What? If you’re not good for me Music, we do anything for what we started. Music me Music for me, Music, um, for me, Music Applause, Music, what’s up everybody! Welcome to the fpv news with jb and it’s plenty, how you doing blunty good josh how’s it going i’m doing really well i’m glad to be here again. It’S. Really the highlight of my week in some ways be honest with you. This is a good hangout with you and all these beautiful people and just talk about fpv news right. Yes, that’s. What we’re here for Laughter you’re living it because you actually pick the new segments most i mean i send you some stuff, but you actually got your ear to the ground every all week, trying to drum up stuff. So i try to yeah yeah get a lot of messages, try to stay in all the communities and stuff like that that’s. The main reason i’m on facebook is to keep up with fbv news, so yeah we’re going to talk in a minute about the news items. We’Re going to go over the news items, we’ve got but first let me welcome you the to the chat uh, all the folks in the chat. Thank you. Tyler harris for loving the energy. I see devil. Did we made devil a moderator. Last week, devil the guys who cracked the dji fpv drones. Uh. We made them a moderator, so they’d stand out that’s what that’s i just tag: people as moderators, so they show up as blue in the chat i don’t care.

If they moderate grunt is here. I got some work for crunk coming up one of the items of this week. All right now, trunk says 99 of the news comes from his discord. That’S not true is that true, no that’s that’s an inflated number. Well, what uh? What news items let’s do? A quick rundown of the news items that we’ve got this week, blunty all right so this week, we’re going to talk about the digiview app, which is now in the play store for dji uh fpv video out that we’ve talked about previously now it’s way easier to Get so we’ll do a quick overview of that um there’s, a new drone simulator out the ai drone sim promises to do black box analysis and maybe that’s, not the best part of it yeah a new simulator, oh boy. How good could it possibly be well we’re going to find out yeah the mars ingenuity, copter flies for the sixth time and actually recovers from a little bit of struggle in flight we’ll talk about that and how they how they got through it yeah. What happens when you, when you have a mechanical issue on another planet yeah, it turns out, they accounted for it pretty cool, so the jb cube qavs frame is out. Well, no highlights yeah yeah. Apparently this guy jb’s got a new version of the qavs out. Oh there you go yeah good stuff. We’Ll talk a little bit about that.

A little self serving that’s news, hey, shut up, that’s news that is news. Um we’ve got a couple community spotlights for you this week, one we’re going to go over no talking trick. Tutorials by heads head master, pretty cool stuff now we’ve also got a heart rate, monitor uh by alexey stankovic same guy, who brought us the tiny black box. We talked about before yeah monitor your heart rate. While you fly yeah, yeah, very cool in your own, something yeah it’s, something i mean it’s, something all right. We’Ll talk about it uh the three inch chinook frame we’ll, take a look at pretty neat little uh concept for a frame, and it flies so yeah yeah, just like you know, like the chinook helicopter, like has two props well. This is a quadcopter frame with two and two on top of each other so like how does it roll i don’t know, but it flies we’ll see it. Yeah uh we’ve got a furby person view which i thought is pretty cool. We’Ll look at a furby that does a little special thing for the fpv industry. Pretty pretty weird, just a sign of how demented jesse perkins is in a good way, yeah, absolutely in a good way. We’Ve got a cool video of a dji fpv drone crashing straight into lava, pretty crazy, so dji drone crashing go figure yeah. Definitely the best crash i’ve seen i’ll say that yeah of all the dji drone crashes that we’ve seen crashing it into lava is the way to go.

Yeah, um and uh we’ll talk about whoop wars, battlegrounds denver. We reported on that like about a month ago, um. I went um and we’ll talk about if i placed or not so yeah yeah again in a repeating segment. We have called blunty goes to events, and we talk about how he did Laughter, not a problem, um and then we’ll talk about uh, the newbie drone price increase, so nucleon’s got some price increase, going on, like everybody, yeah and then last but not least, we’ll talk About um, an fpv cycle, uh shortage on the motors, so yeah, actually let’s, let’s flip those let’s do the newbie drone price increase last and then the fpv cycle motors first cool um, but uh let’s start let’s start with a discussion of this digiview app so blunty. This is an extension of, let me bring it up here on the stream, so people can see what we’re talking about this is an extension of that project right. The digiview project that is getting usb video out from the dji fpv goggles right it’s, just a sort of a packaging of that same project, is that right, yeah, yeah, um, basically yeah. This is just another one of the results of the uh of the the fpv out program. You know that everybody’s working on uh, d3vl and all those guys over there at the fpv out group um. We put a link again to the discord in there and there’s a link, there’s links for everything in the app when you download it in the settings.

So you can go to all that stuff through your phone if you want but yeah. This is basically an extension of the fpv out now you can do it through your uh through your phone, so you just install this. You hit a button and you plug it in over usb and wham bam. Do you need the otg adapter yeah, so you need um, an otg, adapter and uh for the v1 goggle. I believe you put it on the phone side and the v2 goggle you put it on the goggle side. Okay, if it doesn’t work, try the other way, but that basically just turns your phone almost into like a smart controller except it. Doesn’T have hdmi out that’s the kicker right yeah, but there are other projects. So you know we’ve talked about before. There are other projects on the uh fpv out group and there’s links for all that stuff, um fpvop.com, but there’s links for all that stuff too. In that discord, link that we have um and in the app um. So you could check that out, um but yeah. So devil in the chat says: otg adapter goes on the phone for both v1 and v2, just small correction, whatever i don’t know all right, um that’s, pretty slick, though the hdmi out, if you’re, a professional like a paul, nercola or or a tommy tabahia, who is Working on a set with a director of photography, you have to have hdmi out because they’re going to have a video system or a monitor that they’re watching where they see what you do, it’s, not it.

It might not work to just hand them your phone or hand them a monitor, but for the vast majority of people just having it on your phone, so you could spectator. You could even record, i suppose, uh using a screen recorder on your phone is, is going to be pretty freaking good yeah. You could mr huggy points out. You could stream too, you know just um, absolutely you stream labs or something stream from your phone um. So i also want to point out i’ve seen a lot of people asking for ios support. There is currently no iphone support and there will not be for the foreseeable future. We actually, i actually asked d3vl earlier, and he gave us this little statement here. I might just zoom in there, but yeah yeah, but basically um. He said apple devices require this mfi chip to be able to talk over usb and that’s tied to the vendor of an application, so essentially there’s just no way for them to use that because they use it differently and the way that dji can use their app. For the drone is it uses a different connection method, so the drone actually can connect over the app and it’s fine because it doesn’t try to host like a port on usb like that right, like like the other version, does so so it says here that they Might be able to bring it to ios in the future with the use of a wireless dongle, but not sure what they would be, whether you might need to be jailbroken to get that working yes.

So what i want to know here is who should i be mad at dji, for implementing the usb interface in a weird way or apple for just being proprietary lockdown? Why not both that’s okay yeah screw you both yeah? I love you so good for case, especially for most things. It yeah stuff, like this man it’s just wham bam, slam it together so yeah and now it’s on the play store so yeah. If you want to, if you want to get it, you can download it. You don’t have to worry about it again, sketchy or whatever and it’s free, and it will be free, it’s, all open source, all the links for the github and everything are in there, so um there’s there’s also links for um. You know donations we’ve talked about it before, but there’s a whole team of developers, and now they actually have like a universal donation link. So you can donate to like a pool and it kind of splits them all together over to developers. But there’s links to all that than discord and in the app when you download it. So speaking of discord. Folks in the discord who are in my discord, i apologize. I just discord. Does this thing where, if you scroll back and then it just stays there forever, which i guess makes sense, but then it chats are coming in and i’m not seeing them. So i apologize you guys. I just caught up with the chat.

I love you believe me. Um, i guess we know one more thing on this topic blunty before we move on. I guess we know for a fact now that, a day at the ranges story about dji paying him a huge sum of money to to kill the project, the video out project – i guess we know that was bs because, as far as i know, no no digiview Doubt developers have been offered huge sums of money by dji. No, i mean yeah there’s like there’s back and forth on it, but, like i said originally, i think like the kicker for me is that when he finally showed something it was a spec interview and we know from what we know about it, there’s no way that That makes any sense for what he would have gotten so bean time. Fpv says: use an otg adapter with hdmi out uh that that that is not correct. Meantime, i i’m, not sure uh. You may oh you’re. I’M. Sorry, meantime apologize you’re talking about from the phone. Yes, that’ll work. An otg adapter with hdmi out plugged into your phone will work. Some people have asked if you could plug a usbc to hdmi adapter into the goggles that that does not work. You’D have to have a splitter, though right because you’re well, i think you’re putting usb into the phone and then you’ve got to get it back out on you. I think what he’s saying is: there’s otg adapters with built in hdmi, so it is both an hdmi out adapter and an otg usb adapter.

At the same time, interesting i’ve. Never i don’t know if such a thing existing but that’s what he seems to be saying, but there are other solutions for that too, like raspberry, pies and stuff there’s wireless streaming methods and there’s all kinds of cool stuff. So i i think in like uh like a week or two we’ll do another like big rundown of all the digiview projects and we’ll, see where everybody’s out with everything again so exciting, fast, moving, um awesome, yeah next up blunty you, i tried a new simulator yep Let’S take let’s let’s, put it out, go ahead, i got to be honest. I was extremely skeptical. I think we all know why, because a brand new sim, i think, should make most of us pretty skeptical, especially when i haven’t heard anything about it before a lot of people have made little sims, like curry. Kitten has a simulator a lot of people work on simulators, some of them are better than others, and everybody says oh it’s, the best. Oh, this one is so good and usually they aren’t yeah um yeah. I was surprised to find that this is um. The synth flies really well, it like performs really well. The performance is high. The graphics feel really good. There’S, like a good collection of levels, there’s freestyling racing on each level, there’s a lot of open space to do freestyling, there’s trains and cars and things to chase in the different levels.

Oh my god, he’s flying into the train, he’s doing a paul nercola, um there’s. Just a few cases in these levels, where there’s just a little more than you expect, you know a lot of things. You expect to be able to chase a train, but you can’t go in the train or there’s a lot of things where you expect to like. I could fly around these buildings, but i can’t go in these buildings and there’s a lot of cases where that’s, not you know there are places to go in and mess around with and stuff. Oh my god he’s flying under the train. Oh, my god, um the sim, the the physics actually feel really good it’s. Also super customizable there’s default settings, but there’s also a whole list of settings that you can set i’ve actually got a link to the imager um post. I made um that just shows uh like all the different settings you could do, but there’s also like a track. Editor um yeah. This looks like a track. Editor they’re, actually putting things into the oh. I hit the wrong button there, sorry about that they’re putting things into the environment. You bring up that link to the imager that you gave there’s. Also, a bunch of settings here, let’s zoom in on that, yes you’ll, see you can define length, width height, prop size, motor, the motor width and height, like all the drag forces on each of the parts of the quad, the gravity specs.

Basically, everything you want to do um like, but to the nth degree, you know pretty pretty high level. Oh, oh i’m, streaming that screen. Sorry, i was bringing up another screen. While you were talking sorry, my bad, no problem, um and then it’s interesting, because a lot of sims uh, let you like, enter your pits, but instead this one has decided to do it as well as like hey here’s. What you want like a critically damped quad and then, if you want to change it, you’re changing a percentage of that. So you’re saying like i want to over damp p by 20 and that’s kind of what you’re doing there with those meters yeah, and it also has the ability to import a black box log. What is it like? What does it take from the black box log yeah, so its advertisement is um, basically that it can import black box logs and do some kind of ai analysis, and it does take a little while to do that, but from what i can tell it’s just pulling Betaflight settings and basically out of that so you’re going to get things like throttle limit, throttle scaling, you’re going to get rate profiles it’ll import your rate profiles it’ll like throttle percentage things like that, and so you’re still going to obviously there’s no way for betaflight to Know what size of quad you’re going to fly or what the dimensions are anything that’s? What i wondered, i thought you know.

Theoretically, the simulator could look at the step response of your quad and could make the pins of the simulator try to match the step response of your actual quad, but it can’t know the weight of the quad. It can’t know like the size of the quad. So i can’t yeah. Basically it sounds like it’s, not even doing that yeah, it seems like it’s not trying to do that, it’s like default and then you’re going to set the settings. If you want to go that deep, you can actually measure like the distance of each of those things and just enter them into the sim, like your exact specs for the quad, even motor distance, and all that and it can do down to whoops or up to, Like big quads stuff, like that, so i got to say for like a release: sim um it’s a little expensive, it’s 27 right now, i believe or 30 when it’s, not on sale um. But i am quite impressed by what i saw i did buy it. You know, of course, i wasn’t giving it or anything – oh, my goodness, um and it was worth. I think it was totally worth the price um yeah, the more expensive sims i sent you that link – and i was like hey check this out – tell me what you think of it. I actually didn’t realize it would cost you 27 to do that so oops. Well. I’M glad you did i’m glad you liked it yeah.

I debated doing it for a little bit and then i looked around um but yeah. I was pretty impressed uh. Why does him correct crunked in the chat says here import your black box log to make your in game quad fly like your actual quad trash like trash, i kind of expected actually to like basically have a detune, the quad. You know, because it looks at your step response or something, but it doesn’t seem to go that far so yeah well, that’s, really cool, um and i’ll have to try it out and see how it feels. But if you liked it that’s a good first impression um. If you’re trying to freestyle not race like if your goal is freestyling on a bunch of different quads and doing cool levels and stuff that’s, what this is um, if you’re trying to race and stuff, i think you’re still going to want to go velocity really yeah Yeah i mean velocitron’s where all the racers are so especially the multiplayer component is huge, but the ability to chase cars chase trains moving. You know, go into environments. Those environments are really really cool, so yeah very slick. The drone pitched back while maintaining its own train relative inertia. Yes, i think it did consider the still air in the train – physics, no, surely not um. The other thing i’ve noticed. I think it does air, but i was i was trying to figure that out before the sim, actually because the motors oscillate at max speed but it’s, also when you’re outside in the wind.

So i can’t tell if it’s oscillating, because the wind’s acting on the motors or, if it’s, just oscillating, because the sims a little weird for the max motor for their max motor mount and there’s like oscillation in the quad it’s kind of interesting. It definitely seems to do a lot of work on the sim side of things, but the one thing i did notice is like okay, so a lot of sims you’ll fly and then you’ll hit a tree right and there’ll be like an evergreen and when you hit The evergreen there’s just like a cone of collision and you hit the cone and you bounce off. You will get stuck in the branches here like nice, yeah so and the same thing for scraggle and stuff like that. It seems to emulate like a lot of that stuff, so the tree models are actual tree models, not just like kind of just cones or whatever yeah, pretty cool slick, all right. Well, ai, drone, sim good for you good for you. Uh got a super chat from philip redelic 25 hrk, who is pointing out that there are usbc dongles with usb and hdmi here’s a link to one that somebody shared in the discord. I was bringing this up while you were talking uh. This is what they’re talking about using with the digiview um, that it plugs into your phone, and it gives you a usbc and an hdmi out, and i guess it just emulates your your phone screen or something like.

I guess. If your phone supports usb type c and just like okay here’s, your hdmi output, that’s, actually pretty slick yeah, i mean i haven’t tested it but that’s what they’re talking about. So all right. Excuse me! Oh adam fpv, sorry, this is what happens when i drink a carbonated drink just before the stream just get burps in the middle of the stream. What can i say? Adam fpv? I usually don’t take too many questions during the news, because uh that aren’t related to the news but adam fpv asks what is causing sparks to come out of the m2 screws that hold my vistas down. You are getting pop v. Bat is touching the frame somewhere, probably your motor screws, like motor screws, most likely motor screws you run into this on vista or dji, builds because they’re grounded, the outside of the case, is actually grounded. So it causes your carbon to surround it or a lot of times. People don’t run into this until you like fly it and you have weird motor stuff, yeah that’s. What i’ve seen a lot like? I had this happen like three weeks ago and it like turned a screw red and i was like what did i do yeah so you’re getting v, bat is getting to the frame and then it’s grounding out through the vista um. So if your motor screws too long or in some other way, your battery lead is, is uh, you know cut and frayed and in some way but yeah don’t don’t.

You got to fix that yeah, maybe like an old techo metal or something esc. That’S got like metal screws go into the carbon or something first. Why would they design an esc that those those holy bro escs with the one of the mounting holes is connected to the motor phase? Why would you do that it’s, a terrible idea? Um just so. You know real quick way to test is just do continuity from the motor screw to like the motor pad on the esc, something like that. Just so you’re testing through the windings yeah, so yeah um pulsar light uh. You can replace the lens on the dji cam it’s, just a standard m12 lens uh yeah, i don’t know if dji sells a replacement. I know one of the run cam. I think the rg18 works. The runcam rg18 works all right, we’re. Turning this into a q, a live stream, let’s get back, let’s get back to business uh. What do we got next? Plenty? All right, so let’s talk about the ingenuity copter that was on mars. We’Ve talked about the previous five flights, and now we’ve got a sixth flight and there’s a little bit of an anomaly. Basically, they try to do a little more than they’ve done before and it turns out they had a little bit of an error. So basically they told this thing. You know you’re going to go 10 meters up it’s, going to go 150 meters southwest it’s, going to hover for a minute and then 15 meters, south 50 meters northeast, like kind of just do a big loop try to scout out the area.

Do all this kind of stuff and instead what happened is um. It got most of the way through the flight and then it essentially missed a camera frame and what happened is um. It started mis timing, all the frames and thought it was in a different spot than it was because it uses the camera for its translation, and so it started oscillating back and forth quite a bit. They said it was like pitching like 15 to 20 degrees back and forth, but they kind of accounted for that, so it basically oscillated the whole flight until they got it back to where they wanted it. They were able to still land at about 16 feet uh within the target and got it to land safely so yeah. It says here that uh, the flight control system has ample stability margin uh, which basically means it is super super under tuned um, but basically it’s. Really hard to make it flip out and flip over even when stuff goes really wrong, yeah, pretty cool, pretty cool that they were able to like recover like uh. You know like this crazy shake and they were able to hold through it and land without everything burning up or they completed their whole mission and everything so pretty cool. If it had landed and fallen over, does it could they like send the rover over to write it? No, they talked about this before no. There was no like system to write it um at this point, so they’re they’re flying it until they until they flip it or break it.

Somehow i want here’s what i want plenty uh, maybe i’ll do this artists out there. If you want to, if you want to make this for me, send me an email pitch me pitch me, a you know, send me a price or something i want a t shirt. It is a martian landscape and the the rover has not the rover. The the copter has fallen over and it says no turtle mode on mars, yeah that’s, a good one. Is that good yeah? If you want to make that shirt, if you want to make that art for me email me, we’ll talk no turtle mode on mars. Now, someone’s gon na steal, don’t steal my ideas. You cloners that’s, fantastic um, all right! Well, uh keep keep on flying. You crazy diamond yeah. They basically are there. I think they’re another 30 days, almost from being farther than they thought they were going to be so it’s pretty crazy, doubled its life expectancy. They always seem to do that, like i think the curiosity was it curiosity who was supposed to last, like you know whatever 90 days, and it lasted like 18 months yeah. I always do that. There we go. I can’t imagine that you know if you’re flying a quad on on earth and it starts shaking like that you’re freaking out. What do you think they were thinking when they watched the feedback in the gyro coming through their telemetry data, like, oh god? Oh god yeah? I mean you think about these guys are pros at staying calm under pressure right right, so i mean i imagine they just dealt with it yeah.

What i think is the most. What i think is the most interesting is like mark robert mark rober that’s mark rober isn’t, it he’s a famous youtuber, of course, and a great engineer. Then he designed rovers for nasa right and he talks a lot about how, when you’re designing a system that is going to be completely inaccessible and has to be you you can’t just say: oh, it broke i’m going to go fix it. You know it has to be totally and there’s this thought process that goes into designing it, and he talks about some of this in his videos when he’s designing various projects that he works on, how he designs in redundancy and fail safes and and it’s. This attitude that these engineers have that is totally different, like we build a quadcopter and god forbid, sometimes we just plug it in and it smokes and we’re like damn, oh well, i guess i’m buying a new esc. That is totally not how these guys think about their projects. Yeah, pretty crazy stuff awesome, um, squishy 7 in the discord says the reason why ingenuity’s life expectancy was so low was because they anticipated much lower reception to the rover than what they’re actually getting, and they assumed the rover would need to pause its missions for the First month so now the rover doesn’t have to stop what it’s doing for ingenuity. To do its thing, interesting aerobrat says we under promise and over deliver in aerospace.

Yes, i feel like, if there’s one industry, where i would like you to over – deliver its aerospace, aerospace. Uh civil engineering like building dams and bridges, yeah under promise and over deliver yep. We don’t need turtle mo’s on mars, never disarm right, never disarm that’s. How it’s their attitude all righty! Uh let’s see! Oh well, i guess i’ll introduce the next one. Maybe i should maybe i should let you do it be like. Oh, hey, blenty what’s. Next, what could it be? This guy jb i don’t know who that is, but this guy jb released this qavs frame. Yeah buddy here it is. I don’t know why the we’ve linked to the hardware set that’s my mistake, Laughter, i’ve, linked to the hardware set by accident where’s. The damn frame is this it thank you hold on. Let me fix that link in the video description uh. Yes, my frame released uh. This is my modification of the qavs i’m fixing the i’m fixing the link. What the freaking hardware set you dope um, i am very excited. Uh i’ve got a video that came out today about this uh and i’m happy also to announce. This is the jb perfect freestyle build v 2.0, the 2021 edition the last one was like two years ago: i’ve been recording the build series for it, and this is the analog version. I just finished it this afternoon and took it for the first test. Flight i’m.

Very very psyched about this um, very nice, very nice yeah people were always asking. When are you going to make a frame? And i was like when, when i find a frame that i like 90 of, but i want them to change 10 of it and then i’ll just put my name on it as an excuse to get them to do it and that’s exactly what happened. So qavs is a great frame came in. I was able to get it to hit the weight it came in, comes in just about at 700 grams, which, with a hero 8, which is just about what i was shooting for so i’m, really psyched, bubbie fpv. The perfect build this one is on analog uh i’m going to be running dji on it, but i did an analog build for the plebs you can’t uh can’t afford dji. Do you know yeah um let’s see here will be available in germany? Will it be available in germany i mean uh, i don’t know what lumin that’s uh luminaire and get fpv’s deal. Some lumineer products are sold in european stores. Others are not it’s, just a question of getting someone to place an order, but usually usually no. Unfortunately, i don’t know what to say about that: just is what it is so there’s if there’s some suv store they’d like they should be able to order those frames from lumineer. I think so because i’ve seen lumineer products, i’ve seen lumineer motors on non get fpv stores, my even for a while.

My motors were on banggood, get fpv sold them through banggood just to help with asian asian and european distribution. So if, if you know some european store asks get a pv to place an order, i imagine that they would but people always say hey. When are you going to get a german store to carry and i’m like, i don’t, i don’t they just order them order them and then they’ll send them to you. I saw it’s not up to me um good, to know there was one other question there hold on a second. Why does my build not use? My motors floppy props asks uh. My motors are discontinued uh. There are various reasons: we’ve discontinued those motors. Some of it was manufacturing problems, and some of it was that i looked at when i first made those motors uh. There was a specific thing. I wanted that no one was making, which was a particular type of 2407 motor. It was. I was going to use the ephod 2407s, but they went out of business and i was like lunar: can you make me a motor like the e5 2407, but nowadays there’s so many great motors out there? I didn’t feel an incentive to keep making mine when there was a manufacturing issue that caused a delay. I was just like screw it. These are great motors i’m, going to use them, so my motors are discontinued. They were, they were good, but there’s better motors today.

So yeah, i guess, we’ll talk about that, a little more, the motor part near the end of the yes. Yes, we have more to say about motors towards the end of the show good point: um all right! Thank you for that. Little bit of self promotion. Let’S continue all right community spotlight, so let’s talk about the no talking trick: tutorials yeah, headmaster on youtube. Has these really cool, tutorials, um and they’re pretty in depth for how to do tricks? And i know a lot of people have trick tutorials and stuff, but these seem really polished. This guy’s really good at these tricks, and i really like the way everything’s presented. He basically breaks down the tricks into pieces. He shows you like how to do it. What some successful attempts are like and then starts pulling the pieces together into parts and then shows you exactly the stick, movements and layouts of how to do it. So so he’s got no talking, it’s there’s some text and he breaks the trick down, but it’s all just the quad. No talking i don’t want. I don’t want to risk the music, so i’ll leave the sound off it’s a little slow mo there yeah it’s cool, because it gives you an idea of like what you should be seeing in your goggles and is this right, um and then we’ll see here too. He just puts it over the controller. I mean i really like this style to show you exactly where to put things and what you should see.

I love that he’s got the stick overlay with the the sticks, big and the quad small. Everybody wants to put the flight video big, and i get that, but the first time i saw this i was like. Oh, this is makes way more sense, because the sticks are really what you want to see you don’t need to have the whole. I mean you could see what the quad is doing when it’s small it’s, really good it’s, very clever i’m gon na steal that, for my trick, tutorials yeah, it’s, good, yeah, excellent stuff and he’s got a whole channel. I mean he’s got a whole channel uh head matzah, uh, 8 000 subscribers, hopefully gon na get a few more today uh some he’s got tutorials, of course, but he’s got other other stuff too. Really nice color grade too, i got ta, say oh good, great thumbnails. Look how he breaks down his thumbnails intermediate beginner advanced, really great content. I mean i haven’t seen all his content, but this is keep doing this dude. This is a you. This is a great youtube channel right here. These thumbnails really well done see. Look at the difference, blunty look at. Do you want to watch any of these videos? Yeah? Maybe i don’t know? Oh oh sh, oh yeah. I want to click these yeah it’s, good, stuff, good stuff, um anyway, uh all right, cool i’m glad we were able to shout him out, yeah yeah for sure um.

Anybody heard from vic fpv don’t know about that. I haven’t seen lazy. No yesterday, he has some great uh trick. Tutorials though too yeah excellent can’t talk about rubik’s cubes without talking about fake fpv that’s true, can we get a link to his channel there’s, a link in the in the video description in the show notes? Yes, if you need any links for anything we talk about today, they should all be down there, uh for you to click at your heart’s content, yeah yeah, all right great, so the other community spotlight we have for this week is by alexi stankovic. We talked about his tiny black box before the custom black box he built, and this time we have a heart rate monitor. This is a cool little program that basically just takes a bluetooth heart rate. Monitor sends it through an esp32 board, goes to the ppm training report on open, tx radio, and then you just inject that into one of the rc channels and you can throw the heart rate onto betaflight. So here we’re seeing your heart rate being read in the radio but it’s also putting it. This is a custom build of betaflight right. He he’s customized i’m, not sure i don’t think you have to customize it, but maybe you do because how would it know to put that aux channel in the osd? I guess is my question. I think it may be over well. Let’S see i don’t know, but uh yeah, you could put your heart rate uh.

You know what this reminded me of this is going to be so dumb uh. It reminded me of the movie tenet, which i just watched and in the movie tenet there’s a character who wears a heart rate, monitor i’m, not going to spoil stuff for people who might have seen it. He wears a heart rate, monitor and he’s, always measuring his heart rate. I was like, oh that guy would that guy would dig this. So this is a custom yeah 429 custom that he has in. He has a list of unified hexes, so you should be able to uh. Take your dump and then paste your dump into that unified hex yeah probably would work if it matches the processor, so nice really cool, yeah good stuff. I mean it’s, weird i’m, not sure i would ever do it, but more power to you. I think it’s. Actually, i don’t know it’s really popular these days like a lot of people. Do speed runs and do like flight videos and stuff and they track their heart rate, so yeah, i think it’s, really cool it’s, pretty cool to see yeah it’s, just a thing people are doing, is tracking their heart rate, all the time yeah they want to know When it’s intense, when you’re getting when you’re about to avoid that thing, does your heart rate spike by 10? You know yeah, i guess. If you have like a smart watch, then you just constantly thinking about monitoring your heart rate, so jeff hendricks says: what do you do if your heart rate goes to zero, then either either you’re dead or the or the sensor messed up? One of the yes all right likely if you’re, if you’re thinking about it, you’re, probably not dead.

Yes well, uh. This is not a community spotlight exactly this is this was more newsworthy. I thought community spotlight is like little things that maybe but this this is crazy. This guy built a a chinook now the first thing we’re going to see is we’re going to see it flying, and i think maybe that will not communicate just how sh weird this stupid thing is: look at this he’s holding it. Do you see how the props are arranged? Did you see how does that thing fly? How does it control the roll axis? I don’t understand surprisingly well. Laughter it’s got two props in the front and two in the back in a line they’re not offset at all. I think they are offset, i think, that’s, actually how they’re getting away with it. I think they’re slightly offset by like a motor width um, i think that’s, i think, that’s, how he’s getting away with it yeah. So you keep that short profile, but you just probably just get just enough uh authority, you still have really bad role authority, but you have some yeah let’s. Take a closer look where’s that can we get a closer look. I mean there’s flies. Yeah i’ve got another link there. What do you got? Facebook link? Okay, let’s, build that up, chinook three inch frame. Oh, i see you’re right blunty. The motors are slightly offset so he’s, basically just squished a quadcopter down yeah, really thin yeah.

I don’t think i’ve ever seen. Anybody try to get the arms that uh. That compact guess is the opposite of what you normally do right. You try to get the props out of frame yeah. What if you could fly this? I wonder if you could fly the sideways, so the camera doesn’t have any props in frame. I mean, i guess, does he say how it flies, yeah, here’s, a question: is it stable? Oh, he just likes the video yeah. It doesn’t seem like it. It seems like it will have no role. Authority is the thing i mean it has some, but it seems like it would easily get destabilized on roll yeah yeah he doesn’t use betaflight. Do you know what he’s using he’s kind of a custom mixer for this right? Yeah i’m, not too sure um. I can say, though, that um yeah this does use four motors um it’s, just the idea that it’s just super compact yeah. Why it’s it’s just a cool project, i don’t think there’s a practical reason for it. Yeah, like most of these things, yeah it’s, just cool yeah here’s, the here’s, the thingy verse you can print it on thingiverse as well. He’S got a link to it. The chinook three inch quad frame crazy, freaking, crazy. There you go all right. The real ones have got downdrafts like a hurricane chemtrail pilot’s been near some real chinooks. Well, let me tell you something if you thought that wasn’t different or interesting, maybe you’ll think this is different or interesting.

All righty this is. I don’t want scared to hit play. This reminds me of something from like five nights at freddy’s. That is yeah baby i’m, really happy with that. This is like yeah. This is definitely yeah you’re asking why and the glowing smile on jessie’s face one. Second, i got ta turn the volume down blunty. They can’t hear you exactly nothing: okay, go ahead, blunty, but yeah. This is mr jesse perkins from tiny, wolf um, and he brought this to the whoop wars battlegrounds in denver. It was actually our little mascot. It was on the live stream at the starting post, quite a bit yeah. I just thought this was a pretty funny little uh creation that he had and Laughter uh it’s still doing like the furby things, but he’s put an fpv feed in one of the eyes right. Yep, yes Laughter, oh my god, oh my god, that’s insane, jesse perkins is a madman. He really is. It really is more power to you. Jesse. Thank you for that. Thank you, for this is not a product right. You can’t buy this. There will be no more of these right. No, i mean, if you really want one email, tiny will. Let them know. No, please don’t make it anymore. It’S gon na kill me in my sleep, he’s gon na come out of my closet. He told us actually that he has a few of these and that one of them will just come alive at like 1am, sometimes he’s like in the tiny boot headquarters, just like hanging out and all of a sudden they’ll just freak out and start coming home.

Yeah it’s gon na kill you it’s gon na wake up, it’s gon na kill you. My son plays five nights at freddy’s. I know about devil animatronics, i know all about them. We don’t need this all right. Um we got a. We got a super chat by the way uh dane martin uh. This is probably from earlier in the stream uh. Will the digiview show the osd on the output screen? It does not it’s just a video feed right blunty. No, i think they were. I think they were digging in there like to try to see if there was a way to pull some other bit that sent the osd information or something, but i don’t think so far there’s been any success with that, so they are trying yeah. I think they’re still trying to do that. Maybe that’s e3 vl still around he can let us know in the chat. Does that mean the betaflight osd or the dji osd the dji osd and like the custom, osd overlay and stuff like yeah? All that i think, might be and it’s like some other piece that’s not like embedded in that raw video stream gotcha, but not yet uh devil confirms there may be solutions in the future, but not yet all right. Thank you for that. Super chat. Dane martin uh. Okay, next we’re going to take a look at this video of a dji fpv drone crashing gosh. That happens every day.

What do we got right here? Tell us about it. So um there’s a volcano in iceland that um it’s, pretty freaking cool and now everybody’s getting into fpv and there’s volcanoes around um. I think people are trying to get some shots, so this guy was out there for a few days. Um joey helms um, and he was in our chat earlier. Actually what what the f? Oh, my god, that lava is ridiculous. I’Ve seen like lava flows on hawaii like little drippy slow, lava flows. This is insane. This is ridiculous. It’S, like water, jesus, yeah, it’s, quite amazing – i mean i don’t – know that anybody’s ever gotten a shot like that. You know it’s, quite amazing. So is this dvr yeah this is his uh uh goggle recording from the fpv drone it’s, pretty freaking good. This is his goggle dvr yeah yeah that’s, pretty freaking good. I can’t i’m kind of impressed and then he just kind of flew it in did he do that on purpose? I know he’s in the chat. I think he could. Let us know. Oh he’s literally he’s in the chat, oh for real, oh man, joey helms there he is joey. What did you do? Dude? Did you do it on purpose? Well, yeah hit that subscribe button for sure yeah definitely get in there and get oh. I missed it um, but he’s got some other stuff coming to you. Um on his channel, so definitely check that out get subscribed there we go boom let’s see.

Is it monetized joey? Are you gon na make that money back? No it’s it’s done uh. What do you think, maybe uh there’s a suggestion that the props might have melted, leaving him to crash there’s? No recovering from that. I can’t believe the video image quality. I can’t believe that’s dvr. That looks amazing, yeah it’s, quite amazing. I mean somebody in the chat said: uh uh, beep tube says no. He recovered the gopro yeah. No somebody go diving. He says i leave it up to the viewer’s interpretation, whether he did it on purpose i i’m going to guess he was trying to fly close and he just uh yeah take a flight. Fpv thinks there were some editing tricks. Maybe he didn’t actually lose the drone. I mean it looked like it was pretty close to that freaking fire i’d yeah, i don’t, think uh. I don’t think that drone made it out of that lava. Well, if it is a trick, it’s a convincing trick and even if it is a trick, the freaking footage is just ridiculous. Unrivaled yeah, yeah, crazy, crazy, dude, crazy uh. He says it’s gone, he says: it’s gone uh yeah. Is it monetized i’m curious? Yes, he said earlier: yes, he made it back there you go. He made his money back on that fantastic 227. 000 views that’s pretty good yeah. I licensed the drive says the same thing. I was thinking um earlier today. It was at 130 000 views that’s.

When i saw it too so he’s popping may 26th, that was a few. That was a few days ago, though, but i think it’s it’s going viral it’s shooting up yeah um. Well good! I mean you dropped a drone in the lava, but at least unlike like paul nercola, his flight of the year what’s he up to hang on i’m gon na. Look it up. Oh man, his video, where he flew into the train called flight of the year. 2.6 million views he used, uh used licensed, music and and it’s he didn’t get any. He potentially could have covered that fcc fine. He got right but uh. He. He has said that he he hasn’t made any money from it. So there you go. What are you gon na? Do? Kids, all right, so let’s talk about what wars battlegrounds, so i went to woolforce battlegrounds in denver we had a giant giant, uh, giant race, whoop race, all kinds of crazy stuff. We had a bunch of live hosts the whole time. You know, live stream, jesse, perkins, um, all kinds of different folks. You see jeff west there on the stream as well um but yeah. So we had uh three different divisions. You could win in and i just wanted to shout out the winners and uh all that kind of stuff. So in the advanced class uh we had silly blind winning that um he’s a local pilot. He does all kinds of great stuff and we had trash bison.

Second, radioactive and third and hammer fpv in fourth in the proclass, which is the class i was in uh, we had chromium fpv in first birds, aren’t real in second um, and i took third place. Oh, congratulations on that and then uh bry five took fourth um and then in the elite class. I think most of us expected, but aka took first place, um amazing, to see ak flying fly in real life. It’S crazy um took second and blue jay took third and og. Dr love took fourth in those classes, pretty cool stuff, a lot of great pilots, amazing racing. We did two days of racing uh day, qualifiers day racing, and then we did a team race after that. So pretty cool, it’s, uh, jt knives, says where’s the video again linked down in the video description in the show notes, it’s, always amazing, to see really fast. Pilots fly in real life. Um i don’t know it’s not. I mean it’s no different, watching them in the goggles than watching them on youtube, you’re, seeing the same footage, but something about like i don’t know something about seeing them. Do it for real and going oh he’s, really that good, i was literally cringe like. I was literally like oh yeah, like watching him fly through the gates and stuff, and we have a really fast pilot here. Locally t dog. He ended up crashing out and didn’t make it in the finals, but they did a grudge match after that, and they were just back and forth like as fast as you i mean it was just insane to watch so cool stuff, and i just want to you Know give a quick to get a medal.

Congratulations on your third place. You also said this was the first and i’m not trying to make you. You know mickey blush, but this is the first big event she went to where people were recognizing you from being on the news. How was that yeah it’s very true it’s good um? We had a lot of people, um yeah, a lot of people just said they really like the news, then i’m happy. We can keep doing it so yeah a little bit about celebrity a lot of kind words a little bit a little bit just a little bit. Yeah there you go well, congratulations on your third place, that’s, very, very respectable. Given the high quality of the uh of the other pilots, you were up against yeah. It was a lot of fun all right. The the final two topics for the news relates to uh product shortages and uh prices and we’ve talked previously on the news about how there is a global silicon shortage and global, not just silicon, but global supply chain disruptions in in all kinds of industries related to The pandemic and just the general i don’t know the world is a crazy, crazy place right now, uh a little while back uh emacs released a new price list where basically most everything they have went up in price by something like. I think it was like. 15. 20, maybe 25 percent for some items, uh and we’re, going to talk about another vendor who listed a price increase.

But before we do that there’s another item which is fpv cycle 5 inch motors, yeah, yeah, yeah, so uh currently we’ve got the yeah, the imperial and the emerald motors. I think right, um, those are the ones and there were replacement belts for those um. So it sounds like um there’s, a new motor coming up from bob right yeah. Well, bob is: is it a new motor or is it just bob? Can never stop tweaking that’s the thing about him yeah. You know he ordered this. This round of motors. The five inch motors they came in, they had a problem with the magnets in the bell that was causing de syncing and to to his credit. I mean i’m actually super impressed with with his um with his principles here, because he found settings in blheli suite that sort of fixed the problem and he could have sold the motors and said: listen guys. You got to change your belly settings or they’ll desync, but he didn’t. He pulled him didn’t. He i think he did yeah and well. He he did and then he started um like he found settings that seemed to work. He ordered new bells and started shipping bells to free for people as replacements that were fixing desync issues and he’s like working individually with people over messenger. To make sure people were, you know, fixing their issues as well as they could so, basically, the best. I think you could do in that situation.

Yeah and now he’s got new. I think new bells coming from the manufacturer that have been made correctly, that fix the problems and they are people are asking. Well, when will they be available for sale? They are 50 days out according to a facebook post he made today yeah, so unfortunately, yeah they’re going to be quite a ways out um, i think he’s done the best he can is to get him when he can um. So unfortunately, like we talked about with everything else, it’s just going to take a while yeah yeah. So we wanted to let you guys know, because a lot of people are waiting for those motors. He’S redesigned the bell slightly to make it stronger. He says there’s a couple other little performance improvements underneath the hood uh here’s. The thing i want to talk about in addition to just letting you guys know so those are the motors i settled on for my like perfect freestyle build. I actually do think they’re really special motors they’re. You know they have a little bit of something going for them, but if they’re 50 days out what motors should people get instead, if they’re trying to build a quad right now yeah? So we were discussing this a little bit earlier. I think uh. You know the emacs eco2 seems like a solid bit. It went up a little bit. I think they’re 15 right now, yeah um, you can’t, go wrong with that motor.

I mean it’s an inexpense, a great motive for the price. Yes, would you just get the 2306 and be like screw it? I mean yeah for well. I don’t, i think we know my opinions about that. I don’t know if anybody remembers, but what tell me tell me, i think i think it’s the same yeah. I don’t think there’s much anybody’s going to feel much different between 2036 and 2207. yeah, but i mean bob’s motor is like i think, it’s a like a 2506. it’s i’m wondering if, if you were going to try to, i mean let’s just stipulate for the sake Of bob’s ego that no other motor will possibly be as good as this, but like there’s, an emax, oh there’s, an oh sorry, an eye flight zing and it’s, a 2506 it’s like 1900 kv and it’s, like 38 grams. Instead of 33 grams. I almost hesitate to compare them yeah i don’t know yeah that’s kind of a tough one, uh wait i’m waiting for the chat to throw us a bone as another motor that we might. We might consider as a replacement, yeah gregory hurst says the bells were causing desyncs weird. What happened gregory is that the manufacturer used thinner magnets than in the prototypes.