that looks more like mold. What the hell wait, turn it around what dude, its literally just a patty and bread Music theyre burgers like how is this theres, not even any? Oh, my god, look at the bottom of it dude. I dont know man that that will look right, that dont look right at all um some kind of oil, maybe because its metal sonic, i dont, know bro.

But, oh, you know what it could be, but i dont know why i think the blueberry the toys, though theyre this is probably the coolest toy wow. Look at that guys, that is nuts man, all these toys bro, what the heck! You know what this is a fantastic idea. I love this. I love this look. Whats last we got shadow the hedgehog thats, my boy right there theres, actually a video that i filmed on my channel where he saved me youll be able to do that again. So if you get in our way, im not gon na be able to save you so hes, my boy, i dont, have nothing to worry about. I know this is going to be the best one hands down hes the nicest of all this um well thats, interesting. What theres, no fries, theres no way theres, no fries, not even one fry. I mean its green wait whats up! Why is the burger like this? Why does it look so small? Oh, what look at it this ew somebody bit it and ate it bro. What is this, do you think the person who gave us the burger like ate it before they even started happy meal is off tonight? I dont know whats, going on my hands, are full of this crap and were getting half eaten burgers fully colored with oil. I dont know whats going on, but all i care about is that toy, because theyre really cool.

So i know for a fact that shadow toy um is it: where is it um theres? Nothing in here, theres, no shadow toy. Are you? Are you what the hell bro wait, what where could it possibly be if the fries are eaten and the burgers in okay? What sometimes we lose videos in these toys that come to life? What if shadow like like started eating the things and just somehow escaped in the morning? Remember: oh, you know what maybe think about it. Bro, every single time we get a happy meal at three in the morning, something bad happens and specifically the sonic ones like we did tails. We did sonic and sonic exe, almost every single game, shadow man. What are you doing? Bro, you got ta, stop scaring us like that dude. Actually, this is a giant sonic, hes, nice hes, really nice, nice hows it going man youre doing good good, you good. What did i say about the happy meals? What nothing you said nothing about this! You just said you dont, want us to contact you or contact any of us. If you do this, youll get in contact with them. I told you. It was a bad idea. Okay, okay, here, come here. Come here, you come here: jesse, listen, listen! Hes good! He saved us im sure he does yeah hes. Really good. Dont worry. Okay, so dont worry about it. Well, we i have a reason. I have a reason.

Okay, we were so hungry man thats all it was. There was the only thing left were happy meals with all these toys yeah. We wanted to summon anything really. It just happened. Man they come. I have to deal with this okay, but they wont they wont. Okay, so just come. Come have some food yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, hey whoa. Did you just do a shoe yeah, you dont know what youre getting into what the hell bro its stopping tonight. What do you mean its stopping tonight get out of here? What are you talking about? Just let us eat the mcdonalds yeah you dont want any. You dont have to have any lets get out of my house im. Shutting this down. Oh, what are you doing? Why are you doing that get off me? Oh, my god, jesse! I need to move hes coming hes coming Music, i dont know man, listen hes, always been nice. I dont know why hes attacking all of a sudden, doesnt look nice at all. I dont know what youre talking about. Oh, he was. He saved us last time. You see him no okay, it sounds like hes in the kitchen or something we need to get him out of the house, but the bat is in the kitchen what im pretty sure what yeah hell the bats right there here. Oh there you go yeah shadow, whoa, listen, you say those last time get out of the house.

Get out of the house. Go get out. Okay, yeah get in the back. Come on lets, go lets, go back up, get down. There lets go yeah, you think its funny huh get him, get him, get him ready: sonic sonic, thats, the shadow bro yeah sonic. You like that right, huh yeah, its a good one, yeah! Okay, here we go youll, never be as good as sonic youre going to be always in the shadow. Oh, that was good, pretty good yeah yeah, oh, oh, my god, yo get him come on bro youre ready! Oh please, please! Music! Are you? Ive been training to be a ninja. My entire life lets go. Oh my god shadow! You stand! No chess play lets play wan na play game. Crap lets go! Oh! Oh, my god! Oh my god holy crap. I never liked him anyways. As long as we have our toys thats, all these toys are still happy enough not coming to life. Theyre fine, and you know what im going to do im going to put them in the freezer, because in the freezer they have no chance to transform. But there you go and we dont even need the shadow toy anyways if hes gon na be like that. Well leave him out there guys. I didnt expect to get such a workout today, but im just gon na end the video here, because we dealt with the problem, and that was shadow. If you guys enjoyed the video go down below and smash 50 000 likes go check out.

My boy mike.