I mean you probably know what it is by now, but dont ruin the surprise. Dont ruin the price. Did you tell her? There are actually two names of this: its just a little drone, its actually pretty sturdy, theres, two names for it, its uh, dji, tello or the other one was a rise teller i reckon and not too bad. I mean theres pros and cons. I did take notes while i was out Music, so Music, yeah. Okay, here we go first ill start with uh im going to download spec sheet for you, but anyway the price is roughly now ill save up for later. You can kiss that for now, but the weight is approximately 80 grams, which you know geez, you think 80 grams would get taken away over the wind but actually handled a fair whack of wind blew me away anyway. Youll see the clips anyway. It does get taken by wind, but it took a bit more than what i would expect it to take before it lost it, but talk about that in a bit later: okay dimensions in the air. We dont need that propeller three inches yep um built in now yeah its all run by your phone, like wi fi over your phone. So you use your phone to control it so its not bad. It does job and you can record via your phone too. So it just makes it so much easier but thats when we go on to well.

Here we go max flight distance 100 meters away, so you can fly anywhere within 100 meter radius of you max speed, 8 meters per second, i didnt turn it up. I had it on low because im now still getting used to it. I mean second time ive flown it so its to begin beginner drone its actually a good beginner drone. Like seriously anyone can fly yeah flight time, 13 minutes yeah. I was pulling about 10, maybe because i was recording flat out as well and the worst part is the camera cameras only 720 pixels at 30 frames per second, i mean thats, not bad thats, pixelated and then pictures yeah yeah well have a little fly test now Ill show you the screen and you can see how easy it is to fly and then ill do a couple of flight videos and then talk a bit more about it. Ill speak to you soon. Here we go back to that. There we go connected see here. We go its easy as this bang up. We go all the screens a bit dirty again, but yeah easy that look turned that way. I got ta clean the camera yeah its easy as that pull it back its on our slow mode at the moment, but yeah. So thats that ill land it for now so just go land there. You go Music lands itself, yeah, look at this weve got flight mode, youve got throw and go 8d flips up and away 360 circle.

Bounce light try some of them later now. What else we got weve got stability thats. What i want to know vr more, oh flight, speed. Okay, lets go back up, dont, go too high, oh chunky, oh yeah, oh god, Music mini racing drone, thats cool okay! Here we go, there was no sound on the uh drone, as you can see, so what im doing now is were just down at an oval down the road. Well, theyre just does testing it up to about 10 meters flying around it. Wasnt too windy. At this time, but in the tree be to the left, theres, actually a magpie nest, and i didnt realize so yeah its quite funny. At the end of this, i kind of got flogged, so i ran back to the car right ran back to the car left. My keys on the ground, where they are theyre actually on the ground over there right ran back to the car and yeah waited for the mag part of p.o before it jumped back out red quickly grabbed my key ran back jumped into the car and took off. I was like yeah no magpie for me: mate theyre, dangerous, theyre, psycho, but anyway back to the drone, so im just practicing. Now this is the second time ive flown it im just getting used to the controls here. This is good. You can tell. I was getting used to it here, legit just flying around circles around me.

This is on slow mode, so beginner its very easy to fly. Look just land it straight away. It literally takes off with a press of a button lands repressive button. Heres. We went to a park, went down to a park just right and you can see its a bit more windy. You can see the shaking in it yeah. I tried to, i wouldnt, say fancy stuff, but i fly around the playground just to get used to dodging stuff. I suppose so ill go up here, im going to go back there but later on and actually make a track through the playground, because its pretty tough, i mean you, can slam into stuff and does stuff all damage little bits, but theyre all replaceable and yeah um. While were watching this, oh well ill watch show you this bit. First, before i start talking here, we go first crash three two yep knocked out, but anyway, when you first get it, you got to collu calibrate it, so you got to lay on its side. Do the calibration process lay on each angle for it to calibrate because its got a gps sensor, a geo sensor and all that sort of stuff, so thats why it can fly so good and so easy? But – and you also got two different blades, so you got to have a look and look at the instructions. Oh god there we go, the wind got it again straight into the bush and i actually lost a blade here.

I reckon one of the blades come off and i didnt realize so youll see me go to take off in a minute here we go and ill take off backwards, look wont, take off properly, so yeah, okay, looking for the blade end up finding it sitting. Just on top of the foliage and there you go, i found the blade so just pop that back on your sweet to go again, look but yeah that calibration make sure you read the instructions as youre going to have a stressful time so re. This is one thing: read: instructions, first on how to set up and then go for it, and the controls are a little laggy, as you can see, im like well, you cant really tell on here, but im trying to get close to stuff and dodge it. I end up hitting a tree because im trying to nearly clean myself up, because the controls that lagged thats, one thing, if they fix id, say probably up the battery a little and work on the latency between a press of button and receiving. That would probably be the two major issues id say and camera quality, of course, could be better, but im only just using out of the box settings here like didnt change, nothing for this one. Oh there we go got munched by the tree. Yeah i hit the tree, no joke there. We go now that part. There is a. We see cleaned up already.

You know when a gust of wind gets it yeah like that, look its gone. I landed it because the wind went to take it and on the screen. It shows a yellow warning that wind level is too high, were gon na land as soon as possible. So it does warn you that its going down and look how dirty the camera is. Yes, yeah so basically, well, i mean ill tell you now only 169 bucks, but i have this 189 with free batteries. I would so suggest do that, because the battery did not last long at all, were already halfway through this bathroom uh, because im sitting there idling thats the problem. Okay lets go were connected Music. Oh i made it. Did you see that it made it? Oh Music, Music, hey Music, hey Music, Music bit windy, oh yeah, winds got it oh see how it just taps out pretty cool all right. We all seen what happened there. Oh, i just found a break. Oh no. I chipped a little bit. Blokey there mate a little bit breaky but oh well. We can work that out but as youre saying then i lost the propeller. That happens a lot a lot of blades but hey it comes with spares, but youve got to remember theres two different types of blades. I dont know i think, its an a and a b theyre, both different pitch ones from first pitch or something just something like that.

Youve got to remember theres, two of them anyway, so pros easy to fly. Thanks, yeah its easy to fly. You use your phone. You can record via your phone. It actually makes it easier like to export to your computer or whatever your editing. Software may be, and lightweight um, very good for inside, but um supposed to go on the cons now all right outside. But as soon as you get a gust, it kind of blows away, and it goes on an angle like this like to try and land its got, auto landing and all that thats part yeah, its all gps driven. So its all stability, like a big one, its just like a its got. Many of the features of the big one, including return home, like return to where you are and its got, that big features and its a quarter of the price. But you cant do as much and its restricted to 30 meters high, which i mean this thing: 30 meters high. Some bird is going to come and just wipe it out talking about that nearly got done by magpie. Today with this – and i was only cruising at 10 meters anyway – well, i reckon thats going to be end of this review. How what do i rate it, i mean, put out 10 id, say – probably about 7.58. The only reason i say that is just because the whole wind factor i mean, i know for the size, blah blah but thats.

The only problem really is the wind factor and the batteries the battery life is pretty shocking and the controls can get a little laggy light, yeah, not 100 responsive at times, but anyway, that just take a bit get used to. I suppose anyway, thanks for watching, please subscribe and like or thanks for all the recent support too thats been great, been enjoying it all right, so ill see you all next time. I hope you enjoyed my first review. It wasnt that much of a review theres more of a play around with it dji tello or ryze tello theyre, both the same anyway catch until next time.