Today we have djitelo drone. Now we will unbox and review the drone. This is the drone box. Dji telu fill the phone powered by dji. You can see 13 minutes max flight time, precise hovering. 5 mp photos electronic image, stabilization 720 percent, hd transmission, multiple flight modes, easy operation programmable with the telo sdk hello, google play 14 plus i can use because i am 14 years old, guys now, let’s unbox. We will unbox the room very nice and safe packing. Now we will open the room, see very tiny drone see one camera here see charging cable. Here we can charge with. We are using the mobile charger that only we can use for this now battery for extra wings and silica gel to protect the drone. Now we will insert the battery inside the dome see we will insert the battery now we will on see here button. Is there you will press the see now it will on see the drone is on now we will fly the drone Music, so Music it’s, very easy and nice to control. You can see the stills and video footage are of nice quality and the light to it.