This is a ls xtx or xt6. The everyday fly cam supposedly so i was doing some research on google and i found this camera this drone. It has a 4k built in apparently i just received it today and when i was testing it there’s no way that you can actually download the app or get the wi, fi or bluetooth in it. So a lot of you, people that do a lot of research, be careful on what you buy, because i thought this camera was actually a an actual drone that was up. You know and there’s no way in hell that you can actually get it to work. I’Ve tried google i’ve, tried uh bluetooth to get active to start it. You know filming and take photos, yeah there’s, no way that you can get it to start. So when i noticed something, for instance here’s the camera right. But when i take the bottom part and flip it over there’s a screw right there right, where i’m pointing at you take that off and here’s what i’m going to show you i’m going to take this screwdriver here and i’m going gon na show you what i’m Talking about okay, whoops get the screw now check this out, here’s, the but where’s the part that goes here. I don’t see anything. You know what i mean there’s. No, i just don’t get it where’s, the part here’s. What i don’t know if they’re supposed to something, go in there or not, but i have no clue.

Definitely don’t have a clue. This may be a camera, maybe it’s one of those fake cameras. I don’t know so. If you guys know this camera or drone or whatever drop a comment below, i would really appreciate it, because i just bought something that maybe could have been a scam. I don’t know again. This is one of the ls drones that i saw on google and it popped up along with the other drones and uh. It looked pretty nice and they have actual video saying it works, but there’s no way in hell. I can get it to activate. You know the whole footage and they say you download an app but there’s really no app really and you connect it to your wi fi, but it doesn’t show anything on your wi, fi or bluetooth. You know what i mean so yeah i mean if you guys know anything about this drone. Send me a comment, and i really appreciate it if you guys know how to use this uh ls xt after xt6 drone, but wait a minute here check this out. I also found out that see this right here that isn’t a camera check this out, see that that’s a piece of foam there. You go, ladies and gentlemen, that shows you right there that do not buy this Music ls, xtx, scam, all right, guess: that’s it! For today, if you guys, like this video thumbs up, drop a comment below and make sure you hit that subscribe button and remember before you purchase something online, make sure you read their reviews.

If it doesn’t have a review, do not buy it. That was my biggest mistake was because i felt for it because it said on the box on the website. It’S got a 4k built in and not true, totally scam. So thank you guys for watching stay.