It Music, Music Applause. Yes, i it says, feel the fun you guys cannot see it, but it does to say feel the fun it got. This 13 000 taka is not that much, but you can buy this if you want to so we are going to be unboxing. This drone seeing the whole body of it, see what is in it. So, yes were going to be unboxing. I used to want the drone in 2019. Yes, 2019. I wanted this drone. I saw a drone. I wanted it myself and here it is Music. Now its 20 21., i have been waiting, which means i have been waiting for two years to getting this drone and that is crazy, so lets go start the unboxing and also subscribe to my channel. My goal is to get to 100 subscribers and i hope we get this, so we have the best version here. It is in its own glory, stellar Music. So yes, so we so this drone doesnt come with the controller. This drone actually comes with an app. This is the delo app, so basically you use the drone by your phone, so you dont like need to find the controller or anything its very easy. You can. You can check other youtube channels to show the tutorials. There are propellers on it and there are protectors. So you dont have to worry about getting hurt and nothing and basically yeah, so we got a guide so like the instructions of the drone we can.

You can like read all this, but you dont really need to read all this. You can check youtube channels so yeah. This is the guide. So if you want to read it, you can, and if one of the propellers get lost you can like it comes with spare propellers, which you cannot see because its in a white packet. But we are going to keep that because it doesnt have any propellers lost anymore and dont talk about this. This is this has nothing to do Music, so this drone was quite fun. It has protectors the drone crashed two times but its fine, because it has protectors on it. So i hope you enjoyed this video. This was my drone review and your own unboxing.