Oh, i like that visual that you just gave me uh just a drone flying in heavy rain, well youre gon na, like the footage and has its own robotic dock, the dji matrice 30 enterprise isnt a hobby drone, though uh. That means its only for the pros. Yes, Music, wasnt there, a game called heavy rain. Yes, did you play it? I have not its very dramatic yeah. I played a little bit of that. It was um, oh my god, its like its its intense and sad and its not its, not like other games. You play yeah just putting it out there anyway. This one flies in heavy rain. Yes, you wouldnt believe it state of the art took a barrage of water in the marketing videos and the fine print says. Snow and heavy rain are not okay for flying. Oh okay but djis weather sealing confidence rating have improved so it can do it but just like not to but but then ready. Then they say elsewhere, not in the fine print. I guess its made for heavy duty, rain yeah, but uh i mean like any drone. You have to be careful, no, i know but its like. They say the fine print pdf says one thing and then the marketing set anyway, oh yeah, heavy rain, high winds, high altitudes, even in icy and snowy conditions, from minus 20 celsius to 50 celsius. Wow m30 is more portable than practically any of the companys other industrial drones.

This is sick. Oh, my goodness, gracious we got much love a hundred bucks wow holy. Oh two brit bears. Is that right two bit bears. Am i reading that its really far mo you got ta help me out here. Two bit bears yeah well, shout out. Oh yeah, big time big time shout out um its less than 10 pounds 8.2 pounds. Yeah i mean it looks pretty compelling yeah. It looks like some of their consumer stuff theyre putting out, but obviously its not, i presume its a lot more expensive too talking about 41 minute flight time. Oh, it comes with the case like that. Yeah look at the oil rigs in the back. Look at this see the heavy rain going on. Oh man lets go with the drone like thats, getting hit with the rain, no problem, no problemo it and it launches out the back of your pickup truck and then lands back in there wow. I feel i feel like you could do something like this mo you, a guy like you, you roll up the pickup truck and just deploy everyones like whos, this guy yeah its like the the was it the police there that had the drone that came off. It was the full star yeah, it was youre right. Oh two, i believe its kind of like that, but i guess is the camera still uh its got to be able to perform really well in low light im, assuming if its raining its not bright, sunny no right, wow, uh, yeah, im guessing, i dont think it Has the specs here listed but um 41 minutes flight thats, fine, thats, pretty good, thats, amazing, 41, minute flight time, all the sensors cameras, but what about price? They didnt tell us the price at all industrial drone couple grand handful of grands.

It doesnt, say here and on this article – maybe maybe maybe nope still. No, it integrates a 48 megapixel half inch cmos sensor. It can do uh 12 megapixel wide angle, 8k photo 4k. 30, video, okay, Music, oh play the clip to play this clip. Oh its a gif. Here we go what oh thats in air? Oh, what is it? Okay doing loop de loops, its like you cant crash me, no, its kind of like a barrel roll, almost yeah. What was thats crazy? How the dji m300 rtks impressive, three propeller emergency landing mode works to help the drone maintain stability, oh thats, the emergency landing it just like freaks out. Well, actually, no! No because its recovering from a motor failure, it can lose one motor, so thats the motor failing and this is it catching its balance. Oh wow, this all of a sudden became amazing, yeah, thats user friendly. Did you ever crash a drone before ive gotten really close? I havent crashed it though, but to be fair, ive only flown a drone, a few times. Okay, i have oh there you go, it starts at 10. Grand starts at 10 grand whoa, but i guess that makes sense and then the uh the upgraded model over there is 14 000, its industrial, its for industrial application, but very cool will well done yeah.