This does not work. The lobbies are crashing. The servers themselves are not online theres limited weapons, theres only two game modes – theres only seven maps – battlefield 2042 – absolutely sucks – do not buy it. Now. The point of this video is im going to try and convince you exactly why this game is such a freaking mess and why there is a tiny slice of it that i unfortunately enjoyed what up gamers dreamcast guy here – and this is my brutally honest review of Battlefield 2042. Now, where do i even start with this lets begin at the beginning? So this is a new game. Thats just come out, except technically it hasnt. This is currently the early access version of it that reviewers have and also, if you paid 100. This is the ultimate edition of it, and even in this early state, the servers cannot seem to handle the tiny limited player base. Everything about this game is a completely glitchy catastrophe. In fact, this has been out for about 30 hours. Now there is already over 1 400 reported errors in the game itself. These bugs range from tiny errors of just textures, not loading all the way up to some very major stuff, like the fact that sometimes your gun wont fire or enemies can be immune to bullets. This game is constantly just shredding itself to bits now heres. The part of this that definitely frustrates me. The most is the fact that there is no single player in this.

If you want to play battlefield 2042, this is an online only experience and more than that, it has no story, theres no campaign. So its not, you can just play the single player until they fix it. The only part of this experience that even exists right now is completely destroyed because of how broken the game is. I truly pity anybody who bought this so lets talk about the two different game modes: the custom game, lobbies, which is called portal and the seven different maps. So essentially, when youre playing this theres two separate things, you could do theres conquest, which is massive areas that you have to try and capture in order to get points. Theres also breakthrough mode, which has you pushing deeper into enemy territory, to basically hold as many points as possible, so its conquest with extra steps and hazard zone, which is the more tactical game type. Let me start off by talking about hazard zone, because this is much smaller and much more technical in this mode. You and your squad are given a direct mission, sometimes doing things like stealing hard drives or trying to just evac people or whatever, like that, but heres. The thing that makes this extra difficult is that in this you only have a single life when you die, you are dead. Now, if you manage to explore the map, you can find things like redeploys, that let you revive teammates and you can pick up people off the ground as long as they didnt get headshots.

Now this game mode really begins to exemplify what theyre clearly trying to do with battlefields 2042, which is that this is a more serious game when it comes to on the fly, adapting the biggest new mechanic that theyve added into battlefields 2042. Is this new thing called the plus system during the course of running around trying to complete these objectives and capturing points and stuff like that, you can sometimes have a life that is 20 minutes long seriously, ive been alive for huge chunks of an entire match and Some of these matches do end up lasting a full hour as long as the lobby doesnt completely implode and when youre alive for a long time. You really begin to appreciate the plus system, because essentially the way it works is it lets. You switch out specific pieces of your gun on the fly and heres an example of a time where this is fantastic. I could switch between a scope to be extra long range and snipe people and then, as people are trying to flank me, take off the scope or change the break of the gun to actually change the range of it. This is an interesting mechanic. I mean straight up everything else in this game kind of sucks, the physics are broken, the speed is clunky, but when it comes to the plus system itself, this is ingenious. You really appreciate this, the most in hazard zone because since when youre dead, youre dead its nice to be able to just easily swap between all the different pieces of your gun to fit that specific situation.

But lets talk about conquest. This is clearly meant to be the major aspect of the game itself like this is what they want you to play for hundreds and hundreds of hours. Conquest is the mega maps. This is where you have the hundreds of people all parachuting in and trying to capture these points, but the way it works is that every time you manage to hold one of these zones, it slowly drains the enemy resources. The more of the map you own, the faster the enemy, is going to eventually be defeated, but the major difference here that theyre trying to implement that feels, futuristic because this is battlefield 2042. Is this takes place in an era where global warming is completely ravaged the planets the areas were playing in are some very destroyed cities or big blown out military bases, or sometimes just desolate wastelands because of the heat scorching the earth? The environmental detail is very, very cohesive, its nice to see such a specific theme, and they stick to it. Everything in here looks so blown out and weather, worn and really kind of damaged in a realistic fashion. Additionally, this is going to sound weird, but i give them credit for having a brighter color palette. So many freaking games these days, especially first person shooters, are so dingy and brown and gray its nice to see actually green grass and gigantic blue skies. Its cool that this game has the guts to give us a little bit of interesting, freaking flavor to look at now.

The other aspect of these maps that you need to worry about is the gigantic storms that can show up. So these events, this map, is just big in general, like trying to get around whenever youre trying to get a hovercraft, even though sometimes vehicles just fly when theyre not supposed to this is a game thats all about mobility, its about trying to go from point to Point as carefully as possible without getting picked off, and sometimes what can really ruin your day is a super storm on every single map. A huge tornado can show up and just start sucking up everything from the vehicles youre in to people to even just being able to just jump into the storm yourself and fly around in a wing suit. Alright, so this right here thats pretty cool. This is a way you can pretty easily just fly from one end of the map to the other, except for the fact that sometimes these storms can also just kill you instantaneously. It feels like theres such a terrible, yin and yang of bad balancing inside of battlefields 2042, because, while certain moments like this of being sucked up into a tornado and flying out of it, it feels like the ultimate montage bait. It feels like a game thats all about failing, horribly about having broken lobbies and then getting that one insane play that makes you smile for an hour like this game. Is such a freaking catastrophic game because as much as i hated 90 of it, 10 percent is utterly brilliant.

Now lets talk a bit more about the glitches themselves, so everything youre seeing here is being played on the playstation 5, because originally i tried to play this on the xbox series x and the game was literally broken. Not a single match would finish. Every single lobby completely melts, and it just annoys me because why am i paying 100 dollars for a game i cant play now? You may be saying well, at least you got it to work on playstation 5. Well, heres the thing even on ps5. It barely works straight up. Even the freaking server masters themselves. The official battlefield account is having to tweet out yeah. The game is really unplayable were sorry about that. Almost every single time you try and join a match. You can get this huge screen. That says. Oh sorry, theres a persistence error. This is just one of the glitches. Sometimes youll have other stuff, where youll just get kicked out of a game for no reason, one of the most annoying ones, sometimes youll sit in queue. Youre sitting there waiting for the match. To start, i sat here for seven minutes. It said that people were joining and then it just put me back in the lobby and then even when you do get in the lobby, heres something that personally pisses me off. There are no scoreboards, theres, no kill death ratios and even if you get into a match after each and every lobby it kicks, you out, you cant do multiple matches with the same people its stupid to me that theyre making this like is this, so they can Have some sort of like skill based matchmaking? I dont understand what the logic is of trying to make a game that just constantly slams on the brakes like.

Since you keep kicking me out and since ninety percent of the time the lobbies are going to crash, it makes it where sometimes there would be 30 or 40 minutes between getting into a successful match. It is insane to me, and then even when you are in this theres, not a lot of content. There is not a lot of guns in general, even as i leveled up and tested out things like the shotguns and the sniper rifles. You realize that the balance the closer you look at this. The game is incredibly busted like heres one of the main problems that everybody is incredibly pissed about. Right now, myself included sniper rifle bullets are the slowest in the entire game. This is such a clear error in the game itself. So when you get a sniper rifle and shoot it, the bullets fall out of the sky like its a freaking airplane without gas, whereas if you use a different gun but with the sniper scope on it, the bullet range is better and faster. So a lot of times i would get an assault rifle and put a scope on it and be killing people from miles away. Why is it that im in the future – and i have a gun that sucks so bad? I might as well be throwing rocks at people like seriously the sniper rifle i spent so many hours just trying to get some good. Headshot footage and bullets are just falling on the ground and im getting killed by people who are practically just blind firing, their assault rifle from a half a mile away.

Everything about this game annoys the heck enemy, but the strangest part about this game is that secretly, within its theyve, actually packaged together, the previous battlefields, so stuff like battlefield, bad company, 2 and battlefield 3 are tucked inside of this. You can even play the old ones from like battlefield, 1942 theyre inside this game. If you go into portal mode, this allows you to play the previous versions of them, but seemingly with updated graphics, and so i actually spent almost all of last night just testing out the retro content going through world war ii moments playing vip, shooting people in the Head with all these different, crazy stuff, unleashing rocket launcher justice in these jungles and whats weird is that the retro game modes that are inside of battlefield 2042 work perfect, like im seriously losing my mind here. The sniper rifles from a hundred years ago work better than the sniper rifles that are apparently from battlefield 2042. This game is so busted. It feels like they didnt even test it. How did nobody actually say? Oh this doesnt work. I am so frustrated because the parts of this that are the most fun are when youre playing the old school content every time i actually logged into the servers of battlefield 2042 a lot of times. I just wanted to break my controller because i was so frustrated at how destroyed how limited and how poorly balanced this game is. Do not buy battlefield 2042.

If youre watching this in the future, perhaps youre going oh well, the game works great now. Well, you know what im reviewing this currently on november 13th. So congratulations this year in the future, when the game is actually fixed. Currently, as it comes out, it is a destroyed mess and i, as a fan, am extremely disappointed. Alright, so weve heard a lot of bad and a tiny bit of good lets go over the ratings board and put a big number on it. I am giving battlefield 2042 a 4 out of 10.. Thank you so much for watching this video gamers. If you enjoyed it, please give it a gigantic thumbs up liking. The video does help its in the algorithm. Hopefully, this video can get 5 000 or 10 000 likes. So its worth all the ridiculous amounts of stress and annoyance i had to put up with. I love you guys very much if youd like please subscribe, and you know what have a great day, but do me the biggest favor of all and keep dreaming. I do want to do a gigantic shout out to my friend discard guy. He actually played this game. Super late last night with me uh, he is a great dude. He actually does this like cool youtube channel, where he, like checks out peoples, game rooms and stuff super chill guy. Thank you so much discard for hanging out with me and doing all those incredibly broken lobbies thanks so much for watching that video.

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