This is riram, and today we are going to unbox a very new interesting gadget from the flipkart, which is none other than the tgi tailored drone, which i have purchased it for around 15 500 rupees. From the flipkart let’s quickly unbox this item and see what’s available inside this on the front panel, we can see a telo which is having a picture of the drone and which is mentioned the boost combo with the three batteries on the left side, we can see Some instructions, as well as the features that which are mentioned, like our drone and the flight mode flight battery and uh, the cable included and the booklets on the right side. We can see the tillow on the left side. We can see. Nothing is there on the front like we can see some serial numbers and all the product codes, badge numbers and all on the back side. We can see all the features along with the product and the manufacturing and the product where it was coming from. You can see 5 mp photos and 720p video quality. You can also see that it is mentioned around seventeen thousand nine ninety rupees on the box, but it was coming around 16 15 500 and it is for the age of 14 plus and some qr codes are mentioned on that let’s quickly, open the box and see What are the items available inside it? Also? This is a boost combo pack, which is having three batteries included in this box, along with the docking station, like a charger so which it will be charging each and individual battery one by one, and each battery will be getting around 13 minutes of a flight time.

As on the product, but the actual time will be varies like i will be letting you know soon. It came with a nice case which was included all the drone and the accessories inside it. After opening the box, we can see the drone, which is very light in bait, it’s around some 50 grams or something we can see some user manuals. We can just go through that all the four propellers are already inserted with this drone, along with the propeller quads. We can see it is very hello. Camera is around the 5 mp, which is 720 p, video quality. It can be recorded and we can see some sensors for the landing. Also, the propellers are very thin, which might be very delicate like we can have. We need to handle very carefully also. We can see the battery compartment, which is harder for now like, as there is no battery, we can see two sensors, which is for the landing like one is the ir as well as other vpc vpc is nothing but this vision positioning system like it will be Letting us know where exactly the flight is and we need to insert the battery inside let’s see what are other items that which are available in this box. Also, you can see the rubber rubber the grip on stands for this, like for the door landing. These motors are not the brushless motors, while it was rotating like it can produce more amount of heat inside it and may reduce the flight time, and we can see the booklet, which was not mentioned anywhere in english, like we can see other languages like portuguese or Something if you would like to go with that, like you, can just go on translating that you can still pause the video and you can just go through that if you required let’s keep that aside and uh.

This is all about the telo warranty information, along with the flight instructions like how to fly it and uh. What was the attitude, how to measure and everything which are mentioned along with the qr codes, so we have to first scan this qr code for getting the app, or else you can also get the app from the app store, or else a play store here. Are some specifications mentioned like a flight time battery status battery temperature and the charging dock battery temperature like under which temperature conditions the drone should be flying? Also, we can see three number of batteries which is around two inches and which is having around 1100 mah battery each one of 3.7 volts. The manufacturing of the battery is like 20, 20. 11. 21. I think we can get this from the accessories part as well. If, at all, if it is required for us more also, some more stuff is written on the battery, but which is on different languages. Nothing else is there on a battery. We can see some four number of female pins out there, which is need to be inserted into the tone. Let’S keep it aside. This is a battery docking station with a micro usb data cable, which was included in this box, and we can see the quality of the cable is just okay, not very good or not very bad it’s just used for the charging purpose. We can see on the back side of this charging hub, which the input and output readings are mentioned.

Like uh input is around 5 volt, 3 amperes and output is around 4.3 worlds, 2 amperes, which is like around 15 watts input. We can provide with the like. A fast charging input and the output will be around 4.2 into two, like around 9 volts output. It will be providing. We need to insert in this way the three batteries, and we are also having light indicators which are available like it will be showing on red light green and the green, which shows the charging indications like a green is getting charged and orange like a light. Green is for the battery indication like just the battery is inserted, so it will be just glowing a light green. If the battery is getting charged, it will be keep blinking the green light, and if that is fully charged, it will be keep on glowing. The green that’s, all with this charging up, you can keep it aside and we can see all the extra accessories which are Music like we got in this product like uh, which are around four number of extra propeller beds. Along with the sim uh, i mean propeller ejecting tool. These four extra propeller beds are very much useful. Why? Because we may, if we hit anywhere like if any proper blade got damaged like we can just replace it. Nothing other is available inside this box, so let’s quickly power on the drone and see how it will be working. Let me quickly insert the battery into the drone from the back side here, like the pin should be correctly inserted, or else may get damaged.

After inserting the battery we can see on the right side, there will be a switch for powering on the drone. After powering on, we will be able to see some light. Indications like green violet and orange light will keep on blinking and which is set for the wi fi signal, and this orange is in a standby mode. We need to connect the wi fi to this, like it will be transmitting 2.4 head wi fi signal from this drone. We need to connect in our mobile phones. Let me quickly connect and i will show you some of the drone shots here are some of the drone shots we can see. Some attitude is around 10 to 30 meters of the maximum flight attitude. Is you can enjoy these drone shots which i have taken? So do let me know if at all, if you required how to connect this drone and all like, i will be making another video if at all, if we are talking about the pros and cons of this product is the first pro is the video quality as Well, as the photo quality, even if this is a 5mp photo quality, we are getting a good results under this price segment. Also, the video quality is too good. We can’t expect more under the 15 000 price range. There are some more flight modes available in this. Like drift mode, also some 8d flips and all like, i will be showing you on the next video if at all, if you required, please do.

Let me know in the comment section below other than this, as it is a toy drone. We can fly anywhere, but not under the restricted areas, while talking about the cons. The first con is about the battery backup, which dimension is around 13 minutes of flight time, but the actual flight time is around eight to nine minutes for a single battery. Also the flight, even if the battery is there, the flight is getting overheated and sometimes it is getting it down coming to the next corn it’s weight. Yes, as it is, it is having a light weight under the 50 grams if the heavy wind or normal wind as well. It was just going along with the wind direction welcoming to the third con, as it is a fixed camera we can see. The viewing angle is only in one direction like we can’t see what’s going under this drone like some will be having um the gimbals are attached, so we can see what’s going under the drone as well, but that is on the high end roads. The next con is about the camera is getting flipped. If we are going to forward or else backward directions, you can see some white uh flashes that which are coming if the drone is just taking a forward or else reverse directions. But we can still purchase this drone because, like even if there is a heavy wind or something like the video is still being under the stabilized mode.

The electronic stabilization is very much optimized in this room. That’S very interesting feature that’s, all guys if you are really interested in taking a small short videos or else small short film type videos. You can still purchase this drone as like. It is a toy drone like you, don’t need any light sensors which are required to fly this device, but still under the restricted areas. You should not do that that’s all for this video guys. Please do. Let me know if at all, if you have any queries or any suggestions under this video, you can still comment in the comment section below also please do like share and subscribe to our channel.