This is the dji hello. You can see that it has 4 propeller and it’s also have the protection of the propeller too. We must be set up for beginners to be safe, it’s half full, so we use it to protect for propeller as well, and this drone is about 80 grams. It can. It can fly about 2 meters, i think, and in inside the box. It has this also. The battery we use the battery to put here after that we will press this button. This button will, after we press see, you can see that it is working, wait for a minute and this drone we use the wi fi to connect this drone in this video. I also use the drone blocks to connect it and program and control it also. First, this is the section that i can use for control first, and we want our room take off after that. I will fly forward and i change here that i will let my drone land you can see that it’s very easy to control it. After that, i will connect to my tailor with this, and this is the result of the first program. You can see that the drone take off and move forward 20 centimeters, and then it will be left after that. I will and use this program to control my yellow connector low connect, and then we will see the result of this pro, and this is the second result of the program that we have been tested.