Thank you so much for joining me here today in cyber mommy ph, if you havent subscribed yet please subscribe first, i wanted to say thank you sal subscribers on youtube. Um 961 subscribers uh and we will achieve our first 1000 subscribers now. So thank you so much. I appreciate your time. Thank you for watching and subscribing uh. If you can also share this with your friends, that would be really really helpful, but im gon na know 1000 subscribers, yeah and so for todays video nfp cryptocurrency, as you can see i have here beside me – is a box and a cutter. So this is the first time that im going to be doing this unboxing also. This is the first time that i bought something to help me with my vlog. So this is an equipment thats going to help me and my family adventure now since which is vlogging, lets go Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, hello, i am Music – is my best anyway. I think this is still a good bike, because i bought this from uh shopping. Mall uh official stores dji, so i bought it for five thousand. Seventy one pesos drone and the battery the charger is manual mo and my extra propellers and will sd card and you dont need an sd card. If you purchase this, all you have to do is to download a telugu app in your cell phone compatible and donate photos or videos, and you can download it to your phone, so youre not going to be needing any sd card.

I am so thank you. So much another. Thank you so much for joining me today, because its going to be our third year wedding, anniversary again and uh. Please stay tuned, because i also purchased another item that will be helpful when it comes to vlogging. So thank you again and uh.