So let me take off first, as you guys can see, this is my drone in real life. So im gon na go to the airplane things im gon na flip and do this Music. So, as you guys can see, the wind is blowing that way. So yeah tell yourself to my theres your current car in front of me, but you know what just ignore me so guys you can see my drone. I can see the camera stand from here. Music bouncing bouncy is bouncing so im going to stop it. So if i go to 360. Music, no, not not good. Let me go to 360. itll record right now. Im not gon na give the video a recording video but its doing 360 guys its slow but were gon na yeah. So you can take photos and videos with these guys, so im gon na fly to you guys. This is my drone guys you can. You can fly up Music, oh my god, thats, like a pretty good fan, actually guys you guys can see this now. You can take photos and videos with these guys people go to this and throw and go okay, guys, im gon na im gon na land. This drone, you can see im in a beautiful spot and one one wing just hit the grass and the grass just took too. This is thats so powerful. So you can see guys now if we go to throw and go guys through and go so if i press this, the wing will start flying and now what do i do? You know i just i just throw it away and it just go guys and lets just go guys so yeah.

So i think that was it for the video come here landed, see guys, so i think guys that was it for my video hope you enjoy.