My name is nick desjarlais and if you guys are new here welcome to a brand new video where today guys we got the dji tello drone that goes as low as 100, which comes with the drone itself. One battery a usb cord and potentially extra propellers. So for this one guys, you would just slip your battery into the drone itself and the way to charge. That is with your usb cord into the side of the drone. Now, if you’re able to drop an extra 50, you can get the boost. Combo, that comes with the drone three batteries, a battery charger, usb cord and extra propellers. So, with the boost combo guys, you don’t have to charge your battery into the drone. You actually have your battery charger where your batteries sit right there and you can charge it into your wall now. The reason i went for the boost combo guys is because one battery only lasts 13 minutes and when you’re having fun with the drone 13 minutes feels like 30 seconds. So when that time’s up guys, you got ta charge it for quite a while. So if you have three batteries that’s about 40 minutes – and you can have fun, take your time and get the full experience of flying this thing now this thing’s only 80 to 90 grams guys, which means you do not need to register through the faa. So you can pretty much buy this and fly it immediately, so there’s a few ways to fly this.

You can use the controls on the tello app or you can use a controller and connect it through bluetooth. The problem with the controllers is, they say it kind of loses connection sometimes and it gets glitchy. But you know everybody has a different experience, so you can try both out now when you get the telo app guys. This is what it looks like on the screen. When you’re flying so in the top left, is your take off button, so you click it slide right and it should shoot up a couple feet and hover in the air in front of you until you make it do something. The bottom two circles guys are for your controls, so the left one is for up down and rotate left and right and then the right one is to move forward backwards, left and right. It can sound confusing at first, but i promise once you get it. You’Ll get the hang of it very quickly and become a pro and i’ll. Be honest with you guys, my first 10 minutes of flying this. I flew it once into the wall once into the ceiling and then the other into the door, and with that being said guys, if you’re flying this outside, try not to fly it with any wind going on, because if there is wind, your drone could just start Drifting off in any direction, and you can’t really do anything about it, and that has happened to me many times, especially on the day that i was at that park.

But the good thing is that this thing’s pretty strong and it hasn’t broken for me. Yet so now that you’re flying around guys you’re a pro and you’re having fun with it, this thing can go different speeds, so you can go in slow speed or fast. The max speed is eight meters per second, and it goes about 17.2 miles per hour, which is pretty good and they say the max range is about a hundred meters, which is fairly true, but you know sometimes it can kind of lose connection at 50 meters. 75. It just depends on the wi fi connection at the time and then, if you guys, are done flying and you want to land it, you can hit that auto land button at the top again swipe right and it should land flat on the ground. Just make sure you have a flat surface and hopefully there’s nothing around you. If you don’t want to land it on the ground or there’s, just no good place for it to land. You can do a palm landing, so you click that top left button. There will be an option for palm landing and you have five seconds to put your hand underneath and there’s sensors on the bottom, that look like two eyes, so it can sense what’s beneath it and it uses your hand as a landing pad, which is pretty cool. Now, if there’s a bush underneath it, it can sense it and kind of flow away from it.

But there are no sensors on the sides or tops so be very careful when flying guys, because sometimes you could crash into something so you’re in the air. And you want to take some photos or videos, so in the top right guys, is your video and picture button and right next to it? Is your switch button to choose whether you want to take a photo or video? Now that you have all your footage, you can go into your gallery and you can actually select which ones you want to keep download it to your phone and then you can upload it to social media or wherever you would like. Now this is exciting. You guys are going to get some good footage, but i just want to let you know that the quality is not the best and if you want to use this for commercial use and make money it’s, definitely not the right camera or a drone to do so. It’S, actually just for fun and kind of get used to the drone world if you ever wanted to go into it. So this camera guys gets 720p hd which is decent for video, especially for a drone like this, and you get 5 megapixels for your photos, which is not bad, and you can see a picture up right here, which is the park that i was at and it Actually got a decent photo, but throughout this video you guys definitely saw some glitchiness and lag throughout the video of this camera and that’s gon na happen to you time and again, because the connection is always you know in and out and sometimes it’s not perfect, but To add on to the videos guys and make it that much better, we can jump into the flight modes where it actually makes things a lot better.

And i think this is the selling point for some people. So the first one is up and away guys where the drone is in front of you and it gradually moves away in an upward position, and it just makes the picture bigger and you smaller. So it gives it that cinematic. Look where you guys can use that in some of your videos. The second one is 360 degrees, so the drone pretty much just spins around 360 degrees and takes a video of everything in its surroundings. It’S, pretty cool but you’re, probably not going to use that all the time. The third one, which is the most pointless in my opinion, but hey it’s, still pretty cool is bounce mode. So you can click on that and it’ll just drop up and down for as long as you want until the battery dies. You don’t really need this, but i guess it’s cool to show some people. The next one is throw and go so let’s say you got a broken back or you’re lazy and you don’t want to put your drone on the ground. You can hit, throw and go, and you have five seconds to toss your drone out in the air and it will realize that it’s falling and it will catch itself and then hover in the air that’s. Actually, pretty cool and i’d say 80 to 90 percent of the time, that’s, how i start mine now the next one is 8d flips, and i think this is the selling point for this drone.

Probably the number one where this thing can do front, flips back flips side, flips, diagonal flips. It literally can go in eight directions, which is awesome and most drones. Can’T. Do that so this kind of makes it differ from the others. So the last one is circle. Guys where it can do a circle around you with the camera on you at all times, and it kind of gives you that cinematic look just like the up and away so if you’re, trying to do cool videos, the up and away and circle, will do that. For you, so everything in flight mode is pretty cool, even though bounce mode is kind of pointless. But these features right here were the selling point for me and i’m sure it’s the selling point for most of you all right guys so yeah at first. I wasn’t really impressed with this drone, but after using it for a little while, it grew on me for the price it’s pretty cheap, it has a decent camera on it. You can get some cool footage. It goes pretty far. The layout for your controls is very easy, and then you got cool flight modes. It’S awesome there’s a lot packed into it and i hope you guys enjoyed if you’re thinking about buying this. You can click the link in the description below and if you make a purchase i will make a very small commission, but it will help me out with making better videos.