So now i have the 720p hd transmission recording, which is the best for the means initially it’s, okay for the vloggers, so now let’s open the tello drone. This is the mini tello done. This is a really beautiful drone, there’s the camera, and when i started it blinks, so we have got two sensors and this is the range detector. So now let’s insert the battery and let’s show you and in this series i’ve got three batteries. As i have told you, i’ve got the three combo battary and this is the charging hub which can charge three batteries at a time. So now let’s fix it and now i’ve got the tello manual. Actually i have used it before this new one with me so i’m, keeping this memory the side side, and now i have this charger with the old cable charger. This is the old type charger you can see this, so let me keep, and this is the thing which you should not eat. Okay and i’ve got the four extra propellers and propeller ejectors. So let me show you how that goes up on there and this performance. This is how it inserts – and there is a button startup button – so i’m kicking it once and it got started with the and i will be having this connected. Okay, it’s already connected. Now. Let me go to the app which i have already bought from the app store and there is no wi fi.

So i cannot show you so they are going to the tello app here and now you can see how we are recording and this is what we are recording so now. Let me show you how this works subscribe. Please, like the video … … …, subscribe, please how it goes up now. I am going to the first mode subscribe. Please subscribe. Please subscribe really good experience and, as you can see, i have taken out taken it up to 98 feet and you can see how the range catches and it has the awesome control facilities and, as you have seen already in the screen recording so now. Let me show you some cinematics video with my cars, so, as you have guys seen, this is the tello drone and it works really nice and see the the weather isn’t so good. Today, it’s windy and stormy – and it has been raining since morning, but this drone performed really well and it all comes under a budget of 17 000 with three batteries and each battery with a lifetime of 15 minutes. So three battery gives you 45 minutes of lifetime. So if you buy this it’s gon na be it’s gon na be worth your money. It’S a value for money, so i’ll attach the link in the description. If you want to buy from there, you can buy it, you can buy it from the stars. Vlogs affiliated marketing system, so you won’t have to pay for the delivery.

So yeah you can. So if you guys have any queries, let us know in the comment section: we will be more than happy to help you and and subscribe to starts vlog, and this has been a really expensive deal for us, but it is worth the money. So if this, if this video gets at least 500 likes, we’ll, buy a mavic pro that’s for sure. So, if you guys support us, we’ll bring more good content to you. Thank you.