Take a closer look Music. The mavic 3 has seen a suite of upgrades over its predecessor, allowing it to take better video, shoot, better photos and stay in the air for longer. Every single little element has been updated, so it really feels like a big step up. So lets start with this camera because lets face it thats the thing that we all really care about now: its actually packing two sensors and two lenses inside this stabilized unit. Here now the main camera has a four thirds size image sensor, which is the biggest sensor size that weve seen in the mavic range and its a big step up from the one inch size sensor seen on the previous mavic 2 pro now, a bigger sensor means It can capture more light and offer better dynamic range, so that should mean that when youre doing those lovely videos of sunsets, you dont have a completely blown out sky and i have been impressed with the footage that ive captured with this. So far. The exposure is excellent, as is the detail when you shoot at the maximum 5.1 k resolution colors and contrast, look good thanks to that hasselblad color science, but you can also shoot in d log. If you want to do some more grading in post production, later, itll shoot 4k video at up to 120 frames, a second for some slow motion and its got a manually adjustable aperture from f 2.8 through to f 11.

. Its still images are 20 megapixels in size and it can shoot in dng raw, which is great for applying more edits over the top in software like adobe lightroom. The second camera provides a telephoto zoom with an equivalent focal length of about 162 millimeters. Now i was really excited about having this zoom option. When i first heard about the drone, but in use, it is only okay, you cant shoot dng raw format. Images with this, its jpeg only and the video tops out at 4k 30 frames a second but its the image quality that takes a real noticeable dive. When you switch to that telephoto lens, particularly if youre using the digital zoom as well, things start to get very, very blurry very, very quickly. It is a useful tool for location scouting from the air, as it does allow you to get close up on those details. But the footage does not look good enough. That youd actually want to use it in a production. Dji is also offering the mavic 3 cine version, which is basically the same drone, but it can shoot in apple prores, which allows for a lot more scope for post processing later on that drone also features a built in one terabyte. Ssd drive for saving those massive files while up in the air, and surprisingly it comes with a much higher price. The drone itself is aesthetically similar to others in the range and of course it does fall down, as you can see into a much more compact size, its about the size of a large zoom lens.

So it will fit quite comfortably in a photography backpack, which makes it great for chucking in a bag and going out on a hike with various efficiency improvements for the motors and more dense batteries. Dji reckons you can get up to 46 minutes of flight time. From this, in reality, i found that was closer to about 35 minutes in mixed conditions, but thats still a big step up over the last model. If you buy the fly more combo that comes with two extra batteries and you can easily be looking at over an hour of footage every time you go out its just as easy to fly as other in the range with the same basic controller that connects to Your iphone or android phone anyone thats familiar with djis existing drones, will have no trouble flying this at all and even beginners will not struggle to get up to speed. I love the automated flight paths and object tracking of the previous drones, and, while that is coming to this drone, it wont arrive until the end of january. Now that is disappointing, that such an important feature isnt already on board at launch, particularly considering the quite high price. So, of course, if being able to have the drone, follow you, while youre out hiking, is crucial to your filming, then its probably worth waiting until next year to buy one its got improved, sensors all around giving it better object avoidance in all directions.

That meant i had no worries at all about flying it close to trees, because that improved object, detection should hopefully mean that it wont, go and crash into the branches, and indeed its still here, so it didnt. It also makes the automated return to home a lot safer, as it is better at avoiding obstacles on the way, all of which will hopefully make it less likely that youre going to lose it in the middle of a forest. So is the mavic 3 actually worth buying? Well, if your priority is just something compact and nippy to get some decent shots from the sky, then you should probably look towards smaller drones, such as the dji mini 2.. Similarly, if you want decent all round footage – and you dont want to spend quite as much money then last years, air 2s is a great drone to consider. But the mavic 3 is maybe for people who want to take their aerial filming a little more seriously. Its great image quality and its bigger sensor size puts it more in line with djis pro level inspire models, except this is a lot smaller and also quite a lot cheaper. So what the mavic 3 really offers is a compact and relatively affordable way of getting beautiful footage from the sky.